Mark Firestone

I tried to surf to one day, and it was gone!

It turned out that the current owner of the domain had to let it expire, because he could not maintain it for personal reasons. Right after I managed to gain ownership of the domain, the web hosting company bill came due, and the site disappeared again.

Fortunately, Ted had a backup of the site, and I began converting it to a a more modern design. I guess how this is how I came to the webmaster. I was determined to see it back on line, and keep it there.

Now for the third person stuff. Mark is a typical computer and science fiction geek, and a long time Larry Niven fan and member of the larryniven-l mailing list. This continually frustrates his wife. She is constantly insisting that he "does something productive". He maintains an archive of Arizona BBS related things, and is involved in a forestry project in Scotland, The Doon of May.

Mark's Top 10 Niven