Balticon Report by George C.

I hope I am not stepping on Larry's toes by reporting these things here, but since he has already told us one of these things and openly discussed both of these more than once at Balticon . . .

Inferno II -- Escape From Hell is done and has been handed over for editing. I've been long awaiting that sequel and I for one am thrilled. Doubly so -- I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, talking to Larry in the lobby when Jerry came walking up with the manuscript!

Definitely a fanboy moment. I managed to not say anything foolish, just looked at it hungrily. They were about to have lunch with the editor. I asked Larry later when we might see it in print, hoping it might be by the end of next year.

He seemed to indicate it should be sooner than that. Yay! See you in Hell! :-)~

Larry and Jerry have by now pitched a new collaboration, a novel about asteroid impact and attempts to stop it -- what it might take, could it be done, etc. I recall no clearer details so will offer no more.

More good news: the long-lost ARC of Ringworld's Children is back! I signed it at the con, and Andy now has both that and Draco Tavern. I was glad to see that Frank had signed both. A somber moment, but a good one.

I had a good time at the con, my first in about 15 years, and my first Balticon in about 30 years. Smaller than I expected, and not as well organized as it might have been, something most of the con guests (writers and artists both), up to and including the three GoH's, noticed and commented on. (Gumpmode) . . . And that's all I have to say about that. (end Gump mode)

The panels I went to were interesting, fun, and illuminating. I went to a few on web comics, as I really like them and found to my delight that the writer of one of my favs (Erfworld) was there. I also found he's involved with a filk thing, the Funny Music Project (FuMP), which is great stuff! They did a wonderful concert of extremely funny performances, and I recommend them highly.

They're at, and that may not be all I have to say about that!

I also went to several writer panels, got some great advice. I was able to have lengthy conversations with several writers, at the panels, in the dealers room, and in the halls, and came away with new determination. That alone was worth the trip. C.J. Henderson is a great guy, and gave me excellent advice with what I can only assume was a customary enthusiasm.

I met Andy Love, whose presentations were very good, and Dave Grimm, who also gave me good advice. I was unsure how things are done at cons these days, and had missed the kaffeklatches sign-ups because I was LMAO at FuMP! He suggested I show up at the place & time, and see if I might be allowed in, and it worked.

I was at both Jerry's and Larry's, and both were very good. I managed not to say or do anything foolish, unlike some. There's always some, aren't there? :-0

The dealers room had much to offer, and I picked up a few books and some graphic novels and web comic books, three of which I was going to order next week at full price plus shipping. I got them at the con for 20% off! Sweet! Of course, I saw a lot more there than I could afford, but that's almost always the case, yes? I will be buying some of the FuMP music on their website, though not at the con discount rate, of course. They offer a free song or two a week, plus stuff you can buy and download, plus CD's of the various singers and compilation CD's, and a subscription plan that gets you the new compilation CD's mailed to you as they appear, about six a year. Told you I'd have more to say about FuMP! Hey, I like filk, but I also like funny, and these guys are really great at what they do.

I did miss the panel on Inferno, which included Bill De Smedt, whom I really wanted to meet, but it was at the same time as Larry's GoH Presentation!

WTF? I even left Larry's thing a few minutes early to go over and catch Bill, but when I got there it was too late.

Overall, a very good weekend, well worth the time and money. Guess I better try my own Philcon next!

George C.