Niven Guest Book Archive

Date: 05:28, 21st July
From: Bryn

Description: Yeah Gudday from the land of sheep and handbags
Date: 09:07, 14th August
From: Doug Draa

Description: This is a great page.
I've managed to hang on to allmost all my Niven books since the middle 70's.
Let's hope htat there are many more to come!
Thank you Mr. Niven and thanks to the folks who've created this great site!
I'm an ex-Pat Buckeye living in Germany. I'm on the advisory board for the Nürnberg Astronomical society. We run the local observatory here for the city. The above link is for our homepage. Lot of our members are also LN fans!
Date: 12:47, 10th October
From: Dave Lambert

Description: Hey, this is Lambert, just checking in to test the guestbook and congratulate everyone who was involved in getting this site back up and running in the last year.
Date: 20:59, 17th October
From: Graham

Description: Hello from Adelaide South Australia. I have been a Larry Niven fan for many years. Its good to see this website up and going still. I remember well the talk Larry gave at Adelaide University on the subject of teleportation !
Date: 13:30, 17th November
From: Matías Albanesi
Description: Hi, I just found the site, can't give an opinion right now 'cause I hurried here to sign.
Ringworld is awesome. I've read it for many years, can't get bored reading it. I HAVE to find translated to my home language the sequels (read the first in English, and half of the Throne)
Some days ago I started Fallen Angels, it's very fun! Can't believe all I was missing.
Date: 08:00, 18th November
From: savo

Description: Hi, Long time lurker first time poster.

Great fan of you work but I seem to hav stumbled on a bigger fan r/michael.htm

good lord they are terrific. It is just how I imagined 'Michael' from Footfall. I can't find a contact for the graphic artist though nor can I find bigger pix.
Date: 00:51, 9th December
From: Curt Arrowsmith

Description: My favorite books are the Motie stories.... actually found this site while trying to find titles to put on my Christmas list !

Date: 09:48, 12th December
From: Tim Staffell

Description: Just like to say - I've read the Ringworld Books over and over again for thirty years.
Magnificent! Ringworld is in my head all the time. When I die, that's where I'm going........
Date: 18:00, 23rd December
From: Bob Jones

Description: I really like how you always tell us about your life and Marilyn. My favorite book you wrote is ALL OF THEM! I've read Ringworld at least 5 times. I enjoy all the stories of the Draco Tavern and own the book. Why didn't you include the story about the Monk and his RNA pills and Rick Schumann? I think it's called 'Prophet' something. Seems like there should be Draco Tavern 2. Love your work. Love your stuff with Jerry Pournell too! Don't know how old you are, but keep up the writing! You and Heinline are my favorite writers. Thanks for the fun and ability to go to space in a wheelchair... -- Bob Jones, Scipio, Indiana
Date: 09:46, 29th December
From: Richard Nacamuli

Description: This is great stuff! I really enjoy it.
Richard L. Nacamuli
Date: 17:20, 4th January
From: James

Description: Some fascinating reading. Thank you
Date: 23:08, 15th January
From: Aaron
Description: One of the best hard science fiction writer's around. I started reading your writing when I was about 14 years old, and 16 years later still cannot get enough.
Date: 01:29, 16th January
From: Tyler Niccum

Description: Hello Larry Niven,
I'm a Sequential Arts Major Graduate student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and I was wondering if I could have your permission to rephrase parts of your, "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" for a short story that I would like to do. Please contact me, with an email stating your express permission. I will not profit from this. This is just a courtesy notice, and I would appreciate having your support. Thanks.

Tyler Niccum
Date: 11:15, 25th January
From: Dan

Description: To this day, I rummage through the library stacks of my ancestral home in search of all the Larry Niven books I grew up reading. My favorite sf writer out there.
Date: 21:18, 13th February
From: Justin
Description: Not sure if Larry is going to see this, but why not... Larry, I realy enjoy your work and I hope you continue on to inspire the next generaton of readers.
Date: 04:46, 13th March
From: Jerry Pease
Description: I have really enjoyed reading Larry's books over the years but sadly his work has gone downhill. I'm really wondering if he is actually writing anymore or is his nurse doing it....
Date: 16:39, 14th March
From: Maureen O'Brien
Description: Great books, great adventures. Love some of the insights into how the world might be someday. A good friend, long ago, introduced me to Larry Niven's works. I recently picked up a few books on ebay for a long trip. They certainly made the journey more enjoyable! If you are out there Larry Johnson, many thanks again! And of course thank you Larry Niven!
Date: 18:37, 15th March
From: green_meklar

