David "Lensman" Sooby

David "Lensman" Sooby discovered Robert Heinlein at age 11. He never recovered, and already considered himself a science fiction fan by age 13, when he discovered "Doc" Smith and began collecting books.

He discovered Larry Niven about 1972, and has been an active member of the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society since 1975. He is a firm believer in such fannish sayings as "Fandom is a way of life," "A job is just something I do to support my hobby," and "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch." His proudest fannish achievement is The Incompleat Known Space Concordance, whose unfinished state also proves he's a world-class procrastinator.

He lives in Kansas City, Kansas with his dog Max: 50% Jack Russell Terrier, 50% Pug, and 100% spoiled. His other hobbies include home theatre, collecting DVDs, woodworking, and being a gadfly.

Lensman's Top 10 Nivens