Chat Log: July 7th 2007

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Jul 07 11:16:37 <BillWarren> Good Morning, Known Space!

Jul 07 11:18:27 <BillWarren> Hmmm ... maybe I'm too early for y'all.

Jul 07 11:20:08 <BillWarren> Well, that's OK, I'll check back in a while. I have good news!

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Jul 07 12:39:11 <NickE> hi. V early check in. Will be around full time from about 8pm UK time

Jul 07 12:40:16 <NickE> back later with booze for toasting

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Jul 07 12:49:54 <senax> Hello!

Jul 07 12:50:38 <senax> Just installed a new IRC client and wanted to make sure it was working OK.

Jul 07 12:51:50 <senax> I'll stop by later...bye.

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Jul 07 13:11:39 <BillWarren> Good morning, Known Space! Is anybody home yet?

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Jul 07 13:23:11 <NickE> Back for a little bit

Jul 07 13:23:18 <NickE> Hey Bill

Jul 07 13:23:38 <BillWarren> Good morning! (At least, Central Washington time.)!

Jul 07 13:24:01 <NickE> 's about 620pm here in teh UK

Jul 07 13:24:09 <NickE> 6.20

Jul 07 13:24:32 <NickE> And teh sun is shining for the forst time in seems liek weeks

Jul 07 13:24:52 <NickE> and my typing is up to its usual standard :-)

Jul 07 13:24:57 <BillWarren> I figured. Nobody else is poking in. How're things in -- oops, you answered me already!

Jul 07 13:25:36 <NickE> I checked in about an hout ago to see who was around, was very quiet. It'll pick up

Jul 07 13:26:13 <BillWarren> Since it's slow, I'd like your opinion of my new website (still under construction) -- it includes some Frank Gasperik news. You game?

Jul 07 13:26:19 <NickE> Gonna have to go feed the hordes sometime soon, but will be around full time from about 8pm our time

Jul 07 13:26:40 <NickE> I'm up for that. Was gonna ask abot progress on the Frank front anyway

Jul 07 13:26:56 <NickE> lay the url on me :-)

Jul 07 13:27:25 <BillWarren> Please don't hate me for the pun, but I'm delighted I got it:

Jul 07 13:27:37 <NickE> LOL! classic

Jul 07 13:27:58 <BillWarren> Thank you, sir!

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Jul 07 13:29:29 <BillWarren> Links on the "What's New" page will take you to the "Reader's Digest" version and the full-up Reliquary Pages. (2 so far)

Jul 07 13:31:09 <NickE> checking

Jul 07 13:32:37 <BillWarren> Fank and Clay are one: I have met and made plans with the people who'll be firing him: the sculpting is underway.

Jul 07 13:33:33 <BillWarren> And my target for completion is by my birthday in October and I hope for delivery and unveiling in Los Angeles on his birthday, November 5

Jul 07 13:34:30 <BillWarren> Tha should have said "Frank" ... my typing isn't so good, too.

Jul 07 13:36:21 <BillWarren> Tha should have said "that" ... nuts, I wish I could adjust the pressure sensitivity on this keypad.

Jul 07 13:37:45 <NickE> Ah, so he's mixed good and proper. Must say, I loved that you added some good whiskey. He'd have appreciated that I'm sure :-)

Jul 07 13:38:29 <BillWarren> He wasn't drinking a lot in later days, but I owed him some fine old single-malt!

Jul 07 13:39:03 <BillWarren> Glad you approve.

Jul 07 13:40:12 <BillWarren> I apologize that the page is a bit rough around the edges right now, but I hope you'll pass the url around. The more the merrier!

Jul 07 13:43:04 <NickE> bookmarked. I'll be checking. There's some very inetersting stuff there Bill

Jul 07 13:43:31 <BillWarren> Thank you, I want it to be interesting and fun.

Jul 07 13:46:50 <BillWarren> And I want people to laugh a lot. Hopefully where they're intended to, not at my HTML skills, if you know what I mean.

Jul 07 13:47:31 <NickE> Aye. Still cant believe nobody had taken!

Jul 07 13:47:55 <BillWarren> Neither could I. Just lucky, I guess.:)

Jul 07 13:48:38 <NickE> shiny

Jul 07 13:49:10 <NickE> brb

Jul 07 13:50:10 <BillWarren> Now I need to find some sponsors so I can make a little money from it. (Prismacolor/Berol Pencils, Badger Airbrush, etc. et al)

Jul 07 13:50:41 <BillWarren> Wouldn't hurt for me to sell some prints of my art, either ...

Jul 07 13:59:55 <BillWarren> Quick bio-break on my end of the connection, I'll BRB too...

Jul 07 14:15:55 <NickE> K. entering the crazy time (feeding 5 kids, one of whom has just decided she's a veggie, taking one back home to his parents, then feeding us and cracking a beer around 8pm I guess. Later

Jul 07 14:22:24 <BillWarren> I may be around for a while yet, but was up all night ... we'll see.

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Jul 07 14:26:01 <UncleNasty> IA! IA!

Jul 07 14:26:58 <UncleNasty> CTHULHU F'HTAGN!, etc

Jul 07 14:27:43 <NickE> Hi Neil

Jul 07 14:27:54 <UncleNasty> How goes it, Nick?

Jul 07 14:28:01 <NickE> Gonna be in and out a bit

Jul 07 14:28:12 <UncleNasty> probably same here

Jul 07 14:28:27 <NickE> Not too bad, Got the old bike thru its MOT toady and its not raining for a change :-)

Jul 07 14:28:48 <UncleNasty> sweet

Jul 07 14:29:04 <UncleNasty> used enjoy the roads up around Buxton in staffordshire

Jul 07 14:29:15 <UncleNasty> cat & fiddle was a bit tricky, but fun

Jul 07 14:29:20 <NickE> oh is nice round there

Jul 07 14:29:26 <BillWarren> Hi, Neil! I'm bein in-n-out too.

Jul 07 14:29:27 <NickE> So Ive heard

Jul 07 14:29:32 <UncleNasty> Hi Bill

Jul 07 14:29:41 <UncleNasty> sorry if i'm disconnected today

Jul 07 14:29:47 <UncleNasty> had a bit of a crazy week

Jul 07 14:29:56 <NickE> know the feeling

Jul 07 14:30:08 <UncleNasty> had a bad reaction to meds and spent thursday on O2 & saline to flush

Jul 07 14:30:13 <NickE> nothing to traumatibc I hope

Jul 07 14:30:17 <BillWarren> 'sokay, I'm on pain meds. Disconnected from fingers.

Jul 07 14:30:18 <NickE> Ouch

Jul 07 14:30:44 <UncleNasty> i am, according to the ER doc, never, ever to take NSAIDs again

Jul 07 14:30:58 <NickE> ?

Jul 07 14:31:20 <UncleNasty> stronger versions of ibuprofen

Jul 07 14:31:23 <UncleNasty> and similar

Jul 07 14:31:24 <NickE> ah

Jul 07 14:31:35 <UncleNasty> arthrotec, naproxen, celebrex, etc

Jul 07 14:31:45 <UncleNasty> usually given for arthritis pain

Jul 07 14:32:26 <BillWarren> Is arthritis the issue, Unka N?

Jul 07 14:33:02 <UncleNasty> nah - got diagnosed with epididymitis in jan - wrong diagnosis, not sure what it is yet and I have been in pain for 6 months

Jul 07 14:33:06 <UncleNasty>

Jul 07 14:33:17 <UncleNasty> warning graphic content

Jul 07 14:33:31 <UncleNasty> sez the man stoned brainless on oxycodone

Jul 07 14:33:59 <NickE> Ow. Know waht that is from teh name

Jul 07 14:34:35 <NickE> take it they've checked for the obvious like TC

Jul 07 14:34:49 <UncleNasty> site si same, but they've tried me on several broad spec ABs with no effect and every anti-inflammatory has had a bad reaction

Jul 07 14:34:52 <UncleNasty> yah - no cancer

Jul 07 14:34:57 <UncleNasty> they even tested me for TB

Jul 07 14:35:02 <UncleNasty> as in tuberculosis

Jul 07 14:35:17 <UncleNasty> despite the fact I was vaccinated for TB in '76

Jul 07 14:35:30 <BillWarren> Me some too on that ... under the generic "vicodin" ... managed to break my ankle a few weeks ago.

Jul 07 14:36:03 <UncleNasty> got fed up with specialist they sent me to after the TB thing - takes 2 months to culture a TB test, you know...

Jul 07 14:36:20 <UncleNasty> it just aqbout hits the pain but still leaves me concious

Jul 07 14:36:23 <NickE> yeah

Jul 07 14:36:56 <UncleNasty> so, after 6 months I finally found out where my second referral would be and went and camped in his office until he would see me

Jul 07 14:37:03 <NickE> npt so goo at all. Hope it gets sorted ssoner rather than later

Jul 07 14:37:06 <UncleNasty> the look on his face was classic

Jul 07 14:37:26 <NickE> typing crap, have not even had a drink to blame @:-)

Jul 07 14:37:48 <UncleNasty> you know when you can see that what someone was expecting to find is entirely not what they found, but they were willing to stake their professional reputation on it being so?

Jul 07 14:38:11 <NickE> Gotta go drop a child off home, then eats. Yeah, I get that

Jul 07 14:38:18 <NickE> brb in a bit

Jul 07 14:38:19 <UncleNasty> i could see he was just gonna say "Oh yes, it's blahblahblah take two of these and feck off"

Jul 07 14:38:23 <UncleNasty> np nick

Jul 07 14:38:48 <UncleNasty> then he has an examination and stands back with such a confused look on his face

Jul 07 14:39:00 <UncleNasty> i would have laughed if he'd not just made me yelp

Jul 07 14:40:19 <BillWarren> So, Neil, could I interest you in a bookmark that includes links to my Frank Gasperik reliquary pages? (Still under construction, but some of it works...)

