Chat Log: November 3rd, 2012

00:10:29 : <gofffan> I picked out the October '78 and I remember it very well. An article on Freeman Dyson. Great stories. And I forgot about the games. Excellent link. Thanks again.
00:19:47 : <Akiraa> having fun with this kerbal game
00:21:00 : <Akiraa>
00:21:34 : <Akiraa> all legit footage
00:21:44 : <Akiraa> the rover is a downloadable mod
00:25:28 : <Akiraa> though seat'o'pants flying is encouraged :)
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14:12:54 : <fredskuentz> CHAT DAY!
14:18:51 : <sean> yep
14:19:15 : <sean> gotta go run errands. basically a fuel and beer run.
14:59:23 : <sean> just saw a commercial for the new movie Red Dawn. Wow. a remake of a movie that critics said the best thing about it was that it was the first movie to get the PG-13 rating.
15:08:45 : <fredskuentz> Hah! "Important reminder: Don't forget to change your clocks tonight and your president on Tuesday"
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16:27:11 : <sean> I decided that I am switching parties. From now on I fully support the Cocktail Party.
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18:34:08 : <sean> Happy Birthday
18:34:20 : <Dan> Thanks!
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18:35:31 : <Lensman_Free> Only here for a bit. Laser Rangers Thanksgiving is today, I'm busy!
18:35:37 : <Dan> Don't know how long I'll be in chat. Got to take Lyn to the store when she wakes up. We have to get a birthday card for our grandson so the US Snail can get it to him on time..
18:36:00 : <Lensman_Free> Maybe everybody is multi-tasking today. :)
18:38:16 : <sean> Been a while, Lensman. Where have you been?
18:39:34 : <NickE> HBD Dan, hi all
18:39:45 : <fredskuentz> I'm planning on taking a nap
18:39:48 : <fredskuentz> does that count?
18:41:08 : <Dan> Thanks, Nick. FB is flooding me with notices, LOL! It started with friends in England and has followed local dawn around the world.
18:41:48 : <sean> I figured you would be in so I just waited for you to show up ;)
18:42:25 : <Dan> Yeah. Have to wait 'til we get back from the store to have a ber though. :)
18:42:33 : <Dan> beer
18:43:12 : <sean> I did my fuel and beer run about 11 this morning
18:43:16 : <fredskuentz> if you can't spell beer
18:43:23 : <fredskuentz> it may indicate you don't need another
18:43:24 : <fredskuentz> :)
18:44:07 : <NickE> will have a beer shortly
18:44:08 : <Dan> This keyboard is finally giving up the ghost. Double letters in words that don't have them, single letters in words that need doubles. I have to slow down my typing to spell correctly.
18:44:54 : <sean> I have a bunch of unused keyboards. too bad you are @7 hours away
18:45:08 : <NickE> makes no difference in my case :-)
18:45:37 : <Dan> Decade-old keyboard. I like the multimedia hot keys, though. I have 3 bare-bones new keyboards here as backups, but haven't wanted to give this one up yet.
18:46:12 : <Lensman_Free> Sean: Some months I forget-- I have poor short-term memory. Other months, I'm otherwise occupied. Laser Rangers should be the 2nd Saturday, but too often it gets moved to the 1st because of conflicts with other things the group is doing.
18:46:23 : <Dan> Lyn goes through 3 or 4 keyboards a year. I've managed to keep this one going a long time.
18:47:51 : <Dan> Haven't had any beer since 3 AM, Fred. I went to bed as soon as I began to nod off in my chair last night. Got up around noon. Actually, I just finished off a pot of coffee.
18:49:00 : <Lensman_Free> Just bought a new USB connection keyboard to use with the Laser Rangers new Internet-enabled Blu-ray player. Trying to do a 'net search with a cellphone-type keypad is the pits!
18:49:35 : <Lensman_Free> Cost me $10. Pretty sure the last time I bought a keyboard, it was $25. But that was years ago.
18:50:20 : <Dan> Same here, Lens. $25 keyboard in use, $10 keyboards as backups. :)
18:50:22 : <Lensman_Free> Must be pretty hard on keyboards to go thru 3-4 a year!
18:50:39 : <Dan> She keeps spilling things. LOL!
18:52:03 : <Lensman_Free> Anybody actually like THE FATE OF WORLDS ?
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18:52:55 : <Lensman_Free> ...silence...
18:52:56 : <Hippy> Ah, there you are :)
18:53:14 : <Dan> Coffee, tea, wine, beer, orange juice... She'll be typing away, reach for something without looking up, and SPLASH!
18:53:19 : <sean> I am sure I am getting fate for my birthday at the end of the month
18:53:20 : <Hippy> You've stunned everyone, Lens
18:53:37 : <Lensman_Free> Maybe I should have asked first: Who has *read* FATE OF WORLDS ?
18:54:06 : <Hippy> Not me
18:54:20 : <andy> Dan - tried the USB connected ThinkPad keyboard? It's laptop-style but it's designed to handle spills.
18:54:24 : <Dan> Haven't been able to budget buying it yet, Lens. Plus I wait for paperbacks to come out because I have no walls left to build bookcases against.
18:54:42 : <andy> I haven't read Fate of Worlds yet either
18:55:18 : <Lensman_Free> "There is no such thing as too many books. However, it is possible to have too little space."
18:55:43 : <Dan> I haven't tried that, Andy. The best I was able to do was one of those shower cap keyboard covers. She actually types so much her fingers finally wore holes in it.
18:56:57 : <NickE> not read Fate or even got it yet, but do have Bowl next on my to read list
18:57:26 : <Hippy> I saw that was on Audible, too. I am getting slack in picking up new Nivens
18:58:17 : <andy> IBM Model M type keyboard might be a solution. Though you'd have to replace the keycaps before she wore through them. Take a look at which will probably have some suggestions for you (although they tend to like VERY expensive keyboards there).
18:58:21 : <Lensman_Free> I'd think replacing the cover would be cheaper than replacing the keyboard. But I admit I hate the feel of those shower cap things. I don't personally have a problem with spilling things into them; I either use a drinking mug with a spill-reducing lid, or a separate shelf for my drink. I do have to occasionally need to clean crumbs out, tho!
18:59:04 : <Lensman_Free> "Bowl" has been released? Hmmm, I see I'm behind on buying my Nivens!
18:59:17 : <Hippy> I had to vacuum mine the other week, but it sure runs a lot more smoothly now
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19:00:55 : <Dan> She does use a lower shelf for her keyboard. But that's sometimes WHY she spills something on it, LOL!
19:00:59 : <Dan> Hi, Larry!
19:01:04 : <Larry> Hello?
19:01:37 : <NickE> Hi Larry!
19:01:40 : <Dan> How have you been, Larry?
19:02:03 : <Larry> Hello, Dan. I'm back from a 10 day autographing tour with Greg Benford.
19:02:36 : <Larry> My mouth is behaving like the One Horse Shay.
19:03:29 : <Hippy> Hi, Larry. That doesn't sound good
19:03:36 : <NickE> Got my copy of Bowl, but might have to wait for the chance to get you to sign it - hoping you might be coming to LonCon3 WorldCon 2014 :-)
19:03:48 : <Dan> LOL! Well, you'll get over that. I'll bet you signing hand is sore, though.
19:04:17 : <Hippy> Oh, it got the vote! Yay!!
19:04:49 : <NickE> indeed it did mate, looking forward to it a lot
19:04:49 : <Larry> I went to San Francisco with Part One of a root canal procedure completed. Tooth resumed hurting in flight. Second tooth came out while I was having lunch with Adrienne Martine. Startled her.
19:05:02 : <NickE> ouch
19:05:30 : <Hippy> Eek!
19:05:40 : <Larry> My signing arm (shoulder, sacroiliac) held up fine. Surprise.
19:05:51 : <NickE> well that's a plus
19:06:16 : <Larry> Yeah, I'll go to Texas for the next Worldcon.
19:06:46 : <Hippy> Hmm. I foresee an expensive 2013 coming up :)
19:06:52 : <NickE> Well I can't make Texas, but I'll be there for London 2014
19:07:20 : <Hippy> Me, too
19:07:34 : <NickE> Awesome. I forsee beers
19:07:49 : <Larry> London Worldcon has always been fun.
19:07:53 : <Hippy> Sounds intereting :)
19:08:10 : <Hippy> Beers make everything fun
19:08:15 : <NickE> heh
19:08:34 : <sean> speaking of that.
19:08:44 : <NickE> hope they get some decent London ales in
19:09:12 : <Hippy> Yes. I can drink Heineken and Fosters here
19:09:29 : <Hippy> Not in the same glass, though
19:10:34 : <Larry> There's got to be a cheaper way to get British beer. What I remember is an anniversary party Marilyn and I hosted at the Brighton Pavilion.
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19:11:51 : <NickE> oops
19:11:51 : <dmac44> Hi guys
19:11:55 : <Hippy> That would've been a good event
19:12:06 : <Hippy> Hi, dmac
19:12:09 : <NickE> what what!?
19:12:17 : <Dan> Still, going to England is fun anyway.
19:12:25 : <sean> hi richard, dmac
19:12:39 : <gofffan> hey
19:12:42 : <NickE> (reaching for my beer, managed to turn teh netbook OFF. The universe has a sense of humour)
19:12:51 : <Hippy> Larry was mentioning having or hosting an anniversary party at the Brighton Pavilion
19:13:06 : <NickE> Oh that would be a hoot
19:13:21 : <dmac44> where's the Brighton Pavilion?
19:13:37 : <NickE> Brighton funnily enough
19:13:47 : <Hippy> Avoid anything in the US purporting to be English beer. Newcastle Brown Ale made in St Louis? I ask you. . .
19:13:52 : <dmac44> Ah!
19:14:16 : <NickE> Broon made in teh US? Sacrelige!
