1 October 1995 to 13 June 1996

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Name: Tad Rearick
Date: Thursday - 13/Jun/96 - 11:05:12
Homepage: http://
Referred from: Yahoo!
Comments: Great Site! I'm going to list you as a resource
for my SF Class. It worries me what being out of the loop
while in graduate school has done. I have a mess of
books to catch up on.
Thanks Again

Name: Paul Marquis
Date: Friday - 7/Jun/96 - 9:47:31
Homepage: what is this blank space on my screen
Referred from: Yahoo!
Comments: i just finished Ringworld Throne. It IS a sequel after all.
The biggest difference is that nearly half the novel is away from
Louis Wu's brain. The first two books are entirely from Louis'
perception of things, which I found very interesting. This crap
involving certain ringworld hominids under seige by vampires got
old very quick, and future editions should cut it to a minimum.
Aside from that, I liked Niven's use of a Protector's full potential
as opposed to the "fighting to lose" tactics of Teela Brown.
Any being with the kind of Brain power these things have should not
be killed so easily. By the way, Niven really didn't have to
add the swelled skull aspect to a Protector's anatomy. I know of
another hominid with more brain capacity and size than Homo Sapiens,
and its name is Neanderthal. They were still relative idiots.
Cro-magnon man was capable of computer programming as well,
but society hadn't come to that point. Brain size isn't important
it is what you do with it. (and don't give me any of that POWDER
crap, either. That boy just needed a tan and a grounded surface)

Name: Vincent J. Westerband
Date: Thursday - 6/Jun/96 - 11:08:23
Homepage: http://
Referred from: Just Surfed On In!
Comments: After looking at previous comments I decided to ad in my own
two or three cents.
It might just be my imagination, but I think that the Kzinti
in Niven's world are being used to keep humanity under control
and not the other way around, as most people seem to think.
Now I know that this may seem a strange thought, but consider
this. Humans+Tree of life=big trouble for anything that isn't
human. The puppeteers have been dealing with humanity for some
time in human years, and so it's more than a little likely that
they know about humanities ability to transform themselves into
Protectors if necessary, even if the majority of the populace of
Terra have no knowledge of this fact. Human Protectors are just
too damn powerful to be allowed existance. Enough of them could
be a danger even to the technologically advanced Puppeteers. This
is why they sent borderline lunatic members of their race (such as
the ever famous Nessius) to keep tabs on those errant monkey-boys.
Really. If you think about it, a race like the puppeteers don't really
have much of a reason for dealing with those semi-barbaric humans. What
could they possibly gain? New technology? Phaugh! They move their own
planets! A chance to sample human culture? To them we seem like danger seeking
maniacs! Then add the Kzin and the numbers of wars the humans have been in with
them. What else can it be but manipulation by an outside (alien) force?
Let me know what you think guys!

Name: J E Cook
Date: Thursday - 6/Jun/96 - 10:14:50
Homepage: http://
Referred from: Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Around 1971 I got a coverless Ballantine paperback of the first edition of Ringworld soon after it came out, have just reread it again, and realized: Maybe it's not generally known that in the first edition, Louis goes the wrong way around the Earth. He starts in Greenwich, England (site of his party), goes to bars in Munich and/or Budapest, walks in Cairo, and then dials Tehran (whereupon he ends up in the hotel room with Nessus). I learned later that subsequent editions had corrected this so that Louis travels east to west, which would extend his birthday by more than 24 hours; but I always liked the original choice of cities. Does this site need the original text? (I didn't like the sequel at all and don't care about the third book either.)

Name: Paul Marquis
Date: Wednesday - 5/Jun/96 - 19:17:20
Homepage: Yeah I wish The black hole on your screen
Referred from: Net Search
Comments: I am very, very happy to find that Larry is not dead. Ringworld throne
should be a pretty good novel, but i think that it will be missing some of that
early Niven taste: the light comedy. It might be Pournelle's influence,
but Larry's last couple of books have been a little Too concerned with
socialism and politics. Am I wrong? Probably. I can't wait to read it, in any
case. By the By, has anyone heard anything about a possible movie of Ringworld and
its sequels? Judging from Twister and other movies, I'd say the silver screen is over-
due for something eyecatching WITH A PLOT. Niven is going to be the Crichton of the
next decade, I hope, with ILM or Dreamworks at his side. LARRY! DONT GIVE IN TO QUICK
I am an illustrator waiting for December (grad), and have a slew of
illustrations based on Niven stories, including Relic of the Empire,
A teardrop Falls, and the Soft Weapon. How do I show this to you, man?
somebody email me instructions, will you please?

Name: Sam G
Date: Sunday - 2/Jun/96 - 9:11:01
Homepage: http://
Referred from: Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I am new to the net. Was surfing around and could not belive thta there was a Larry Niven homepage.
It looks great and kudos to you for maintaining it. Can't wait to read the new Ringworld. I think I will read the first two again to whet my appetite. Keep up the good work.

Name: "Wolf"
Email: millero @
Date: Saturday - 1/Jun/96 - 12:23:19
Homepage: I don't have one yet
Referred from: Net Search
Comments: Niven is a truly wonderful author. Weaving scientific facts into a complex plot, he is able to create wonderful novels & short stories.

Name: Michael Clark
Date: Saturday - 1/Jun/96 - 4:30:50
Homepage: http://
Referred from: Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Larry Niven's work is brilliantly conceived and rates up with other great hard SF writers such as Heinlein, clarke and Asimov. I have most of his work including many of the collaborations. The latest Ringworld novel is great news. For the fan who was looking for the Shape of Space, get Convergent Series. All is explained in the intro!

Name: I.Smith
Date: Thursday - 30/May/96 - 17:54:24
Homepage: Achmed's weird stuff
Referred from: Word of Mouth
Comments: Niven reigns in Sci-fi. just watch the sales of "Ringworld Throne"
as all of us fans buy out the first book in many years...
Congradulations on having the only Niven page I've ever seen,
we're out here with support, keep it up.

