Chat Log: October 4th 2008

Oct 04 13:47:04 * Dan (~vila@ has joined #knownspace

Oct 04 13:47:29 <Dan> Hi folks. I thought I'd check in early.

Oct 04 13:56:36 <Jim> Hi Dan

Oct 04 13:56:53 <Dan> Hello, Jim.

Oct 04 13:59:27 <Dan> Anything happening in your part of the world today?

Oct 04 14:01:26 <Jim> Nothing, just bored and thought that I would get ready for the chat early

Oct 04 14:02:16 <Dan> Same here. I got so bored this morning that I went out to a car wash and gave my van a good cleaning.

Oct 04 14:04:40 <Dan> I need to vacuum it out, but my step-daughter is sleeping off her night shift job from last night.

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Oct 04 14:11:19 * Jim has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Oct 04 14:11:31 * Jim_ is now known as Jim

Oct 04 14:12:22 <Jim> what happened?

Oct 04 14:16:15 <Dan> Might have been one of the internet servers between you and Sean gitting overloaded and resetting. Happens all the time in internet chat.

Oct 04 15:13:09 <Dan> Am I still connected?

Oct 04 15:13:16 <Dan> OK, looks like I am.

Oct 04 15:32:38 * NickE (~NickE@ has joined #knownspace

Oct 04 15:33:30 <NickE> Evening

Oct 04 15:37:46 <SeanS> hola

Oct 04 15:38:21 <Jim> hi

Oct 04 15:38:39 <NickE> hi gents

Oct 04 15:38:50 <SeanS> you nick, jim

Oct 04 15:38:55 <SeanS> dan long time no type ;)

Oct 04 15:39:17 <NickE> brb

Oct 04 15:40:48 <NickE> so, w'sup?

Oct 04 15:41:21 <SeanS> just back from running errands.

Oct 04 15:41:52 <SeanS> watching the kentucky-alabama football game

Oct 04 15:42:01 <NickE> just back from daughters 13th BD tea

Oct 04 15:42:38 <NickE> No Larry earlier?

Oct 04 15:42:48 <SeanS> i scrolled up and it is just us

Oct 04 15:43:45 <Jim> Since, it is still early for the regular chat, I suppose we can have a pre-chat: Rejected Season 10 Stargate SG-1 Story Ideas. 1. Carter works on an assignment at Area 51. Mitchell, Teal'c, Daniel, and Vala go to a strip club. One of the dancers falls in love with Vala.

Oct 04 15:44:19 <NickE> heh

Oct 04 15:44:23 <SeanS> i nvever got into sg-1

Oct 04 15:44:40 <NickE> I never got as far as season 10

Oct 04 15:44:50 <NickE> or 6 for that matter

Oct 04 15:45:04 <Jim> I suppose it is an acquired taste.

Oct 04 15:45:15 <NickE> (not cos I wouldnt watch it, but it stopped being on terrestrial TV)

Oct 04 15:45:44 <NickE> My bro has the whole lot anytime I feel the need :-)

Oct 04 15:46:33 <Jim> Nick, I was under the impression that Fox affiliates would show SG-1/Atlantis one year later

Oct 04 15:46:33 * mark has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Oct 04 15:46:59 <NickE> In the UK here. Fox what? :-)

Oct 04 15:47:30 * mark (~mark@ has joined #knownspace

Oct 04 15:47:54 <NickE> I don't think Murdoch own Channel 4 yet

Oct 04 15:48:29 <Jim> OK, I forget that this is a world-wide chat. Fox Broadcasting Network is a broadcast network in the U.S. owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Oct 04 15:48:44 <NickE> I know

Oct 04 15:49:17 <NickE> as I said, don't think he owns any of teh UK terrestrial channels

Oct 04 15:49:24 <NickE> yet

Oct 04 15:49:27 <SeanS> lol

Oct 04 15:49:59 <Jim> Please list the UK terrestrial channels for me.

Oct 04 15:50:47 <NickE> BBC1 BBC2 ITV Channel 4 and Five (plus a few local ones)

Oct 04 15:51:19 <SeanS> channel 4 is my favorite ;)

Oct 04 15:51:33 <NickE> yah, pretty good mostly

Oct 04 15:51:36 <Jim> Is UK terrestrial broadcasting done in HD yet?

Oct 04 15:51:42 <SeanS> well, they do who

Oct 04 15:51:56 <NickE> Channel 4 doesnt!

Oct 04 15:52:03 <NickE> Thats BBC1 mate!

Oct 04 15:52:27 <NickE> I think some of BBC1 is HD, but generally no

Oct 04 15:52:30 <SeanS> oh, well when i get my copy is always talks about confidential on bbc4

Oct 04 15:52:34 <SeanS> i think

Oct 04 15:52:43 <NickE> Ah, BBC4 is NOT Channel 4

Oct 04 15:52:49 <SeanS> ok

Oct 04 15:52:56 <SeanS> then i havent seen channel 4

Oct 04 15:52:57 <NickE> It's a BBc digital channe;

Oct 04 15:53:01 <SeanS> my mistake

Oct 04 15:53:38 <NickE> no worries, why would you assume otherwise?

Oct 04 15:54:08 <SeanS> well, i always pull the copy of who posted on the groups by a guy with the alias 'exterminate'. I dont know if he is on cable or sat or what

Oct 04 15:55:53 <SeanS> my dog is staring at the closet wanting a new tennis ball. I just gave him one the day before yesterday

Oct 04 15:56:54 <NickE> Well BBC1 always airs Dr Who first (BBC1 is also on digital and cable services) and BBC4 always aird Dr Who Confidential directly afterwards (digital and cable only)

Oct 04 15:57:19 <NickE> Both ar "free" channels (funded by the licence fee)

Oct 04 15:57:33 * Dan is trying on his costume for tomorrow's Victorian festival in one of the parks in Atlanta.

Oct 04 15:57:56 <NickE> oho. Going as what? Sherlock Holmes? :-)

Oct 04 15:58:47 <Jim> What is Dr. Who Confidential?

Oct 04 15:59:03 <SeanS> its the dr who behind the scenes show

Oct 04 15:59:12 <Dan> A Southern US riverboat gambler, if I can get this thing to work.