Description: Just happened upon this site while cruising the Internet. I've read several of Larry Niven's stories, and I thought most of them were pretty good. The Ringworld especially was a neat idea.
Date: 19:25, 19th March
From: Trafkats

Description: Hi
Date: 18:25, 24th March
From: Ljubica (Violet)
Description: Hi Larry,
thank you for the wonderful worlds in which I live every time I open your books. Like "Neutron Star", "Destiny's Road", or the books you've "cooked" with your fiends, "The Legacy of Heorot", Moties serie (to be continued I hope - but not after another 18 years!!!!!!!!) and your inevitable "Ringworld" saga. Thanks are going to your "other half" too, for putting up with what is called "creativity hysterics" that is giving so much joy to us
Date: 22:56, 28th March
From: Jonny V
Description: I just got one question. Where is Hindmost getting all the BIOMASS for Louis Wu's extensive surgeries in Carlos Wu's Autodoc?

In order to fix Beowulf Sheaffer, Sharyl Janns shoved that women's body in the Biomass tank, in the story "Procrustes" where the device was introduced.

Just wondering, in the last two Ringworld Boooks, where was Hindmost getting the Biomass? Failed Hanging People Protectors?


Date: 03:21, 2nd April
From: Zackery Mock
Description: First off I was related to your working's and books by a family member-in law.... Currently reading "The Legacy Of Heorot" and have also heard many great things about essays you have written. You are an amazing and yet modest artist. I use this term because you are not a writer you use words to merely paint your portrait, or to sculpt your masterpiece...

But yert i digress to my point. Other than shear flattery I want to post to make known a flaw you would find interesting in you "man of steel/woman of Kleenex" essay... Taking into consideration your different views and assumptions about superman and his abilities to reproduce,why would Kal-El's sperm be superhuman? Kal-El himself did not exhibit superhuman ability because he was Kryptonian alone, but rather because he was a Kryptonian that had been exposed to a yellow sun if I remember my Superman correctly. A more logical assumption would be that as long as the sperm were to not come into contact with the yellow sun, that they would have the (and this is assumption as i said) dominant genetics of a kryptonian. Then as they aged they would develop into the (as we know it) typical kryptonian. Other possibilities to keep from straying into complication may include keeping LL out of said yellow sun's light to avoid possible exposure through osmosis or proximity by the child.
The essay was wonderful, and all great things fall under constructive criuticism, merely take this as a compliment I would hope.

Man does not STRIVE for knowledge and power, but strives to have no lack of such
-Myself Essay 10th Grade
Date: 18:14, 2nd May
From: Peter Castagna
Description: Always have wanted to meet you. Fan of Gil the ARM, love best the intense short stories but also have gobbled down everything else you write too.

I'm MIT engineer and fafiated (yep, loved Angels), might even drive down to Balticon. Wow!

Doing .4-20kW industrial fiber laser design in MA, after 30 years of telecomm. Scary stuff--you never see the laser that blinds you.

Went on a nice tour ~ 1990 of Sandy Point Switching Terminal (20 Megavolt DC from Quebec Hydro to New England). Transformer was tiny/quiet (200000 households being powered).
Date: 20:02, 11th May
From: John Trotter


Really enjoy your work - and your universe.

Date: 01:21, 14th May
From: Sean O'Neail
Description: Known Space is my favorite vacation spot.

I visit it regularly, then put the books back in storage, only to pull them out again a later and return to a universe of mad magicians, pupeteers, kzinti, grendels, moties, integral trees, spiral roads, slavers, tnuctipin, grogs... and intelligent humans.

Larry, may you live forever, (so long as you continue writing). That's a conditional blessing.

Please consider releasing a sequel to Heorot & Beowulf.

And a sincere Thank You for the many hours already spent and the many hours still to come, reading, and rereading, your stories.