Name: Barny Shergold
Date: Wednesday - 29/May/96 - 14:22:39
Homepage: Star Trek Voyager - The Unofficial UK Homepage
Referred from: Net Search
Comments: What can I say? I have been hunting for a Larry Niven page
for a long time and now I have arrived!
I first read LN when I pinched my Father's battered copy of
RINGWORLD (The one with the picture of a Puppeteer skeleton
on the inside cover) at the age of 8(?) I am now 28.
I have most of the PURE LN books but some escape me as they
are out of print. If anyone can help e-mail me at
The titles are : ALL THE MYRIAD WAYS
These do contain several shorts that appear nowhere else.

Name:J. Ian Smith
Date:Sunday - 26/May/96 - 15:58:53
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Hey, After years of having Niven as a fave author, I was
absolutely thrilled to find the Known Space page. I even went as far as to put a link to it from my page...
Name:Spike R. MacPhee
Date:Saturday - 25/May/96 - 21:26:39
Homepage:Spike's HomeWorld[s]
Referred from:NewsGroups
Comments: I just did a web page for Russell Martin's Man-Kzin Wars
Timeline Version 1.0 It's located at:,
and links to the other timelines are at:
with a letter by Paul Chafe about the timing of his Man-Kzin
story "Prisoner of War". Enjoy, monkeyboys!

Name:Jeffrey George
Date:Thursday - 23/May/96 - 10:12:23
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I started reading Niven at age 14. I'm pretty sure I've
read all he has written. I have even purchased the two
computer games based on Ringworld. I'm looking foward to
the next installment of the Ringworld realm.
Name:michael T
Date:Sunday - 19/May/96 - 10:19:06
Homepage: target=_top >
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: hi.
the first story by niven i read was when i was 8.
it was a stroy about karlos wu and some arms dealer i think.
i didnt manage to find it ever since,cause it was in some newspaper
in anyway,since then i became addicted to niven.
i dragged one of his books all over my army-period in the sands and filth.
i am happy to see your page,it is good to know that there are more like
me out there.
Name:Alex McKinnon
Date:Saturday - 18/May/96 - 22:09:11
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: My first comment to ANY web site. I've been reading Niven faithfully and delightedly since the seventies and I believe I've read just about everything he's ever produced - even to the point of NOT buying collections of previously published items! Thanks for providing this forum - I will likely be back. For one thing, I am always wondering when the next work will come out - thanks to this site, I now know to expect another Ringworld sequel. Could we coopt Niven into this site ? It would be nice to hear about future projects....
Name:Joel Nap
Date:Saturday - 18/May/96 - 7:13:57
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I find it very strange that the Ringworld sequel Ringworld
Thrones does not seem to be out yet in the States , because
I have had it in Holland, in allready a Dutch translation,
for over 3 weeks now, I am currently on page 80!
Awaiting your reaction,
Regards Joël
Name:Javier Redal
Date:Wednesday - 15/May/96 - 4:13:50
Referred from:Netscape
Comments: Hello, from the opposite end of Our Planet !!! I like
Niven's books very much. This page is great!!!
Saludos desde Valencia (Spain)
Name:carrol fry
Date:Monday - 13/May/96 - 7:45:23
Homepage:Don't have a home page as yet
Referred from:Netscape
Comments: This may be a repetition. I think I lost my last note.
I'm looking for some pictures for a Power Point presenttion
to be used in a science fiction class. Could I use some
things from your gallery? But I couldn't get into it today.
Is it out of order?
Could you drop me a note at my E-mail address-- Carrol Fry
Name:carrol Fry
Date:Monday - 13/May/96 - 7:36:40
Homepage:Don't yet have one
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: A really nifty page. Nice work! But I couldn't get into
the gallery. I'm teaching a science fiction class this
summer for bright high school students and would like to
use some images for Power Point presentations. Could I
use something from your gallery? Also, I haven't been able
to get into it. Is it working? I recall seeing a painting
of the Liar approaching Ringworld awhile back, but can't
find it now. Carrol Fry
Name:Nelson Booth McClintock
Date:Sunday - 12/May/96 - 21:49:03
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Very Cool, Niven is my favorite author.
I was searching for a picture of a Puppeteer (Nessus)
mainly to check a Tattoo I have on my calf, based on the
inside cover of RINGWORLD published back in 1975.
COOL STUFF, Glad I found you, I'll be back
Name:Adrian R. Angeles
Date:Thursday - 9/May/96 - 8:54:13
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I've been searching for a book review of your Novel entitled "A world out of Time", but I think there isn't any. If you can give me any suggestion or just a simple book review of your novel "A World out of Time" I'll appreciate it most. Thank you very much.. by. Adrian R. Angeles...
Name:Dave Taylor
Date:Tuesday - 30/Apr/96 - 0:13:50
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Your page is the best tribute to the finest sci-fi writer of all time. His Known Space series is why I am a now a technician.

Name:Aaron O'Bryan-Herriott
Date:Monday - 29/Apr/96 - 3:30:33
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Well I just now read the other entries made to you...
The world is full of interesting people.
At any rate what called me back was a comment by one of the
punters which mentioned something about making this the
"official Niven page". There may be something there.
At least think about it. You DO have the best on the
net as far as Niven stuff is concerned; your'e also most
of the way there as it stands. Just a thought.
Yours etc etc.

Name:Aaron O'Bryan-Herriott
Date:Monday - 29/Apr/96 - 3:16:04
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Glad to say that I like the page.
I have always been a Niven fan and it's
nice to see a well thought out and supportive link
for the man.
See you when those animations come out.

Name:Mike Jarvill
Date:Thursday - 25/Apr/96 - 11:44:28
Homepage:sorry nothing as yet!!
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: What a wonderful find!!!
Excellent stuff...very impressive.
Definetly back for more
Do you keep a guest list posted for each country
Would love to know if Myriad of Ways is due for release ever again in the UK?
Very pleased to sign in

Name:Greg Taylor
Date:Sunday - 21/Apr/96 - 18:05:25
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: A well done page on one of my favorite authors...Thanks
Name:Dean Allen
Date:Thursday - 11/Apr/96 - 4:21:46
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Fantasmo page. Have visited a few times and wasted several hours here!

Nice to see the best web pae concentrating on the best SF author comes from the best country!