Jul 07 14:41:20 <UncleNasty> sure

Jul 07 14:41:25 <UncleNasty> let's take a looksee

Jul 07 14:41:42 <BillWarren> ... no apologies for the pun.

Jul 07 14:41:51 <UncleNasty> we're in the process of getting a storm by the feel of it, so my sat-net connection may be slow

Jul 07 14:41:59 <UncleNasty> so don't expect any comment on load times ;)

Jul 07 14:42:18 <BillWarren> It's graphics-heavy ... big images.

Jul 07 14:42:37 * UncleNasty is listening to Tommy (the Who) for the first time in about 20 years...

Jul 07 14:42:46 <UncleNasty> forgot how good this album is

Jul 07 14:42:59 <BillWarren> "See me ... feel me ..."

Jul 07 14:43:28 <BillWarren> I'm running Alan Parsons at this end. "Stereotomy ..."

Jul 07 14:43:40 <UncleNasty> I'm feeling more toward the "touch me... heal me..." bit ;)

Jul 07 14:43:52 <UncleNasty> stereotomy is not bad

Jul 07 14:44:04 <BillWarren> I hear you. My ankle is on that page as well.

Jul 07 14:44:34 <UncleNasty> my brother is a major prog rock/jazz fusion amateur guitarist

Jul 07 14:44:43 <UncleNasty> he kind of warped my listening when I was younger

Jul 07 14:45:10 * InvisibleDragon (~Carol@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 14:45:35 <UncleNasty> hol acarol

Jul 07 14:45:40 <BillWarren> Love progressive jazz. Ever hear of Michael Kieshammer? (pianist ... astonishing -- very funny live!)

Jul 07 14:45:40 <UncleNasty> hola carol, even

Jul 07 14:45:57 <BillWarren> Hi, dear!

Jul 07 14:45:59 <InvisibleDragon> Hello. I'm not really here yet. I have to go get my raw milk

Jul 07 14:46:12 <BillWarren> Huh?

Jul 07 14:46:21 <InvisibleDragon> Hello, Uncle, Bill, sean, druggie.....

Jul 07 14:46:27 <BillWarren> Do I want to know?

Jul 07 14:46:33 <InvisibleDragon> I can only get my raw milk every two weeks at 2 PM.

Jul 07 14:46:47 <UncleNasty> lately I have been listening to Devin Townsend, Cristophe Godin, A Perfect Circle, etc

Jul 07 14:46:51 <UncleNasty> ahh

Jul 07 14:46:54 <UncleNasty> raw milk rocks

Jul 07 14:46:56 <UncleNasty> very tasty

Jul 07 14:47:05 <UncleNasty> and good for making yoghurt/cheese

Jul 07 14:47:07 <InvisibleDragon> I buy it from a dairy that sells at a nature preserve farmer's market only every two weeks, at 2 PM.

Jul 07 14:47:09 <UncleNasty> speaking of which...

Jul 07 14:47:18 <InvisibleDragon> Butter from raw milk is SO good.

Jul 07 14:47:24 <UncleNasty> we have a colby-jack cheese that should be ready to try now

Jul 07 14:47:39 <UncleNasty> my wife is experimenting in cheesemaking

Jul 07 14:47:42 <InvisibleDragon> You make you own cheese? Awesome!!!!

Jul 07 14:47:42 <BillWarren> Homemade, Un?

Jul 07 14:47:54 <UncleNasty> and we haven't bought yoghurt in well over a year

Jul 07 14:47:58 <UncleNasty> yup

Jul 07 14:48:08 <UncleNasty> we're planning to try a cheddar if the jack turns out OK

Jul 07 14:48:29 <UncleNasty> brb - need fluids!

Jul 07 14:48:43 <BillWarren> Thoroughly awesome! Western Washington University makes one as part of their agricultural program, called 'Cougar Gold" ... great cheese!

Jul 07 14:49:45 <BillWarren> Carol! Bookmark a page! Still under construction, but I'm up and running!

Jul 07 14:50:40 <BillWarren> Photos of Frank's Great Ape!

Jul 07 14:51:05 <BillWarren> (Well, progress on that front, anyway)

Jul 07 14:51:56 <InvisibleDragon> Bill, you showed me the other day, we talked about things there! You are doing a great job!

Jul 07 14:52:04 <InvisibleDragon> Ah, in progress? I'll look

Jul 07 14:53:37 <BillWarren> I met with the firing experts last night, the Kiln Guru steered me away from the wireframe idea. Going to go with a papeir-mache core instead.

Jul 07 14:54:01 <InvisibleDragon> Thank you. I was worried about the metal in clay.

Jul 07 14:54:01 <BillWarren> ^papier^

Jul 07 14:54:32 <InvisibleDragon> I'd figured you got that from REAL Experts, though, and I"m not that.

Jul 07 14:54:55 <BillWarren> He said it would probably have worked as I had planned, but recommended the paper core.

Jul 07 14:55:01 <InvisibleDragon> I hav eto re-boot. I may not even get back on Trillian before I have to leave. SHould have left already. Be back soon.

Jul 07 14:55:04 * InvisibleDragon (~Carol@69.91.63.XXX) has left #knownspace

Jul 07 15:02:30 <NickE> oh bugger, missed Carol

Jul 07 15:02:56 <NickE> Gonna eat shortly...oh now apparently bak in a while

Jul 07 15:02:59 <BillWarren> She'll be back ... had to go get some raw milk.

Jul 07 15:03:22 <NickE> so I see. Gonna eat. Later

Jul 07 15:03:30 <BillWarren> L8R

Jul 07 15:12:26 * Larry (~Larry@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 15:12:45 * druggie is now known as mark

Jul 07 15:12:50 <mark> Hello Larry!

Jul 07 15:13:39 <UncleNasty> back

Jul 07 15:13:42 <UncleNasty> hola larry

Jul 07 15:14:00 <mark> hey nasty. I hope you're feeling less nasty today.

Jul 07 15:14:14 <UncleNasty> heh - feeling very opiated today

Jul 07 15:14:43 <mark> ah. you were kind of out of it yesterday.

Jul 07 15:15:16 <UncleNasty> yeah - am today, too. I'm a little more alive than yesterday

Jul 07 15:15:23 <mark> that's good.

Jul 07 15:15:24 <UncleNasty> felt wrung out & thrown away

Jul 07 15:15:40 <Larry> Hi. Give me a second to complete a chore.

Jul 07 15:15:51 <mark> well, yeah. having your entire blood volume replaced by saline will do that to you!

Jul 07 15:15:59 <Larry> Okay, chore completed. How's everyone?

Jul 07 15:16:13 <UncleNasty> gettin there, larry! you?

Jul 07 15:16:18 <mark> not to bad.

Jul 07 15:17:01 <mark> it's been raining in the UK for about three solid weeks. My house is feeling -- damp

Jul 07 15:17:25 <UncleNasty> hrm - our garbage can just blew away

Jul 07 15:17:31 <mark> wheee!

Jul 07 15:17:33 <Larry> I'm fine. Looking at a massive rewrite of Inferno 2 as per our editor's reactions.

Jul 07 15:17:47 <UncleNasty> eek

Jul 07 15:17:58 * Wirehead (~Wirehead@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 15:18:16 <mark> ah. been looking forward to that one for a long time.

Jul 07 15:18:26 <Larry> It's hot here. I've left the pool open so evaporation can cool it below blood temperature.

Jul 07 15:19:02 <mark> i hear it's been Arizona like temperatures in California.

Jul 07 15:19:07 <UncleNasty> i need to get another copy of inferno... a visitor 'borrowed' it... 6 bloody years ago

Jul 07 15:19:58 <UncleNasty> just checkoing out the reliquary pics - good stuff, bill!

Jul 07 15:20:08 <Wirehead> i've had that happen before. then everyone i loaned books to gave them all back at once. i have 4 copys of ringworld alone

Jul 07 15:20:24 <Larry> The news suggests evil weather everywhere. At least the Chatsworth winds aren't blowing, and no fires nearby.

Jul 07 15:20:34 <UncleNasty> heh - I recently got back my copy of N-Space off an 8 year 'loan'

Jul 07 15:20:36 <mark> Ah. Yes. I had a signed copy of Footfall vanish that way.

Jul 07 15:20:46 <mark> 8 *years*??

Jul 07 15:20:51 <UncleNasty> yup

Jul 07 15:21:03 <Larry> wirehead, that's a sad tale.

Jul 07 15:21:09 <UncleNasty> i guess he was a slow reader ;)

Jul 07 15:21:48 <mark> I was watching water spurting out of storm drains yesterday, instead of going into the storm drains. I'm glad I don't live at the bottom of the hill!

Jul 07 15:21:59 <Larry> When I loan books out, I don't really expect them back. I've got the missionary urge.

Jul 07 15:22:29 <UncleNasty> same here to a degree, but there's some I do like to re-read

Jul 07 15:22:31 <mark> i think that's a good policy.

Jul 07 15:22:42 <UncleNasty> I loaned out snowcrash 6 months ago... wouldn't mind seeing that back

Jul 07 15:23:18 <Wirehead> lol, yeah i'm about the same. but now i've got all my friends absolutely *addicted* to known space

Jul 07 15:23:30 <UncleNasty> then again, I do lend out 'appleseed' just to see the look of confusion on people's faces :D

Jul 07 15:23:41 <BillWarren> Hello, Larry! Sorry, I was off on a tangent! Hi Mark & Wire!