Oct 04 15:59:22 <NickE> A spoiler full behind teh scenes of teh just aired ep

Oct 04 15:59:45 <NickE> Oh cool. Victorian Amerian then :-)

Oct 04 15:59:56 <NickE> American even

Oct 04 16:01:24 * SeanS plays the song 'Its 5 oclock somewhere'

Oct 04 16:07:11 <NickE> not here :-)

Oct 04 16:07:40 <SeanS> well, 4pm here and i wanted a beer

Oct 04 16:08:07 <NickE> fair nuff

Oct 04 16:08:10 <SeanS> lol

Oct 04 16:08:25 <NickE> might just join you. Hang on

Oct 04 16:09:29 <NickE> ahhh

Oct 04 16:09:36 <NickE> cheers

Oct 04 16:09:42 <SeanS> that was my expression as well

Oct 04 16:09:54 <NickE> heh

Oct 04 16:10:28 <NickE> Oranjeboom. Very passabel Dutch lager

Oct 04 16:10:34 <Jim> I suppose that it is time for the chat to officially begin

Oct 04 16:11:05 <SeanS> 3 pm eastern is the official start. unless sooby changed the notice

Oct 04 16:11:13 <NickE> guess so :-)

Oct 04 16:11:20 <Dan> OK, let me put this suit back on a hanger and I'll be back with you

Oct 04 16:11:22 <SeanS> i dont get any mail from him

Oct 04 16:12:04 <SeanS> doesnt really matter to me. server is up 24/7 anyway.

Oct 04 16:12:14 <NickE> xactly

Oct 04 16:12:42 <SeanS> it kinda falls off in the summer time but winter is fairly active

Oct 04 16:13:05 <NickE> Anyone in California?

Oct 04 16:13:15 * EML (~EML@ has joined #knownspace

Oct 04 16:13:22 <NickE> Hi Ed

Oct 04 16:13:24 <Jim> ed!!!

Oct 04 16:13:27 <SeanS> hiya Ed

Oct 04 16:13:46 <EML> Hi, all.

Oct 04 16:14:07 <NickE> I'm a bad fan, I haven't ordered JOW yet

Oct 04 16:14:08 <EML> Looks like a small group (or have people come and gone)?

Oct 04 16:14:21 <NickE> small, but perfectly formed

Oct 04 16:14:21 * mark has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Oct 04 16:14:21 <Jim> nope, just a small group

Oct 04 16:14:25 <EML> Nick: I never ask.

Oct 04 16:14:29 <NickE> hh

Oct 04 16:14:56 * mark (~mark@ has joined #knownspace

Oct 04 16:15:18 <EML> Has Larry been by?

Oct 04 16:15:39 <SeanS> Ed, I was just saying that it picks up quite a bit as the temps fall and less stuff can be done outside

Oct 04 16:15:41 <SeanS> no

Oct 04 16:15:46 <Jim> No, I have been told that he is attending Silicon as we speak.

Oct 04 16:16:21 <EML> Well, I'll hope he's busily signing copies of Juggler as I type.

Oct 04 16:17:07 <SeanS> it has gotten great reviews on the list. I am not allowed to buy anything right now. B'day less than 2 months away

Oct 04 16:17:13 <NickE> Positive response on the list from those who've read it I understand

Oct 04 16:17:38 <EML> I'm glad to hear that. The early Amazon reviews seem to have missed the point.

Oct 04 16:17:41 <NickE> Oh, yeah, good idea for Christmas

Oct 04 16:18:32 <EML> By the way, if you haven't come across it, I did an interview for Sci Fi Wire re Juggler --

Oct 04 16:18:48 <Jim> How has the sales for JOW been lately?

Oct 04 16:19:26 <EML> Jim: I don't really know. Publishers hold onto that kind of data. It's a long time until the first royalty statement.

Oct 04 16:19:59 <NickE> single review on is positive, but recommends new readers to read RW Crashlander and Protector for example first

Oct 04 16:20:37 <Jim> How long is a long time? Surely the publishers have made back their advance.

Oct 04 16:21:02 <Dan> Back to chat now. Hiya, Ed. Hiya NickE.

Oct 04 16:21:18 <EML> Crashlander, I can see. Juggler and Crashlander are, to an extent, co-novels. There is zero relationship between Protector and Juggler

Oct 04 16:21:54 <EML> Jim: royalties are traditionally reported twice a year.

Oct 04 16:22:03 <NickE> Just repeating waht the reviewer said. I agree

Oct 04 16:22:07 <NickE> with you

Oct 04 16:22:19 <NickE> :-)#

Oct 04 16:23:03 <EML> I hafta admit my ignorance. What's a sharp after a smiley face?

Oct 04 16:23:12 <NickE> a typo

Oct 04 16:23:26 <EML> maybe I don't hafta admitit, then :-)

Oct 04 16:23:30 <NickE> heh

Oct 04 16:23:33 <Dan> Or one of those Seattle beards.

Oct 04 16:23:40 <NickE> LOL

Oct 04 16:24:26 <Dan> And now we know that Ed has some musical education, as well.

Oct 04 16:24:38 <Jim> What is a Seattle beard?

Oct 04 16:25:05 <EML> You just never want to hear me on the piano ...

Oct 04 16:25:18 <Dan> Seattl Beard is what I call those little grunge-rock goatee beards.

Oct 04 16:26:33 <Jim> Really OT: Irving Berlin had a piano that one could shit the key with a lever because he could play only in the key of B-flat.

Oct 04 16:26:47 <EML> About the list ... I haven't been following it for a while ... time reading is time not writing. I odn't suppose anyone has an archive from which chioce feedback can be culled?

Oct 04 16:27:24 <SeanS> i think it is all archived on

Oct 04 16:27:32 <SeanS> let me check

Oct 04 16:27:36 <Dan> I thinkthat there's an online archive, but you have to log in to read it.

Oct 04 16:27:43 <NickE> Oh lord. Its been pretty active (I can't keep up)

Oct 04 16:28:22 <Dan> Once the election is over and the bankers quit screwing around, it'll calm down again.

Oct 04 16:28:26 <NickE> Yeah, should all be saved and available on Jon Sheens site

Oct 04 16:28:53 <NickE> But editing out the noise...uge job even at the best of times :-)

Oct 04 16:28:53 * mark has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Oct 04 16:29:10 * mark (~mark@ has joined #knownspace

Oct 04 16:29:12 <Jim> Online Archive: (private)

Oct 04 16:29:14 <SeanS> it is... just checked

Oct 04 16:29:19 <Dan> Re, Mark.

Oct 04 16:29:21 <NickE> mark seems to be having problems staying on

Oct 04 16:29:21 <EML> somewhere there's a scrap of paper with my login info. Near Jimmy Hoffa,, perhaps.

Oct 04 16:29:48 <SeanS> there is an archive link on

Oct 04 16:29:56 <Dan> My post for the last week and a half haven't made it to the list digests.