19:14:38 : <Larry> We all wore Regency costume. Jerry Pournelle was returning, in 1812 milittary garb, when a local yocal shouted, "Hey, leftenant, where's your horse?"
19:14:43 : <NickE> Why bother, plenty of good American beers
19:14:57 : <NickE> <snort>
19:15:21 : <Larry> He barked, "In Wellington Barracks, of course!" and kept walking.
19:15:49 : <Larry> Local pointed, said, "That one's real."
19:16:02 : <Lensman_Free> LOL
19:16:03 : <NickE> heh
19:16:06 : <Dan> LOL!
19:16:09 : <Hippy> LOL!
19:16:52 : <NickE> (micro/craft breweries of course - little of teh mass produced lager knock offs count as beer)
19:18:04 : <NickE> (wherever you are)
19:18:15 : <Hippy> I had some microbrewery stuff at, of all places, O'Hare airport. If beer has pwesonalities, this one was a cross between Gilbert Gottfried and Hitler
19:19:03 : <Lensman_Free> Well if it's that expensive to import good British beer/ale, we'll just have to convince them to open a brewery on this side of the pond!
19:19:04 : <Hippy> Still, microbrewery beer has got a hell of a lot better in the last decade
19:19:34 : <Lensman_Free> Well, have fun chatting with Larry fen, duty calls!
19:19:56 : <Hippy> Oh, no. Well, see you next month, Lens
19:19:59 : <dmac44> bye Lens
19:20:16 : <NickE> Whe i went to Atlanta for Dragon con 2010, I didn't have a naff pint the whole time, which surprised me TBH
19:20:20 : <Larry> goodby Lens.
19:20:27 : <NickE> bye Lens
19:20:34 : <gofffan> Bye
19:21:23 : <Hippy> Now, on a more serious note, does anyone rmember what I was thinking about yesterday that I was going to set as the topic today? Because I have no bloody idea
19:21:38 : <Dan> LOL!
19:21:39 : <NickE> Local IPA was very nice and Max Lagers restaurant makes the stuff on teh premisis and has a beer menu
19:21:45 : <NickE> heh
19:21:48 : <NickE> heh
19:21:51 : <sean> My telepathy does not have that kind of range
19:22:11 : <Hippy> How is that teleportation story coming along, Larry?
19:23:07 : <Hippy> If it's coming at all, that is
19:23:59 : <Larry> I'm stuck, but not lacking ideas. Reality has been intruding--and another story, SHIPSTAR.
19:24:34 : <Hippy> Oh, good! Do tell. . .
19:24:50 : <Larry> We worked on SHIPSTAR while traveling to autograph sites. It's a great way to shape a story.
19:24:53 : <NickE> ah, the other half of Bowl
19:25:21 : <NickE> looking forward to reading both (Bowl is next on my pile)
19:25:48 : <Larry> Greg is a good publicizer. He's worked up a presentation that uses Don Davis's Bowl paintings.
19:25:56 : <Hippy> This is excellent news
19:26:14 : <NickE> I sneaked a peek at the illustrations in Bowl. Very cool
19:27:55 : <sean> I am banned from getting bowl or fate due to my birthday and christmas upcoming.
19:29:21 : <NickE> fair nuff. Fate is on my list too, but was too keen to wait for Bowl :-)
19:29:24 : <Larry> Don does good work. My first contact was a Don Davis painting of the Ringworld, as seen from the surface, displayed at a 1970s worldcon. Friends ran to drag me into the Art Show.
19:29:46 : <NickE> shiny
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19:30:10 : <NickE> yo Mark!
19:30:14 : <johnmanyjars> hey nick!
19:30:27 : <johnmanyjars> i forgot it was Saturday, or something
19:31:12 : <NickE> easy enough to do :-)
19:31:27 : <NickE> glad its Saturday anyway
19:31:44 : <Larry> I once logged in on Friday. No action.
19:31:54 : <sean> I remember that, Larry.
19:31:58 : <NickE> heh
19:32:49 : <Hippy> I discovered there's an It even let me open #knownspace, but no one was there.
19:33:22 : <Hippy> That was this morning's discovery. Life is a chain of stumbling happensance
19:33:26 : <johnmanyjars> really? hmmm. i own that domain. it shouldn't be like that.
19:33:40 : <johnmanyjars> i'll have to look into that
19:33:59 : <sean> it gave a ping reply
19:34:44 : <Hippy> Yeah. That's clumsy typing for you
19:35:03 : <johnmanyjars> mr niven, I asked CJ Cherryh if her cat aliens were a reaction to your cat aliens (you with non-sentient females and her with males that are kind of enslaved to the women) and she said no they weren't. So, may I ask you, how did you come up with that idea?
19:35:06 : <NickE> I'[ve been using the eris BETA client at for some time and have found it the most reliable way for me (used to always have issues staying on back a few years)
19:35:45 : <NickE> (not counting me doing inadvertant hard shutdowns :-)
19:35:58 : <johnmanyjars> i connect using pidgin. i've never had a problem with it.
19:36:34 : <Larry> John, I was an incipient writer who needed a generic evil alien. Catlike aliens weren't rare. They evolved from that. CG
19:36:43 : <johnmanyjars> folks can always create a bbs account on using telnet and use a plain text interface. if you should want to. You might be a masochist or something.
19:36:48 : <Dan> I've been using mIRC since '97 or so. But everyone should use what works best for them.
19:37:02 : <Larry> I meant CJ...started with lions. Why not?
19:37:55 : <johnmanyjars> she said she was enraged at a picture of a sexy cat like alien on the front of some magazine and decided to write a female catlike alien that no one could draw as sexy.
19:38:16 : <johnmanyjars> but yeah, she went with the lion thing. i was wondering why you chose the insentient female thing?
19:38:40 : <Hippy> That remind sme that I was thinking about female kzinti. They may have an extendable vagina that reaches into the 'penile cavity' of the make kzin, clasps the penis in there and then ejaculation occurs. Thus femake kzinti can get erectile dysfunction
19:39:19 : <Dan> Alien biology can blow your mind, LOL!
19:39:22 : <NickE> and you just happened to be thinking about that... :-)
19:39:38 : <Larry> I could have gone either way to make my point: without (at least) two sapient sexes, you don't get gender. You're missing something.
19:39:39 : <NickE> legit actually as discussion on this on the list
19:39:44 : <Hippy> Well, it's very early Sunday morning here
says to Larry: thanks. that makes sense.
19:40:06 : <NickE> heh
19:40:44 : <NickE> yep.
19:41:52 : <Dan> Time for me to head to the store for my wife. She just woke up, dictated a short shopping list, and weent back to bed. Her back is killing her. Those seats in the football stadium last night were very uncomfortable.
19:42:10 : <fredskuentz> greets all
19:42:17 : <Dan> Bye for now, be back soon.
19:42:23 : <Hippy> Hi, Fred
19:42:33 : <Larry> My sympathy, Dan.
19:42:55 : <NickE> EE Doc Smith tried that with the Lyrans was it? Males existed, but were basically wild stunted beasts
19:43:16 : <andy> Larry: Do you think having two sapient sexes in an intelligent race will always end up with differentiated gender roles, even if there's no difference in strength/intelligence/etc between the two sexes?
19:44:02 : <NickE> the only people were female. Blew it of cousre with Kinnison turning up and the asexual" leader going all blonde on him, but hey, different times
19:44:04 : <Larry> What I think is, wildly different sexes seems to be the norm.
19:44:05 : <johnmanyjars> that's terrible, dan. my wife went though that. she was in a wheelchair for about six months
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19:44:25 : <andy> NickE: Larry tried it to IIRC – in the Draco Tavern stories, chirpsithra males are not sapient.
19:44:25 : <NickE> not fun
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19:44:56 : <NickE> oh yes, had forgotton that
19:45:10 : <NickE> hmm GEorge havingh some probs getting on?
19:45:44 : <Hippy> I think he's just shy :)
19:45:49 : <sean> heh
19:46:49 : <Hippy> If the sexes are somehat mammalian, like kzinti are, then one sex is going to be different because its doing the gestating. In a species that doesn't gestate, though, the sexes might have more similar roles.
19:47:03 : <Hippy> What are kdatlyno sexes like, for example?
19:47:15 : <NickE> like pupeteers
19:47:34 : <Hippy> Yes, I just remembered about them
19:48:02 : <Hippy> Since the Brides are doing the gestating, puppeteer sexes might be very similar
19:48:26 : <Hippy> Maybe Nessus is the prudish sex and the Hindmost the candid sex
19:49:17 : <johnmanyjars> I wish I could convince Republibot 3 to turn up here
19:49:51 : <Hippy> Why's that?
19:50:05 : <fredskuentz> Eek, I missed "Fate of Worlds" completely
19:50:19 : <fredskuentz> This must be recitfied
19:51:14 : <johnmanyjars> why do I want him to or why can't I convince him?
19:51:32 : <Hippy> The first one
19:52:25 : <johnmanyjars> Cause i'd like to see him have a convo with Larry.
19:52:31 : <NickE> I don't sem to recal anything ever mentioned about kdatlyno sexes at all
19:52:53 : <johnmanyjars> and I miss his contributions to our listserve.
19:52:55 : <fredskuentz> "Fate" ordered
19:53:04 : <johnmanyjars> and fred's for that matter
19:53:07 : <Hippy> The game mentions them, but that has been said to be non-canonical
19:53:10 : <johnmanyjars> but I'm not on here to noodge.
19:53:14 : <fredskuentz> lol
19:53:36 : <johnmanyjars> it's all become to agreeable. (;
19:53:42 : <fredskuentz> I work too hard keeping my blood pressure down to be on the list
19:53:54 : <fredskuentz> especially with the election coming up
19:53:58 : <NickE> been a long time since I've looked at teh RPG
19:54:07 : <sean> same here. I am still subscribed. I just dont take list delivery.