Jul 07 15:23:47 <mark> hey bill!

Jul 07 15:23:58 <Wirehead> hello

Jul 07 15:24:02 <Larry> hi, bill.

Jul 07 15:25:10 <BillWarren> Interesting news on the Frank G gorilla front ... under construction, but I'm documenting progress on my new website!

Jul 07 15:25:41 <BillWarren> Larry, may I link to your page?

Jul 07 15:27:28 <Larry> I'm not sure what it means, but sure, link to my page. What do you need?

Jul 07 15:27:53 <UncleNasty> mark: I recall a couple of occasions when I ventured down from the moorlands to Stoke when there was severe rain... Watching the drain covers float was amusing, if a bit whiffy

Jul 07 15:28:10 <Wirehead> has anyone here heard of the work of Dr. Podkletnov?

Jul 07 15:28:29 <BillWarren> Just permission. I thank you on the site, I'd just like to activate links to Known Space.

Jul 07 15:28:48 <UncleNasty> Wirehead: gravity shielding?

Jul 07 15:29:17 <Wirehead> indeed. i find it unlikely, yet interesting

Jul 07 15:29:28 <Larry> okay.

Jul 07 15:29:34 <UncleNasty> gravity shielding always reminds me of "The First Men in the Moon"

Jul 07 15:30:21 <Wirehead> all i want is a hover board. long as i have one of those, i'm happy

Jul 07 15:30:43 <BillWarren> Cavorite could be fun ... ;)

Jul 07 15:31:05 <UncleNasty> lol - whoa - just checking imdb

Jul 07 15:31:23 <Larry> Dark energy equals antigravity. (It still needs to be focused.)

Jul 07 15:31:38 <UncleNasty> 1964 -

Jul 07 15:32:13 <UncleNasty> if we've got gravity control, I want one of the guns & ships the necromongers user in chronicles of riddick

Jul 07 15:32:18 <UncleNasty> hehehe

Jul 07 15:33:12 <NickE> back. Hi Larry!

Jul 07 15:33:27 <NickE> Hi Mark

Jul 07 15:33:29 <Wirehead> you can have your necromonger stuff, i'll take the eye shine/goggles

Jul 07 15:33:30 <UncleNasty> wb Nick

Jul 07 15:33:35 <UncleNasty> heh

Jul 07 15:34:03 <UncleNasty> in a traveller game I came up with a way to produce singularity missiles - they were pretty cool

Jul 07 15:34:20 <BillWarren> I get a"no match" on that url for some reason, Neil.

Jul 07 15:34:25 <UncleNasty> hrm

Jul 07 15:35:30 <UncleNasty> as bill pointed out, cavorite could be fun:

Jul 07 15:35:35 <UncleNasty> ahem: "Based on the HG Wells story. The world is delighted when a space craft containing a crew made up of the world's astronauts lands on the moon, they think for the first time. But the delight turns to shock when the astronauts discover an old British flag and a document declaring that the moon is taken for Queen Victoria proving that the astronauts were not the first men on the moon. On Earth, an investigation team finds the last of the Victori

Jul 07 15:35:35 <UncleNasty> Going back in time to 1899, Arnold Bedford and his fiancée, Kate Callendar, learn that their neighbor, Joseph Cavor, has developed a substance he calls "cavorite," which counters gravity. They travel to the moon in a spherical vessel he has built, parts of which are coated with "cavorite." "

Jul 07 15:36:20 <Wirehead> i'm actually crafting a hard core sci-fi campaign with crustatiapoid methane breathers as the antagonistic race

Jul 07 15:36:35 <Wirehead> D20 system RPG

Jul 07 15:36:54 <UncleNasty> heh - you need some hippies in there, if the bad guys are the crabs ;)

Jul 07 15:37:10 <NickE> <fnarf>

Jul 07 15:37:11 <BillWarren> Just make sure they're too big to be accidentally swallowed by a small dog ...

Jul 07 15:37:18 <NickE> :-)

Jul 07 15:38:12 <Wirehead> lulz

Jul 07 15:39:45 <Wirehead> be back soon. may the dark energy be with you all

Jul 07 15:39:49 * Wirehead has quit (Quit: *g0ne*)

Jul 07 15:40:11 <mark> darn energy?

Jul 07 15:40:31 <UncleNasty> dark energy

Jul 07 15:40:36 <NickE> dark mate, dark

Jul 07 15:41:04 <mark> I think that darn energy sounds better.

Jul 07 15:41:24 <NickE> that too

Jul 07 15:41:29 <NickE> :-)

Jul 07 15:41:41 <mark> that darn energy, pushing the universe apart, we just don't know what it is!

Jul 07 15:41:48 <NickE> heh

Jul 07 15:42:15 <NickE> Makes as much sense as any of teh other current theories

Jul 07 15:42:40 <BillWarren> Bottle it and we'll talk.

Jul 07 15:42:59 <UncleNasty> i figured if you had an antigravity generator powered in the same manner as a nuclear pumped x-ray laser, and mounted it on a missile, you launch at your target, detonate the warhead to overload the AG generator and create a point singularity which absorbs the missile and continues on the same ballistic track, you have a really effective weapon for use against an armada

Jul 07 15:43:03 <Larry> I'm with Einstein. I wanted the universe to be stable.

Jul 07 15:43:29 <NickE> So Larry, how far back is this re-write of Inferno2 going to put things?

Jul 07 15:43:30 <UncleNasty> universe be damned, I just want my workload stable

Jul 07 15:43:36 <NickE> that too

Jul 07 15:43:46 <mark> heh... universe be damned, i just want my daughter to be stable!

Jul 07 15:43:55 <UncleNasty> heh

Jul 07 15:43:55 <NickE> :-/

Jul 07 15:44:04 <UncleNasty> s/daughter/wife

Jul 07 15:44:08 <mark> she's coo coo for cocopufs

Jul 07 15:44:14 <UncleNasty> O:-)

Jul 07 15:44:20 <BillWarren> I live in a seismically active zone, I just want the GROUND to be stable.

Jul 07 15:44:35 <Larry> Give me a month, barring interruptions.

Jul 07 15:45:11 <UncleNasty> looking forward to inferno 2 - inferno is a thought provoking read

Jul 07 15:45:16 <NickE> That quick? Guess it depends on whats needed

Jul 07 15:45:19 <UncleNasty> from what I recall

Jul 07 15:45:31 <mark> Larry, i told my wife this was her big chance to complain to you about all that time I spend reading your books and doing website maintenance and stuff, instead of "productive work" but she's chickening out now.

Jul 07 15:45:41 <NickE> Aye, really like Inferno...1 I guess we'll have to call it now :-)

Jul 07 15:45:42 <UncleNasty> ROFL

Jul 07 15:45:43 <mark> so... I thought i'd tell you on her behalf.

Jul 07 15:45:57 <NickE> :-)

Jul 07 15:46:00 <mark> at least it isn't, instead of "getting a job" now.

Jul 07 15:46:03 <NickE> <waves to Jane>

Jul 07 15:46:36 <mark> jayne says hello

Jul 07 15:46:42 <NickE> hiya

Jul 07 15:47:12 <NickE> Ah, spelt the firefly way. I approve :-)

Jul 07 15:47:24 <mark> heh. yeah

Jul 07 15:47:26 <UncleNasty> I'll be in my bunk...

Jul 07 15:47:29 <NickE> LOL

Jul 07 15:47:41 <BillWarren> She has to be prettier than Firefly's Jayne ...

Jul 07 15:47:48 <NickE> Oh much

Jul 07 15:48:01 * InvisibleDragon (~Carol@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 15:48:04 <UncleNasty> mark: Does Jayne have a favourite gun, at all?

Jul 07 15:48:07 <UncleNasty> wb carol!

Jul 07 15:48:07 <NickE> WB Carol

Jul 07 15:48:17 <BillWarren> Hi again, dear!

Jul 07 15:48:24 <Larry> Hi, Jane! Wasting other people's time is what I do.

Jul 07 15:48:29 * InvisibleDragon is now known as FlyingDragon

Jul 07 15:48:33 <NickE> He's good at it too

Jul 07 15:48:41 <FlyingDragon> Hello again!

Jul 07 15:48:51 <FlyingDragon> Larry! Hello!

Jul 07 15:49:14 <FlyingDragon> Larry, My time doesn't feel wasted!

Jul 07 15:49:25 <BillWarren> Mine either!

Jul 07 15:49:30 <Larry> hello, FlyingDragon.

Jul 07 15:49:50 <NickE> Looking forward to FOW. Those who have read ARCs have kept quiet on spoilers but say its very good

Jul 07 15:50:16 <NickE> fanac isn't a waste...well usually....well sometimes :-)

Jul 07 15:51:01 <FlyingDragon> Have I got a good story. Keegan gave his daddy a specialty socket set for Father's Day: a hundred little sockets of those varieties that no one ever has, that companies use so that consumers have to depend on them to repair stuff.

Jul 07 15:51:13 <NickE> Oh very cool

Jul 07 15:51:23 <FlyingDragon> Peter is working on the Orion. He needed one of those sockets to fix a test article he is working on!

Jul 07 15:51:23 <UncleNasty> YES!! Chapters/Indigo finally have Inferno in stock!!!

Jul 07 15:51:26 <BillWarren> Sorta depends on *which* fans and *what* acs...

Jul 07 15:51:32 <mark> im trying to modify a different plug to charge this razor... so if you hear a thud... well...