Oct 04 16:30:07 <Dan> posts

Oct 04 16:30:44 <Jim> Dan, you must have offended the list digest bot.

Oct 04 16:30:44 <Dan> Too many typos=time for a beer. Gotta have something to blame my bad typing upon...

Oct 04 16:31:00 <EML> Once I find my login info (or reregister) I'll take a look -- thanks.

Oct 04 16:31:03 <Jim> too much coffee?

Oct 04 16:31:13 <SeanS> carol or jonathan can help you out, ed. you can email them from the main page of larryniven-l

Oct 04 16:31:21 <NickE> doesnst sem to affect me

Oct 04 16:31:23 <NickE> see

Oct 04 16:31:25 <EML> so do we have a topic today?

Oct 04 16:31:30 <Dan> 4 cups of coffee, between 8AM ans 10 AM today.

Oct 04 16:31:39 <NickE> not as such

Oct 04 16:31:59 <Jim> Silly Topic: Rejected Season 10 Stargate SG-1 Story Ideas

Oct 04 16:32:17 <Jim> Real Topic: unknown

Oct 04 16:32:45 <SeanS> anyone can set the topic... in mirc, just right click in the window and select channel modes

Oct 04 16:33:13 <NickE> @Ed: "In brief: We are not alone, and it's our own damned fault." Nice

Oct 04 16:33:57 <EML> Nick: thanks. Fools' EXperiments is my first solo book since 2005, so I'm psyched for its appearance.

Oct 04 16:34:14 <Dan> Sean, you have the channel options set to "Only Ops Can Change The Topic."

Oct 04 16:34:26 <SeanS> do i?

Oct 04 16:34:33 <Dan> Yep.

Oct 04 16:34:38 <SeanS> hmm... oh, i did have reinstall the server software.

Oct 04 16:34:39 <Dan> I just checked.

Oct 04 16:34:47 <SeanS> give me a minute

Oct 04 16:35:09 <Jim> tick tick tick tick

Oct 04 16:35:18 <EML> I'm going to do a short trivia quiz.

Oct 04 16:35:24 <Jim> ok

Oct 04 16:35:48 <EML> In which Known Space stories (pre-Juggler) does Sigmund Ausfaller appear?

Oct 04 16:36:05 <Jim> Neutron Star

Oct 04 16:36:06 * SYSTEM has changed the topic to:

Oct 04 16:36:06 * SYSTEM sets mode -n #knownspace

Oct 04 16:36:06 * SYSTEM sets mode -t #knownspace

Oct 04 16:36:06 * SYSTEM sets mode -r #knownspace

Oct 04 16:36:06 * SYSTEM sets mode +r #knownspace

Oct 04 16:36:06 * SYSTEM sets mode +n #knownspace

Oct 04 16:36:19 * SYSTEM has changed the topic to:

Oct 04 16:36:19 * SYSTEM sets mode -r #knownspace

Oct 04 16:36:19 * SYSTEM sets mode -n #knownspace

Oct 04 16:36:19 * SYSTEM sets mode +r #knownspace

Oct 04 16:36:19 * SYSTEM sets mode +n #knownspace

Oct 04 16:36:24 <NickE> Borderland of Sol

Oct 04 16:36:28 <Dan> Borderland of Sol

Oct 04 16:36:45 <SeanS> try it now, dan

Oct 04 16:37:04 <EML> BoS -- correct. And?

Oct 04 16:37:24 * Dan has changed the topic to: I can haz TOPICS! Y'll live in fear, now. Y'hear?

Oct 04 16:37:44 <SeanS> neutron star

Oct 04 16:37:45 * Dan has changed the topic to: I can haz TOPICS! Y'all live in fear, now. Y'hear?

Oct 04 16:38:08 * Jim has changed the topic to: Rejected Season 10 Stargate SG-1 Story Ideas

Oct 04 16:38:19 <SeanS> oh, shit.... topic fights

Oct 04 16:38:20 <EML> NS -- also correct. Any other?

Oct 04 16:38:23 <Jim> just kidding

Oct 04 16:38:40 * Dan has changed the topic to: Rejected Season 10 Stargate SG-1 Story Ideas: Season 4 was all a dream.

Oct 04 16:39:00 <SeanS> hmm...

Oct 04 16:39:06 <Dan> :)

Oct 04 16:39:25 <Dan> Not going to topic fight. Nope.

Oct 04 16:39:40 <SeanS> was he in the story in flatlander? where bey is rebuilt by carlos' autodoc. cant remember

Oct 04 16:40:40 <Dan> I remember him being mentioned in that framing story, but I don't recall if he actually was a character.

Oct 04 16:40:46 <EML> SEan: close. He has a cameo in Ghost, the framing story in Crashlander.

Oct 04 16:41:19 <SeanS> i dont have a copy so havent read it in a LONG time

Oct 04 16:41:22 <Dan> My bad, I was thinking of the wrong title.

Oct 04 16:42:04 <EML> So basically, Sigmund is in Borderland of Sol, with cameo appearances in Neutron Star, Ghost, and Fleet.

Oct 04 16:42:04 * mark has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Oct 04 16:42:16 <Dan> Flatlander is one of the stories collected in Crashlander.

Oct 04 16:42:23 * mark (~mark@ has joined #knownspace

Oct 04 16:42:24 <SeanS> crashlander, not flatlander.

Oct 04 16:42:34 <Dan> Gonna get out the duct tape for Mark.

Oct 04 16:42:46 * FireFred (~FireFred@ has joined #knownspace

Oct 04 16:42:46 * Dan duct tapes Mark to the channel.

Oct 04 16:42:51 <EML> Flatlander is also a book title: for the Gil Hamilton stories. Confusing, eh?

Oct 04 16:42:53 <Dan> Hiya Fred.

Oct 04 16:43:06 <SeanS> yeah... i meant crashlander... fingers got away from me

Oct 04 16:43:19 <FireFred> hey Dan

Oct 04 16:43:21 <Dan> Ed must be a later collection of the stories than the one I have.

Oct 04 16:43:27 <NickE> Hi Fred

Oct 04 16:43:38 <FireFred> Hey EML. Halfway though Juggler :)

Oct 04 16:43:41 <Dan> Oops, left out a "," there.

Oct 04 16:43:42 <SeanS> flatlander is a story in neutron star... the elephant story

Oct 04 16:43:49 <NickE> I have the Long AM of Gil Hamilton

Oct 04 16:43:52 <FireFred> hey NickE

Oct 04 16:44:22 <NickE> yup

Oct 04 16:44:40 <EML> Hey, FireFred. I'll take the smiley as a good thing.

