Carol Phillips

We are now proud to have Carol Phillips as the official manager of this site.

As fellow members of the Larry Niven Mail List already know, Carol lives in Houston, Texas, USA. She is married to a genuine rocket scientist (Peter Taylor - he works at NASA's Johnson Space Center) and has two small children. Carol is an avid convention-goer and filker and is a regular attendee at our First Saturday Chats.  In fact, Carol was instrumental in getting the chats organised into a regular event in the first place!

Carol has helped us out with Niven-related news and gossip for many years and is simply a wealth of information. For some time she has been working on the complete Larry Niven Bibliography, which we will feature here when it is complete. Nesssus andTed are very pleased to roll out the official welcome wagon to her.

Carol's Top 10 Nivens