Jul 07 15:51:38 <NickE> Last chat or so someone was after something like that

Jul 07 15:52:00 <FlyingDragon> Some certain person's fan ac may be a waste to YOU, but it shouldn't be to THEM.

Jul 07 15:52:06 <NickE> Oh thats shiny. Tell him not to miss any nuts!

Jul 07 15:52:30 <FlyingDragon> Nick, I bought them because of the lead I got on this chat. So, this chat had a hand in the space program!!!!

Jul 07 15:53:11 <NickE> Ah. Tryiing to recall who suggested the link. It'll be in one of the logs. Thats cool

Jul 07 15:53:11 <FlyingDragon> He is working on a test article for the parachutes. Rain has hurt thier schedule so much, they all had to go into work today. That is where he is.

Jul 07 15:53:35 <NickE> I can forgive having to go work on a spaceship!

Jul 07 15:54:06 <FlyingDragon> Yes, gotta forgive him for working on our dreams!

Jul 07 15:54:07 <UncleNasty> NickE: Could you class that as 'work'??

Jul 07 15:54:13 <BillWarren> Orion as in "Constellation" program? Vurra kewl!

Jul 07 15:54:23 <FlyingDragon> Larry, how is Inferno sequal coming? Does Frank have a spot?

Jul 07 15:54:24 <mark> i think they want this stupid plug to be safe or something. to hell with that.

Jul 07 15:54:41 <FlyingDragon> Orion as in "Apollo on steroids".

Jul 07 15:54:46 <NickE> Well "I" wouldn't, but I'mbiased...and also not an engineer

Jul 07 15:54:48 <UncleNasty> shame it's not orion-proper <sigh>

Jul 07 15:55:03 <NickE> Ol bang bang would be ace

Jul 07 15:55:10 <FlyingDragon> Mark, wanna drink?

Jul 07 15:55:30 <mark> yes please. although i neglected to buy the bloody mary stuff

Jul 07 15:55:49 <Larry> Yeah, I have a fondness for the classic Orion.

Jul 07 15:55:53 <BillWarren> Nice ... I was working on some concepts for that when I was at Boeing.

Jul 07 15:56:01 <NickE> way ahead of you. Some nice Belgian Triple...yum

Jul 07 15:56:30 * UncleNasty checks label... "Do not consume alcohol while on this medication" <sigh>

Jul 07 15:56:37 <NickE> bummer

Jul 07 15:56:52 <FlyingDragon> I'm dringing some German Apollinaris: natrually sparkling mineral water, high mineral content, low sodium.

Jul 07 15:56:57 <UncleNasty> NickE: <pun alert> It's driving me nuts </pun alert>

Jul 07 15:57:00 <NickE> Theres a certain "righness" about using bombs to get to orbit I think :-)

Jul 07 15:57:08 * Wirehead (~Wirehead@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 15:57:13 <UncleNasty> wb Wirehead

Jul 07 15:57:16 <NickE> <groan>

Jul 07 15:57:22 <NickE> Hey

Jul 07 15:57:35 <FlyingDragon> Larry, how is Inferno sequal coming? Does Frank have a spot?

Jul 07 15:57:41 <FlyingDragon> Hello, wirehead.

Jul 07 15:57:51 <Wirehead> Hello

Jul 07 15:58:05 <NickE> Well, I'm raising a glass to Bob Heinlein and Frank

Jul 07 15:58:08 <UncleNasty> Hey Larry! Chapters is listing a book as "Sequel to Fleet of Worlds"... What's the score???

Jul 07 15:58:18 <BillWarren> And Fred Saberhagen.

Jul 07 15:58:24 <NickE> Juggler of Worlds

Jul 07 15:58:40 <NickE> And Fred of course, crap, slipped my mind

Jul 07 15:58:49 <NickE> sham

Jul 07 15:58:53 <NickE> shame even

Jul 07 15:58:54 <UncleNasty> Tor books - Sep 2008

Jul 07 15:58:55 <Larry> Frank might get in. What sin? We'll consider that.

Jul 07 15:58:57 <FlyingDragon> Unclenasty, have you been asleep? The collaborator hangs here!

Jul 07 15:59:06 <NickE> Take yor pick!

Jul 07 15:59:23 <UncleNasty> They do say that pride goes before a fall...

Jul 07 15:59:31 <NickE> ERL is Ed Lerner.He's been about. Good company here

Jul 07 15:59:33 <FlyingDragon> Sin of..... starting arguements?

Jul 07 15:59:40 <NickE> heh

Jul 07 15:59:45 <UncleNasty> Cardinal or Venial?

Jul 07 15:59:45 <BillWarren> Make him a bad artist and let his sin be "deformation of charicature."

Jul 07 15:59:46 <Larry> Sequel to "Fleet of Worlds" is "Juggler of Worlds", due September 2008, already complete.

Jul 07 15:59:55 <NickE> LOL!!

Jul 07 15:59:56 <UncleNasty> ahhh

Jul 07 16:00:02 <NickE> Oooh!

Jul 07 16:00:05 * FlyingDragon LOL s at Bill

Jul 07 16:00:20 <UncleNasty> I am so med-messed i had no clue about juggler

Jul 07 16:00:24 <NickE> Didnt know it was wrapped. Cool

Jul 07 16:00:49 <UncleNasty> Jan 9, 2007 is the last day I can recall where I didn't hurt, and that's only cos it's marked on the bloody calendar

Jul 07 16:01:02 <NickE> :-(

Jul 07 16:01:38 <BillWarren> That's grievous, Unka N!

Jul 07 16:01:46 <UncleNasty> no kidding

Jul 07 16:01:58 <Wirehead> fleet of, i have to get that one. i never get enough Known sapce

Jul 07 16:02:11 <UncleNasty> yah - do like known space

Jul 07 16:02:14 <NickE> No one ever does :-)

Jul 07 16:02:35 <NickE> One of the most interesting universes IMO

Jul 07 16:02:36 <Wirehead> lol

Jul 07 16:02:48 <NickE> 'Course, we're all biased!

Jul 07 16:02:53 <UncleNasty> ya think?

Jul 07 16:03:08 <Wirehead> just a little

Jul 07 16:03:15 <NickE> brb

Jul 07 16:03:25 <FlyingDragon> Larry, have you put anyone we already know in pergatory?

Jul 07 16:03:34 <BillWarren> Larry, are you going to either Worldcon (Yokohama) or NASFiC (St. Louis)?

Jul 07 16:05:54 <NickE> Andy Love said Balticon was good

Jul 07 16:06:17 <NickE> Wish I could just use a tarnsfer booth to go visit

Jul 07 16:06:22 <NickE> transfer

Jul 07 16:06:24 * mark nods at nicke

Jul 07 16:06:39 <UncleNasty> yah

Jul 07 16:06:40 <FlyingDragon> Yeah, that traveling between spots is annoying.

Jul 07 16:06:48 <UncleNasty> i had to head into toronto on tuesday

Jul 07 16:06:55 <NickE> Now there's an environmentally freindly thech we could do with

Jul 07 16:06:55 <UncleNasty> I live 100km north of toronto

Jul 07 16:06:55 <mark> the drive to Oxford nearly killed me. and I ended up walking back to the car park, because no one would agree to wait for the bloody bus!

Jul 07 16:06:58 <BillWarren> Where are the step plates whn you need 'em?

Jul 07 16:07:02 <UncleNasty> first 90km took an hour

Jul 07 16:07:09 <UncleNasty> last 10km took 2 hours

Jul 07 16:07:12 <NickE> OMG!

Jul 07 16:07:31 <NickE> to both horror journeys

Jul 07 16:07:34 <mark> got there and changed a tyre in the rain. was worth it though!

Jul 07 16:07:42 <Wirehead> it gets bad when all your friends live in a town 15 miles away and you don't have your lisence yet...

Jul 07 16:07:48 <NickE> It was cool to see you and the gang

Jul 07 16:08:10 <UncleNasty> Wirehead: no kidding - no idea how you'd survive here without a license

Jul 07 16:08:27 <BillWarren> Cool and the Gang? oops, sorry ...)

Jul 07 16:08:31 <mark> jayne is wasting time in second life, and she complains about me. She says to Larry, she'll make you an avatar if you want to go play in that monumental waste of time. (;

Jul 07 16:08:32 <NickE> :-)

Jul 07 16:08:54 <FlyingDragon> I've known people who lived in Houston for years with no lisence or car. They lived in town, adn spent a LOT of time on the bus.

Jul 07 16:08:56 <Wirehead> well, i may yet be young, but i likes my sci-fi

Jul 07 16:09:00 <UncleNasty> mark: think I'd need a real life before I tried for a second one

Jul 07 16:09:15 <FlyingDragon> Wirehead, have we met?

Jul 07 16:09:19 <mark> BillWarren -> no no no. the comodores

Jul 07 16:09:27 <BillWarren> That's "skiffy", not "sci-fi"

Jul 07 16:09:30 <NickE> (Mark & family came several hundred miles to the Oxford Serenity screening in case anyone was wondering)

Jul 07 16:09:31 <Wirehead> i don't beleive so

Jul 07 16:09:34 <UncleNasty> FlyingDragon: In winter my nearest neighbour is a 5 or 10 minute walk - without proper gear that could be fatal

Jul 07 16:09:39 <Larry> I'm going to Worldcon in Yokohama.

Jul 07 16:09:49 <mark> uncle -> dude. there is a site called "get a first life" you can buy teeshirts

Jul 07 16:09:55 <UncleNasty> lol

Jul 07 16:10:01 <NickE> heh

Jul 07 16:10:07 <UncleNasty> mark: i am so there

Jul 07 16:10:09 <FlyingDragon> Wow, Larry. Have a great time. I'm a little jealous.