Oct 04 16:44:41 <SeanS> yeah, only 3 stories in that one i think, the defenseless dead, death by ecstasy, and ARM

Oct 04 16:44:48 <FireFred> yes

Oct 04 16:45:11 <Dan> I have seperate volumes of "Long ARM of Gil Hamilton", "Patchwork Girl", and One other whose title escapes me at the moment.

Oct 04 16:45:19 <SeanS> or gil the arm... i feel like the hal 9000, my mind is going

Oct 04 16:45:46 <FireFred> The only downside is that Amazon keeps trying to sell me every science fiction book printed, based on my buying it

Oct 04 16:45:47 <Dan> Girl In Del Rey Crater?

Oct 04 16:46:03 <FireFred> and several other books just 'cause they have 'world' in the title

Oct 04 16:46:05 <SeanS> thats a gil story i believe

Oct 04 16:46:16 <NickE> yes

Oct 04 16:46:20 <EML> Flatlander has those three, Patchwork Girl, and Woman in Del Rey Crater

Oct 04 16:46:29 <NickE> ah

Oct 04 16:46:31 <SeanS> ah

Oct 04 16:46:38 <FireFred> ah

Oct 04 16:46:48 <NickE> (Dont have it as I have all teh stories elsewhere

Oct 04 16:46:49 <EML> ah?

Oct 04 16:46:52 <Dan> Ah, thought so. I don't have that omnibus volume, then.

Oct 04 16:47:08 <FireFred> we all took a yawn break

Oct 04 16:47:13 <NickE> heh

Oct 04 16:47:28 <EML> :-)

Oct 04 16:47:39 <SeanS> yeah, i have all the gil stories in other volumes so i didnt buy flatlander and kind of forgot about it i guess

Oct 04 16:50:11 <SeanS> so why is fred on fire?

Oct 04 16:50:23 <SeanS> and how is the dental work for that matter?

Oct 04 16:50:47 <Dan> My house is so small that I have to wait for paperbacks to come out before I can buy them. No room for more bookshelves. I need to add on to the house!

Oct 04 16:51:25 <SeanS> i have seen pics of your bookshelves, dan. I understand

Oct 04 16:51:55 <EML> can't have too many bookshelves.

Oct 04 16:52:08 <SeanS> dan is maxed out... no more room... literally

Oct 04 16:52:42 <Dan> I've even got bookshelves in a walk-in closet!

Oct 04 16:52:54 <Jim> Sheesh

Oct 04 16:53:13 <Dan> I've run out of walls, actually.

Oct 04 16:53:41 * Hippy (~captlychee@ has joined #knownspace

Oct 04 16:53:44 <Dan> The only thing I have left is doors.

Oct 04 16:53:59 <SeanS> hi hippy... glad to see ya

Oct 04 16:54:09 <Dan> Building bookshelves that will fit on a bedroom door would be a challenge.

Oct 04 16:54:11 <NickE> hi

Oct 04 16:54:17 <Hippy> Helo everyone! Glad to see at all!

Oct 04 16:54:22 <Dan> Hiya, Hippy.

Oct 04 16:54:32 <SeanS> dan, just put a lip on the front

Oct 04 16:55:22 <EML> A door with shelves filled with books would be *very* heavy.

Oct 04 16:55:45 <Hippy> Wha's really bugging me is that this is the first chance for a chat in five months and I slept in :(

Oct 04 16:55:55 <Dan> Nah, these are thin, cheaply-made 1960's doors. I'd have to make new, solid wood doors rather than these wimpy veneer-over-lathwood things.

Oct 04 16:56:11 <SeanS> hippy, we didnt really get going till about an hour ago

Oct 04 16:56:18 <Jim> Hippy!!!

Oct 04 16:56:31 <Hippy> Hi, Jim

Oct 04 16:56:53 <Hippy> Sean: well, that's good, I can check the log for what I've missed

Oct 04 16:57:29 <SeanS> i guess i will have to send the log to mark then... i havent done that in a couple of months. dang my procrastination

Oct 04 16:57:53 <Hippy> What? But enquiring minds want to know what goes on in these things!

Oct 04 16:58:23 <SeanS> i will talk to mark sunday or monday and upload what isnt there.

Oct 04 16:58:25 <SeanS> fear not

Oct 04 16:58:25 <Hippy> Oh, Ed: I got 'Creative Destruction' and found it a very good read. 'Day of the RFIDs' gives a lot of food for thought

Oct 04 16:58:54 <EML> Hippy: thanks.

Oct 04 16:59:20 <EML> Since you liked Day of the RFIDs, you might want to look for Night of the RFIDs, in the May 2008 Analog.

Oct 04 17:00:02 <Hippy> Ooh, yes. Now to find a copy of May 2008 Analog. . .is it online these days?

Oct 04 17:00:25 <Hippy> Because finding a bookshop who has it will be very difficult

Oct 04 17:00:31 <EML> the forthcoming Fools' Experiments is a greatly expanded, extended, and updated version of the story "Survival Instinct" in the Creative Destruction collection.

Oct 04 17:00:55 <Hippy> The one story I've yet to read :)

Oct 04 17:02:11 <EML> Analogs are online, through fictionwise -- but only for six months so thos one will be gone in another month.

Oct 04 17:02:19 <FireFred> FireFred was some old chat name I guess; when I went to it autofilled for me, including chat log on and screen name

Oct 04 17:02:29 <EML> the URL for that issue is

Oct 04 17:02:44 <SeanS> fred, ah. just wondered

Oct 04 17:02:54 <EML> commercial over / we now return you to your regularly scheduled chat ...

Oct 04 17:03:18 <Hippy> Thanks, I shall link to that in very short order

Oct 04 17:06:04 <FireFred> Dental work *may* almost be done

Oct 04 17:06:15 <FireFred> still waiting to heal completely

Oct 04 17:07:45 <Hippy> What happened? Did you get in a fight? :)

Oct 04 17:07:54 <FireFred> I wish

Oct 04 17:08:38 <FireFred> I had a little chip. Which turned into 'we see a little cavity in that far back upper molar, this will only take half an hour'

Oct 04 17:09:20 <Hippy> And one or two boats for your dentist later. . .

Oct 04 17:09:43 <EML> drill, baby drill?

Oct 04 17:09:47 <FireFred> which after a few hours turned into 'it's only tiny 'cause the x-ray was straight on, gonna be a root canal, but come back Monday and we'll fix the tooth in front of it, it'll be easy'

Oct 04 17:10:48 <FireFred> which after several hours turned into "we can't fix that one EITHER, go have 2 root canals and then we'll fix that tiny cavity on the far back upper left molar'

Oct 04 17:11:09 <FireFred> 2 months later . .