19:54:17 : <johnmanyjars> oh, i can't wait till that's over, and I don't have to listen to wall to wall american political commercials
19:54:22 : <fredskuentz> I fear the aftermath will be just as intolerable, no matter what the result
19:54:32 : <NickE> probably right
19:54:41 : <Hippy> Unless Roseanne Barr gets in
19:54:43 : <johnmanyjars> ("If Congress eliminates the oil depletion allowance, I'm as good as dead.")
19:54:44 : <NickE> gets a bit wearisome
19:55:03 : <NickE> <grin>
19:55:16 : <Hippy> Well, it might happen. . .yeah, right
19:55:29 : <Hippy> Who's the Libertarian candidate this time around?
19:55:37 : <fredskuentz> Okay, somebody just told me the first hurricane Sandy joke
19:55:40 : <fredskuentz> is it too soon?
19:55:45 : <johnmanyjars> here they only have party political broadcasts... and they warn you: "the following is a party political broadcast for the Conservative Party") and you have loads of time to turn the channel
19:55:52 : <NickE> though there are still actual non political discussions going on
19:56:05 : <NickE> on teh list I mean
19:56:15 : <fredskuentz> Mark, we're getting weird crap in the mail here
19:56:23 : <johnmanyjars> weird crap?
19:56:24 : <NickE> just they all tend to get subverted
19:56:31 : <fredskuentz> Friend just got a GUIDE TO VOTING REPUBLICAN snail mailer
19:56:38 : <Hippy> What's the Sandy joke?
19:56:53 : <fredskuentz> "There's a new drink called the Sandy... it's a watered down Manhattan"
19:56:55 : <johnmanyjars> really? what did it say?
19:57:07 : <sean> Hippy: Gary Johnson
19:57:23 : <gofffan> Fred .. not bad.
19:57:24 : <Hippy> LOL!! Awesome!! I think I shall have one for dinner
19:57:25 : <fredskuentz> It said to vote for Romney and what's his name for VEEP
19:57:29 : <NickE> ,snigger>
19:57:31 : <johnmanyjars> hudsucker proxy level jokes
19:57:39 : <johnmanyjars> Ryan
19:57:41 : <Hippy> Thanks, Sean
19:57:46 : <fredskuentz> but then all the propositions and such were actually the democrat choices
19:57:51 : <fredskuentz> they were hoping to snooker you
19:57:58 : <NickE> brb
19:57:59 : <johnmanyjars> "when is a sidewalk fully dressed? When it's Wearing Hudsucker"
19:58:03 : <johnmanyjars> I guess you had to be there
19:58:13 : <fredskuentz> Thanks, Gofff, I figured if I was gonna offend anybody on that it would be you
19:58:18 : <johnmanyjars> heh. dirty tricks are american as apple pie
19:58:29 : <fredskuentz> And we're getting in the mail 'which of your neighbors voted'
19:58:46 : <fredskuentz> a complete list of everybody around you and when they voted
19:58:53 : <fredskuentz> people are freaked out on that one
19:59:06 : <johnmanyjars> that's a bit odd. where do they get the data for that?
19:59:23 : <fredskuentz> Apparently the fact that you voted is public record
19:59:28 : <gofffan> Voting records are public property?
19:59:32 : <fredskuentz> yeah
19:59:45 : <gofffan> Louise!
19:59:45 : <Hippy> Wel, yes, it is here, too. Just not who you voted for
19:59:53 : <fredskuentz> They tracked it back to a democrat action committee
20:00:00 : <fredskuentz> who did it to get people out to vote
20:00:07 : <johnmanyjars> heh. I voted. How do I find out if I'm on the record? (as when I vote I have to scan a paper ballot in and email it to the county recorder)
20:00:08 : <fredskuentz> hoping they'd be embarrassed to be left off
20:00:43 : <fredskuentz> but it's having the opposite effect; people are saying they are NOT going to vote if it means having their name published
20:00:53 : <Hippy> Net there will be 'NON VOTER' billboards on your front lawn
20:01:02 : <fredskuentz> lol, really
20:01:10 : <fredskuentz> little symbol in the white pages
20:01:46 : <Hippy> Then no credit, your house is foreclosed on, sherriff chasing you around, people keying your car. Yay, democracy!
20:02:06 : <Hippy> Now of course, we solved all this in 1928
20:02:18 : <fredskuentz> anyway, does that qualify as 'weird stuff in the mail'?
20:02:27 : <johnmanyjars> yeah, i think it does
20:02:28 : <Hippy> Hell, yes
20:02:32 : <fredskuentz> :D
20:02:33 : <gofffan> yup
20:02:53 : <fredskuentz> I got a call a couple days ago for 'charlotte cunts'
20:02:58 : <fredskuentz> trying to get her to vote
20:03:16 : <Hippy> ROTFLOL! That would do it
20:03:23 : <fredskuentz> by the time I was done with the girl calling, between 'that's not remotely her name' and 'she died recently and horribly'
20:03:25 : <fredskuentz> I think
20:03:28 : <fredskuentz> nay, hope
20:03:33 : <fredskuentz> I actually made her cry
20:03:46 : <fredskuentz> hey
20:03:57 : <fredskuentz> did you hear about Rachel from Cardholder Services?
20:04:08 : <Hippy> No. . .
20:04:10 : <fredskuentz> the number one telemarketing abuser?
20:04:19 : <Hippy> No
20:04:20 : <fredskuentz> the feds actually *shut them down*
20:04:31 : <gofffan> about time
20:04:31 : <Hippy> Holy crap!
20:04:39 : <fredskuentz> The FTC proclaimed them public enemy number one
20:04:51 : <sean> yeah, i got that call all the time and do not have a credit card.
20:04:53 : <Hippy> I've got to read up on this
20:04:54 : <fredskuentz> and launched legal action simultaneously in 5 states
20:04:55 : <johnmanyjars> i wish they'd shut them down here
20:05:16 : <fredskuentz> I found Mom's British police whistle recently
20:05:23 : <fredskuentz> and had taken to blowing it in the phone
20:05:27 : <Hippy> So they call and threaten you even if you don't have a card?
20:05:34 : <fredskuentz> 'cause Rachel calls several times a day
20:05:46 : <fredskuentz> I think Rachel calls all possible numbers
20:05:55 : <sean> yep
20:05:59 : <fredskuentz> it's a fishing scam anyway
20:06:09 : <Hippy> Ah. . .
20:06:34 : <fredskuentz> they do two things
20:06:44 : <fredskuentz> one, get your credit card # and sell it
20:06:57 : <fredskuentz> two, charge you for getting you a lower rate and ... don't
20:07:00 : <Hippy> We get Indians doing that. If it were more expensive to call here from there they wouldn't do it,but apparently phishing scams netted 278 million here last year
20:07:11 : <Hippy> What a gullbiel country I come from. . .
20:07:45 : <fredskuentz> anyway, the FTC actually *did* something
20:07:51 : <fredskuentz> I was flubbergasted
20:08:11 : <Hippy> I don't blame you
20:08:24 : <fredskuentz> and my phone has barely rung in two days :)
20:08:52 : <gofffan> Rachel, Rachel, Rachel
20:08:57 : <Hippy> Hmm. Mine's been quiet, too. Something's obviously working right
20:09:20 : <fredskuentz> okay, back to NIVEN
20:09:28 : <fredskuentz> speak to me of BOWL OF HEAVEN
20:09:48 : <fredskuentz> Amazon is suggesting that since I just bought FATE OF WORLDS I want BOWL as well
20:10:01 : <johnmanyjars> I'm sure it's right about that
20:10:03 : <Larry> I'm here. I've been lurking, but I don't talk politics much.
20:10:12 : <Larry> Amazon is probably rigtht.
20:10:22 : <fredskuentz> :)
20:10:41 : <fredskuentz> Larry, I just saw "There Will Be Blood" on a list of movies to, um, not see
20:10:59 : <fredskuentz> That's roughly based on your grandfather or something isn't it?
20:12:00 : <Larry> Yeah, I've avoided "There Will Be Blood". I know as much about that night as I want to.
20:12:46 : <fredskuentz> Oh, and, you might find this of interest ... any place I've seen any discussion of Disney buying Lucas, the number one suggestion is MAKE A RINGWORLD (and/or known space) MOVIE
20:13:07 : <fredskuentz> I don't understand the correlation, but I thought you might find it amusing
20:13:29 : <dmac44> Does Disney own the rights to a RW movie?
20:13:33 : <Larry> My grandfather and his old friend were both shot. Maybe by each other. Evidence got cleaned up somehow.
20:13:38 : <fredskuentz> Not that I know of
20:13:41 : <fredskuentz> ack
20:14:04 : <fredskuentz> Sorry if it's a sore subject, Larry, I didn't know anything about it other than that there was a Niven connection
20:14:23 : <andy> Well, LucasArts does have the chops for space movies, and Disney owns Pixar, which could probably do a pretty good I guess it makes sense.
20:14:24 : "xihr" left the channel.
20:14:41 : <fredskuentz> andy, that's all I could figure
20:14:54 : <fredskuentz> "these two powerhouses have the might to do it!"
20:15:00 : "xihr" joined the channel.
20:15:08 : <NickE> wb
20:15:21 : <Larry> Best I can tell, Ringworld is at MGM. I haven't tried to learn more.
20:15:31 : <Hippy> Last month Larry was saying that a new contract makes a movie more likely, so presumably that means that the rights are up for grabs
20:15:59 : <Hippy> Ah. . .
20:16:44 : <fredskuentz> Oh, dear. Suddenly I have the mental image of Speaker (Chmeee!) as the lion in the MGM logo, roaring the opening of the film ...
