Man Kzin Wars Timeline

40,000 BCE

"Cathouse" world built and stocked. (MKW1 "Cathouse")

c 8,000 BCE

The Jotoki visit Kzin home They attempt to hire the Kzinti as mercenaries, but are themselves enslaved. The Kzinti use the Jotoki biological sciences to drive their females into non-sentience, and to make all their males into the ideal "Heroes". (MKW3 "Asteroid Queen"; date is an estimate)

7,000 BCE

The Core Stars complete their orgy of self-destruction. ("At the Core")

c 1850

Kzinti occupy Warhead, in the p Eridani system, because of its nearness to the unconquered Pierin worlds. ("Ringworld Engineers"; exact date is unknown)


The "Vaughn Tiger Man" is killed by Cpt. Henry Vaughn of the 4th Lancers in Dirragha. (MKW7 "The Colonel's Tiger" )


The Kzin conquer the Pierin. (Game date) [Date is a guess. It is likely that Eric is founder of the computer company known as Donovan's Brains in the 26th century; he might also be the "Eric the Cyborg" mentioned in the the Game section on The Belt.]

c 2300

Kzinti invade Altair. ("The Warriors")
[Date is an estimate]


First Kzin scouts probe the Wunderland System. (MKW5 "The Hall of the Mountain King").


Angel's Pencil meets a Kzin Warship and defeats it. ("The Warriors").


Ka'ashi / Alpha Centauri / Wunderland is invaded by a Kzin fleet from Hssin (a world in the R'hshssia / Innes's Star system). (MKW4 "The Survivor"), (MKW10 "One War for Wunderland")

The populace of Wunderland holds off the Kzin for nearly six months while they refit the three slowboats in orbit. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour")


Four slowboats (R.P.Feynman) flee Wunderland. Ingrid Raines is on board one and Dimity Carmody on another aimed at We Made It, which is almost destroyed. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour"), (MKW10 "One War for Wunderland")


Wunderland occupied by Kzin forces.


The report of the Kzin warship arrives at Earth. (MKW7 "The Colonel's Tiger")


First Kzinti Fleet is launched against Sol.


First Fleet is destroyed by the Strather Launch Array. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")


Second Kzinti Fleet is launched against Sol.


Second Fleet is shattered by the Mercury Launch batteries. One fourth is totally destroyed. The remainder limp back to Alpha Centauri. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry", MKW4 "The Man Who Would Be Kzin")

Col. Buford Early uses a Telepath, Halloran, to gauge the Kzinti response. (MKW4 "The Man Who Would Be Kzin")


Short-Son of Chiir Nig is on Hssin / Innes's Star. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

The Third Fleet is launched against Sol under Chsst-Admiral, Dominant Commander of the Fleet. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")


Third Fleet hits the Solar System in a more subtle feint-and-pounce attack. They shatter Sol's defences before being destroyed. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")

Chuut-Riit's Fleet passes through Hssin's system. Short-son, now Trainer-of-Slaves, is "recruited". (MKW4 "The Survivor")


The Sun-Tzu / Dolittle is launched toward Alpha Centauri as a part of Project Cherubim, a plan to use Human Protectors against the Kzinti. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")


Trainer-of-Slaves reaches Ka'ashi / Alpha Centauri. (MKW4 "The Survivor")


Chuut-Riit arrives at Wunderland to command the forces there. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour")


Fourth Kzinti Fleet begins to prepare to invade Sol when the news of the Third Fleet's failure reaches them. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

Under the advise of Jacobi, Kraach-Captain takes Kenneth Upton-Schleisser's family hostage. (MKW6 "Trojan Cat")


The Sun-Tzu encounters the Belly-Slasher in interstellar space. The Dolittle is destroyed. Both Sun-Tzu and Belly Slasher are picked up by an Outsider vessel. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")


Fourth Fleet is launched. (It includes some "Unclawed" human crewmembers as well.) It is the first fleet to employ a professional force. (MKW4 "The Survivor", MKW2 "The Children's Hour")


Five Black Prides (or battle fleets) girdle the Alpha Centauri fleet. (MKW4 "The Survivor")


Ulf Reichstein Markham is 18 years old, and joins the resistance. (MKW1 "Iron")

  The Resistence, led by Professor Nils Rykermann and Leonie Hansen eek out an existence in the Hohe Kalkstein cave system. Raargh-Sergeant and Rykermann are forced to fight together to defeat the Morlocks and an alliance between them ensues. (MKW 10 "The Corporal in the Caves")

The Fourth Fleet reaches Sol and is destroyed, although just barely, at the Battle of Ceres. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour", MKW4 "The Survivor")


UNSN Catskinner / Yamamoto (under Capt. Jonah Matthieson and Lt. Ingrid Raines) is launched from Sol. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour")

"Outsiders" contact a ship near We Made It. The human colonists learn from them the secrets of the hyperdrive. Stefan Brozik begins to build hyperdrive shunts. Brobdig Shaeffer is one of his engineers. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")


Beginning of the construction of the Hyperspace Armada. (Game)

Yiao-Captain takes Peter Nordbo Landholder of Gerning on Wunderland on a quest to a distant star in the constellation of Tigripardus. (MKW3 "Inconstant Star")


Fifth Fleet is in the planning stage.