Oct 04 17:11:14 <EML> sounds like time for a new dentists.

Oct 04 17:11:47 <Hippy> or some kind of exploration team to really get in there for a proper look

Oct 04 17:12:02 <FireFred> they seem to all be fine and reputable, I checked 'em out

Oct 04 17:12:14 <Dan> Your dentist needs a deep radar set.

Oct 04 17:12:32 <FireFred> it's just that back there the xrays look straight on at what were like wormholes

Oct 04 17:12:46 <FireFred> and they were under the gum line

Oct 04 17:13:07 <SeanS> gf break... she wants a bit of time

Oct 04 17:13:08 <EML> starting to get squeamish :-(

Oct 04 17:13:44 <FireFred> plus I react oddly to anesthetic so they have to keep trying new stuff on me

Oct 04 17:14:15 <Hippy> So now you're a guinea pig as well

Oct 04 17:14:45 <Hippy> Still, they may find new techniques using you, so the rest of thank you, Fred

Oct 04 17:14:56 <FireFred> this week all they had to do was make an impression to fit my temporaries for finals, and it ended up taking 2 hours and 11 shots of 3 different anesthetics

Oct 04 17:15:14 <FireFred> lol, hippy, the dentist actually said ttha

Oct 04 17:15:32 <FireFred> they should study me to improve how anesthetics work for everybody else

Oct 04 17:16:03 <Hippy> Remember 'The Marching Morons' where the bloke is at the dentist's and then wakes up in the future after anaesthetic goes wrong? That'll be you

Oct 04 17:16:23 <Hippy> There'll be statues of you around "He freed us from numbness"

Oct 04 17:17:14 <EML> sorry, all -- minor domestic crisis has come up. I'll have to bail, probably for the evening. See you next month.

Oct 04 17:17:39 <Jim> seeya Ed

Oct 04 17:17:45 <FireFred> eek, I scared off Ed

Oct 04 17:17:50 <NickE> tfn ed

Oct 04 17:17:52 <Hippy> 'Bye Ed I hope so

Oct 04 17:17:55 <FireFred> :(

Oct 04 17:17:59 <EML> (eek, indeed)

Oct 04 17:18:03 * EML has quit (Quit: *g0ne*)

Oct 04 17:18:08 <FireFred> I'll stop!

Oct 04 17:18:41 <Hippy> Ah, good. So in my last eye operation, they took this probe and. . .

Oct 04 17:18:46 <Jim> any non-dental things people want to talk about

Oct 04 17:18:56 <Jim> non-medical also

Oct 04 17:19:17 <FireFred> they used the dull probe AND overheated it

Oct 04 17:19:24 <Hippy> Well, philosophically I"ve always thought torture a good thing.

Oct 04 17:20:25 <Jim> whaat

Oct 04 17:20:34 <FireFred> then, during my monthly colonoscopy . . .

Oct 04 17:21:03 <Hippy> LOL!

Oct 04 17:21:32 * Hippy AFK briefly to make a cup of tea

Oct 04 17:25:39 <Hippy> So, is there any news on the Larry Niven front? (Apologoes if you've thrashed this out already)

Oct 04 17:27:54 <Dan> Larry is at a convention this weekend.

Oct 04 17:28:27 <Hippy> Is he heading to Montreal next year?

Oct 04 17:28:38 <Dan> Dunno.

Oct 04 17:30:05 <Hippy> Dan: how is your arm and everything? I'm so out of touch. . .

Oct 04 17:32:57 <Jim> Lensman's chat reminder mentioned something known as Silicon. Is it in the in or around Santa Clara?

Oct 04 17:33:03 <Dan> My collar bone finally healed up so that I could go back to work about March, or so. There's a nasty-looking lump on my shoulder because the doctors didn't put me in a cast, but I can lift 75 lbs. over my head and throw it upwards for a couple of feet onto a scrap skid. So I'm pretty much back to normal.

Oct 04 17:34:20 <Hippy> That is good to hear. For a while you couldn't even type, if I recall correctly

Oct 04 17:34:22 <Dan> I tend to let my right arm do all the heavy work and just use my left to guide with, now.

Oct 04 17:34:58 <Hippy> That 'Sili' at the start makes me nervous. Imagine all those Monty Python quotes

Oct 04 17:36:05 <Dan> That's right. I was typing with my right hand only for a couple of months. My eyesight finally straightened back out from the concussion, too. So I got new glasses about three months ago.

Oct 04 17:38:20 <Dan> I've been working on a new story for the last few months. I've been mostly doing research on the US Civil War era, but I do have about 4000 words written on the story itself.

Oct 04 17:39:45 <Dan> Don't let anyone ever try to con you into thinking that writing alternate universe stories is easy. The research into real history so that you can decide what you want to change can take ages to wade through.

Oct 04 17:41:37 <Dan> Plus, once I finish the story itself, if I want to sell it I'll probably have to do a global re-edit to lillfile all the things that might be difficult to buy the rights to use.

Oct 04 17:41:55 <Dan> lillfile=killfile

Oct 04 17:42:42 <Dan> I was told that HG Wells's estate can be expen$ive to ask for the rights to use War of the Worlds stuff.

Oct 04 17:43:52 <Hippy> I haven't heard the word 'killtile' before. And this notion of dreivative work really throws me. How close to Wells do you have to be before his estate gets to gouge you?

Oct 04 17:43:53 <Dan> *You* try rewriting the Civil War so that the good guys are the Yankees and Confederates and the bad guys are Martians. I dare you.

Oct 04 17:44:10 <Dan> LOL!

Oct 04 17:45:05 <Dan> Killfile= something that you delete. My usage means "something I change to generi terms so that I don't get sued."

Oct 04 17:46:06 <Hippy> Interesting word

Oct 04 17:46:12 <Dan> Well, in the original drafts of the story I'm using the terms Martian, heat ray, tripods, landing cylinders, etc.

Oct 04 17:46:23 <Hippy> But if you just say Martians surely Wells hasn't got a shot at you there

Oct 04 17:46:54 <Hippy> Ah, it's looking very like a certain novel I read a while back :)

Oct 04 17:47:00 <Dan> No, but from the context it is plain that I'm refering to WOTW for all the alien elements.

Oct 04 17:48:03 <Hippy> Hm. We are inexorably heading towards an idea being copyrightable, it seems. Or at the least the US is

Oct 04 17:48:48 <Hippy> Has anyone heard of this 'orphan works' bill they want to pass? There seems to be a lot of people worried about it.