Jul 07 16:10:10 <Larry> Balticon was indeed a lot of fun.

Jul 07 16:10:15 <mark>

Jul 07 16:10:29 * UncleNasty is currently wearing his "SARCASM is just one of the services I offer" T-shirt

Jul 07 16:10:33 <FlyingDragon> Wirehead, I'm Carol Phillips. Are you on the list?

Jul 07 16:10:37 <mark> i haven't been to a con since worldcon was in phoenix

Jul 07 16:10:45 <BillWarren> I wish I could ... I'm going to NASFiC, though.

Jul 07 16:10:53 <Wirehead> saying 'hard core skiffy' just dosn't sound the same

Jul 07 16:11:06 <Wirehead> sounds a bit...well, pornographic

Jul 07 16:11:10 <FlyingDragon> sounds even more like a pron movie.

Jul 07 16:11:16 <FlyingDragon> porn....

Jul 07 16:11:27 <BillWarren> Phoenix as "Iguanacon", Mark?

Jul 07 16:11:27 * UncleNasty is now known as Fluffy_Cumsalot

Jul 07 16:11:36 <Fluffy_Cumsalot> Someone said my name??

Jul 07 16:11:38 <Wirehead> lol

Jul 07 16:11:48 <NickE> I wore my "The Angels have the phone box" T shirt to the London Serenity screening. Got lots of comments (if you've not seen the latest Dr Who, you won't get it)

Jul 07 16:12:04 <FlyingDragon> I don't get it.

Jul 07 16:12:19 <NickE> Like I said :-)

Jul 07 16:12:37 <FlyingDragon> I catch the new Doctor Who once in awhile. Unfortunatly, it is usually the same two episodes.

Jul 07 16:13:16 <NickE> The one with the quantum angels (they can only move when not being observed)

Jul 07 16:13:25 <Fluffy_Cumsalot> brb - quick supermarket trip

Jul 07 16:13:30 <NickE> kina neat episode

Jul 07 16:13:32 * Fluffy_Cumsalot is now known as UncleNasty

Jul 07 16:13:39 <NickE> L*R

Jul 07 16:13:44 <NickE> L8R

Jul 07 16:13:52 <FlyingDragon> Byem Nick

Jul 07 16:13:59 <mark> see ya in a bit nick

Jul 07 16:14:30 <NickE> No, was saying see ya later to Neil...cant shift me that easy!

Jul 07 16:14:54 <FlyingDragon> Oh, Bye Neil!!!

Jul 07 16:14:54 <mark> ok. sorry. i'm having to sort children out

Jul 07 16:15:26 <BillWarren> Wash the colored ones separately.

Jul 07 16:15:48 <Larry> FlyingDragon, I didn't recognize you. Why the choice of name?

Jul 07 16:15:55 <FlyingDragon> Sorting children: Do you use large bins or just go straight to rooms????

Jul 07 16:16:17 <NickE> Isn't it obvious?

Jul 07 16:16:18 <FlyingDragon> Larry, I don't feel very close to fire anymore.

Jul 07 16:16:32 <NickE> Shes a Flying Dragon Goddess

Jul 07 16:16:34 <FlyingDragon> Sometimes I am RedDragon though.

Jul 07 16:16:38 <FlyingDragon> Yes!

Jul 07 16:16:47 <Wirehead> i want the tattoo

Jul 07 16:16:47 <FlyingDragon> Like my email address.....

Jul 07 16:17:31 <Larry> FlyingDragon: I see.

Jul 07 16:17:44 <FlyingDragon> I'd been learning the "Flying Juel Bong" set when I was thinking about a new handle. (juel bong=nunchaka)

Jul 07 16:18:22 <BillWarren> I'm thinking o getting a tattoo ... third finger of the left hand. "NO PARKING."

Jul 07 16:18:28 * senax (~frank@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 16:18:31 <FlyingDragon> I really wanted something Earthy, since fire, air and water have all been mean to me, but when "FlyingDragonGoddess" came to me, I knew that is who I was.

Jul 07 16:18:41 <FlyingDragon> Bill, no need to be so bitter!!!!

Jul 07 16:18:48 <BillWarren> Hi, Senax! Long time no see!

Jul 07 16:18:58 <senax> Howdy everyone.

Jul 07 16:19:01 <mark> i wish i had some cages. bins would do

Jul 07 16:19:04 <NickE> Hey Senax

Jul 07 16:19:08 <FlyingDragon> Hello, Senax.

Jul 07 16:19:10 <Wirehead> i'm the symbol of the sith on my left chest

Jul 07 16:19:14 <Wirehead> hello

Jul 07 16:19:25 <BillWarren> Carol, if I were bitter I'd just lop the thing off! ;)

Jul 07 16:19:33 <Wirehead> the left half any way...

Jul 07 16:19:34 <FlyingDragon> WHich thing?????

Jul 07 16:20:27 <BillWarren> The-third-finger-of-my-left-hand, dear. (I'm not DEAD, just SINGLE!)

Jul 07 16:21:07 <NickE> Thought you did a number on the ring at least

Jul 07 16:21:12 <FlyingDragon> I guess I couldn't completely give up fire, since I am so firey.

Jul 07 16:21:17 <NickE> :-)

Jul 07 16:21:23 * MaGnUs (~emagnus@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 16:21:28 <Larry> Bill, don't make any binding decisions.

Jul 07 16:21:33 <MaGnUs> hey everybody

Jul 07 16:21:39 <NickE> Hello

Jul 07 16:21:45 <BillWarren> That I did, Nick! it was FUN, too!

Jul 07 16:21:47 <FlyingDragon> Hello, MaGnUs!

Jul 07 16:21:49 <senax> Hi

Jul 07 16:21:59 <mark> i think phoenix is too hot for iguanas.

Jul 07 16:22:01 <BillWarren> Hi, MaGnUs!

Jul 07 16:22:13 <MaGnUs> Hello everybody, especially Larry... did I ever send you the link for that interview we did by e-mail?

Jul 07 16:22:16 <mark> Jayne doesn't like guns. I used to have a .22 rifle, but they wouldn't let me bring it.

Jul 07 16:22:31 <Wirehead> I'm also getting a Dune worm from my lower back to the top of my neck, just laying across my spine

Jul 07 16:22:47 <BillWarren> Has there ben another Phoenix Worldcon since 1978? (out of touch, I guess...)

Jul 07 16:22:49 <FlyingDragon> Why put a tattoo where you can't see it?

Jul 07 16:22:51 <MaGnUs> Wirehead: that sounds very cool

Jul 07 16:22:59 <MaGnUs> I have a RPG character who has one like that

Jul 07 16:23:07 <NickE> pics when its done!

Jul 07 16:23:08 <mark> i thought this one was after 1978? I was 9 in 1978

Jul 07 16:23:19 <mark> maybe it was a different con, but it wasn't coppercon or leprecon

Jul 07 16:23:33 <NickE> 14 in 78

Jul 07 16:23:37 <Wirehead> i'm trying to get one good one from all my favorite skiffy universes

Jul 07 16:23:56 <MaGnUs> I myself have a dragon/snake/eagle claw in my arm/shoulder, and plan to get a couple more tattoos, one with a "Stranger In A Strange Land" quote

Jul 07 16:23:59 <NickE> So, Hellflare one for KS?

Jul 07 16:24:14 <mark> my memory isn't always the best... i think it was all those drugs i did in the 80s

Jul 07 16:24:16 <Wirehead> maybe i'll get the back of the ringworld around my wrist :-)

Jul 07 16:24:19 <FlyingDragon> Larry, you didn't recognise me when I come on and start talking abotu Keegan and Peter building rockets?

Jul 07 16:24:19 <mark> and then there was the 90s

Jul 07 16:24:20 <NickE> (no tats.Am wimp)

Jul 07 16:24:47 <FlyingDragon> Mark, I blame rock concerts for my hearing loss.

Jul 07 16:24:50 <NickE> Interesting talk of tats on the list lately

Jul 07 16:24:51 <MaGnUs> can I get TANJ tattooed across my chest :P

Jul 07 16:24:54 <mark> what?

Jul 07 16:25:06 <Wirehead> Nice

Jul 07 16:25:13 <MaGnUs> TANJ :P

Jul 07 16:25:17 <Wirehead> don't give me ideas Magnus

Jul 07 16:25:39 <MaGnUs> hehe wirehead

Jul 07 16:25:40 <Larry> FlyingDragon: should have been paying more attention. Did the rockets work out?

Jul 07 16:26:14 <mark> i have to go the grocery store to get a few things. they close in this crazy socialist country at 10pm on saturday night.

Jul 07 16:26:25 <mark> no one can justify this crazy law to me. no one.

Jul 07 16:26:26 <NickE> heh

Jul 07 16:26:30 <MaGnUs> but with my job (help desk operator) I should change my name and tattoo it on my forehead: Speaker-To-Idiots

Jul 07 16:26:38 <senax> LOL.

Jul 07 16:26:41 <NickE> HA! LOL

Jul 07 16:26:50 <BillWarren> :D

Jul 07 16:26:51 <Wirehead> MEGA LOL

Jul 07 16:26:55 <MaGnUs> nooo, seriously :P

Jul 07 16:27:10 <mark> magnus -> my computer's broken, or something.

Jul 07 16:27:21 <BillWarren> What will you do when you earn a REAL name, then?

Jul 07 16:27:23 <senax> I did the helpdesk thing a few years ago. When I left that job, I had a big party and burned a telephone in my driveway.

Jul 07 16:27:50 <Larry> re hearing: I'm just the wrong age. Hi Fi was getting really poowerful when I was in my teens. So, the hearing is going.