20:17:05 : <dmac44> lol
20:17:06 : <sean> LOL... thanks for the image
20:17:07 : <NickE> you would :-)
20:17:23 : <fredskuentz> This is how my creative mind works
20:17:31 : <dmac44> under the arch of course.
20:17:33 : <fredskuentz> you just need to filter stuff like that out when talking to clients
20:17:34 : <fredskuentz> :D
20:17:51 : <Larry> The rights are not up for grabs. There's a detailed contract binding them.
20:18:10 : <fredskuentz> One Ringworld to bind them all?
20:18:20 : <sean> thats bad
20:18:27 : <NickE> beat me to it
20:18:31 : <NickE> :-)
20:19:41 : <dmac44> Larry, are Rights contracts ever written to convey an obligation to make a movie?
20:20:13 : <Larry> Don't know. Ask a lawyer.
20:20:42 : <fredskuentz> I'd say the first Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie would qualify
20:20:55 : <fredskuentz> the rights reverted unless a movie was made
20:21:30 : <fredskuentz> Hence they knocked out a FF flick knowing it would never see the light of day, just to keep the rights until the director was free to make the REAL movie
20:21:37 : <fredskuentz> which ... never happened
20:21:47 : <NickE> brb
20:22:27 : <gofffan> Look how long I Robot was kicked around.
20:22:37 : <Hippy> Youw ould think all rights would be signed over with an obligation like that, to avoid people squatting on them for decades as a kind of spoiler
20:22:48 : <johnmanyjars> the ellison script for that was wonderful, so of course they didn't use it
20:23:13 : <fredskuentz> Didn't they just buy the title at the last minute because they'd ripped off so much of it?
20:23:43 : <fredskuentz> I actually tried to watch that a couple weeks ago, but fell asleep
20:24:11 : <johnmanyjars> was it a Proyas thing? I liked Dark City
20:25:42 : <fredskuentz> it was a will smith thing
20:25:45 : <fredskuentz> OMG
20:25:55 : <fredskuentz> the best balloon animal *ever*
20:25:55 : <fredskuentz>
20:27:10 : <NickE> Want!
20:29:42 : <fredskuentz> One of the houses I've been looking to buy has a big 2 story gallery to display all my treasures. Somebody asked me what the centerpiece would be:
20:29:43 : <fredskuentz>
20:30:17 : <fredskuentz> Hmm. That should have previewed
20:30:18 : <fredskuentz>
20:30:22 : <fredskuentz> ah. better.
20:30:28 : <Hippy> That looks awesome
20:30:42 : <fredskuentz> It's a robot, growls and snaps
20:30:59 : <sean> I will stick with my sonic screwdriver
20:31:02 : <Hippy> Useful for the pesky Mormons
20:32:35 : <fredskuentz> what else would go here?
20:32:37 : <fredskuentz>
20:33:02 : <Dan_away> Back from the store. Beer acheivement, unlocked.
20:33:08 : <fredskuentz> :)
20:33:34 : <sean> wb
20:33:47 : <dmac44> Change of subject: Has anyone heard of The Wave (in Arizona)?
20:33:56 : <fredskuentz> in what context?
20:34:07 : <dmac44> Interesting geology.
20:34:39 : <fredskuentz>
20:34:42 : <fredskuentz> that?
20:35:04 : <sean> pretty
20:35:21 : <fredskuentz> and would Pak Protectors have put that on the map of Earth?
20:35:27 : <fredskuentz> is the map that detailed?
20:35:36 : <dmac44> Yes.
20:36:14 : <dmac44> I hiked there a month ago. The BLM only allows 20 people a day there. The permits are given out by lottery.
20:36:22 : <fredskuentz> wow
20:36:31 : <fredskuentz> I knew it existed but no details
20:36:57 : <fredskuentz> so do you actually trod on that?
20:37:02 : <dmac44> If anyone is interested here are the photos I took: They start half way down the page. I did not photoshop any of them.
20:37:09 : <fredskuentz> or just on marked paths looking at it from a distance?
20:37:28 : <dmac44> Trod on it, yes.
20:37:36 : <Hippy> Like Stonehenge
20:37:50 : <Hippy> Unlike it, I mean
20:37:52 : <fredskuentz> I don't think they let you trod on Stonehenge
20:37:55 : <fredskuentz> heh
20:38:09 : <dmac44> Very unique. As close to another world as I've gotten.
20:38:19 : <Dan> I remember seeing a couple of photoshoots that might have been done there, or someplace vaguely similar.
20:38:28 : <dmac44> I do think they now let you touch Stonehenge.
20:38:59 : <Hippy> Well, that's something to do in 2014
20:39:04 : <gofffan> But not lean against it.
20:39:30 : <fredskuentz> wonderful pics, thanks
20:39:43 : <sean> yeah, I am going to bookmark that page
20:40:28 : <dmac44> Only 20 permits per day, half via the internet 4 months ahead of time. 10 for those who show up at the BLM office in Kanab, UT the day before the hile (again, given out by lottery - about a 10% chance of getting a permit).
20:42:51 : <NickE> cool. Recal playing on the stones at Stenehenge when I was a kid before it was all fenced off
20:43:06 : <johnmanyjars> heh nick so do I
20:43:19 : <johnmanyjars> we lived here when I was 4 to 5
20:43:26 : <NickE> fun wasnt it
20:43:33 : <NickE> cool
20:43:46 : <johnmanyjars> yeah. I haven' t been there since
20:44:19 : <Hippy> It wasn't evenopen for sunrise in 2003. Maybe they've improved that
20:44:45 : <NickE> me either, but visited many times in the 70s
20:44:53 : <Hippy> Does it make any sense to anyone, anywhere, that they would make a DVD recorder that you couldn't burn a DVD with? God!
20:46:27 : <sean> Hippy, that makes no sense
20:46:34 : <Larry> Hippy, are you getting flashbacks?
20:48:23 : <Lensman_Free> Hippy: It makes just as much sense as this:
20:48:52 : <dmac44> lol
20:49:07 : <sean> ROFL
20:49:09 : <Lensman_Free> :)
20:50:13 : <fredskuentz> hee hee
20:50:14 : <Hippy> LOL!
20:50:26 : <fredskuentz> Netflix gives you back a dollar if you use that first
20:50:31 : <fredskuentz> but only on their streaming service
20:50:33 : <Hippy> Well, what is the new technology that has replaced DVD while I wasn't looking?
20:50:41 : <Lensman_Free> Never pay another DVD rewind fee!
20:51:01 : <sean> I shot that one over to google plus
20:51:19 : <Lensman_Free> And if you're looking for that gift for a man who has everything...
still has VHS tape around, too :(
20:51:34 : <andy> Hippy: It's a tie between Blu-Ray (essentially a HD version of DVD) and streaming video currently.
20:52:14 : <Lensman_Free> I still have some VHS tapes. Don't watch 'em much anymore.
20:52:15 : <fredskuentz> Streaming is worse so it's winning
20:52:27 : <fredskuentz> I have boxes of VHS and Beta tapes
20:52:29 : <dmac44> Well, at least Hippy it's not Betamax.
20:52:34 : <Hippy> Yeah, I suppose. . .streaming doesn't make any sense to me. You might as well be watching TV
also has a Betamax :(
20:53:03 : <dmac44> :)
20:53:11 : <Hippy> Well, that's on loan in exchange for a cassette recorder
20:53:19 : <Lensman_Free> Copyright owners want to to pay a fee for viewing every time. Kinda like a book that you can't buy, just rent.
20:53:24 : <dmac44> 8 track?
20:53:40 : <gofffan> Reel to reel?
20:53:42 : <Hippy> No. . .but it's a thought
20:53:58 : <Hippy> Nope. That one bit the dust a few years back
20:54:04 : <Hippy> And no Victrola
20:54:35 : <Hippy> What I want now is a VHS tape cleaner, but they cost the Earth
20:55:48 : <fredskuentz> I've got my whole tape library of 2" and 1" and 3/4"
20:55:57 : <fredskuentz> that I'll probably never run any of again
20:56:02 : <fredskuentz> and betacam
20:56:07 : <fredskuentz> and recordable laser disc
20:56:12 : <sean> I have gone all digital
20:57:12 : <sean> I no longer have even a disk player attached to the tv
20:57:30 : <fredskuentz> my DVR died
20:57:33 : <Hippy> Well, I will say that there's more of the movies I want to see out there now, so I could probably start to get rid of some of the tapes, but I still want to burn DVDs once I record them
20:57:37 : <fredskuentz> which they do routinely
20:57:43 : <Hippy> So did mine, Fred
20:57:46 : <fredskuentz> and I didn't replace it. I've had enough of that tech
20:58:05 : <Hippy> So how would you play DVDs then?
20:58:12 : <sean> me?
20:58:17 : <Larry> I should accomplish something. Fare you well.
20:58:20 : <Hippy> Anyone
20:58:27 : <fredskuentz> thanks for coming by Larry
20:58:28 : <Hippy> 'Bye, Larry.
20:58:31 : <fredskuentz> always a pleasure
20:58:31 : <Dan> Bye, Larry!
20:58:32 : <dmac44> bye Larry.
20:58:37 : <fredskuentz> and you sold a book!
20:58:43 : <Hippy> Sorry to have dragged the conversation off on some stupid Luddite tangent
20:58:44 : <sean> I have a media player that can play anything off any of my pc's.
20:58:47 : <NickE> bye
20:58:48 : <gofffan> Bye.
20:58:52 : <Hippy> Sorry to everyone, that is
20:58:53 : <sean> later larry
20:59:20 : "Larry" left the channel.
20:59:41 : <sean> So I can put a dvd in a dvd drive on a pc and play it.
