Man Kzin Wars X : The Wunder War

This tenth volume in the series is again released in a hardback format and contains 352 pages. It contains four stories, all by Hal Colebatch, including the epic "One War for Wunderland", "The Corporal in the Caves", "Music Box" and "Peter Robinson".

One War for Wunderland (Hal Colebatch)

The story of how the first Kzinti invaders were spotted on Wunderland and how the Wunderland Government prepared for the first onslaught of war. This proved difficult in the light of the ARM-censored culture on war information and weaponry.

Professor Nils Rykermann as the University of Munchen's Biologist is called in to sit on the Wunderland Defence Council Meetings before the invasion begins in force. But despite the efforts of the Meteor Defence crews and the heroic bravery of the Serpent Swarm asteroid miners, Rykermann doubts that the Wunderland forces can keep the Kzinti at bay, and he takes to the hills to go into hiding with fellow scientist Dimity Carmody.

This is the first time that the start of the Wunderland invasion has been touched on in the Man Kzin War series. This novel-length story by Hal Colebatch describes the Space and ground war for Wunderland in graphic detail.

The Corporal in the Caves (Hal Colebatch)

Thirty or so years after the invasion, Kzinti forces are still moping up the resistence of feral humans living in the Hohe Kalkstein cave system. With a cleverly-laid series of traps despatching over half the kzinti squads, the surviving Kzin leader, earned himself a commission and his Name, Raargh. In a later attack by the cave-dwelling Morlocks forces the Kzin and remaining surviving humans to fight as one force to survive the onslaught, forging a permanent alliance between Raargh-Sergeant and Rykermann of the Resistence.

Music Box (Hal Colebatch)

After the last of the Kzinti forces surrendered on Wunderland Raargh-Hero escaped the cities taking with him the last surviving member of Chuut-Ritt's kits: Vaemar.

Since then, Raargh and Vaemar have been living in the wildlands hunting their own prey and doing an odd job or two for neighbouring farmers. But with the political situation on Wunderland finally stabilising, Vaemar is in danger of becoming a political tool to lead the Kzin on Wunderland to victory again, and Raargh takes him to visit Professor Rykermann - now turned politician - for his advice. Unfortunately Vaemar and Raargh are captured en route by a group of humans loyal to the memories of Chuut-Ritt.

This story also reunites Professor Rykermann with Dimity from the first story "One War for Wunderland".

Peter Robinson (Hal Colebatch)

This last story is a little hidden gem. Set during the contemporary Known Space era of the Ringworld Throne, an expedition by the Institute of Knowledge on Jinx, funded by the Puppeteers sets of to explore a recently detected slaver stasis box.

When arriving at the target, the team of six explorers consisting of Wunderlanders, a Jinxian and two Kzinti approach the stasis box which is floating freely in space, sensors detect that it is nine miles in diameter, the largest box ever discovered.

Overall, an interesting addition to the Man Kzin Wars saga, particularly as three of the stories are inter-linked by the central character of Professor Nils Rykermann of Wunderland, and in the second and third stories by the appearance of the Kzin Hero Rarrgh who appeared in a previous story in the last volume (MKW 9)"His Sergeant's Hour".

The prologue and the first seven chapters of "One War for Wunderland" can be read at

This book is also available as an Ebook directly from Baen.

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