Jul 07 16:27:51 <MaGnUs> it'll go Speaker-To-Idiots, then MaGnUs-Idiotsaver, to just MaGnUs

Jul 07 16:27:53 <Wirehead> i'm getting my ass covered with the chemical formulas for my favorite drugs

Jul 07 16:28:09 * mark is laughing at wirehead.

Jul 07 16:28:26 <MaGnUs> mark: yeah, I only support my company's products, not computers in general "but my MS Word doesn't work"... "So? I'm not Microsoft"

Jul 07 16:28:32 * mark is brought to you by Carls Jr.

Jul 07 16:28:45 <MaGnUs> wirehead: my ass ain't big enough for food recipees

Jul 07 16:28:48 <mark> "Carl's Jr., Fuck you, I'm eating."

Jul 07 16:28:52 <FlyingDragon> Larry, he is working on a test article for the parachuts for the new launch vehicle. They have to test the strength of the fittings and.... shroud?... before they can fly it and see if the parachuts deploy properly. When I last spoke to him, about 10:30 the first test went well. The airplane tug isn't working well.

Jul 07 16:28:57 <NickE> I'm with Carol. Rock gigs plus meaty HiFi will prolly leave me hard o hearing ater on

Jul 07 16:29:00 <senax> Hehe...I still keep the charred phone pieces in a jar as a reminder no take another tech support job.

Jul 07 16:29:18 <FlyingDragon> He's on the phone, the second test didn't get as high a load as they wanted. THey have to go back tomorrow.

Jul 07 16:29:35 <MaGnUs> lol senax

Jul 07 16:29:53 <mark> magnus, you could always eat more, then they would fit

Jul 07 16:30:13 <Wirehead> tetrahydro canabinol, lysergic diethelyne, and so on

Jul 07 16:30:13 <MaGnUs> I couldn't pass this one up, US companies setting up in my country (not outsourcing, though), pay good money compared to local jobs... and in-between callers I have time to write and read

Jul 07 16:30:35 <Wirehead> **lysergic acid diethelyne

Jul 07 16:30:59 <MaGnUs> mom's-killer-seafood-casserole

Jul 07 16:30:59 <mark>

Jul 07 16:31:00 <senax> diethylamide

Jul 07 16:31:03 <mark> duh!

Jul 07 16:31:12 <BillWarren> I thought it was "diethylamide"...

Jul 07 16:31:26 <FlyingDragon> They are having problesm with the plane tug. It is old, and on the verge of being thrown out. They got it started, and keep it running because they were afraid of it not starting back up. One wheel coudln't keep traction. I guess it is good that they are having problems getting enough pressure on the joints they are testing, rather then the test article breaking up prematurely.

Jul 07 16:31:41 <NickE> cannabinoids are up and coming anti cancer agents oddly enough. Interest growing (as it were)

Jul 07 16:31:46 <Wirehead> My attourney and i perfer diethelyne. rhymes better

Jul 07 16:31:46 <mark> i'll be back 1/2 hour

Jul 07 16:31:52 <FlyingDragon> mom's-killer-seafood-casserole: only made with marine predators?

Jul 07 16:31:59 <mark> nicke > not if you inhale them (;

Jul 07 16:32:01 <FlyingDragon> Bye mark. Say hi to Carl's jr.

Jul 07 16:32:06 <mark> ick.

Jul 07 16:32:14 <NickE> well no

Jul 07 16:32:19 <mark> be back soon. oh yeah, in honor of carol

Jul 07 16:32:22 * mark is now known as druggie

Jul 07 16:32:23 <BillWarren> hat's the tug plane, Carol?

Jul 07 16:32:27 <druggie> i've been christened

Jul 07 16:32:39 <druggie> wirehead, you have good taste

Jul 07 16:32:40 <BillWarren> ^What's^

Jul 07 16:33:08 <MaGnUs> FlyingDragon: hhehe :P no

Jul 07 16:33:13 <FlyingDragon> The plane tug is pulling on the parachut housing. The parachute houseing is bolted to a huge concret slab. They are trying to break it.

Jul 07 16:33:27 <Wirehead> isn't "Wirehead" kind of the known space term for druggie?

Jul 07 16:33:33 <FlyingDragon> Yes.

Jul 07 16:33:43 <NickE> ah.,plane as in "flat" not airplane

Jul 07 16:33:46 <FlyingDragon> Except you use CLEAN electricity!!!

Jul 07 16:33:50 <druggie> yeah, but it's a bit extreme to prefer the drugs to eating...

Jul 07 16:33:53 <BillWarren> I mean, is it a KC-10 or 707 or ...?

Jul 07 16:33:58 <MaGnUs> mom doesn't cook much these days (reuma, arthrytis and all that stuff don't let her), but I still convince her to cook me the casserole every year for my bday

Jul 07 16:34:25 <BillWarren> Ah. I think I get it.

Jul 07 16:34:30 <FlyingDragon> Plane tug: a truck whose job it used to be to pull airplanes, but now ia used to try to break space ship pieces..

Jul 07 16:34:45 <Wirehead> using a vaporizer is clean. pure THC vapor, no tar or carcinogens

Jul 07 16:34:47 <druggie> i always wanted a job breaking stuff. back soon

Jul 07 16:34:55 <NickE> Oh, so airplane related after all :-)_

Jul 07 16:35:39 <NickE> THC is not much cop as anti cancer,but related structures are recieving attention

Jul 07 16:35:58 <Larry> Thanks, FlyingDragon. Say hi to Peter for me, and good luck with the next moonship.

Jul 07 16:36:09 <NickE> Absolutely

Jul 07 16:36:41 <FlyingDragon> Ty, Larry. NIce seeing you!1!!

Jul 07 16:36:52 <Larry> Lunchtime! Fare you well, all.

Jul 07 16:36:59 <NickE> TTFN Larry

Jul 07 16:37:00 <FlyingDragon> TY you too!

Jul 07 16:37:03 <Wirehead> Goodbye

Jul 07 16:37:06 <BillWarren> Bye, Larry!

Jul 07 16:37:07 <NickE> Cheers for dropping in

Jul 07 16:37:18 * Larry has quit ()

Jul 07 16:37:20 <MaGnUs> bye Larry

Jul 07 16:37:26 <MaGnUs> dang, I should have come in earlier

Jul 07 16:37:40 <NickE> That was good. he's been busy the last few chats

Jul 07 16:37:43 <MaGnUs> but I'll definitely start making it if I can every month

Jul 07 16:37:44 <FlyingDragon> Yeah, Nice when Larry drops in.

Jul 07 16:37:51 <FlyingDragon> :-)

Jul 07 16:38:15 <NickE> Its always worth it

Jul 07 16:38:22 <MaGnUs> I wish I was in the US, so I could go to a con and meet him

Jul 07 16:38:28 <Wirehead> just had a great idea: Rastafarian Chirpsithra

Jul 07 16:38:31 <NickE> Where you at

Jul 07 16:38:36 <NickE> LOL!!

Jul 07 16:38:47 <senax> Nice one wirehead

Jul 07 16:38:58 <FlyingDragon> Yes, MaGnUs, where are you?

Jul 07 16:39:12 <MaGnUs> LOL wirehead

Jul 07 16:39:14 <MaGnUs> Uruguay

Jul 07 16:39:26 <Wirehead> wow, i'm so putting that in my new D20.

Jul 07 16:39:36 <NickE> OK, thats a first for the chat!

Jul 07 16:39:53 <MaGnUs> kewl

Jul 07 16:40:04 <MaGnUs> do we do Known Space roleplaying? I'm so in!

Jul 07 16:40:14 <FlyingDragon> YEs, cool. I don't think he makes it to S America much.

Jul 07 16:40:24 <Wirehead> i just use the D20 future RPG system

Jul 07 16:40:30 <Wirehead> works fine

Jul 07 16:40:39 <NickE> I think tehre is a group somewhere doing teh RW RPG onlinw

Jul 07 16:40:42 <NickE> online

Jul 07 16:40:44 * MobileNasty (~MobileNasty@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 16:41:01 <MaGnUs> FlyingDragon: he said that if we could afford it, he'd fly down for any con... sadly, I'm not in our only con's commitee anymore, and even so, there's no budget :P

Jul 07 16:41:10 <MobileNasty> Hehehe i like my new phone

Jul 07 16:41:17 <NickE> neat

Jul 07 16:41:21 <Wirehead> iPhone?

Jul 07 16:41:41 <BillWarren> Off subject, but I'd be delighted to have a visitor from South America: (yet another shameless plug.)

Jul 07 16:41:41 <MobileNasty> Not yet - nokia e62

Jul 07 16:41:57 <BillWarren> Hello, MobileNasty.

Jul 07 16:42:08 <Wirehead> wait till at least 3rd generation to get an iPhone

Jul 07 16:42:09 <MaGnUs> on my way!

Jul 07 16:42:24 <MobileNasty> Iphone will have to wait until i finish house renos

Jul 07 16:42:28 <NickE> Put teh url on teh list Bill, plenty will go looksee

Jul 07 16:42:48 <MaGnUs> and you're all invited to my comics blog,

Jul 07 16:42:59 <FlyingDragon> Magnus, is spanish your milk tounge? Do you find it hard to aquire NIven titles, or do you just order them on the web?

Jul 07 16:43:01 <BillWarren> I'm not sure how to do that, Nick ... hmm.

Jul 07 16:43:04 * CrazyEddy has quit (Ping timeout)

Jul 07 16:43:10 <NickE> will check it (Bat freak)

Jul 07 16:43:31 <NickE> I mean, just plug the site on the list

Jul 07 16:43:47 <FlyingDragon> iPhone does look cool. Like you can do anything with it. I want one. Looks like it would be pain to program, though.