Oct 04 17:49:12 <Hippy> Oh, and did they pass the Bailout Bill? I have missed the news the last couple of days

Oct 04 17:49:50 <Jim> Yes, they added enough pork to the Bailout Bill to get it passed.

Oct 04 17:50:08 <Dan> I have plans to change "Martians" to "aliens", "Tripods" to "spiders", "cylinders" to "landing craft", and so on. I'll redesign the tripods to hexapods or octopods and run with it from there.

Oct 04 17:50:58 <Jim> What is the "orphan works" bill? Is this US, UK, OZ, or NZ?

Oct 04 17:51:33 <Dan> Oh good! Nothing I like better than to see bankers and congress-critters helping each other to my paycheck.

Oct 04 17:52:00 <Hippy> US, Jim. I'll find you a link in a second

Oct 04 17:52:37 <Hippy> Every American should get $2000 worth of mixed shares, since they've just paid for them

Oct 04 17:52:54 <Hippy> . . .and will have to pay again in three months when all this crap happens again

Oct 04 17:54:04 <Hippy> Jim: http://www.owoh.http://wwwhtt_

Oct 04 17:54:58 <Hippy> Possibly a bit of scaremingering in that link, but the principle is that anyone can call your work an 'orphan work', digitise it and then make it their own, provided they hae first used 'reasonable diligence' to find the copyright holder

Oct 04 17:56:29 <Jim> Hippy, can you type the URL again? It didn't work for me.

Oct 04 17:58:31 <Hippy> No worries. Hang on, I'll just copy and paste it properly

Oct 04 17:59:00 <Hippy>

Oct 04 18:00:08 <Hippy> Of course, being a FAQ it only tells you what it wants you to hear

Oct 04 18:03:49 * Hippy AFK for a moment

Oct 04 18:03:54 <Dan> All this banking garbage makes me supremely happy that I got a better interest rate on my fixed-rate mortgage when I was forced to do a re-finance last year after the car wreck. I'm paying close to $70 a month less and I had been paying before the re-fi.

Oct 04 18:04:18 <Dan> and=than

Oct 04 18:04:33 <SeanS> dan, sounds like a story idea for harry turtledove... but he was close to that with guns of the south

Oct 04 18:05:20 <Jim> SeanS, is that the one with the South using AK-47's?

Oct 04 18:05:21 <Dan> That he was, Sean. And I got to meet Harry a few months ago at LibertyCon. He's damn near as nice a guy as Larry is.

Oct 04 18:05:25 <SeanS> yes

Oct 04 18:05:48 <SeanS> provided by south african apartheid time travelers

Oct 04 18:07:30 <Dan> Hang on, I'll look up the URL for the bits of the first draft that I've put online for folks to read over my shoulder...

Oct 04 18:07:42 <SeanS> k

Oct 04 18:08:15 <Dan>

Oct 04 18:10:44 <Dan> The first 4 pages or so is just historical notes, actually.

Oct 04 18:11:03 <Hippy> Love 'Guns of the South'!!

Oct 04 18:11:28 <Dan> The story fragment is from (roughly) the middle of the story itself.

Oct 04 18:11:51 <NickE> Ever read Harry Harrison's Rebel In Time?

Oct 04 18:12:11 <NickE> (still here :-)

Oct 04 18:12:16 <Hippy> I must say I haven't

Oct 04 18:12:36 <Dan> Can't say that I have, although if it's old enough I might have read it from the college library back in the late '70s.

Oct 04 18:12:53 <NickE> Interesting take on a potential alternative history of the American Civil War

Oct 04 18:13:07 <Dan> But I'm *really* fond of Harry Harrison's work.

Oct 04 18:13:09 <NickE> Time Travelling bigot with Sten Guns!

Oct 04 18:13:37 <NickE> And a black FBI man follows him to stop it

Oct 04 18:13:45 <NickE> Rather good actually

Oct 04 18:14:44 <SeanS> the harrison novel that really sticks in my mind is 'a transatlantic tunnel, hoorah'

Oct 04 18:14:47 <NickE> Well researched

Oct 04 18:14:52 <SeanS> think it was him anyway

Oct 04 18:14:58 <NickE> Oh thats a good aly history one

Oct 04 18:15:16 <NickE> alt

Oct 04 18:15:22 <Dan> Has Harry Harrison ever written a *bad* book? I wasn't too fond of "Water of Thought" or "One Step from Earth" but they weren't badly written. Just not a plot that appealed to me.

Oct 04 18:15:54 <Dan> Transatlantic Tunnel is indeed a Harry Harrison.

Oct 04 18:16:10 <NickE> Can't think of any of his that have been bad. Some may have been coasting a little, but all I know are well written

Oct 04 18:16:20 <NickE> And usually entertaining as hell

Oct 04 18:16:50 <SeanS> harrison...

Oct 04 18:17:01 <SeanS> he did all the rat stuff didnt he?

Oct 04 18:17:03 <NickE> I so love The Stainless Steel Rat books

Oct 04 18:17:07 <Hippy> Love 'A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah' too

Oct 04 18:17:10 <NickE> exactumundo

Oct 04 18:17:12 <SeanS> question answered

Oct 04 18:17:26 <SeanS> those were always fun

Oct 04 18:17:47 <SeanS> bill, galactic hero?

Oct 04 18:17:49 <NickE> Star Smashers of The Galaxy Rangers.. epically funny

Oct 04 18:17:54 <NickE> That too

Oct 04 18:18:07 <SeanS> titles are popping into my head from the distant passed

Oct 04 18:18:11 <SeanS> past

Oct 04 18:18:32 <Hippy> Interesting notes, Dan. I shall read more later

Oct 04 18:18:32 <Dan> The writers I try hardest to imitate are Fred Saberhagen, Harry Harrison, L. Neil Smith, and Brian Daley... for what that's worth. Larry Niven's style is *waaaaaaaaay* out of my league.

Oct 04 18:18:53 <Hippy> Who are those last two?

Oct 04 18:19:02 <SeanS> a moment of silence for brian daley

Oct 04 18:19:15 <SeanS> daley wrote the han solo adventures

Oct 04 18:19:20 <SeanS> the coramonde books

Oct 04 18:19:20 <NickE> He was kindenough to sign my copy of Planet Story (comment "Hell, I havent seen that one in a while!") at WorlCon 2005

Oct 04 18:19:58 <Hippy> Well, vale Brian Daley indeed

Oct 04 18:20:01 <Dan> L. Neil Smith writes Libertarian SF and Brian Daley wrote excellent thinking-man's adventure stories.