(But not necessarily the best state :)

Looking forward to seeing the Liar smack the Ringowrld!!!!
Name:Peter Cobcroft
Date:Monday - 8/Apr/96 - 19:46:46
Homepage:Deux A Humanis
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: I am trying to find any illustrations of a Protector


BTW re-Ringworld, should the separation of night and day

areas be so abrupt? A sun is not a point light source, but

a globe, should there not be a small area of gradual

Name:Tim Robinson
Date:Monday - 8/Apr/96 - 17:55:48
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Great Page! Niven is by far my favorite author. Good job here.
Name:Malcolm McLean
Date:Wednesday - 3/Apr/96 - 22:55:10
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Following a thread of David Brin and Greg Benford tonight, I just lucked out on this site to Known Space. Niven and Brin rate at the very top of my pantheon on SF writers. I have read and re-read everything either has written (and am delighted at the news that Niven is coming out with another Ringworld book). I will spend happy time here at this site. Thank you.
Name:Gary Legate Jr
Date:Monday - 1/Apr/96 - 15:25:08
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Be still my beating heart! I Love this place! I've been reading Niven since the late
seventy's when I was only 13. I did notice no mention of
the computer game "Ringworld, Revenge of the Patriarch" from
Tsunami. I got the game back in 1994 and have played it through
It is almost like reading a sequal on Ringworld, your able to
interact with the story. It seemed at the time that there
was going to be another sequal to the game itself. The Game
included a paperback copy of Ringworld, much to my pleasure,
so that when I re-read the book (I've lost count) I can put
away my old dog-eared copy.
By the way, Is there any way to get a JPG or GIF of the cover
art for "Tales of Known Space" the Del Rey copyright Augst 1978.
The cover features a painting done by Rick Sternbach, its a
rendering of the galaxy with a blown up portion of Known Space
showing all sorts of stuff. It it you can see 14 black holes, 2 General Products spacecraft
, Egg shaped Jinx and Ringworld, plus all the other star systems
of known space. The problem is the painting I have is on the cover
of that 1978 book and you can guess its condition, not to mention
the artist says that with it shrunk down like that you will
not beable to really see it all.
Thanks again for a great place to come to!
Name:Greg Tidwell
Date:Sunday - 31/Mar/96 - 20:31:14
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Great page! i got here from the Tor homepage, and man was I ever excited to see that Larry et al. has written a sequel to the "Legacy" That is a wonderful book, and worth reading. Raealy glad this page is here.
Name:Scott Stephenson
Date:Wednesday - 27/Mar/96 - 10:12:43
Homepage:Scott's Homepage
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I noticed that _Inferno_ was not on your list of collaborations.
If you have not read this little known novel by Niven and
Pournelle, you should order it from your local bookstore (I
had to). It's basically a sequel of sorts to _Dante's
Inferno_. One of the best books I've ever read.


Name:Matt Zucker
Date:Sunday - 24/Mar/96 - 10:48:24
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I'm extremely pleased to see that someone has put
Known Space on the web. See if you can get Mr. Niven's
permission, and make this the OFFICIAL Known Space site;
sort of turn it into an online encyclopedia...
Keep up the good work!

Name:Nick Edwards
Date:Thursday - 21/Mar/96 - 5:59:57
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: re Known Space page.Excellent stuff!It keeps on getting
better.One or two points.I could find no reference at all to
the graphic novel Ganthet's Tale by Larry Niven and John Byrne
Published by DC in about 1990,it is a Green Lantern story,
which personally I like,though it is not Niven at his best.
Any reason not to include this?I made some comments on the
mailing list a while ago about this book,but got no response.
If you are not familiar with it,mail me for more info.
Keep up the good work!
Nick Edwards
Name:John H. Dudley
Date:Wednesday - 20/Mar/96 - 11:36:30
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: The page is beautful.

Thank You.
Name:Ron Miller
Date:Monday - 18/Mar/96 - 5:02:06
Homepage:Black Cat Studios
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Just thought I'd stop by and say hi!
Name:Larry Smith
Date:Thursday - 14/Mar/96 - 7:57:29
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I was just looking around and this is great.
Name:Jeremy Lichtman
Date:Tuesday - 12/Mar/96 - 8:24:41
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Those JPEGs are magnificent. I wish I could get a poster
copy to hang on my wall!
Name:Keith Newton
Date:Sunday - 10/Mar/96 - 19:44:48
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Great Page!!!!
Been a Niven Fan forever!!!! The ringworld/known space series
has the most enlightened philosophy and ideals I have read.
A movie is what the world needs to see.
Name:Dolf Spoor
Date:Sunday - 10/Mar/96 - 11:18:11
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I live in Holland, and I have dutch translations of Niven's books.
I have never read one in the original language, but I'm trying
to buy me some. I bought Ringworld II (builders of RW?) and
I refuse to read it before I have read Ringworld itself.
Genius man, that Larry Niven, he's my favorite!

Name:Kris Holland
Date:Sunday - 10/Mar/96 - 8:40:19
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: This is a really nice page, and it was worth the download wait.
Niven is one of the first SF books that I ever read (Ringworld), and that's what got me hooked. I didn't even know that there were any pages out here dedicated to him.
Now that I'm hooked, I've started writing (thanks to the fact of both Niven & Asimov's stimulation of my mind) myself, and I came across this page while looking for places to send a manuscript. (If, of course, I ever get that far!)
Now don't let this page slip, eh? :)
Name:Geoff Reynolds
Date:Saturday - 9/Mar/96 - 8:26:15
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Very well presented's small wonder that you
received the top 5% award.
All you need now is a Kzin skin throw rug and you're all set !
In the immortal words of Arnie - "I'll be back"
Thanx for a great site !

Name:Martin Gregorie
Date:Friday - 8/Mar/96 - 8:29:27
Referred from:NewsGroups
Comments: Good page - especially as I really like Niven's stuff. IMHO
he's about the most visual SF writer I know.

I'd found the Ringworld images some time back.
I assume they are from the same site I found.