20:59:55 : <sean> to the big tv
21:00:04 : <Hippy> That doesn't seem as satisfying as a TV, though
21:00:18 : <fredskuentz> he plays it in the pc
21:00:19 : <Hippy> Oh, well, yes, that would be as satisfying
21:00:25 : <fredskuentz> but it displays on the tv
21:00:46 : <Hippy> That might work
21:00:51 : <sean> yep. the disk is in a drive in the other room but the video plays on the tv
21:00:56 : <fredskuentz> I can do a similar thing but I find it easier to dump the file to a usb thumb drive
21:01:33 : <sean> I have a 500 gig drive connected to the media player that has all the tv shows i like on it
21:01:42 : <Hippy> So I could lift the drive out of the broken DVR and it would just work like a normal IDE drive?
21:01:49 : <fredskuentz> I've been looking at big flat screen tvs. One, intended to be wallmounted, had a USB port smack on the back
21:01:49 : <Hippy> With files etc?
21:02:00 : <fredskuentz> so you have to mount it 6" from the wall
21:02:05 : <fredskuentz> head*desk*pound
21:02:33 : <Hippy> Now that's design!
21:02:39 : <sean> I think my tv has a usb port and a vga port on the side
21:02:40 : <Dan> I've got to swap computers for the living room TV. With the household LAN I can access anything on any of the computers in the house.
21:03:12 : <fredskuentz> some of the new tvs are advertising that they'll play mkv directly
21:03:23 : <fredskuentz> they're embracing our inner torrents
21:03:30 : <Hippy> It just staggers me that technology is moving away from being able to record stuff and keep it
21:03:40 : <fredskuentz> agreed
21:03:54 : <fredskuentz> it also staggers me that techology is moving to SMALLER screens
21:04:00 : <fredskuentz> 17" macbooks are gone
21:04:04 : <fredskuentz> ipad mini? really?
21:04:13 : <Hippy> Yes, that is bloody stupid
21:04:44 : <fredskuentz> even the full size mac desktop screens are shrinking
21:04:50 : <sean> my media player, highly recommended:
21:04:55 : <johnmanyjars> you can tell it's nearly nov 5, it sounds like were being shelled
21:05:01 : <sean> its been updated for wifi since i got mine
21:05:21 : <NickE> v quiet here for a change
21:05:26 : <Hippy> I shall look into it
21:05:50 : <fredskuentz> what's special about nov 5?
21:06:06 : <Dan> Guy Fawkes Day.
21:06:11 : <fredskuentz> ah
21:06:19 : <fredskuentz> I don't watch Natalie Portman movies
21:06:20 : <fredskuentz> :)
21:06:35 : <Hippy> I remember that. It was what we had before K Mart foisted Halloween on us
21:06:57 : <sean> yeah but you have english and aussie friends. they same the same thing this time every year ;)
21:07:31 : <Hippy> Well, I know I do :)
21:07:32 : <fredskuentz> my aussie friend died :(
21:07:51 : <Hippy> Oh. That's sad to hear
21:08:17 : <fredskuentz> It hasn't been a good year to have me like you
21:09:00 : <Hippy> Er. . .is there some way I can make you hate me, then?
21:09:10 : <Hippy> Just until Christmas?
21:09:11 : <fredskuentz> oh, no need
21:09:15 : <fredskuentz> :D
21:09:18 : <Dan> This hasn't beed a good year, full stop.
21:09:29 : <fredskuentz> I bet Sheen is doing well
21:09:40 : <sean> heh
21:09:48 : <NickE> twat
21:09:58 : <johnmanyjars> confound and bother christmas
21:10:21 : <fredskuentz> this was the first halloween ever that I didn't observe
21:10:25 : <fredskuentz> not a decoration
21:10:29 : <fredskuentz> not a piece of candy
21:10:43 : <johnmanyjars> how do you "observe" halloween?
21:10:47 : <johnmanyjars> summon the devil or something?
21:10:48 : <fredskuentz> costumes
21:10:50 : <fredskuentz> parties
21:10:53 : <fredskuentz> kids at the door
21:10:57 : <fredskuentz> massive decorations
21:11:00 : <NickE> pumkins
21:11:07 : <fredskuentz> people came from miles around to my house
21:11:09 : <johnmanyjars> heh.
21:11:14 : <NickE> my ife carves them very well
21:11:17 : <fredskuentz> Jack O'Lanterns, right
21:11:18 : <NickE> wife
21:11:18 : <johnmanyjars> six kids turned up here this year
21:11:23 : <fredskuentz> big inflateables
21:11:27 : <johnmanyjars> but was pissing rain
21:11:32 : <NickE> only 3 lots for us
21:11:34 : <johnmanyjars> how unusual.
21:11:47 : <NickE> yeah, weather horrible
21:12:02 : <johnmanyjars> you live where it's dry(er)
21:12:03 : <sean> I went to the halloween party as the Doctor. One kid about 17 got it instantly. most other people had to puzzle it out and required hints.
21:12:18 : <fredskuentz> Witch Doctor?
21:12:19 : <johnmanyjars> I live in Oswaldtwistle... God, it even has a silly name
21:12:28 : <sean> THE Doctor
21:12:39 : <johnmanyjars> Weaselpiss Lancashire
21:12:42 : <fredskuentz> Ah, Tennant
21:12:43 : <gofffan> Who?
21:12:54 : <Hippy> LOL
21:13:10 : <sean> actually i went as smith with the 11th dr sonic and a bow tie
21:13:26 : <NickE> bow ties aer cool
21:13:33 : <fredskuentz> see, I'm not sure I'd recognize that
21:13:37 : <johnmanyjars> I thought that was fez(es)
21:13:41 : <fredskuentz> almost have to be Tom Baker
21:13:53 : <sean> fez's are cool until river incinerates them
21:14:16 : <johnmanyjars> i mentioned on the list that the new red dwarf is actually good
21:14:22 : <fredskuentz> list?
21:14:32 : <Dan> Could dress any way you like, carry a sonic screwdriver, and claim to be the Next Doctor, LOL!
21:14:34 : <johnmanyjars> the larry niven list you treasonous dog.
21:14:40 : <johnmanyjars> sorry... got carried away there
21:14:45 : <fredskuentz> heh
21:14:46 : <johnmanyjars> you former list member.
21:14:48 : <sean> true, dan
21:14:52 : <NickE> and yet I find what Ive seen pretty unfunny
21:14:53 : <Hippy> Oh, yes, I saw an ad for that. I shall have to check it out
21:15:17 : <sean> julie went as my companion so she could wear anything she wanted.
21:15:23 : <NickE> its not that great TBH
21:15:25 : <NickE> IMO
21:15:42 : <fredskuentz> Is she a tall stick figure thin albino redhead?
21:15:48 : <johnmanyjars> well, i saw one of them and I thought it was funny. I got kind of tired of it years ago.
21:15:48 : <sean> nope
21:16:01 : <johnmanyjars> because it's the same thing, over and over and over and over and over and over
21:16:04 : <johnmanyjars> sorry, got carried away again
21:16:32 : <Dan> Getting carried away is always better than getting carted off. :)
21:16:40 : <NickE> it was really good up to seris 6 then became a bit variable
21:16:56 : <johnmanyjars> that's always possible. i could get sectioned under the mental health act
21:17:03 : <johnmanyjars> my wife can do that.
21:17:16 : <Hippy> That's handy
21:17:17 : <johnmanyjars> (temporarly)
21:17:30 : <johnmanyjars> could be. My neighbours call me the mad american
21:17:40 : <NickE> it has moments, I;ll grant, but they're pale imitations of the LOL earlier series
21:17:45 : <fredskuentz> my neighbors call me that too
21:17:52 : <johnmanyjars> i can't do any crimes here... they'd be like "it was that american" and the police would be all like, "we know who he is"
21:18:03 : <johnmanyjars> and they'd be around to my house very quickly
21:18:15 : <Dan> "He was always so quiet..."
21:18:27 : <johnmanyjars> I'm not, American's are loud. Everyone knows that.
21:18:47 : <Hippy> Yes. . .
21:19:03 : <johnmanyjars> and they use apostrophes in the wrong places
21:19:16 : <johnmanyjars> is Lensman actually present?
21:19:37 : <Hippy> Good quest'ion
21:19:42 : <dmac44> if, there were, only rules for that.
21:20:24 : <sean> those are commas ;)
21:20:27 : <Dan> Oh, NOW my inner editor is getting a headache. LOL!
21:20:33 : <dmac44> Damn.
21:20:42 : <gofffan> <johnmanyjars> and they use apostrophes in the wrong places
21:20:51 : <gofffan> "Your wrong."
21:21:13 : <johnmanyjars> heh
21:21:25 : <sean> those are quotation marks
21:21:27 : <Dan> There, they're, their...
21:21:57 : <sean> this chat has made me LOL several times.
21:22:15 : <Hippy> Glad to hear that
21:23:31 : <Dan> I have gotten used to the Internet teaching that "teh" is an acceptable variant of "the" but I'm always driven to tears when someone uses "then" for "than."
21:24:19 : <Hippy> You should be a teacher in Florida. Some of the stuff that people do there makes me glad they've got the death penalty
21:24:20 : <gofffan> Well than.
21:24:21 : <johnmanyjars> i can't stand the impact thing.
21:24:24 : <sean> actually, xchat automatically turns 'teh' into the for me. I had to put it in apostrophes or xchat would of corrected it.
21:24:30 : <johnmanyjars> and it's cousin, "impactful"
21:24:51 : <Hippy> Would have!
21:25:29 : <Hippy> Oh, I like 'intact' as two words and 'in case' as one. You can always tell a former tax agent by that
21:25:40 : <andy> Hippy: I live in wouldn't believe the stupidity I see on a daily basis
21:25:50 : <Dan> Of course, being Southern carries it's own special vocabulary.