Date: 15:49, 15th May
From: Bill Mills

Description: Hi Larry! Just wanted to sign the guestbook and let ya' know I was here. Wonderful web site... entertaining and informative. Great work by Scribner, Phillips, Firestone & Demello! And many thanks to them for designing and maintaining this great and fun resource for all your fans AND your friends.

Drop by my little fannish folly <a href="http://thevoicesoff">The Voices Of Fandom</a> sometime.

Take care, be well and faanish trails to you until we meet again...
Bill Mills
Date: 17:12, 19th May
From: Clifford Muller

Description: I just wanted to say hello to all my fellow readers and say a real heart felt thanks to Mr.Niven for putting his mind on the table to be disected by millions of readers.Thanks again Mr.Niven.
Date: 16:57, 25th May
From: Justin Thomas La plante

Description: The reason I began writing was because of Larry Niven.
Before reading his books sci-fi was only an amusement or occasional escape.
NOW, it is in my blood. Known space inspired me to always look ahead and I believe it will have the same effect for countless others in countless generations ahead.
Date: 03:10, 2nd June
From: Mark Boozer

Description: Where to begin... I have been wandering in your worlds for a long time. Thank you for not calling the cops! I have admired your stories and the social commentary they show.
I was first attracted to known space because of the real effort you gave to making it real. Hard science, Tough thematic elements, "Gritty" if you will.
"Dry Run", "The Deadlier Weapon", "The Permanant Floating Riot Club".
You made some of the Best and Worst seam possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart(s) {sorry, still a breeder!}
Date: 17:45, 11th June
From: Aaron Millar

Description: I have one question to ask, if I were ever able to ask it directly to Larry Niven himself (or, perhaps more appropriatly, the cover artist for my copy of "Legacy of Heorot" (the spelling of which I am sure I have garbled).

That question is this: "Why is our hero carrying a tiny model of the 'Millenium Falcon'?"

It has confused me since I first read the book. The book which I liked very much. But has a tiny 'Millenium Falcon' on it.
Date: 01:50, 23rd June
From: Paul LoSchiavo
Description: Just a note of thanks to Mr. Niven (professor Niven?) for the many wonderfilled hours of reading I've enjoyed as a result of his hard yet inspired work. A qoute from Louis Wu which I'll treasure forever is "come, let us reason together".
Date: 13:10, 2nd July
From: Chris Bentley
Description: just love all the Known World stories and keep on reading them again and again, kept me amused for hours. Thanks
Date: 22:38, 20th July
From: E. Harris
Description: Thanks to Mr. Niven for all the pleasure his body of work has given me over the years.
Date: 10:31, 28th July
From: LE Roger Miller
Description: A friend got me started 13 books later I'm still going.
Date: 19:04, 1st August
From: Shane Brake

Description: I'm new to Larry Niven's work. I was and am a huge fan of Halo. In college my Instructor encouraged us to find the source of the stories we encountered , which of course led me to "Ringworld". It is truly amazing, and I am a fan for life now.
Date: 18:19, 3rd August
From: Peter Wright
Description: Been reading Niven for many years now. Well, many for a 30 something anyway.

You know you've got LN on the brain when you want to live on a ring, and you freely use the term 'evolution in action'.
Date: 00:35, 11th August
From: Aaron Robinson
Description: Just wanted to say how much I enjoy Mr. Niven's work. Picked up Ringworld in Grade 10 and have been hooked ever since. So many wonderful Universes. Great re-readability (is that a word)? My compliments to the operators of the website as well.
Date: 01:33, 15th August
Description: I have an place in my heart for Wonderful Writers like Mr. Niven. I started too read his works back in elementary school and still return to my old collection now and then at age 53.
May the powers that be Keep this Web Site up for his many fans and that THE ALMIGHTY keeps his mind in tune to continue writing more Dreams for our children to enjoy.
P/S What was the name of His book that was about an engineer waking up in the future and using [ teleporters ] to move about while an old had chased him around ?

Date: 01:34, 15th August
Description: I have an place in my heart for Wonderful Writers like Mr. Niven. I started too read his works back in elementary school and still return to my old collection now and then at age 53.
May the powers that be Keep this Web Site up for his many fans and that THE ALMIGHTY keeps his mind in tune to continue writing more Dreams for our children to enjoy.
P/S What was the name of His book that was about an engineer waking up in the future and using [ teleporters ] to move about while an old hag chased him around ?