However, there is one missing reference. You should quote
'King David's Spaceship' alongside 'The Mote in God's Eye'.
Its the same universe & time frame and I've enjoyed it a
lot. Check it out! It casts more light on the second empire,
which I wish had more stories. The Pournelle stuff on the
first empire was all very well but the last 2-3 books were
getting a little tedious.

Name:Claus Nielsen
Date:Thursday - 7/Mar/96 - 15:50:02
Referred from:From LPAGE.COM
Comments: This is what i have been looking for. I love SF and espcilly Larry Niven.
Denmark is not the best place to find SF, but it is posible to find Paperbags
on english. The good thing about Internet, is that it posible to find out
what books there is on the marked.
You hear from me later on.

Farvel og tak for denne gang

Name:Claus Nielsen
Date:Thursday - 7/Mar/96 - 15:49:45
Referred from:From LPAGE.COM
Comments: This is what i have been looking for. I love SF and espcilly Larry Niven.
Denmark is not the best place to find SF, but it is posible to find Paperbags
on english. The good thing about Internet, is that it posible to find out
what books there is on the marked.
You hear form me later on.

Farvel og tak for denne gang

Name:David Grimm
Date:Thursday - 7/Mar/96 - 8:53:32
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Beowulf's Children is also known as The Dragons of Heorot in the UK.
I have been reading LN for ~18 years and have enjoyed his works immensely.
I have become an avid Niven collector and as far as I know I have one of the
largest Niven stuff collections. I currently have about 105
items in the collection (books, games, posters, cassettes, etc.).
Unfortunatley I am missing one book -- More Magic -- If anybody
knows where I can get a copy I would really appreciate it.
A fantastic web page on the best subject -- LARRY NIVEN !!!!
Name:Patrick Usherwood
Date:Thursday - 29/Feb/96 - 22:22:39
Referred from:NewsGroups
Comments: WOW!!!
Damn! Now I will be late going to bed and be tired all
tomorrow (I mean today). Definitely got alot of links
to check out. :)

Name:Herman Bozeman
Date:Wednesday - 28/Feb/96 - 17:41:30
Homepage:Herman's Home Page
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Beautiful page! I am a huge Niven fan, and you have put together
a beutiful collection of linkk and images. Keep up the good work
Name:Charles Danforth
Date:Wednesday - 28/Feb/96 - 13:19:36
Homepage:Yo Mama! Core Dumped
Referred from:NewsGroups
Comments: Very spiffy page. I've read practically everything Niven has
ever written (with a few annoying exceptions) and I'm glad to
see that there is a web-presence of Niven fans. Now if I could
only find a copy of the Ringworld RPG...

charles danforth, scourge of Kentucky
Date:Saturday - 24/Feb/96 - 10:07:50
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: A nifty little collection of LN links - guaranteed to keep
the avid Niven fan's web browser busy with _multiple_ instances!
My only complaint with this page is that _I_ didn't come out
with it first... Hope Larry's watching!
Name:Kevin Barton
Date:Thursday - 22/Feb/96 - 16:41:39
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: An excellent page and an excellent resource for fans of Niven and Known Space.
I may be completely off base here, but didn't Niven release a sequel to N-Space?
I believe it is called "Playgrounds for the Mind." Let me know!!
Name:Niels Hansen (Denmark)
Date:Tuesday - 20/Feb/96 - 9:13:04
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: To the above, I didnīt just surf on it, there is a Wolf in my timemashine and I had to hide somewhere!
My comment: What a waste of time and money, (my girlfriends time and the money of the University of
Copenhagen who owns this computer). Great idea this Larry Niven page, thought I was all alone in
reading his books YEAH RIGHT! And last a comforting word to those who didnīt like "The gripping hand"
The British title of the sequel to "the mote in gods eye". Dont worry lads, I hateted it too as it was
just an ordinary book, and when you are used to Niven ordinary books are a bore!
(Sorry ībout the spelling (Zpealng, spjaeldng) im danish and tired, not a good combination!)
Name:Ken Larsen
Date:Sunday - 18/Feb/96 - 19:23:34
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: A great site about the works of one of my favorite sf authors. I was introduced to the works of Niven by one of my philosophy instructors in 1971 and have been hooked ever since. I notice you have not reviewed his "Flying Sourcers". This is an excellent exploration of the clash between the scientific and traditional world views. A very humorous and gentle treatment. I highly recommend it to you.

Again, thanks for the excellent site.

Kindest regards from Alberta.

Name:David Kettlehake
Date:Saturday - 17/Feb/96 - 18:39:23
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Just happened by while looking for clues to LN's new Ringworld novel.
Had caught something about it on National Public Radio, and
was dying to see when it is due out. I know that it is called
the Ringworld Throne, but that is all. Can't wait.

Great work on your page!! Keep up the good work!!!

Name:Adi Stav
Date:Tuesday - 13/Feb/96 - 20:50:41
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Very thorough :) Maybe more non-known-world Niven info can be added? Other than that, SUPERB WORK :)
Name:Rick Newsom
Email:don't like giving out E-mail address
Date:Monday - 12/Feb/96 - 22:07:58
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: It absolutely boggles the mind that one can type Larry Niven
in WebCrawler and actually find a page devoted entirely to
Known Space. Very nicely done page! Greetings from
Elkins, West Virginia, USA.
Name:John Irving
Date:Thursday - 8/Feb/96 - 17:48:56
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Hey, I love the Known Space series,
and pretty much everything else by Niven,
Pournelle, and the rest of the myriad
co-writers. Looking forward to more stuff,
and someone tell Niven to go ahead and
get the asymettrical beard!
Name:Steve Sloan II (at least for the semester)
Date:Thursday - 8/Feb/96 - 11:27:49
Referred from:Netscape
Comments: Just came on to add my current e-mail address (at least for
the semester)... Cool page! Could you dig up and add a hint
book for the Ringworld computer games, and pictures from
the Ringworld RPG? Keep us posted on Ringworld Throne!
Name:Chad Helton
Date:Thursday - 8/Feb/96 - 7:00:00
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: About time LN had his own page!! I have 95% of his books and have read them at least 20 times each! <---i have no life!