The hyperspace ships from We Made it arrive at Earth, bringing the new technology. (MKW4 "The Survivor")


News of the Fourth Fleet's fate is received back at Wunderland.


UNSN Catskinner reaches Alpha Centauri and shatters the spine of the Kzin Command. Catskinner and her crew are captured by Ulf Markham of the "Free Wunderland Navy". Chuut-Riit is eaten by his children. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour")


An assault on Hssin wipes out the Kzin presence in that system. (MKW5 "The Hall of the Mountain King", MKW4 "The Survivor", MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")


NestingSlashtoothBitch arrives at Hssin, only to find that the UN Fleet had scoured it of organized Kzin activity. (MKW4 "The Survivor")


The Battle of Down. It is a "Victory" with a loss of three humans to each Kzin killed. Among the killed is Vice Commander Yoni Marshall. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")


Down (L5 1668) is annexed from the Kzin.

We Made It marines are badly beaten during their assault on Ch'Aakin. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")

  Raargh and Vaemar-Ritt are captured by the hidden forces, led by the wanted criminal Henrietta and ex-slave to Chuut-Ritt. (MKW 10 "Music Box")


The MacDonald-Rishaii Peace Treaty concluded. (MKW4 "The Survivor")


Teacher-of-Slaves and his Jotoki slaves complete rebuilding of Shark in the ruins of Hssin, with the brain-damaged but surviving Nora. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

The Shark is finally able to travel to W'kkai (BD+50 1725 / HDraper 88230 / Gleis-830), deep in the sphere of the Patriarchy. Teacher-of-Slaves assumes the name Grraf-Nig.


Major Yankee Clandeboye is ordered to track down his cousin, Nora Argamentine. Grraf-Nig begins to suspect the W'kkai Kzin of treason against the Patriarch. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")


Graff-Nig's plans for escape fall through, and he is renamed "Conundrum-Prisoner".(MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Nora Argamentine")


Hwass-Hwasschoaw is returned to W'kkai. He purchases Nora and her children.Graff-Nig begins to translate stolen materials sent by Ulf Reichstein Markham for the Patriarch. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Nora Argamentine")


The Rover and her crew travel to explore a unique star. The Kzin get the Hyperdrive. (MKW1 "Iron"; date is "10 years after the war")


Second Man-Kzin War begins by diversionary attacks on Sigma Draconis and Barnard's Star. (Game)


Second Man-Kzin War ends. The Kdatlyno are freed. (Game)

c 2495*

Third Man-Kzin War begins. [Game dates this as 2491-2531.]

c 2500*

Wunderlanders carve the Canyon on Warhead. Third Man-Kzin War ends. Warhead (p Eridani) annexed, and renamed Canyon. ("Ringworld Engineers"; Game)


Locklear is captured by Kzin looking for the Eridani worlds, and stranded on an uncharted world orbitting a black dwarf. There he encounters sentient female Kzinti and telepathic Neanderthal. (MKW1 "Cathouse"; MKW2 "Briar Patch")
[Date is a guess, but is shortly before the 4th War]).

The Callisto is on a spy mission behind the "Chord of Contact" when it crashes on a planet, only to be met by a Kzin ship scouting for the Last Fleet heading to attack Margrave, under Admiral Lehruff. The crew of Callisto free the crypto-Ptavv Guerdoth's Pruntaquilan Balladeer Coquaturia. (MKW5 "Hey Diddle Diddle")

Fourth Man-Kzin War begins by a series of kamikaze attacks on human ships guarding the Eridani worlds. (Game.)
[Note that the Game dates for the fourth war are 2560-2584. However, because of the information in "Flatlander", I have moved it up, but have retained the duration.]


Harvey Mossbauer's family is killed and eaten. ("Ringworld Engineers")

Sinbad Jabar lands on Meerowsk, and invades the Hareem of the Patriarch's Voice. His stuffed body is placed on display. ("Procustes")

c 2570*

Harvey Mossbauer lands on Kzin and sets a bomb in the Hareen of the Patriarch. He is taken intact and stuffed for display. ("Ringworld Engineers")

c 2560-2575

Sometime during these years is a time of peace between the fourth and fifth wars.