21:26:16 : <andy> also the educational system here sucks - hardly anyone who grew up here can spell decently
21:26:18 : <Hippy> Do you, andy? Cool. I must consider a visit when I'm next over there
21:26:19 : <sean> no doubt, dan
21:27:00 : <andy> Yes - Tampa Bay area - but if you're in Orlando, I'll drive over there to meet with you and buy you a beer or two
21:27:23 : <Hippy> Consider it done :)
21:27:25 : <Dan> I have a couple of friends whose speech has to be translated for my wife. They could be talking in Welsh for all I know, but drop in a few vowels and things start to make sense.
21:29:18 : <Dan> Spaces between words might help, too. "Ahight" for "all right" for instance.
21:29:57 : <Hippy> Actually, 'alright' is now considred aacceptable in the antipodes
21:30:03 : <Hippy> Antipodes
21:30:16 : <sean> or the command to get dogs out of the yard: Getonoudahere!!
21:30:29 : <Dan> Deep Southern demands lots of dashes and apostrophies, as well as convoluted verbal constructions.
21:30:41 : <andy> "alot" in place of "a lot" is the one that bothers me
21:30:42 : <Hippy> John O'Grady's "Owyergoinmateorright?"
21:30:51 : <Hippy> We actually do sound like that
21:30:54 : <andy> and accept/except confusion
21:31:13 : <Hippy> Ah, yes
21:31:27 : <dmac44> Dan: What do y'all mean?
21:31:54 : <gofffan> Well I declare.
21:32:25 : <sean> it's always the same... pick on the southern guys. ;)
21:32:45 : <Dan> Oh, word of warning; If you ever vist the Southern US and are near enought to a Southern lady to hear her say "Oh! HELL no!" please start running as far away and as fast as you can manage to get from the incipient crime scene.
21:32:45 : <Hippy> One good one I heard the other day was that in Boston and around there, they say "I do think" rather than (or then) " I think". Nice holdover from Elizavethan times
21:33:30 : <Dan> goffan, the correct form os "Well! I DO declare..."
21:33:35 : <sean> dan is totally correct on the oh hell no comment
21:33:36 : <Hippy> Should be safe in Florida. That's now as Southern as Puerto Rico
21:33:47 : <dmac44> lol
21:34:08 : <andy> he's right
21:34:23 : <andy> it's a home for retired yankees mostly
21:34:41 : <Hippy> Or Sa-one co Franbloodycisco which I can't seem to avoid landing in! I asked several peoplel where the 'mailbox' was and no-one could understand me
21:35:08 : <Hippy> I asked some woman at the airport and realised that I had to think of what the Spanish was so she would know what I meant
21:35:12 : <Dan> I capitalised the "DO" to show where the speaker places the stressed sylable.
21:35:41 : <Hippy> Southern ladies still say that? That's fantastic!
21:36:42 : <Hippy> I did hear a bl- er, African American woman say 'Chile, you don't know what he gots to be gettin' at a supermarket. How marvelous to knwo that bl- African American women stilly say 'Chile'
21:36:59 : <Dan> And "declare" can be used to judge just how far South you happen to be. The closer it is to being "De Clare," The further South you are.
21:37:01 : <Hippy> . . .when they could say 'Peru' or something
21:37:18 : <dmac44> I'm heading out. Thanks for the English lessons. English is my second language and I don't have a first. :)
21:37:31 : <sean> heh
21:37:36 : <sean> later dmac
21:37:36 : <Hippy> :)
21:37:43 : <Dan> Bye, dmac!
21:37:52 : "dmac44" left the channel.
21:37:55 : <Hippy> Yes, I think I shall head off, too
21:38:05 : <NickE> night then
21:38:10 : <sean> time for some breakfast?
21:38:13 : <Hippy> It's looking like a bright golden haze will be on the meadow and I can do some washing
21:38:17 : <Dan> Always nice to see you again, Hippy!
21:38:22 : <NickE> whiskey fpr me
21:38:29 : <NickE> Take care matey
21:38:42 : <Hippy> I will. See you all next month
21:38:51 : <gofffan> bye
21:39:06 : <NickE> ttfn
21:39:10 : <Hippy> Ooh, yes, and Nick, I shall be ordering the book we talked about soon, so get set for a parcel
21:39:25 : <NickE> oh ok, no wporries
21:39:43 : <NickE> thnaks for that
21:39:46 : <Hippy> To avoid complications
21:40:21 : <NickE> (as I recall its a hard to get Movie hardback :-)
21:40:34 : <Hippy> Dan, I got your email re Mare Inebrium but haven't had time to respond. I will incorporate your thoughts, though, and I've now deicded I'll make my story into a NaNoWriMo attempt
21:40:47 : <Hippy> That it is, Nick
21:40:48 : <NickE> er...coffeetable type hardback that is!
21:40:59 : <Hippy> Yep
21:41:17 : <Dan> That's great, Hippy. Take your time and turn it in when you feel you've gotten it exactly how you want it.
21:41:32 : <Hippy> Thanks. I will
21:41:51 : <Hippy> Until December. . .
21:41:56 : "Hippy" left the channel.
21:42:11 : <sean> yeah, just read the atlantis code by charles brokaw. He dropped in lots of british terms that I had to look up.
21:42:17 : <sean> brill
21:42:26 : <fredskuentz> I think friend Gofffan was hoping for some Known Space discussion
21:42:36 : <fredskuentz> somebody please start an esoteric discussion?
21:42:40 : <sean> mashers
21:42:50 : <gofffan> Now I've got a month to brush up!
21:43:06 : <Dan> Hippy's stuff is a joy to edit. He works so hard on it that I only have to suggest one or two changes.
21:43:17 : <NickE> nice
21:43:25 : <sean> He seemed that type when we met him in chattanooga
21:43:50 : <andy> there was some Known Space discussion - Ringworld, kzin, kdatlyno...
21:43:55 : <NickE> decent geezer
21:44:14 : <NickE> oh so there was... :-)
21:44:20 : <sean> yep
21:44:23 : <gofffan> Yes. There was a decent smattering.
21:44:38 : <gofffan> Great to 'hear' Larry
21:44:43 : <fredskuentz> Okay. Didn't want your first outing to be a disappointment. :)
21:44:43 : <gofffan> Great to 'hear' Larry's voice here.
21:44:45 : <sean> so are you a big Niven fan goffan?
21:44:50 : <Dan> Well, he's written one story in my spaceport bar series, and the story he just mentioned is the 2nd. His concepts fit in without much continuity conflict, and were things no one had thought to do before.
21:45:11 : <NickE> Larry's cool...kinda goes without saying here i guess :-)
21:45:44 : <fredskuentz> sometimes he asks us for input which is fun
21:46:14 : <gofffan> cool
21:46:15 : <NickE> oh yeah
21:46:25 : <Dan> Larry is a gentleman. Meeting him in person makes you wish the guy could make enemies somehow, just so you could go kill one of them for him as a favor. LOL!
21:46:43 : <gofffan> Ha!
21:47:05 : <sean> very true, dan.
21:47:55 : <Dan> And Jerry Pournelle always makes me think of him as that teacher you wanted to impress in School.
21:48:25 : <sean> I said Hi to Jerry but didn't really interact with him.
21:49:18 : <Dan> I got the feeling that Jerry wouldn't be healthy enough to go to many more conventions. Maybe a year ot two more, and he'll have to give it up.
21:49:33 : <sean> I got that impression as well.
21:50:11 : <gofffan> That is unfortunate.
21:50:14 : <Dan> Sad, that. But I'd rather he gave up going to conventions than wind up dead at one.
21:50:15 : <NickE> shame
21:50:21 : <NickE> right
21:51:10 : <Dan> Cons take a lot out of you. Especally if you dedicate yourself to interacting with as many of your fans as you can manage.
21:51:21 : <sean> and they both do that
21:51:49 : <Dan> I haven't met Ed yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so.
21:52:04 : <sean> same here. we email back and forth from time to time
21:52:20 : <sean> when he schedules a chat for his mailing list, I host it.
21:52:53 : <sean> more of an announcement list than a interactive list.
21:53:13 : <Dan> I wish Ed had a space in his schedule for a LibertyCon in the future.
21:53:34 : <sean> yeah... going to see if i can make it next year.
21:54:37 : <Dan> Make sure you bring a six-pack of toe-Maato juice to go with that vodka! LOL!
21:54:40 : <sean> that was probably the most fun weekend I have had in my post 30 year old life
21:54:55 : <NickE> jealous
21:55:04 : <sean> I will be more prepared now that I know what I am getting into.
21:55:39 : <gofffan> Okay. I'll say duh now to get it over with. Ed who?
21:55:49 : <sean> Edward M Lerner
21:55:55 : <gofffan> oh. duh
21:56:01 : <sean> co-writer of the of Worlds series
21:56:17 : <sean> he comes in as EML but we just call him ed
21:56:29 : <NickE> hes usually here at the chats
21:57:06 : <Dan> And to all of y'all in England, I'll try to post info for the next time Lyn & I fly over. As usual, we'll be based in the Portsmouth area, but make flying visits to Bristol, London, and with luck a caravan trip through parts of Wales.
21:57:27 : <NickE> not always at the same time as Larry leading to some speculation that they were samne person :-)
21:57:39 : <sean> he said he would rather write as Ed Lerner but since his first book was EML, his publisher recommended he stick with that.
21:59:46 : <gofffan> Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure. I'm off to prepare dinner. Thanks for the lively conversation.
22:00:14 : <fredskuentz> Glad you could make it Richard
22:00:30 : <gofffan> Bye y'all.
22:00:36 : "gofffan" left the channel.
22:03:16 : <fredskuentz> I'm tempted to buy FATE OF WORLDS on Kindle and read it right now and return it when my physical copy comes
22:03:23 : <fredskuentz> would that be bad?
