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Sent: January 31, 2003 8:15 PM
Subject: dreams and such

I dreamed strangely a few days ago, and wrote it up, and sold it today to a fantasy anthology. It's 300 words: "Boomerang". This is rare. My dreamsare generally unsaleable, not to say incoherent.

And I dreamed strangely today. I was part of a group going through an amusement park that was partly virtual, with an embedded puzzle. I remember a building the size of a palace falling over on its side. I lost the group when they went into an elevator--and I waited for it to come back--and realized too late that it was a door. I lost some possessions, glasses and a shoulder pouch, and picked up others' possessions, including socks. In retrospect, I guess my character was an idiot; maybe the whole group was from an asylum.

I'm reminded of ZORK.

At no time did I think DREAM PARK until I was awake. Still, it's a notion. Steve Barnes, you listening?

Another sudden notion: Do a parody of Philip K. Dick's UBIK in a South Park episode. The characters come to realize that they have died in an explosion. They get cryptic messages from the other side, where Kenny survived.

It's summer here. Tim (nephew) and Joe (his son, almost 2 years old) and I walked the High Road behind my house today, the first time (for me) in months. Joe rode a seat on Tim's back. It was seriously windy, warm and dehydrating. I carried ice water and we all enjoyed it, including Joe.

Marilyn and I are gearing up for a trip to Dortmund and Paris in March. Dortmund wants me as Guest of Honor at a convention. (We're paying Marilyn's way.) In Paris, Brentano's wants me autographing. It should be fun, but working out travel arrangements is a hassle.

Easier is a trip in February. The Screen Savers is a TV call-in show for computer folk, sited in San Francisco. They want me as a guest, afternoon of the 18th. Then someone at Industrial Light and Magic wondered if I was planning to come to San Francisco anytime soon: I could speak at the ranch. That too feels like fun.

Larry Niven

From: "Larry Niven" <>
Sent: Saturday, February 08, 2003 3:45 PM
Subject: RE: babysitting

I'm feeling ineffective. I've been working on a short story, but it crawls. There are better uses for my time.

Then again, adventure lies ahead.

February 18-19: I was invited onto a TV show in San Francisco: "The Screen Savers", an afternoon call-in show for computer folk. I should try to work a dinner date with someone: I haven't seen SanFran in years. Coincidence: a guy at Industrial Light and Magic has an interest in my short stories for movie purposes, and was I planning to come to San Fran any time soon? Sure. So they'll interview me on the 19th, noon, then lunch at the Ranch, then a tour...

Feb 22nd: Sex TV wants my take on "sex and science fiction". I've never seen Sex TV.

March: Dortmund, Germany wants me (and I'm taking Marilyn) as GOH at their convention. Brentano's in Paris wants me for an autographing, so we'll take a train there and fly back from Paris. Arrangements have been a hassle.


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