Name:David Grigg
Date:Wednesday - 7/Feb/96 - 2:13:03
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Great page. By the way, "Beowulf's Children" sounds
to me, with that set of authors, as though it must be a
sequel to "Legacy of Heorot", which was one of the
better Barnes/Niven collaborations.

-- David
Name:max depth
Date:Tuesday - 6/Feb/96 - 23:09:07
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: I want more. Where can I find more LN stuff?
Name:Floyd Clark
Date:Tuesday - 6/Feb/96 - 19:27:21
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Great Page! As a die-hard Niven fan I found references to
several books I wasn't aware of. Looks like time for a visit
to my local book store!
Name:Christopher Scott Del Campo
Date:Tuesday - 6/Feb/96 - 1:01:14
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Howdy, Known Space fans! At Texas A&M, we're having
the undergraduate engineering students work on designs
for solar power satellites, so write in for more info!
Name:Robert Burk
Date:Saturday - 3/Feb/96 - 12:20:04
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Really enjoyed the page devoted to Niven. Keep it up!!

Name:Chris Wilhelm
Date:Thursday - 1/Feb/96 - 11:22:47
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I've finally come home. Does anyone correspond with LN? I wrote hime a couple of years ago threatening to write my own sequel to World out of Time if he wouldn't. He mentioned the magic seven-letter word (lawsuit) and reminded me that those writing the Man/Kzin Wars books pay substantial royalties to LN,so...My future as a scifi writer remains ever challenged.
Name:Harold Valderas
Date:Wednesday - 31/Jan/96 - 22:39:14
Homepage:Harold & Jenna's Home Page
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Excellent page!!! Definately deserves a bookmark in the "Cool Science Fiction" section.
Name:Alan D Kohler
Date:Wednesday - 31/Jan/96 - 20:45:59
Referred from:Netscape
Comments: I don't know if you where being selective in your listing of
anothologies or if your might be perchance unaware (gasp) of
Playgrounds of the Mind, another anothology very similar in
format to N-space. I think it was published after N-space,
but I'm not exactly sure - I don't have it handy right now.

Name:S.A. Jordan
Email:none yet , but soon!
Date:Wednesday - 31/Jan/96 - 17:44:19
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Saw your question about "Beowolfs Kids" and I have read it. It does not apply to any KNOWN SPACE time line. It is a good sequel to the horror story the three authors put together a few years back titled "The Legecy of Herot". Some of the concepts used (Frozen sleep, Busstard Ramjets, and the like) are common to early space travel, but the basics will be the same as long as the laws of physics hold in this universe. Niven has about five seperate worlds he writes in, the four others (besides Known Space) are Levits time travel stories, the "State" future, which includes Smoke Ring (two books, World out of Time and a Rammer short story) and the Avalon planet colinization series (Herot and Beowolf), and finally, the Co-Diminom (Mote in God's Eye and Gripping Hand) They all are great and I love living in these worlds every chance I get. As you can see, I have been reading Niven ever since I found Inferno at a used book sale back in 1970?? I can not wait for the RINGWORLD THRONE!!!
Name:Dwight Wood
Date:Wednesday - 31/Jan/96 - 11:44:29
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: No Homepage. What a great idea to have a homepage for just Niven's
Known Space. I am just a newbie to Niven, only now am I reading
_The Integral Trees_, but what I have read I like. It is great
to find an author that is fun to read.
Name:Kazumichi Moriyama
Date:Sunday - 21/Jan/96 - 23:26:28
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: Great!! Wonderfull Page....
Name:Robert Fabian
Date:Thursday - 18/Jan/96 - 19:59:26
Homepage: None
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: A Known Space Web Page....what a great idea! As someone who
always wanted to work in space, and now does, in a sense
(Captain USAF, Air Force Space Command; 8th Space Warning
Squadron, 3rd (Deep) Space Surveillance Squadron, & 90th
ICBM Maintenance Squadron) his works have always been an
inspiration to me, my dream of future possibilities.
(Although the ARM period before encoutering the Kzinti is
not a time I'D want to live in....BORING and stultifying,
TANJ it!

Keep up the good work!
Name:Paul Miles
Date:Wednesday - 17/Jan/96 - 10:04:31
Homepage: none>
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: You have not added the collaboration novel "The Gripping
Hand" to your list. It is a sequel to "The Mote in Gods Eye".
Personally I didn't like it as well as the first one.

I'm surfing from work, so I don't have a home page. The
above email is a personal one for us.

I can't wait for the sequel to Ringworld Engineers. I also
have really liked all the Man-Kzin Wars books so far.
Name:Ross Hammer
Date:Wednesday - 17/Jan/96 - 0:03:48
Homepage:It's not ready yet...
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: This is pretty cool page... but where are the Man-Kzin War books?!
Other than that, I've really enjoyed browsing through here!

Name:Tim Hart
Date:Tuesday - 16/Jan/96 - 10:09:55
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I was searching for a Ringworld image for my wallpaper and
that's how I found you. I read Larry Niven's books back in
the 1980s and think of him as the best of the "technical
sci-fi" writers. Would really like to find an image for
my PC (the ray traced graphics are interesting, but I'm
thinking more like a painting). Anyone know of a source?

Thanks for the great Known Space page!

Name:Krzysztof Huryn
Date:Sunday - 14/Jan/96 - 5:08:42
Homepage:Haven't made one yet
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Great work! A Known-space Niven page, wow!

I'm sure there are a lot of us Niven fans.. the man is
reincarnation og God... :-)
Name:roo mold
Date:Saturday - 13/Jan/96 - 19:37:31
Referred from:Just Surfed O
Comments: mr. galloway, greetings from the frozen northeast kingdom of vermont. east burke to be precise. i am an old niven reader and fan, and appreciate your catalogue and your sf links as well. keep up the good work. i'll be back.
vermont. east burke to be precise. i am an old niven reader

Name:Dan Walker
Date:Saturday - 13/Jan/96 - 11:01:09
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: excellent page. you should include man-kzin wars info, though
Name:Russell Martin
Date:Wednesday - 10/Jan/96 - 16:11:43
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Hi! I really like your Known Space page. KS is one of
my favourite future histories. I'm currently trying to
work out a consistent chronology of the stories in the
seven Man-Kzin Wars volumes; most of those aren't by Niven,
of course, but they are still part of the Known Space
universe, so if you're interested I could send you a copy
(if it ever gets worked out -- there are a couple of
inconsistencies I may have to just acknowledge as such!)

