More Larry Niven Filks

More filks originally posted to the larryniven-l mailing list.

All filks, except "Somewhere over Ringworld" were written by Frank W. Moore, in a moment of insanity, and are reproduced with permission.

Somewhere Over a Ringworld

Words: Sheila Bush & Rev. Bernard J Willinger
Sung to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

  • Somewhere, there is a Ringworld,
  • Way out there,
  • Where our dreams can all come true,
  • And we won't have a care.
  • Someday, far in the future,
  • We'll explore
  • And we'll find things predicted
  • In Science-Fiction lore.
  • Someday we'll look beyond the stars
  • and see the worlds that lie so far Behind them...
  • With Bandersnatch and Puppeteers, or orange
  • Kzin with funny ears,
  • We just might find them...
  • Someday, I'll go to Ringworld,
  • Way up high..
  • S-F fans go to Ringworld;
  • Why then, oh why can't I?
  • If happy Larry Niven fans can
  • Fly to Ringworld,
  • This poor fan can too!

Its A Ringworld After All

by Martin Demello

  • It's a world of lines and
  • a world of planes
  • It's a world of scales that'll blow your brains
  • Though a Seeker may march
  • To the base of the Arch
  • It's a Ringworld after all
  • It's a Ringworld after all
  • It's a Ringworld after all
  • It's a Ringworld after all
  • It's a round, flat world
  • There is just the ring and a G-type sun
  • And a space swept clean by a laser gun
  • Though the shadows may fall
  • So it looks like a ball
  • It's a Ringworld after all