Jul 07 16:43:59 <FlyingDragon> It has to be practically plug and play for me.

Jul 07 16:44:01 <MaGnUs> FlyingDragon: I speak both English and Spanish as native tongues, I was born in the US, though my family is all from here (well, my brother lives in NYC)

Jul 07 16:44:14 <FlyingDragon> Very international!

Jul 07 16:44:14 <NickE> Sure Mark gan link it to the KS site from the Frank pages. seeing and how you have him in hand as it were

Jul 07 16:44:23 <BillWarren> Got ya bookmarked, MaGnUs! Thanks!

Jul 07 16:44:24 <MaGnUs> I got my first Larry books from my brother (the one who lives here), who had bought them in the US when we lived there

Jul 07 16:44:28 <Wirehead> Oh hell. these florida thunderstorms roll up this time every day lately. got to get off the computer. good day to you all, and may Finagle's law bless you all

Jul 07 16:44:28 <MaGnUs> kewl bill

Jul 07 16:44:31 <MobileNasty> Argh! "tounge" !!!

Jul 07 16:44:34 * oliver (~oliver@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 16:44:45 * MobileNasty twitches

Jul 07 16:44:45 <oliver> Hello

Jul 07 16:44:48 <FlyingDragon> Goodbye, wirehead

Jul 07 16:44:52 <FlyingDragon> Hello, oliver

Jul 07 16:45:05 <MaGnUs> I know there are some translations made in Spain (a friend has Ringworld in Spanish from that series), and I've seen short stories in the Spanish edition of Isaac Asimov magazine

Jul 07 16:45:06 <MobileNasty> Hi oliver!

Jul 07 16:45:07 <senax> bye wirehead

Jul 07 16:45:14 <senax> hi oliver

Jul 07 16:45:15 <MaGnUs> bye wire

Jul 07 16:45:16 <FlyingDragon> Cool.

Jul 07 16:45:16 <BillWarren> Bye, Wire. Hi, Oliver!

Jul 07 16:45:20 <NickE> Hi Oliver

Jul 07 16:45:25 <NickE> By Wire

Jul 07 16:45:25 <MaGnUs> but I've gotten my books from Amazon, mostly

Jul 07 16:45:37 <FlyingDragon> As someone who speaks englicha dn spanish, does NIven translate well?

Jul 07 16:45:45 <MaGnUs> barring comic books, Niven is probably the author I have the most books off

Jul 07 16:45:56 <MaGnUs> FlyingDragon: oh yeah, though I rather read the original language when I can

Jul 07 16:46:27 <NickE> brb

Jul 07 16:46:51 <BillWarren> I want to read Ringworld in the original Kzin ...

Jul 07 16:46:56 <FlyingDragon> LOL

Jul 07 16:47:09 <MaGnUs> heh

Jul 07 16:47:15 <MaGnUs> shakespeare in the original Klingon

Jul 07 16:47:31 <FlyingDragon> I do so enjoy Dr Suess in Latin.

Jul 07 16:47:34 <MaGnUs> but hell, Mundo Anillo does not have the same ring.... no pun intended, that Ringworld has :P

Jul 07 16:48:04 * Wirehead has quit (Ping timeout)

Jul 07 16:48:07 <BillWarren> BOO, MaGnUs! (giggling)

Jul 07 16:48:09 <FlyingDragon> Magnus, I recongise your name from some of the more obscure Niven lists. You have never joined The Larry Niven Mailing List?

Jul 07 16:48:39 <MobileNasty> Bell & rogers are launching a wimax internet service in ontario - talk about skiffy coming to life

Jul 07 16:49:28 <FlyingDragon> I understand that often times in translating, certain words are left in the original language. That coudl be done wrt to RINGWORLD.

Jul 07 16:50:42 <MaGnUs> flyingdragon: well, it depends on who's doing the translation

Jul 07 16:50:53 * Received a CTCP VERSION from senax

Jul 07 16:50:57 <FlyingDragon> I'm sure it does.

Jul 07 16:50:57 * Received a CTCP VERSION from senax

Jul 07 16:51:05 <MaGnUs> I for example, would leave "Slaver" untranslated, but in Spain they try to translate EVERYHING

Jul 07 16:51:09 <MobileNasty> Has anyone on the list ever looked at lojban, while we're on the subject of languages

Jul 07 16:51:25 <oliver> I'd translate it. In the original it is a descriptive term, isn't it?

Jul 07 16:51:33 <MaGnUs> nice galleries bill

Jul 07 16:51:46 <MaGnUs> I'm not so sure oliver

Jul 07 16:51:47 <NickE> they are indeed

Jul 07 16:51:55 <BillWarren> Thank you, M! More coming soon.

Jul 07 16:51:57 <MaGnUs> and the Outsiders would sound stupid in Spanish

Jul 07 16:51:58 <FlyingDragon> Yes, magnus,

Jul 07 16:52:07 <MaGnUs> I love the Dragon piece with the "prop"

Jul 07 16:52:17 <MaGnUs> my bad then

Jul 07 16:52:23 <FlyingDragon> How would you say "outsiders"?

Jul 07 16:52:37 <MobileNasty> Bill: what 3D tool did you render the reliquary with?

Jul 07 16:52:41 <MaGnUs> well, depends...

Jul 07 16:52:56 <MaGnUs> forasteros, extranjeros... there's no exact word

Jul 07 16:53:19 <MaGnUs> in the comic The Outsiders it's usually left untranslated, even in Spain

Jul 07 16:53:21 <BillWarren> The gorilla was modelled in Poser5, the images were rendered (and the base modelled) in 3DSMAX9

Jul 07 16:53:25 <oliver> @MaGnUs, well it is a world in the shape of a ring

Jul 07 16:53:39 <FlyingDragon> outside, as in "go play outside." what is that?

Jul 07 16:53:40 <MobileNasty> Magnus: would "Xeno" work in spanish?

Jul 07 16:53:40 <MaGnUs> it is...

Jul 07 16:53:47 <MaGnUs> dragon: afuera

Jul 07 16:54:05 <MaGnUs> mobile: not sure if it's accepted officialy, but it's used in scifi, since it's latin or greek

Jul 07 16:54:25 <FlyingDragon> xeno works in english!

Jul 07 16:54:44 <MobileNasty> Yeah i was thinking the latin/greek root may work in spanish

Jul 07 16:54:47 <FlyingDragon> you derive forasternos from afuera?

Jul 07 16:55:05 <MaGnUs> forasteros and afuera do have a common root, if I'm not mistaken

Jul 07 16:55:20 <MaGnUs> forastero is more like "howdy stranger", like for somebody who's from out of town

Jul 07 16:55:31 <MaGnUs> and extranjero is actually foreigner

Jul 07 16:56:25 <FlyingDragon> Do either have a connotation of "different"?

Jul 07 16:57:11 <MaGnUs> not literally, but implied, yes... being a foreigner implies being different, and extranjero (foreigner) shares a root with extraño (strange, which is also like weird, or like stranger for a person)

Jul 07 16:57:44 <FlyingDragon> ah, then that one is a better translation.

Jul 07 16:57:52 <MaGnUs> yah, I guess

Jul 07 16:58:02 <BillWarren> Has a nice ring to it, too

Jul 07 16:58:10 <MaGnUs> I would have to check one of the translations to see how they did it..... they probably did it wrong :P

Jul 07 16:58:18 <MaGnUs> and We Made It would be Lo Logramos

Jul 07 16:58:20 <MaGnUs> :P

Jul 07 16:58:33 <FlyingDragon> Translators probably do not agonise over individual words like a fan would.

Jul 07 16:58:35 <MaGnUs> Belter, though, would suck as "Cinturoneros"

Jul 07 16:58:42 <MaGnUs> flyindragon: indeed they don;t

Jul 07 16:59:18 <FlyingDragon> We, however, spend MONTHS talking about the pronunciation of "Louis Wu"!!!!!

Jul 07 16:59:30 <MaGnUs> heh

Jul 07 16:59:33 <MaGnUs> Luweewu

Jul 07 16:59:48 <FlyingDragon> Yes, Magnus. I'm having a party in an hour. I need to clean off my dinning table.

Jul 07 16:59:48 <BillWarren> LOL ... I remember a cartoon with Batman breaking through a window and the bad guys are going, "Ach! Ist die Fledermausmann!"

Jul 07 17:00:06 <FlyingDragon> Bill, LOL

Jul 07 17:00:11 <MobileNasty> Language is a tool and is easy to use badly - after all, you _can_ use a hammer to put screws in, but it doesn't make it a good idea

Jul 07 17:00:15 <MaGnUs> lol billwarren

Jul 07 17:00:29 <oliver> Some don't even try to understand what they are reading. The worst translation I've read was of "The gripping hand"

Jul 07 17:00:31 <MobileNasty> Lol

Jul 07 17:00:36 <MaGnUs> cool Dragon, I should leave in about 30 for a RPG game

Jul 07 17:00:37 * Hippy (~captlychee@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 17:00:44 <FlyingDragon> Yes, Nasty. If you have a hammer, everythinglooks like a nail.

Jul 07 17:00:48 <MobileNasty> Hola hippy

Jul 07 17:00:49 <NickE> Hi Hipppy

Jul 07 17:00:55 <BillWarren> Howdy, Hippie!

Jul 07 17:00:57 <FlyingDragon> Hello, Hippy.

Jul 07 17:01:00 <Hippy> Good evening, everyone

Jul 07 17:01:03 <oliver> Hi Hippie

Jul 07 17:01:13 <FlyingDragon> Gotta go, guys! Sorry, wish I could stay!!!!!!