By the way, I have a question about "Down in Flames." Your
web page says that the version you provide a link to is
less recent than the one in _N-Space_. What made me
wonder is that one of the differences between the two is
this: the N-Space version has Beowulf Shaeffer drawn into
the adventure by the Brennan-monster, while the one on the
Web has the latter role played by the Truesdale-monster.
Now, at the time Niven and Spinrad conceived the idea for
DIF (i.e., 1968), the first part of _Protector_ had been
written and published (in a 1967 issue of _Galaxy_). The
Brennan-monster appears in that part, but Truesdale hasn't
come on the scene yet. He only shows up in the second part
of the novel, which -- since the whole wasn't published
until 1973 -- I assume (perhaps wrongly) was not yet
written, maybe not yet even dreamed up by Niven. Now, since
the Brennan-monster is dead by the end of _Protector_, and
thererfore could never meet Beowulf Shaeffer, it seems to
me that the "Brennan" version of DIF must have been written
before Niven had decided what was going to happen to
Brennan (i.e. before 1973), and the "Truesdale" version
afterwards. Which would make the "Truesdale" version the
later one.

I hope the above paragraph is decipherable! Anyway, if I'm
all wrong about this, please let me know (gently) ( :) ).
In any case, I think you have a great page there!

Russell Martin

Name:Kenneth R. Harrison
Date:Monday - 8/Jan/96 - 12:47:10
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Finally a WebPage about Niven! The fact that it is a great one is just icing on the cake! ! !
Name:Jeroen Tent
Date:Monday - 8/Jan/96 - 3:33:12
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Very nice site!!!! There is sooooo much info.
I've got a little problem. I'm just reading a
(what I believe) sequel to A Mote In Gods Eye,
The Gripping Hand. I didn,t see the book in the list of books.
Niven wrote the book together with Pournelle back in '93.
Does anybody know this book or am I the only one who knows it.
(In the book it says he wrote it is published in '93.
Name:L. Guerrero
Date:Saturday - 6/Jan/96 - 20:18:23
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: How wonderful to find your corner of cyberspace! As a new net surfer, it looks great to me!

My brother and I had observed that many stories of Larry Niven's had several characters with physical disabilities and so contacted LN for a story for our magazine for persons with physical disabilities. LN responded by submitting a then never-before published short story! As both my brother and I are big LN fans, we were thrilled and honored to have such a prestigious writer represented in our mag. His willingness to contribute to such a small venture (it was the first issue of a home-grown mag) will always be remembered by me. I think he must be a very gracious individual and his time spent to respond to our very small request will always be appreciated.

Best regards from Austin, Texas to all other Niven and Known Space fans!
Name:Steve Otlewski
Date:Tuesday - 2/Jan/96 - 19:20:47
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I've been a fan for 25 years.
I read and re-read Ringworld and Return at least once a year.
I also really like Lucifer's Hammer.
I'm awaiting a movie (like everyone else).
I wonder if George Lucas is falmiliar with Niven's work? I'm sure he must be!
I don't think his collaborations quite live up to his earlier work.
Great site!!!
Name:Andre Vandal
Date:Wednesday - 27/Dec/95 - 12:44:11
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I was just stumbling around, gathering info on Niven.
I finaly got around to reading Ringworld after all these
years of recomendation, but there's so much to read out
there that I never got to it before now. And now of course
I feel really dumb on not having read this before, but such
is life.

After this I went strait to the local UBS to get me a
copy of Engineers, which I also enjoyed. But now I'm hungry
for more and your page seem like quite a nice place to start.

Thanks for the 'INFO' gathering! If it wasn't for people
like you, I would have to do it... :-)

See ya Around the Cosmos
Cosmic Spider

No man or woman can resist a vampire.
-- Larry Niven / Ringworld Engineers (1980)

Name:Philip Essex
Date:Sunday - 24/Dec/95 - 15:58:02
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I love Niven & the Known Space series & was thrilled to stumble on this site. Keep it going!!
Name:Helge Kautz
Date:Friday - 22/Dec/95 - 17:02:30
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: I'm a big niven fan for many years now... even though
his #1 place in my hall of fame has been replaced by OSC
most recently, I still love his books pretty much.
My favourites are *definitely* The Integral Trees and
the sequel. I stumbled over N. about fifteen years ago,
when a friend of mine gave me Ringworld, which I fell in
love with immediately. I just *love* Nessus :)
Oh, and I named my cat Teela!
Thanks for the page! It's great work!

Greetings from germany...

Name:Jonathan Ogilvy Millar
Date:Tuesday - 19/Dec/95 - 5:58:19
Referred from:Netscape
Comments: I only just discovered D.Niven,WOW, what can I say.He is amazing.
Exelent home page! Keep up the good work.Check out the tasty titbits
in OMNI COMICS sept\nov.edition!!
Name:Roly Perera
Date:Tuesday - 19/Dec/95 - 4:42:25
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: Thanks for the page, generally excellent! Would be useful
if it listed contents of books not particularly associated
with Known Space, eg Limits. Not wild about the star ratings
for each book though.
Name:Matthew Davies
Date:Sunday - 17/Dec/95 - 22:03:50
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Nice work on a neat subject! Thanks for the effort.
Now, how about a Ringworld Throne release date?

I just found a MINT copy of Shape of Space!!

Matt Davies
Name:Larry Niven
Date:Saturday - 16/Dec/95 - 21:45:05
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Grendel's Children is a sequel to The Legacy of Heorot. No connection to known space. The Ringworld Throne connects to known space and is due out Aug 96. See a piece of it in "Sisters of the Night" (female vampires), another as text and graphics in OMNI Comix.
Name:David Montgomery
Email:not available at this time
Date:Thursday - 14/Dec/95 - 12:54:42
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Sorry I can't leave you a return address at this time.

