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From: Larry Niven
Sent: 17 January 2004 06:10
Subject: [Larryniven-l] RE: Larryniven-l Digest, Vol 11, Issue 24

Jerry Pournelle came over Monday night. We worked till midnight or so, and took it up again through Tuesday. Jerry was doing most of the work, and I broke to see Marilyn in the hospital. By midnight we'd finished BURNING TOWER.

Wednesday: perfect day, perfect weather. It was as if summer, or at least autumn, had returned in January. Word from Eleanor Wood was that we had an offer for CREATION MYTH from TOR Books. It now seems we won't get offers from other sources, so we'll take this. So MYTH has an editor, and we'll probably be asked to do some rewriting.

TOWER is complete except for a Dramatis Personae, which Jerry asked me to do. That's two in the pipeline, and RINGWORLD'S CHILDREN set for June, and the DRACO TAVERN stories ready to go, making four.

Friday, today, I took Marilyn home. Nine days ago she had knee replacement surgery. She's mobile with a walker, but she'll need some care. Next Friday is a convention. We still aren't sure whether Marilyn can spare me, but it looks good.

Larry Niven

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