Happy 65th Birthday Larry Niven!

The three maintainers of this website would like to celebrate your 65th birthday - but please don't retire yet!

Clerihew Poems

by Ted Scribner and Carol Phillps.

  • Larry Niven
  • Is by the Muses driven;
  • Approaching sixty five
  • They still appear to be well alive.
  • Niven, Laurence Van Cott,
  • Writes science fiction, a lot.
  • Now, 5 and 3 score,
  • Not retiring, he's promised us more.

65th Birthday Comments

Your worldwide fans have left the following birthday greetings for you over the last couple of weeks


wussup dude happy birthday u rule man keep it up and remember to always to have confidence in yourself and never give u

David Gordon

Larry, happy birthday and thanks for producing a great playground.


Mischa Friedrich

Happy Birthday, Larry!

Your novels formed an integral part of my psychological enrichment both as a teenager and as an adult, and I still intend to read all the novels by you which I haven't read yet. The last one I read was "Rainbow Mars". My favourites were "Ringworld" and its sequels, the "Neutron Star" collection of shortstories, as well as one of the Man-Kzinti novels I read (can't remember which).

I have one question I'd like to pose to you, and would be delighted (I'm 25) to get an answer. Are you going to go for cryonics? http://www.cryonics.org/

Giorgio Olivotto

Happy Birthday, Larry!

We in Italy say "Hundred of these days", Are they enough for you?


Happy Birthday, Larry!

happy birthday cool books

Rob Rowntree

Many happy returns for your 65th birthday and thanks for all those great, mind expanding pieces of fiction. Keep it up.

Stefan Fincken

love your books, happy birthday

Roermond, the netherlands

James Crawford

Happy Birthday Mr Niven

I hope you hang in there for more than a few more years so I can read some of your up coming works. I'm eagerly awaiting "Ringworlds Children" in the hope that you'll explain how Pak Protectors could have developed a society that would be capable of building a structure as grand as the Ringworld when they are so intrasigent that they couldn't organize an orgy in a brothel.

"Man Kizin Wars XI" is slated to have a story that addresses the reclaimation of home after Brennam and Truesdale transformed the colony into Protectors. This should prove fascinating to me. A possible sequel to "Inferno" offers some interesting possibillities. Former President Bill Clinton would make an obvious subject for punishment. My idea is that he is tormented by an infinately long line of well endowed demons who taunt him with the assurance, "Don't feel guilty Bill, it really isn't adultury as long as you're just performing oral sex."


I also celebrate a birthday on April 30th. I will be 39. HAPPY B-Day Larry! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Carolyn Davis

Hi Larry; Happy birthday!

I lost your card with your telephone number and e-mail. I don't have an E-mail. my address is [removed by the webmasters for privacy but available on genuine request] Thanks Love your Gray!


Happy Birthy Day!

Howard Heer

Thanks for giving me a reason to read. !! Best wishes.
Be young Have fun and Keep Writing...



Happy Birthday Larry!
I am really looking forward to read more books written by you (Ringworld brought me really into Science Fiction last summer - I purchased the whole trilogy, the crashlander stories and Man-Kzin-wars I-VIII. I'm awaiting the german release of MKW IX, which is scheduled for july)
yours sincerely
a german fan

Sean O'Malley

I bought my first Niven novel (Lucifer's Hammer) at Detroit Metro Airport, before a winter vacation, in 1987. I sat by the ocean and read the book in less than two days. I have been a huge fan ever since.

Please keep up the good work for many years to come.

Clarkston, MI

Chris Letsinger

Happy Birthday !! I've been reading your books sence 1975. Sorry to hear about the Smoke Ring. I was looking forward to more books. Sincerely Chris.

Mike Brown

Love Known Space, loved the Barsoom Project, inspiration to "francise out" the Man-Kzin wars. Have a Happy Birthday and keep writing.


Mike Brown


Happy Birthday and Best wishes

Brent Rymon

Happy Birthday and think you for the gifts of worlds and ideas you've given us everyday of the year.

Thanks for being part of OUR world!!

Ray Segura

Larry: Thanks for the many, many hours of reading rapture you have provided.

Happy Birthday
Ray Segura
New Orleans, LA

Raffaele Vargiu

Buon compleanno Larry !!!!
Happy Birthday from Cagliari, Sardiania Island, Italy !!!!!!
Ciao !!!


Jamie Marshall

Happy Birthday Larry. Thanks for the amazing trips to new worlds over the years. I have been a fan all my life and I look forward to many more years of great books. Thanks Larry,


Dear Larry,
You grabbed me 25 years ago as a 10 year old with Gil Hamilton's stories- and never let go...
Congrats and, I hope, lots of writing!

Jorg Nielsen
The Netherlands


Happy 65th. You're the absolute best.

BTW I used to think Scream and Leap was supposed to be the Japanese with all the Bushido mixed into the Kzinti but if you weren't thinking of the Arabs you shoulda been.


your first shipment of booster spice will be delivered to you at worldcon 2003 in toronto after i get my copies of ringworld an flight of the horse signed. many happy returns, to my favourite living sf writer. although rah is not that far ahead of you sir

pleast excuse the lack of capitals and a proper at symbol in my email the shift key on this key board is broken.