Oct 04 18:20:15 <SeanS> and the hobart floyt and alacrity fitzhugh trilogy... of which i am re-reading requium for a ruler of worlds

Oct 04 18:21:01 <Jim> sorry, but I gotta go, seeya next month

Oct 04 18:21:03 <Jim> bye

Oct 04 18:21:07 <SeanS> later jim

Oct 04 18:21:10 <NickE> Bye

Oct 04 18:21:14 <SeanS> i havent read smith

Oct 04 18:21:27 * Jim (~chatzilla@72.169.212.XX) has left #knownspace

Oct 04 18:21:29 <NickE> me eiher

Oct 04 18:21:34 <NickE> either

Oct 04 18:22:34 <SeanS> daley had a fantastic ironic sense of humor. or at least thats what i got from the books

Oct 04 18:22:36 <Hippy> Dan: are you not worried about Terry Naion's estate suing you?

Oct 04 18:23:27 <Dan> I like Saberhagen's way of using multiple POVs to tell different aspects of a story at the same time - Harry Harrison's way of writing adventures - L. Neil Smith's skill at writing alien characters - and Brian Daley's way of making his characters come alive for the reader.

Oct 04 18:24:25 <SeanS> daley was fantastic with characters and dialog. very descriptive as well

Oct 04 18:24:48 * SeanS is obviously a big daley fan

Oct 04 18:25:40 <Dan> Terry Nation? Oh, the "Vila" character! Well, I've been Vila online since 1995 and no one has complained. But yes, Vila and Cita Mouse are two more things that I'll have to change before I try and sell the civil war story. Since Vila and Cita are really myself and my wife.

Oct 04 18:26:13 <SeanS> how is lyn, btw

Oct 04 18:27:24 <Dan> Lyn is fine and she made sure that I was to send you and Julie a big hug from her. She was *quite* insistant, actually. I just hadn't found a way to work it into our conversation so far tonight.

Oct 04 18:27:26 <Dan> LOL!

Oct 04 18:27:33 <Hippy> Ah :) Well, your history reads well. A nice bucolic existence deep in CSA heartland after a life of piracy :)

Oct 04 18:27:37 <SeanS> lol

Oct 04 18:27:52 <SeanS> i will let julie know. she is the other room playing mahjongg

Oct 04 18:28:45 <Dan> Yes, I figured that after saving the civilized world a few times, the least I could do was give Vila and Cita a chance to retire without anyone knowing where they went.

Oct 04 18:30:48 <SeanS> actually julie is working on a evite to the halloween party. she said that that was sweet

Oct 04 18:31:30 <Hippy> Halloween? Oh, no. . . I hope there aren't too many Halloween festivities here

Oct 04 18:31:39 <Dan> There's a fellow that I've come to know from his Live Journal posts that would make an excellent Professor Moriarty-esque villian character. If you start seeing a villian calling himself "Mr. Roper" in my rough draft, you'll know that I've gotten his permission to use him as an "evil nemesis" character.

Oct 04 18:31:39 <SeanS> anybody from distant places want to come to the halloween party? its adults only and costume the sat before halloween itself

Oct 04 18:32:08 <Hippy> I must get a look at an LJ like that

Oct 04 18:32:52 <Hippy> Well, it's a nice invite, Sean, but actually I regard Halloween as a K-Mart holiday that is eroding our culture :)

Oct 04 18:33:05 <Hippy> When I say 'our' I mean Australian

Oct 04 18:33:43 <Dan> Mr. Roper is a really nice British guy in the Steampunk community. But he has proven to enjoy my sense of humor and sarcastic witicisms.

Oct 04 18:33:50 <SeanS> to me, its just another opportunity to get together with friends, have fun and drink some 'insert your favorite beverage here'

Oct 04 18:34:27 <Hippy> Well, there is that :)

Oct 04 18:35:27 <Hippy> I'm dreading all these kids coming around 'trick or treating' me. I am happy to give out treats so long as I can burn the same kids on a bonfire for Guy Fawkes

Oct 04 18:35:32 <SeanS> i dont buy candy for neighborhood kids.... not any really

Oct 04 18:36:04 <Dan> I have that weekend off, but the present price of gas will keep Lyn and I from going any further than Atlanta for the next few months.

Oct 04 18:36:06 <NickE> well, gonna hit the sack. Long week

Oct 04 18:36:21 <Dan> And we ain't goin' to Atlanta very often, at that.

Oct 04 18:36:35 <Hippy> 'Bye, Nick

Oct 04 18:36:39 <Dan> Goodnight, NickE!

Oct 04 18:36:39 <SeanS> night nick

Oct 04 18:36:41 <NickE> Night folks

Oct 04 18:36:45 <SeanS> and i understand, dan

Oct 04 18:36:55 <Hippy> I, too, should do something about facing this pleasant Sunday

Oct 04 18:36:58 * NickE has quit (Quit: *g0ne*)

Oct 04 18:37:10 <Hippy> How much is it over there now?

Oct 04 18:37:39 <SeanS> 3.32 US at kroger earlier today. thats per gallon. you can do your own calculations

Oct 04 18:37:46 <Hippy> We're at about $AU7.00 a gallon

Oct 04 18:38:29 <Hippy> Which is about $US0.19 a gallon and falling. Stupid dollar, I was going to buy DVDs!

Oct 04 18:39:43 <SeanS> 19 cents a gallon? you had to typo that

Oct 04 18:40:01 <Dan> Gas in my area is at $4.99 a gallon, but most gas stations only have a supply roughly 3 days a week.

Oct 04 18:40:39 <Hippy> No, I was joking about our crap exchange rate :) It's about $US5.50 a gallon

Oct 04 18:41:44 <Hippy> Can you imagine driving a 1970's car at those prices? 15 mpg and paying that much? God. . .

Oct 04 18:41:49 <SeanS> dan, why the difference between here and there?

Oct 04 18:42:05 <SeanS> my truck gets maybe 18-20 mpg

Oct 04 18:42:06 <Dan> We'll be driving about 240 miles (round trip) tomorrow, so I topped off the tank in my van today.

Oct 04 18:44:23 <Dan> Sean, the Southeast gets it gas from the Gulf Coast refineries, up as far north as you live, you're getting gas from the middle east. If we were dependent upon forign oil here, the price would be under $3.50 a gallon and there wouldn't be any shortage of supply... Or so I've been told.

Oct 04 18:44:40 <SeanS> didnt know

Oct 04 18:45:04 <SeanS> almost worth it to bootleg gas to your area ;)

Oct 04 18:45:17 <Hippy> That's an interesting economic model for an independent CSA

Oct 04 18:46:08 <Dan> LOL! Come ahead on! Just park your tanker truck in a grocery store parking lot and charge whatever you want. Your truck will be emptied in less and 6 hours.