2562 *

Major stock market crash. (77 years before "A Relic of Empire")


End of the Fifth Man-Kzin War. ("Prisoner of War")


Home is recolonized. (Game)


A single Kzin ship attacks the Solar System. ("Prisoner of War")
[Date is a guess, although the five Man-Kzin wars are mentioned.]

c 2600

Transfer Booths are introduced?


The Sixth Man-Kzin War begins ["Ringworld" says there have been six Man-Kzin Wars, and that the last was 250 years before -- i.e., c2600.]


Humans occupy Kzin during war. ("Flatlander" says "thirty years ago")


Sixth Man-Kzin War ends.
[Date is a guess, estimated from a date 40 Kzin years prior to "The Soft Weapon".]
Jason Papandreou is a volunteer gunner in an Earth Warship.
The war was highly unequal, in Earth's favor. Two Kzin worlds are annexed (Fafnir and ???). The Kzin are placed on probationary status, allowed to possess NO weapons other than police restraint devices. ("The Soft Weapon")


Nessus and the Papandreous run into some hostile Kzinti. ("The Soft Weapon")
[12 years after "At the Core", 40 Kzin-years after the last war?]


Puppeteer Fleet of Worlds leaves Known Space. ("The Soft Weapon")

c 2700

Expansion, Consolidation, Relative Peace. (KSC)


Louis Wu is 200 years old. In exchange for the Quantum II Hyperdrive, Louis Wu, Teela Brown and Speaker-To-Animals begin their journey to the Ringworld in Nessus' ship, the Lying Bastard.


The Lying Bastard impacts on Ringworld. (Date given in "Ringworld Throne")

c 2852

The Conservative faction takes over the Puppeteer government and ousts the Hindmost. ("The Ringworld Engineers")


Halrloprillalar dies. ("The Ringworld Engineers")


Chmee, formerly Speaker-To-Animals, takes Louis Wu on a tour of Kzin. ("The Ringworld Engineers")

Louis Wu visits the hunting park outside Blood-of-Chwarambr City at the invitation of Chtarra-Ritt. ("The Ringworld Throne")


Teela leaves the spill mountains. ("Over 40 falans ago" -- "Ringworld Throne")

A large body impacting the sun sets the Ring off-center.
(22 falans before the Hot Needle of Inquiry arrives on Ringworld -- "Ringworld Throne")


Louis Wu is kidnapped by a Puppeteer to return to the Ringworld.
[It's been "22 years" since he's seen a Puppeteer; however, the date is given specifically in "Ringworld Throne"]


Louis Wu, Chmee, and the Hindmost reach the Ringworld aboard the Hot Needle of Inquiry. Louis Wu boils a sea to stop a plague of Mirror Sunflowers. ("Ringworld Engineers"; date given in "Ringworld Throne")


Ringworld stability restored. ("Ringworld Engineers"; date given in "Ringworld Throne")
"The sun moved".... ("Ringworld Throne")


Louis and Chmee leave Map of Mars on Hidden Patriarch. ("Ringworld Throne") 2882


Chmee and Louis Wu part company, with Chmee leaving for the Map of Earth. ("Ringworld Throne")


Louis left Harkee and Kawa. ("Ringworld Throne")


The Reds made peace with the Grass Giants. ("Ringworld Throne" -- "30 falans ago")


Grass Giants gathered with the Reds and Sea People and shared maps . ("Ringworld Throne" -- "24 falans ago")


The first Kzin ships arrive at the Ring, they are accompanied by, or closely followed by, an ARM warfleet. These are stopped by the Hindmost and Bram.

  An expedition organised by the Institute of Knowledge on Jinx finds the "Suicide Night" device hidden in a 9 mile wide Slaver Stasis Box. (MKW X "Peter Robinson")


The Hindmost and Louis Wu defeat the remainder of Teela Brown's Protectors, as well as Bram and Ann. Tunesmith, the newly made Ghoul Protector, joins them. ("Ringworld Throne")


The third expedition to Ringworld led by Son-of-Chmeee and an ex-ARM agent named Quinn. The Kzin Patriarch has threatened to destroy the Puppeteer-Fleet-of-Worlds in retaliation for the Puppeteer's breeding experiments and genocide of the Kzinti race. Quinn and Son-of-Chmeee are manipulated by the Puppeteers to destroy the approaching Kzin warship with technology found on the Ringworld
[Referrred to in Ringworld "encyclopedia".]

c 2900-3000

Expansion. Known Space becomes the Thousand Worlds. (KSC)


Longevity strongly effects society. (KSC)


Minor incident on Margrave. ("Safe at Any Speed")

c 22,500

Expected arrival of the Core Wave Front. End of most life in Known Space..... presumably.

c 120,000

Loeffler's ship comes close enough to Hooker's ship to destroy its life system.
("The Ethics of Madness")

Dates and other information on this page from the Science Fiction Timeline Site by Larry King and Marc Carlson, and added to with the events/times depicted in MKW X.