Parag Dighe

May yu live to write enchantng stories for another 100 years ;-)


Happy Birthday Larry!
I love and read almost all your books.
Boy, what an imagination!


11/feb/1987 [????? - Nesssus ;-)]

Gibson Grose

Congrats! Best Wishes! I will eat a piece of cookie cake in your honor.. :)

Ron Grant

Happy birthday to one of the best writers living on the planet. I have read many of your books multiple times. Thanks for all the joy you have bought to me and the millions of other readers on the planet

Brian Juliano

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a party and eat some cake, but more then that I hope you write ten more books this year, hehe. Just reread the Ringworld trilogy again for the millionth time, and now I'm deciding whether to reread Rainbow Mars or move on to some Sam Delany Dhalgren action. Decisions, decisions. Enough babbling. Happy B'day man!

Peter Forster

many happy returns, i hope your day is as pleasureable as a day under the tasp

Tom Brownlie

Happy Birthday Mr Niven
I just wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I'm readying Donkey Gospel in my Senior English class and from reading your book, its made me want to read more poems
thank you
tom brownlie


Happy Birthday and many more to you!
Quid pro quo...pick any of my upcoming birthdays to present me with a new Known Space story. We can share with everyone else too!

Kelly Price

Happy birthday! Thank you for writing all those great books.

Damián del Castillo Q.

You're the greatest Sci-Fi author I've read, and i have read all o the classics. I sure love your stories, not only your nebula award winner Ring World, but all of your work. I wish you the best, and thank you for sharing your literature with us all.

David Shanahan

Happy birthday Larry!
Don't even THINK about retiring now..


Oh yeah, thanks for all the hours of enjoyment over the years (I just reread Jigsaw Man in the Dangerous Visions 35th Anniversary Edition the other day and it still gives me the creeps!)

Joe Wandy

Hi Larry. Just want to drop a short message and says that your stories have really opened up a universe of possibilities in my mind, showing me places that I can't see while being stuck on Earth like this ...

May you produce more good stories for us all ...

Sam Robinsony

I "discovered" your work back in the mid-seventies. After about 30 years of reading it, I still look forward to a new story from you. Thanks for a lot of wonderful stories. Best wishes on your birthday!


Andrew Gedeon

I bow to thee for thou art the master.Happy Birthday
and thank you for all the people and places you have shown me.

Mark Corrie

Happy Birthday Larry $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ And may it be your day

Judy Grasham

Happy birthday, and thanks for the brain-opening books!

Andrew Nielsen

Larry, Thankyou for all the pleasure that your books have given me and mine in Australia. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and I wish you all that you may wish yourself and many more to come.

Tom Richards

Happy Birthday Larry!
I think I saw Nabil at a Starbucks here in Cupertino, he said he was shopping for some coffee for you from Mr. Bury, as a birthday gift. He looked pretty disappointed when I told him they don't sell Jamacian Blue Mountain here!

Thomas Fenske

Happy Birthday, Larry!!

Thomas Garby

Happy Birthday!

Keep on writing, I love your stories.

Tom Garby

Simon Shaw

Happy 65th Mr. Niven.

I've been reading your books for what must be 20 years now and own most of what you've written novel and short story wise. I hope you keep writing for many more years, (though you should have a rest now n then !:)

Looking forward to a Ringworld movie and any more Known Space / Smokering / State novels !
Happy Birthday.

George Bearse

Happy birthday larry, and may you have many many more. I need more to read.. :) Looking forward to ringworlds children.

Chris Wilhelm

Thanks for your material. I read your short stories over and over, always discovering new insights and tidbits. Now that you are 65 I suspect you may be inclined to retire, however we can't allow that. Write! You must write! Write more!

Kind regards,

Chris Wilhelm
Ketchikan, Alaska
"Raven's Brew Coffee"

Raanan Avidor

Happy, happy birthday Mr. Niven.

Christopher Johnson Gieseke

Feliz cumpleaños Sr. Niven.

Eleanor Wood

Happy birthday, Larry. Please keep us entertained and stimulated by your writing for many more years to come.

Hal Colebatch

Happy Birthday, Larry!

Mike Johnson

Dear Larry,

I have read and LOVED your work for most of my life. Sometimes I dream I'm on a Ringworld... those are good dreams, and I wouldn't have them without you and your wonderful books.

Happy Birthday, and Thank You!

Carol Strand

May you go on forever, happily living, happily writing.

Blair A. Petterson

Larry, I first met you at WesterCon XXX in Vancouver, B.C. in 1977, when Damon Knight was GoH. I want to wish you the best: I read "Mote" while in line and between sections of writing my LSAT (a sort of voodoo test to determine who will do well at law school). After graduating from Dalhousie, I've been practicing law for a dozen years (the last four in my own firm). So where do I send your share? Now that your knee has healed, I hope Sable is keeping you and Jerry in good shape. May you live long enough to get boosterspice. All best.