I was skimming your home page and came across the mention of Beowulf's Children.
This is the sequel to Legacy of Heorot by the same authors.
It is not connected to Known Space and I don't think the link will ever be made.

The setting for both novels is a planet in the Tau Ceti star system which in Known Space is the location of the Plateau
colony. The environments of Plateau and Avalon, (I think that's the colony's name in
Legacy of Heorot but don't quote me), are totally different.

Name:Ken Smith
Date:Monday - 11/Dec/95 - 4:31:28
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I just wanted to congratulat you on a great homepage. I have
been a fan of Larry Niven for 25 years and have read every
book I could find of his.
Ken. :)
Name:Ken Smith
Date:Monday - 11/Dec/95 - 4:28:59
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I just wanted to congratulat you on a great homepage. I have
been a fan of Larry Niven for 25 years and have read every
book I could find of his.
Ken. :)
Name:Kevin Foss
Date:Friday - 8/Dec/95 - 12:29:33
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I saw the newest Niven book at the store just yesterday-
it's a sequel to "The Legacy of Heorot", and thus not really
a part of Known Space. Thought you'd like to know, if noone's
told you yet.
Name:Michael Thompson, Norcross, Georgia, USA
Date:Friday - 1/Dec/95 - 5:33:15
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I liked the Known Space Page. Lots of good links. Found out
about it on the LarryNiven List.
Beowulf's Children would probably be a sequel to Legacy of
Heorot, by Niven-Pournelle-Barnes, not Known Space, but
still very good. If you haven't read it, do!
Name:Erik 'Lurch' Kloeppel
Date:Wednesday - 29/Nov/95 - 10:05:14
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: I haven't had time to examine yer page closely, but a quick look indicates it is quite good. I've been a fan of Mr. Niven for almost 30 years - I got to read his short stories in the magazines of the late 60's. I have every book I can find (I admit it - paperback), but they hold places of prominence in my library (last count over 5000 SF titles). I definately rank Mr Niven up there with RAH - at least two steps above anybody else in the business.

Keep up the excellent work with the page!
Name:Joe Bennett
Date:Monday - 27/Nov/95 - 18:13:13
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: G'day Mate!
Execellent job!
You've obviously put in a great deal of work here.
I'm looking forward to checking out some of the books you've listed that I've missed
Thanks again.

Joe Bennett
Name:Stan Kowalski
Date:Friday - 24/Nov/95 - 23:02:45
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I don't know how you rate the publications of Larry Niven
such as 1 to 4 stars for several of his stories, but I am
a bit miffed that RINGWORLD is only rated 4 stars. I feel
in my mind that his literary expediture revolves around this
book. It is the final product (so to speak) of a authors
career. I feel that most of his stories (including short
stories) revolve around this publication "RINGWORLD".
Every thing he writes points in this direction, I can't give
you exact examples, but I have been reading his publications
since I don't know when, I have Larry Nivens first published
books 1st editions (Ringworld, World of Patavvs, etc.) Also
have Isacc Asimov's "Pebble In the Sky" 1st edition 1958,or
1957 Hard cover) (no jacket unfortunetly).
Sorry, I just had to mention Isacc Asimov's book that I picked
up at a garage sale for 50 cents. I'm not a book collector or
any thing like that, I enjoy reading SF, have been since I
was 13 (Tarzan of the Apes) now I'm 37 still read SF.

Name:Spike R. MacPhee
Date:Tuesday - 21/Nov/95 - 17:38:04
Homepage:Spike's HomeWorld(s)
Referred from:NewsGroups
Comments: Actually found Duncan from his post on Miven-L. Like Mark
J. Smith I was thinking of doing a KnownSpace webpage, but
I wouldn't have done such a good job so fast. I've just done
a webpage on the ManKzin Wars and it is located at:

Jerry Boyajian and I cowrote the first draft of the timeline
that appears in Tales of Known Space. Larry then expanded it
it by one-third and to our delight used it. Our friend Rick
Sternbach was doing the cover and had told us that the book
was coming out, so we modeled the timeline on the one in the
Best of Cordwainer Smith.

Thanks for all the work, Duncan!

Spike MacPhee, SF EarthLinks sfwebweaver at

Date:Sunday - 19/Nov/95 - 3:03:02
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: As a big fan of Hard SciFi and Larry Niven in particular, I was happy to stumble onto this site! I got hear from which I found through a net search. I bought the Children of Beowulf the other day (hardcover) and it's a follow on to The Legacy of Heorot. I haven't finished it but it seems like Niven and group are back into their own style. By the way, I bought a copy of Charles Scheffield's How to Save the World anthology which includes a short piece by Niven. While the book is good, don't buy it just for Niven's piece. It has to be his worst work yet. I was highly disappointed.
Name:Fred Lang
Date:Saturday - 18/Nov/95 - 20:21:17
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Name:Mark J Smith
Date:Wednesday - 15/Nov/95 - 19:58:34

Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: The page you have put together looks very good, but you don't have
any mention of "Playgrounds of the Mind". This is a followon
to the collection "N*Space", where a number of Niven stories
are presented. It first came out in Hardback, and has since
appeared in paperback. A Must have book for any Larry Niven fan!

I was contemplating putting out a collection of pages concerning
Larry Niven... now that I have found this one I don't know if I will
since I probably wouldn't do a half a good a job.
Name:jamie blackman
Date:Wednesday - 15/Nov/95 - 8:44:17
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: any info on release date for "Ringworld Throne"? also, check out issue#1 of Omni Comix, on sale now -- 20 or 30 pages of Ringworld fare. Well worth the four bucks. please get back to me if you have any idea on a release date for the third (actually Larry says fourth, with "Protector" as the first) Ringworld novel!

Date:Wednesday - 15/Nov/95 - 8:38:17
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Name:Mike Czaplinski
Date:Tuesday - 14/Nov/95 - 14:52:13
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Love the page, well, except for two minor errors (which
I emailed you about seperately).