Oct 04 18:46:29 <Dan> and=than

Oct 04 18:47:36 <Dan> Oooooo! My head hurts from trying to carry so many alternate universes in my memories! LOL!

Oct 04 18:48:38 <Hippy> I like the names of the leaders in your CNAR, though. Very apt - except for Quebec maybe. And why isn't Alaska a Russian territory?

Oct 04 18:49:50 <Dan> My story uses 1950s tech in the 1870s time period. LP Gas is the major fuel for airship steam engines and military tracked vehicles and locomotives.

Oct 04 18:50:24 <Hippy> So they are using helium to float them?

Oct 04 18:51:24 <SeanS> lp gas to power the steam engine might actually make that work

Oct 04 18:51:26 <Hippy> And if you used sour mash whiskey to power their motors, you would have very lucrative agriculture

Oct 04 18:51:38 <Dan> Quebec is faintly Communist/MAFIA controled, and Alaska has Russian influences but is mostly Native American (Inuit Esquimo) people.

Oct 04 18:52:12 <Dan> The smart folks use Helium, the desperate use Hydrogen.

Oct 04 18:52:12 <Hippy> Interesting Quebec, then

Oct 04 18:52:45 <Dan> I picked up the Quebec angle from a former Canadian friend of mine.

Oct 04 18:53:34 <Dan> She hates the folks in real-world Quebec, and the rest of Canada seems to agree with her.

Oct 04 18:53:59 <Hippy> Sounds like a good place for a WorldCon then :)

Oct 04 18:55:14 <Dan> I'm proudest of the Empire of California and giving the real-world Emperor Norton a legitimate family and connections to British royality... That and having Zorro rule Mexico. LOL!

Oct 04 18:56:02 <Hippy> Zorro ruling Mexico was a good one. I don't get the Emperor Norton reference, though

Oct 04 18:56:16 <Dan> I think that Harry Turtledove would grudgingly approve of my historical research on my CNAR.

Oct 04 18:56:49 <Hippy> It sounds pretty plausible, which is the ultimate goal of AH (IMHO)

Oct 04 18:57:03 <SeanS> i will read it in the morning

Oct 04 18:57:37 <Hippy> In fact, it satisfies Larry's dictum: "We don't have to be right every time, we have to be reasonable every time."

Oct 04 18:58:19 <Dan> Emperor Norton was a nutter that lived in California in the late 1800's-early 1900s. He was a familiar face in San Francisco, the locals loved him, even to the extent of acception his play-money on an equal basis with real US currency.

Oct 04 18:58:40 <Dan> Look him up, he's a wonderful character in his own right.

Oct 04 18:59:18 <Hippy> Ah, now this is sounding vaguely familiar

Oct 04 18:59:51 <Dan> Joshua Norton the 1st, Emperor of California and Protector of Mexico!

Oct 04 19:00:03 <Hippy> But alas, the curse of daylight saving has made it ten o'clock in the morning, so I must prepare to mow the lawn and all the other crap I have to do today

Oct 04 19:00:25 <Dan> Have a good day then, Hippy!

Oct 04 19:00:35 <Hippy> We beat the Kaiser, why do we still have daylight saving time? The war is over and we won!!

Oct 04 19:00:49 <Hippy> Have a good night, those of you for whom it is night :)

Oct 04 19:01:00 <Hippy> I shall read further, Dan

Oct 04 19:01:22 <Hippy> And be here again next month, when there are no birthdays, weddings or funerals I have to attend (touch wood)

Oct 04 19:01:28 <Dan> Oh! Thank you!

Oct 04 19:01:42 * Hippy has quit ()

Oct 04 19:01:57 <Dan> 7 PM here, and still and hour or so of daylight left.

Oct 04 19:02:36 <SeanS> yep, and when this game is over... which it is already but time still on the clock, julie and i are going bowling

Oct 04 19:02:46 <SeanS> good thing the wii makes it cheap ;)

Oct 04 19:04:50 <Dan> I'm looking forward to the GA vs TN game next weekend. I'll be at work, but rooting for Tennessee just to piss off all the Georgia Bulldog fans at work!

Oct 04 19:05:43 <SeanS> lol

Oct 04 19:05:56 <SeanS> i dont have a dog in that fight but will enjoy the game

Oct 04 19:06:41 <SeanS> touchdown KY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 04 19:11:35 <SeanS> 17-14 final... #2 alabama wins by 3 points over unranked ky... i will take that as a great game

Oct 04 19:11:50 <SeanS> fro the wildcats

Oct 04 19:14:25 <Dan> Since I'm a former University of Georgia student whose family comes from Tennessee, I'm allowed to piss off UGA fans whenever I like! So there, Mike L! (Mike is the biggest "GA Uber Alles" dude at work.)

Oct 04 19:26:09 <Dan> OK, I've got to go AFK for an hour or so to finish cleaning out the van for tomorrow's trip to Atlanta. Be back soon!

Oct 04 19:26:32 * Dan is now known as Dan_Away

Oct 04 19:53:41 <Dan_Away> OK, took less time than I thought it would.

Oct 04 19:53:47 * Dan_Away is now known as Dan

Oct 04 21:06:35 <Dan> All right, time to say goodnight.

Oct 04 21:06:46 <Dan> And so, goodight!

Oct 04 21:06:49 * Dan has quit ()

Oct 04 21:39:33 * mark has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Oct 05 00:21:24 <FlyingDragon> HEllo, I'm feeling very sleeping. GEtting off the computer soon.

Oct 05 00:21:36 <FlyingDragon> Why the nickname? ANything happen?

Oct 05 00:23:05 <FireFred> no

Oct 05 00:23:27 <FlyingDragon> Okay. JUst worried. My experience with fire and all that.

Oct 05 00:24:13 <FireFred> it's apparently an old nickname. when Ityped www.larry . . . i autofilletd all the way to chat and the nick and lazy m just said e'yes'

Oct 05 00:24:32 <FlyingDragon> K

Oct 05 00:28:21 <FireFred> I gotta restart so I can grab some video. Later!

Oct 05 00:28:33 <FlyingDragon> g'nite

Oct 05 00:28:38 * FireFred has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Oct 05 00:29:04 * FlyingDragon is now known as Sleepingdragon

Oct 05 03:16:47 * romanviper (~romanviper@ has joined #knownspace

Oct 05 03:17:01 <romanviper> anyone out there?

Oct 05 03:18:33 <romanviper> I'll bookmark this & comeback sometime Sunday night. I'm ready to argue any point of KS ;)