Joe Helton

Happy Birthday Larry! I've spent a good deal this spring reading some of your books...Mote in God's Eye, CrashLander and soon, The Ringworld Throne. Congratulations on your long and highly successful career in sci-fi, and thanks for inspiring us all with your words and vision!

Janine Bowen

Happy Birthday Larry!!
Thank you for being you!!

Timothy Moore

Mr. Niven,

Happy 65th Birthday! I wish you many more happy, productive years.

Timothy Moore

Nuno Viotti

Happy Birthday, Larry!
You're a brilliant writer and a trully imaginative mind.
I've witnessed many novels come alive in the screen, but I'm certainly hoping I'm gonna see one of yours (Ringworld, maybe) in the near future, now that serious special effects may do great SF and fantasy novels some real justice.
And I hope You'll see them soon too!

Martin I. Ostergaard

Happy birthday Larry, thanks for a life-time of great fiction.

Paul Walker

Hi Larry, thanks for all the stories - they've been a pleasure to read :) hope you have many more years to come!

Wildrik Burema


First of all, many happy returns of the day. You have greatly enhanced my ideas of the (possible) universe with your \

Matt Johnson

A very happy birthday, Larry! I have loved your work since I first read Ringworld back in 1980. Your attention to the details of your universe and the believability of your characters makes your work the most compelling and entertaining I have ever read. For as long as I have been reading science fiction, you have been my favorite author. Thank you for so many years of thought-provoking insight and enjoyment, and here\'s looking forward to many more!

Kelly King

The best of wishes to you on this (day of joy?)

You know that wisdom comes with age. It\'s a shame that we all have to grow so old before we realize that fact. _most of us anyway.
There are some that are granted deeper insight before the years wane too far. I think that perhaps you are one of the chosen.

...but what would I know? I\'m still a puppy. ;)

Happy Birthday Larry!

Michael Hobby

Congratulations!!! And come on down to New Zealand some time - you are, after all read all over the world you know!!!


Dear Larry,
Many happy returns. More years ago than I - and probably you- care to remember I blew a week's pocket money on a copy of World of Ptavvs. Been a fan ever since. Have a great birthday.
Jim Braiden

Pablo Jaekel

Many happy returns!!
I love your stuff ( Well, most of it, anyway!)Admonitions:
1) Inconstant Moon. If the moon sets at 2 in the morning, it could only be about a Quarter, never full!
2) Gavving or his Clan should have been smart enough to have their own wings, without waiting for The Smoke Ring, especially with all the recorded stuff in the scientists reader!.
Waiting for the new stories, and specific instructions for rishatra with whales or honey bees!
All the best

Mike Bauer

Happy Birthday! Best Wishes for Many More!

This is my first time to your site, and I'm glad I came in time to send this greeting. I've been reading your stuff for thirty years, and you've spun some good times and thoughtful interludes. Thanks for the worlds, characters and stories.


Charlie Bill Smith

the teela gene must cause some lucky effects to affect our univers from the future, so one of her descendants must have stood to benefit from her death

Kai Sender

Happy Happy Birthday from Germany. I read Your Books when I was 15, now I´m 40 and still reading again Your Stories. Thank You so much !

Kai Sender, Bremen, Germany

Nermin Causevic

Probably the first greeting from Bosnia.
All the best!
ps. After reading ur page, I decided to postpone start of reading third ringworld book to april 30th :)

Frank Morrow

Have a very happy birthday Larry - a greatful fan from Scotland.


Happy Birthday. Time is the only thing that travels. May your travel be enjoyable. Not a koan, but a kohen!

Radó, Tamás

Happy Birthday to Larry Niven, and good health for a long voyage in
the Known Space.


Happy birthday!

I just started reading your books. I enjoyed The Mote in God's Eye and the Gripping Hand, as well as the Ringworld books and the Draco Tavern stories.

Jonathan Andrew Sheen

The very happiest of birthdays to you, and a big dose of boosterspice, too.

Frank Gasperik

Happy BIrthday Larry.
By the way; What ever happened to Louis Wu's sister?

Frank Gasperik

Colin Smiley

Happy Birthday Larry.
Just 'cause you're 65 doesn't mean we're going to let you retire! :)

Steve Sloan

Happy Birthhday, Larry!
I hope the social security people are friendlier than the DMV... ;-)

Jeroen de Wijn

Happy birthday mr Niven!
I thank you for all the joy you've given me with your books and I'll hope you'll continue to do so in the future, in good health and happiness.

Joseph Troutman

Happy 65th Larry, and thank you for all you've written!!!


Happy birthday Larry.
Looking forward to Purgatorio.
Will there be a Paradiso I wonder - perhaps on ringworld after the core explosion wavefront passes?

Burgess Shale

happy b'day . . . many happy returns of the day

Nick Edwards

Happy Birthday Larry,
long may the gripping hand continue to feed our addiction :-)
All the best,