Name:Lamar Damata
Date:Friday - 10/Nov/95 - 0:08:52
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Excellent Page on Larry Niven, It's refreshing to see
other people that enjoy him as much as I do. Keep up the
good work.

what about a non-KS stuff?

hint to everyone out there: if you want old niven, check out
the used bookstores!
Name:charles wezell
Date:Thursday - 9/Nov/95 - 9:21:51
Referred from:Netscape
Comments: you did a really nice jobe!!!!!!!
What about Gordon Dixon

Name:Julian Treadwell
Date:Wednesday - 8/Nov/95 - 14:00:07
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Greetings from across the ditch.

LN is right up there with RAH and HG Wells imho, about
time he had a decent netpage! Good on you.

Hadn't realised Beowulf's Children was out - I take it
it's got a Known Space dimension? Interesting to see
how he works that one.

If you want to contact Tor Books I've come across them on
the net - they have a home page, shouldn't be hard to find.

An idea - I've always had a yen to try a "Man-Kzin Wars"
tale, but as I haven't had anything published I wouldn't
be eligible to try for inclusion; probably not good enough
anyhow. So, what about having a space on your page for
amateur stories in this setting? Dunno how LN would feel
about that, probably wouldn't care but maybe you could
check with him if you have access to him.

Anyway, good on you again.

Julian Treadwell

Beach Haven
New Zealand

Name:Richard R. Horton
Date:Wednesday - 8/Nov/95 - 12:40:25
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Hi. Glad to see a Niven site, he is a long-time favorite. A minor quibble: I think you should list original dates of publication, at least for the novels. I.e., Ringworld was published in 1970 (I think).

An earlier guest's story about meeting Niven tidying up his books reminds me of a story my boss at the bookstore I once worked at told me. This was in the Chicago area, where Gene Wolfe lives. She was an SF fan, and carefully maintained a pretty good SF section, including a copy of The Fifth Head of Cerberus (at that time, not a great seller). One day, she saw a portly, middle-aged man holding that book, near tears. She asked if she could help, he said "No thanks, I'm Gene Wolfe, and I just can't believe someone has a copy of one of my books."

Name:Simon Shaw
Date:Monday - 6/Nov/95 - 21:48:56
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: Nice web page !

Can we pinch information from here to put in the FAQ ?

Simon Shaw.
Name:Paul Macfarlane aka Dr.Strangeglove
Date:Sunday - 5/Nov/95 - 5:19:58
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: finally found a decent SF site,
but the book list looks a little trunctuated
whatever happened to the legacy of heoret?
loved the idea
Name:Erik A. Zea
Date:Thursday - 2/Nov/95 - 11:54:45
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: It's GREAT realizing that there are so many LN fan-atics out there. I've got just about every KS story (and all other LN) so if you have any detail questions, drop me a note. I've always felt there needs to be some type of KS encyclopedia available. Anyone else interested?
Name:Steve Sloan II
Date:Wednesday - 1/Nov/95 - 11:20:54
Referred from:Net Search
Comments: I just lucked out and found this place. I've only been
playing with the internet for a couple of weeks, in the UAH
computer lab, and your page is one reason I plan to get a
modem of my own. I want to hear updates on The Ringworld
Name:Jim McHutchion
Date:Tuesday - 31/Oct/95 - 7:08:20
Refered from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Great to see a place where Nivenphiles can meet. Recently
finished Beowulf's Children which I liked very much.
Looking forward to Ringworld Throne.

A nice addition would be a section on what Niven & pals
are currently working on. Pournelle usually throws out
tidbits in his Byte column.
Name:Dave Duncan
Date:Saturday - 28/Oct/95 - 21:43:27
Refered from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Larry Niven is in my opinion the best SF writer out there, at least until he stopped writing
the known space series. On that note I have heard a rumor about a third book in the ringworld series.
Anyone know if this is true and when it is being released?
Name:Graham McIntosh
Date:Saturday - 28/Oct/95 - 16:34:14
Refered from:NewsGroups
Comments: Loved the on-line Gil The Arm story.

Man of Steele ... was the first Niven I read,
but it was several years before I read him again
(and never looked bacK).

Keep up the good work!

Name:jim berlehner
Date:Saturday - 28/Oct/95 - 5:03:21
Refered from:Yahoo!
Comments: been a fan of nivens ever since i met this little guy with a backpack at the bookstore at denver's stapleton airpor about 8 years ago.
there he was, straightening out all the niven books, so i said "you are a real fan, aren't you?". he said, "no, I'm the writer" I bought ringworld, he autographed it, and i have been hooked ever since.
Name:jim berlehner
Date:Saturday - 28/Oct/95 - 5:02:06
Refered from:Yahoo!
Comments: been a fan of nivens ever since i met this little guy with a backpack at the bookstore at denver's stapleton airpor about 8 years ago.
there he was, straightening out all the niven books, so i said "you are a real fan, aren't you?". he said, "no, I'm the writer" I bought ringworld, he autographed it, and i have been hooked ever since.
Name:Richard Henninger
Date:Friday - 27/Oct/95 - 22:52:51
Refered from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Just quickly browsed through your page. Checked out the Acoustic Gutar Music section. Wish I had the time to add to it. I have a much better version of Dan Fogelberg's "Make Love Stay". I was surprised at not seeing any James Taylor. I found your site while doing a search using the keyword "schematics". With all of the info and topics you have here I will be back someday, I'm sure.
Name:Brian Forsyth
Date:Wednesday - 25/Oct/95 - 12:46:35
Refered from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Very Nice! I am new to the Net and appreciate all the
links to SF "stuff."
Name:Ling Lo
Date:Monday - 23/Oct/95 - 21:12:40
Refered from:Yahoo!
Comments: Had a brief look, pretty good! What about the Moties?
I wanna see a piccy of one!
Name:Dave Lufkin
Date:Monday - 23/Oct/95 - 18:32:58
Refered from:NewsGroups
Comments: Referred from the Niven-L mailing list. Nice page, Duncan!
I've already sent you some information on Niven books not
mentioned here, and some tips on Man of Steel, Woman of

May the Eye of Kdapt shine on you always...
Name:Duncan Galloway
Date:Sunday - 1/Oct/95
Refered from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments:Just testing... If you have visited my page and have any suggestions, comments, or anything at all please let me know.
Total:123 guests