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From: "Larry Niven
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 6:14 PM
Subject: update

So it's mid-November. But my spa is full of leaves at last, so I guess it's still autumn in south California.

The winds are ferocious.

I've finished RINGWORLD'S CHILDREN (except that Bob Gleason wants a Prologue; so maybe.) Jerry is still working with BURNING TOWER to get me past a gate. That leaves CREATION MYTH--which is a novel, with an ending and everything, but still needs work.

The winds cut our power this morning. I'm gearing up for Orycon, leaving tomorrow. My emergency power sources lasted long enough to save CREATION MYTH on a 3-1/2, and email it too. Brenda and I should be able to work on it during the con.

I haven't worked out how to get email while abroad, so I guess I'll be back in touch Monday. Truth is, I don't miss it for a few days.

Today I was to play Peggy Little at racquetball. She cancelled out--"emergency flamingo observations" at the zoo. I called my nephew Tim and got him as a replacement. He's unpracticed, but he gets ferocious given a warmup. Afterward we pigged out on sushi.

My arm is only sore. A week ago Tuesday, during a night game with Peggy, I pulled musculature from my wrist to shoulder. It's healed fast. The most useful thing I've learned in 64 years may have been to ice an injury immediately.

Next weekend: LosCon. Marilyn will be working the Art Show. Two weekends, two conventions. What could be sweeter?

Larry Niven

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