22:03:29 : <sean> no
22:04:09 : <fredskuentz> Books you purchase from the Kindle Store are eligible for return and refund if we receive your request within seven days of the date of purchase. Once a refund is issued, you'll no longer have access to the book. To request a refund and return, visit Manage Your Kindle, click the actions tab for the title you'd like to return, and select "Return for refund."
22:04:13 : <NickE> brb
22:05:01 : <fredskuentz> I mean, it has the word 'ringworld' in the title
22:05:06 : <sean> if you have the time, go for it. the physical book is probably 3 times the cost.
22:05:14 : <fredskuentz> nope
22:05:19 : <fredskuentz> $14 for hardback
22:05:23 : <fredskuentz> $13 for kindle
22:05:36 : <sean> i have not checked.
22:05:39 : <sean> i am not allowed
22:05:43 : <fredskuentz> $23 for mp3
22:06:27 : <fredskuentz> or $11 for audio if you already bought the kindle
22:06:30 : <andy> You only save $1 buying on Kindle? Clearly the publishing houses need more than a wrist slap over their price fixing!
22:06:31 : <fredskuentz> weird
22:06:35 : <fredskuentz> yes
22:06:45 : <fredskuentz> that's why I'm not overly concerned about returning it
22:07:13 : <NickE> just finished watchin American Werewolf in London. God I love that film
22:07:27 : <sean> I remember that, Nick
22:07:55 : <NickE> Great novie and such an accurate snapshot of London in 1980
22:08:04 : <NickE> (came out in '81)
22:08:26 : <fredskuentz> amazon doesn't say I own betrayer of worlds
22:08:33 : <fredskuentz> can I be that far behind?
22:10:25 : <fredskuentz> nope, got it here
22:10:26 : <fredskuentz> :)
22:10:48 : <sean> thunderstorm... hopefully power wont fail.
22:11:11 : <sean> server on battery backup so no worries for 3 hours if it happens
22:12:42 : <fredskuentz> and fate of worlds is on my ipad!
22:12:44 : <fredskuentz> yay!
22:13:00 : <sean> woo hoo
22:13:12 : <sean> I will stick with my kindle touch for now
22:13:53 : <fredskuentz> well it's on my kindle dx too :)
22:13:58 : <fredskuentz> and my macbook
22:14:02 : <fredskuentz> it's in the cloud, man
22:14:57 : <fredskuentz> this is a spoiler
22:15:01 : <fredskuentz> but it's on the cover
22:15:17 : <sean> i understand. most of my stuff is in my personal cloud since i have access to all of my linux boxes from anywhere.
22:15:22 : <fredskuentz> "The explosive finale to the Ringworld *and* the Fleet of World Series"
22:15:36 : <fredskuentz> sniffle
22:16:25 : <NickE> and we thought we'd come up with the finale with RWC :-)
22:16:30 : <sean> gotcha
22:16:38 : <fredskuentz> uh oh
22:16:39 : <NickE> well, the seed anyway
22:16:46 : <fredskuentz> dramatis personae
22:16:56 : <fredskuentz> I always bog down at dramatis personae
22:17:17 : <sean> but you know... I think I enjoy niven's slower than light stuff more than a lot of the hyperdrive stuff
22:17:28 : <NickE> heh
22:17:36 : <sean> i do too, fred
22:18:44 : <NickE> thing is, I find myself disapponted when I don't spot Frank in there :-/
22:19:10 : <sean> come on, dont make me all melancholy.
22:19:31 : <NickE> sorry. I love that he's still mooching ariund in our heads
22:19:50 : <sean> well, to log into the ftp server, the user name is frankg
22:20:01 : <NickE> i kniow
22:20:31 : <NickE> ulp chocking on Glenfidich her!!!
22:20:32 : <sean> hey, I talked with frank and peggy on the phone all the time. I totally miss that
22:21:03 : <NickE> Frank's laugh
22:21:10 : <NickE> Frank'
22:21:15 : <NickE> bolls
22:21:17 : <NickE> bolls#
22:21:18 : <sean> I will never forget it.
22:21:30 : <NickE> shit
22:21:59 : <fredskuentz> I promised Frank I'd take him places when I got mom's handicapped van
22:21:59 : <sean> glenfidich, huh? who are you? Mccloud?
22:22:07 : <fredskuentz> but he died a couple weeks too soon
22:22:16 : <fredskuentz> never did get to meet him
22:22:18 : <NickE> nah tgat was Glen Morrangie
22:22:30 : <NickE> pronounced wrounbg
22:22:37 : <NickE> me either
22:22:44 : <NickE> reall regret
22:23:01 : <sean> I considered him a friend but never met him
22:23:12 : <NickE> sorry eyes watering with tryng to clear whiskey down the wrong pipe
22:23:18 : <sean> gotcha
22:23:22 : <NickE> same here
22:23:48 : <sean> hell, i have known dan and lyn for 15 plus years and met them this year
22:24:24 : <NickE> feck. brought it down. Not meant to, just miss the old sod
22:24:33 : <sean> so do I
22:24:35 : <sean> tis ok
22:24:58 : <NickE> Like t9o think he's following the lo
22:25:12 : <NickE> gs and lausghing his arse off
22:25:40 : <sean> I like to think he is virtually standing behind sheen with a virtual sledge hammer
22:25:55 : <Dan> Cattle prod...
22:26:27 : <NickE> hehehhe
22:26:38 : <NickE> .45
22:26:46 : <sean> waiting on the fred comment but he is stuck with the dramatis
22:27:18 : <fredskuentz> actually I was barfing at the timeline
22:27:50 : <fredskuentz> which has a REAL problem
22:28:36 : <fredskuentz> It has the Fleet of Worlds discovering the Ringworld re the dates given in Ringworld, right before Louis' expedition
22:28:39 : <fredskuentz> but but but
22:28:49 : <sean> dont spoil it for me. i cant have the book till the 27th
22:28:54 : <fredskuentz> the Puppeteers knew about the ring thousands of years earlier
22:29:01 : <fredskuentz> this isn't even text sean
22:29:03 : <Dan> That ignores the superconductor plague.
22:29:08 : <fredskuentz> this is in the guides in the beginning
22:29:08 : <NickE> yeah but you have to almost taket the Worlds stuff as seperate
22:29:11 : <fredskuentz> Dan, right
22:30:12 : <NickE> esp the Louis Wu was good to read but simply didn't fit
22:30:18 : <Dan> If Ed & Larry needed continuity editors, we're all right here!
22:30:28 : <sean> very true, dan
22:30:29 : <fredskuentz> they could sure use us
22:30:34 : <NickE> heh
22:30:39 : <fredskuentz> especially on Children
22:30:56 : <NickE> can't complain as we started it :-)
22:31:33 : <sean> yep... he even gives us kudos in the intro
22:32:01 : <NickE> (didn't for the title of Bowl mutter mutter :-)
22:32:26 : <sean> and if anyone has read secret of blackship island, he lists as his official website
22:32:51 : <sean> in his bio
22:32:56 : <NickE> well it is, He said so right here
22:33:01 : <sean> thats right
22:33:32 : <sean> dang, i love running this server. thank you for getting me to do it Frank
22:33:41 : <NickE> damsn staright
22:34:03 : <NickE> this is kinda the "unter list"
22:34:50 : <Dan> To Frank! Raise you glasses high my friends! Our friend has touched the sky and taught them the meaning of beauty.
22:35:06 : <NickE> feckin right
22:35:07 : <sean> done
22:35:28 : <NickE> ( and without choking to death on it this time :-0)
22:35:38 : <sean> heh
22:35:55 : <Dan> And again, to Peggy! No one else could have tamed our Frank!
22:36:02 : <NickE> amen
22:36:20 : <sean> done again
22:36:39 : <sean> she was a joy to talk to as well
22:37:22 : <NickE> I will never forget being here for their wedding, what a hoot that was
22:38:41 : <sean> I dont remember the wedding. I remember the peggy remembrance.
22:38:56 : <Dan> And to you all, who dare to take away the pain of loss.
22:38:58 : <NickE> well that too, rather remember thye good stuff]
22:39:20 : <NickE> but yes, remember bot wakes#
22:40:08 : <sean> I have the wedding pictures around here somewhere. meaning on some drive somewhere i hope
22:40:15 : <NickE> heh, Frank swas texting hjere right up until " oh gotta go make my vows" or some such :-)
22:40:33 : <sean> oh, i do remember that
22:41:15 : <sean> yes, they did they wedding in the living room. not far from the puter.
22:41:33 : <NickE> about 6 feet as I recall
22:41:43 : <NickE> couldn't believe tyha
22:41:46 : <NickE> that
22:41:55 : <NickE> fun fun times
22:42:03 : <sean> yes
22:42:13 : <NickE> glad they shared it with us
22:42:16 : "johnmanyjars" left the channel.
22:42:22 : <NickE> oops
22:42:45 : <sean> he blames it on british telecom i think
22:42:47 : <NickE> ws it something I said? :0)
22:42:49 : <Dan> OK, who has the duct tape?
22:43:08 : <NickE> shit, wheer did i put it
22:43:13 : <Dan> Need to start taping people to the channel again.
22:43:17 : <sean> i think i am out of virtual duct tape
22:44:36 : <NickE> hmm. think there may be a fox about, Cat very twitchy about going out. Hope chooks are OK
22:44:53 : <Dan> "Rock of ages / cleft for me... / In a slightly / higher key..."
22:46:16 : <NickE> oh ghu. "I am the master of this universe" "The winds of time are blowing through me"
22:46:48 : <NickE> Course, they're using it for a fucking car advert now :-/
22:47:01 : <Dan> Nick, you realize that I've been a Hawkwind fan since 1976?
22:47:06 : <NickE> yes
22:47:37 : <Dan> And Lyn knows one of their original roadies who lives in Texas now.
