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Recent Releases


"The Solipsist at Dinner"

Short story published in Elemental: The Tsunami Relief Anthology May, 2006.

Niven asks the age-old question, is reality simply a figment of our imagination?

The Draco Tavern

Finally, a collection featuring all twenty-three tales of the Draco Tavern in one volume, plus the following new stories:

  • Playhouse
  • Lost
  • Losing Mars
  • Playground Earth


"The Slow Ones"

A Draco Tavern story

Not all aliens move at our pace. Rick Schumann introduces a hustling reporter to some slow-moving aliens, then invites him to come back in the spring when they'll have had time to reply to his e-mail.

Available in the collection The Draco Tavern, above.

"The Hunting Park"

A team of Kzinti study humanity's origins by touring an African hunting park under the guise of a group of tourists on safari.

Available in Man - Kzin Wars XI.

"Breeding Maze"

Rick Schumann pursues an alien called a Joker (for more reasons than one) through the back rooms of the Draco Tavern.

Available in the collection The Draco Tavern, above.

"Kath and Quicksilver" (with Brenda Cooper)

In the far future, the sun is entering its red giant phase and expanding. A now tidally locked Mercury is being evacuated, but Kathlerian is trapped, with the mind of Mercury...

Published in Asimov's Science Fiction, August 2005.

Building Harlequin's Moon

In the distant future a group of space travelers, marooned in an inhospitable solar system, attempt to create a sufficient civilization on a temporarily terraformed moon in order to refuel their ship and continue to their original destination—but will they abandon their own helpers on the doomed world?

The Magic Goes Away Collection

Collecting three previous Warlock books: The Magic Goes Away, The Magic May Return, and More Magic, with a new introduction by the author.

Burning Tower (with Jerry Pournelle)

A sequel to The Burning City, set some years after the first book. Whandall Feathersnake's daughter, Burning Tower, takes her own caravan on an epic adventure inland, facing terror birds and the mysterious sorcerer who's been sending them to menace the Hemp Road.


First appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction, January 2005. A short story set in the Magic Goes Away universe.