22:47:38 : <NickE> havent been able to find those old garage tapes y9ou sent me years backi :-(
22:47:43 : <NickE> hehe
22:47:48 : <NickE> they dp get around
22:48:16 : <NickE> Have to admit that I didn't get into thjem until about 1984
22:48:31 : <NickE> but gotta love them Hawks
22:49:00 : <NickE> even if you have to be in just the right mood fro some of it
22:49:26 : <NickE> typing up tp usual standard I see
22:49:35 : <Dan> I've got the You Tube pages for the band bookmarked. The better sound quality stuff is usually the studio album stuff with the album cover, rather than videos.
22:49:45 : <NickE> agree
22:50:57 : <Dan> But sometimes I do wish that Bob Calvert had managed to retain a hold on sanity, and that Lemmie hadn't gotten cut from the band.
22:51:01 : <NickE> Ford car add actually made me go back and listen to In Search of Space. Brilliant in parts, not so much others, buts some is good always
22:51:12 : <NickE> indeed
22:51:59 : <NickE> Rob's death is one of teh few ceremonial drunks that I have embarked on: 1988 IIRC
22:52:39 : <Dan> There is a documentary out there that is really good, but it tends to focus on Stacia's tits more than anything the band did, LOL!
22:52:41 : <NickE> 2 Hawkfans. Many beers. 1 bottle of Southern Comfort...and I forget the rest
22:53:00 : <NickE> well they were fairly noticeable!
22:53:10 : <NickE> Big girl
22:53:12 : <Dan> LOL!
22:53:44 : <Dan> She was amazing. Is, actually. Not left us yet.
22:54:28 : <NickE> oh no - she did one of the documentaries. Still striking, Weird as fuck, but impressive
22:54:39 : <Dan> I'm glad they weren't based in the US. No US band could have gotten away with so much.
22:55:01 : <NickE> true
22:55:52 : <Dan> I've got about 50 of the albums on vinyl, and a few more on CD as well as digital downloads.
22:55:59 : <NickE> met Lemmy once at the Marquee Club in Wardour Street. He was playing Asteroids and asked me "How does this fucking thing work then!"
22:56:10 : <NickE> Ugly bugger
22:56:31 : <NickE> Was too pissed tp provide a coherent reply unfortunately
22:56:48 : <NickE> Or offer to buy him a drink
22:56:50 : <NickE> Or offer to buy him a drink#
22:56:56 : <Dan> "You press the buttons to move and fire the guns, and smack the bugger on the side when it doesn't do what you want..."
22:57:20 : <NickE> thats about right
22:57:52 : <NickE> must have been about 18. Drunk and fuck stupid...happy days
22:59:00 : <NickE> One thing though, may have been unsteady and incoherent, but never really lost my memory when in thate state
22:59:46 : <NickE> which is quite nice. Guts would always know when I'd genuinely had enough and evict the offender :-)
23:00:13 : <Dan> All my garage band stuff inspired by Hawkwind is up on my Soundcloud page. Well, almost everything I've done musically is there, Hawkwind inspired or not.
23:00:54 : <NickE> ah, will have to re-investigate. Rather like the 10,000 Airships stuff that I heard
23:01:32 : <Dan> I need to finish that. Some of the people who said they's do the voice acting backed out of the project.
23:02:25 : <Dan> No cash return for an amature project done without hope of sales, and all that.
23:02:52 : <NickE> yeah, but you had fun right?
23:02:58 : <Dan> Still got it all in my head, the unfinished songs I mean.
23:03:51 : <NickE> cool
23:04:24 : <Dan> Sure, I love listening to what did get finished. All I really need to go back to it is a few people reading parts into their computer, set to record .wav files.
23:05:26 : <NickE> should have said much earlier (may even have done) but here if you want me
23:06:01 : <Dan> I like writing the music parts best. It's like working with a big orchestra, a rock band, and a synth band - only without the divas you'd run into in a live project.
23:06:18 : <NickE> no bother if not - kinda dropped out of teh podcastijng thing lately but always able to find time to do recordings
23:07:14 : <Dan> I'll look up the online script and post the link. If I get fired up again, there are at least 3 more pieces that I'll need voices for...
23:08:31 : <NickE> I use a Zoom H4 that will do direct .wav at ehatever rate you want (*would guess 44100Hz 16 bit ast standard, but can go to 96000 24 bit if preferred or any rate mp3 you like
23:09:39 : <NickE> I have 2 sons that are both into Steampunk somewhat
23:09:50 : <NickE> have the costumes
23:10:28 : <Dan>
23:11:02 : <NickE> One of my lads is called Dan :-) No shit
23:12:11 : <Dan> I can't recall what the specs are for recordings at the moment, but "CD Quality" for .wavs and all I require from mp3s is that they don't have a lot of background hiss.
23:13:11 : <NickE> and he's totally into providing voicework if required
23:13:24 : <Dan> If I remember correctly, my preferred audio mixer can handle .wav and mp3 equally well.
23:15:15 : <Dan> If you and the boys are willing to devote a couple of days for something no one will likely ever get a dime from, I'll finish the scripts as soon as I can.
23:15:16 : <NickE> Other son Ben was first in the paraode at D*C 2010 behind the float with the Exraordinary Contraptions on it :-)
23:16:40 : <Dan> I know the Contraptions, good friends. Their guitar player is one of the voice actors who was excited about "10,000 Airships..." when I first started it.
23:16:54 : <NickE> and I knoew that you know thos fine folk :-)
23:18:51 : <NickE> to quote my Dan "I'd be up for that". and I think I can speak for Ben when I say "Fuck yeah!"
23:19:58 : <Dan> I gave their bass player my guitar synth that was damaged in the 2007 house fire. He wants to mod it into a steampunk guitar synth that looks "awesomely cool!" to quote David.
23:20:26 : <NickE> sweeet
23:20:52 : <Dan> I bouht a replacement guitar synth. It's my only working guitar, at the moment.
23:22:20 : <Dan> My normal guitar and my bass (bought back from a guy who helped me out when I was in a tight spot in the '90s!) need rewiring I'm not skilled to do myself.
23:22:26 : <NickE> bio break
23:27:19 : <NickE> upps. Seem to have shanghaid the chat here :-)
23:27:57 : <Dan> The glove has been thrown down and the challenge accepted. Now I have to write the "Pirates" and the "War is Hell" movements of the Airships Suite.
23:28:09 : <NickE> heheh
23:28:17 : <Dan> As well as the scripts for the voice acting.
23:29:18 : <NickE> I loves me some kicking up the createive arse :-)
23:29:19 : <Dan> Sean won't mind that we hijacked. He's probably sitting there thinking "yeah, I want this to happen..."
23:30:08 : <NickE> (am more than a little drunk here....but having fun)
23:30:30 : <Dan> It's the sort of thing that he created the chat room to be used for when Niven chats were done for the day.
23:31:07 : <NickE> glad to be uising it for it's intended then
23:31:49 : <Dan> Me too. Not to mention finally getting my butt in gear for something I needed to finish to get it out of my head so I can make room for new stuff.
23:32:28 : <NickE> yay!
23:32:35 : <NickE> glad to be of service
23:33:24 : <NickE> (shit...sound like a fucking Syrius Cybernetics Presonall
23:33:34 : <Dan> OK, got to look and see what sort of cannon and gunfire .wavs I have on hand...
23:33:40 : <NickE> ality Prototype
23:33:45 : <NickE> thing#]
23:34:07 : <Dan> "Elevator, just take me to the floor I want and don't say a word when I get out..."
23:34:13 : <NickE> I have a shitload on the desktop
23:34:30 : <NickE> Frogstar
23:34:59 : <NickE> fuck, we've tota;;y hijacked this thing
23:35:57 : <Dan> My bigest challenge will be to use music voices I already have on hand in ways different from how I've already used them. My 2nd biggest challenge will be to make the new voice acting scripts not sound corny. LOL!
23:38:02 : <Dan> Going to put on the headphones to listen to "Assemble the Fleet."
23:38:33 : <Dan> Gotta get a beer before I hit play, though. LOL!
23:40:28 : <Dan> OK, ready now...
23:41:54 : <NickE> already playing it
23:42:16 : <Dan> I really love this one.
23:42:46 : <NickE> main question ATM is "should I have another Glenfidich?"
23:42:53 : <NickE> is cool
23:43:08 : <Dan> Answer: YES!
23:43:23 : <NickE> I blamne YOU!
23:43:26 : <NickE> heh
23:43:36 : <Dan> I willingly accept any blame.
23:44:33 : <NickE> look I have 2 Dans saying "I think you should": I abrogate any responsibility :-)
23:45:06 : <NickE> I are a chatty drunk
23:45:16 : <Dan> Responsibility can only be assigned by the Wifely-Unit.
23:45:38 : <Dan> And then only after the fact.
23:45:44 : <NickE> Dan (here) is digging it
23:45:52 : <NickE> hehehe
23:46:29 : <Dan> I need to do a remix that features the brass section more highly.
23:46:41 : <NickE> Look...I want here to make Blueberry pancakes tomorrow....she gets whatever she needs ;-)
23:48:25 : <Dan> Making like an orchestra conductor here...
23:48:53 : <NickE> probably should put this thru the big speakers...
23:49:14 : <NickE> but is late here and i want pancakestomorrow :P-)
23:49:24 : <Dan> Replays are OK.
23:49:26 : <Dan> :)
23:50:15 : <Dan> I understand time and relative dimentions in space...
23:50:35 : <NickE> heh
23:53:46 : <NickE> (sorry to anyone who has no fucking idea what we're banging on about. Shitt even I'm not not that sure :-)
23:54:36 : <Dan> We're having fun on my birthday, that is all the excuse we need to give anyone.