Jul 07 17:01:27 <BillWarren> Night, Carol! Take care!

Jul 07 17:01:27 <Hippy> 'Bye Carol It's been fun :)

Jul 07 17:01:28 <MaGnUs> see ya late

Jul 07 17:01:30 <MaGnUs> see ya later

Jul 07 17:01:32 <NickE> TTFN

Jul 07 17:01:34 * FlyingDragon slips on her invisiblility cloak

Jul 07 17:01:35 <oliver> Goodbye

Jul 07 17:01:35 <MaGnUs> Dragon=Carol? :P

Jul 07 17:01:36 <MobileNasty> Ttfn

Jul 07 17:01:40 <MaGnUs> oh... lady dragon

Jul 07 17:01:44 * FlyingDragon is now known as InvisibleDragon

Jul 07 17:01:45 <NickE> tata for now

Jul 07 17:02:13 <InvisibleDragon> Yes, Dragon is Carol

Jul 07 17:02:19 <Hippy> How is everyone? I had intended to get on here earlier, but it's difficult to wake up early on a Sunday

Jul 07 17:02:29 <BillWarren> Yes, M. I mention her on the Reliquary Page.

Jul 07 17:02:41 <NickE> Waht time down under

Jul 07 17:02:48 <UncleNasty> phone is cool but a bugger to type

Jul 07 17:02:56 <Hippy> Just on 7AM Sunday morning

Jul 07 17:03:11 <NickE> Good to see yo anyway DJ

Jul 07 17:03:29 * MobileNasty has quit ()

Jul 07 17:03:40 <Hippy> I"m pleased to be here. I had intended to properly celebrate Mr Heinlein's centenary, but couldn't find any whiskey for Irish coffee

Jul 07 17:04:10 <MaGnUs> hippy: when is the centerary?

Jul 07 17:04:18 <Hippy> It's today, your time

Jul 07 17:04:29 <Hippy> Ie, 7th July 2007

Jul 07 17:04:35 <UncleNasty> argh - it's the big day - brb got to check if the cheese worked!

Jul 07 17:04:37 <NickE> Now if I had a transfer booth, I bought some nice stuff (not Irish) i could zap ya

Jul 07 17:04:51 <BillWarren> I remember getting up (religiously, no pun intended) at 0630 Sunday mornings to videotape "Reboot" from Vancouver BC...

Jul 07 17:05:05 <NickE> And have raised a glass already to Bob, frankG and Fred S

Jul 07 17:05:14 <MaGnUs> oh, cool

Jul 07 17:05:18 <NickE> There goes another one :-)

Jul 07 17:05:30 <Hippy> If I had one I could instantly get to. . .well, Canada, Germany, Texas, Kentucky - all over the place!

Jul 07 17:05:54 <Hippy> Ooh, I"d forgotten Fred S. Vale, Mr Saberhagen

Jul 07 17:06:00 <NickE> Would be long as Mr Gates doesnt bid for teh OS!

Jul 07 17:06:07 <MaGnUs> I need to toast to him

Jul 07 17:06:40 <oliver> How are transfer booths payed for? Do they have a standard fee or do you pay for the distance?

Jul 07 17:06:48 * EML (~EML@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 17:06:51 <BillWarren> Quarters.

Jul 07 17:06:54 * CrazyEddy (~CrazyEddy@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 17:07:10 <NickE> Hey Ed! WB Eddie

Jul 07 17:07:11 <BillWarren> Hello EML and CE!

Jul 07 17:07:34 <NickE> tenth star coin by RW era

Jul 07 17:07:34 <EML> I guess the First Saturday chats are still on.

Jul 07 17:07:34 <Hippy> It depends on which universe you're in. In the 'Flash Crowd' universe, it's 'a chocolate dollar per flick per man' but in KS it doesn't seem to say how they work

Jul 07 17:07:37 <oliver> Hi EML and Crazy

Jul 07 17:07:42 <NickE> Oh indeed

Jul 07 17:07:47 <NickE> You missed Larry

Jul 07 17:07:51 <MaGnUs> in KS it seems to be free

Jul 07 17:07:58 <EML> Excellent!

Jul 07 17:07:59 <MaGnUs> or maybe paid for with taxes

Jul 07 17:08:00 <Hippy> What??????!!!!! Damn!!!!!

Jul 07 17:08:07 <NickE> Soory

Jul 07 17:08:18 <EML> What did Larry have to say for himself?

Jul 07 17:08:25 <Hippy> Curse this International Date Line, GMT and the horse it rode in on!

Jul 07 17:08:29 <NickE> WAs cool. Tells us the JOW is done. That so Ed?

Jul 07 17:08:32 <senax> A chocolate dollar wouldn't last long here today...98F/37C

Jul 07 17:08:37 <BillWarren> Working on Book 2

Jul 07 17:08:45 <MaGnUs> jow?

Jul 07 17:08:45 <NickE> Infernpo

Jul 07 17:08:53 <NickE> inferno2 that is

Jul 07 17:09:00 <NickE> short rewrite needed

Jul 07 17:09:00 <MaGnUs> oh, inferno 2

Jul 07 17:09:05 <NickE> apparentl

Jul 07 17:09:05 <EML> Juggler IS done. It'd been turned in and accepted by our editor.

Jul 07 17:09:24 <Hippy> This is the sequel to Fleet of Worlds?

Jul 07 17:09:24 <UncleNasty> SWEET! out home made cheese is not just edible, it's good!

Jul 07 17:09:28 <BillWarren> We hit 114F on Thursday here.

Jul 07 17:09:28 <NickE> Excellent. Still waiting with baited everything for FoW

Jul 07 17:09:37 <NickE> Nice

Jul 07 17:09:38 <MaGnUs> cool nasty

Jul 07 17:09:42 <MaGnUs> I have homemade beer

Jul 07 17:09:42 <NickE> (cheese)

Jul 07 17:09:51 <NickE> even better.

Jul 07 17:09:53 <Hippy> It's probably around 58 F here and the sun isn't even up yet

Jul 07 17:10:10 <MaGnUs> and it's stout

Jul 07 17:10:11 <BillWarren> Jealous, jealous, covet, covet, UncleNasty!

Jul 07 17:10:14 <UncleNasty> EML: is release still 2008?

Jul 07 17:10:15 <NickE> See with booth tech, we could have party with home grown beer and chees!"

Jul 07 17:10:20 <EML> Baited breath, ay? Do you fancy worms or lures? ;-)

Jul 07 17:10:28 <NickE> :-)

Jul 07 17:10:40 <UncleNasty> BillWarren: we're trying a cheddar next

Jul 07 17:10:46 <NickE> I'll stick to tne beer

Jul 07 17:11:04 <EML> Fleet of Worlds release is October 2007. Juggler of Worlds release is (nominally) September 2008.

Jul 07 17:11:04 <UncleNasty> and I'm doing 5 gallons of mead for the winter

Jul 07 17:11:11 <NickE> Oh lush

Jul 07 17:11:12 <BillWarren> So you said. Sharp sharp?

Jul 07 17:11:22 <NickE> Mead is nice

Jul 07 17:11:41 <UncleNasty> as sharp as we can make it - had a hard time finding a good cheddar in canada

Jul 07 17:12:00 <NickE> Sharp is good in a cheddar

Jul 07 17:12:01 <UncleNasty> lots of nice artisan cheeses from european roots, but no decent cheddar

Jul 07 17:12:05 <BillWarren> I love mead, too. Yum!

Jul 07 17:12:39 <UncleNasty> the think that impresses me most is that the home-made cheese-press worked

Jul 07 17:12:54 <UncleNasty> 2 bits of wood, a coffee tin & some weight-plates

Jul 07 17:12:56 <NickE> I once even had a Red Leicester that took the roof of your mouth off! Fantastic stuff. From a deli in Buxton Neil

Jul 07 17:12:58 <BillWarren> The closer a cheese smells to dirty socks, the better it tastes.

Jul 07 17:13:22 <NickE> strange but often true

Jul 07 17:13:28 <UncleNasty> NickE: try to get to hartington - near buxton - they do a cheddar that makes your salivary glands cramp

Jul 07 17:13:43 <UncleNasty> and the unpasteurised stilton is food of the gods

Jul 07 17:14:06 <Hippy> So this is where Louis Wu got his cheese fixation, I see

Jul 07 17:14:13 <UncleNasty> heh

Jul 07 17:14:34 <EML> Hippy, I missed your question above. You can consider Juggler a sequel to Fleet -- or you can consider them parallel stories. Juggler begins before, and finsihes after, Fleet.

Jul 07 17:14:56 <BillWarren> That's the secret to the tasp ... it fills your mouth with that flavor.

Jul 07 17:15:10 <NickE> Heh> will bear that in mind

Jul 07 17:15:11 <Hippy> Ah, parallel then. Thanks. I await Fleet with the abovementioned baited breath

Jul 07 17:15:33 <Hippy> In the wrong hands such a weapon could be very powerful

Jul 07 17:15:43 <EML> You'll see some events from differing viewpoints, and downstream consequences of some of the events in Fleet.

Jul 07 17:15:52 <UncleNasty> stilton with McVities Digestives...

Jul 07 17:15:54 <NickE> kewl

Jul 07 17:15:56 <UncleNasty> mmmmmm

Jul 07 17:16:02 <NickE> og good thats good

Jul 07 17:16:12 <EML> Some of that sharp cheese could be used for baiting breath.

Jul 07 17:16:15 * senax is getting hungry now

Jul 07 17:16:27 <BillWarren> I'm with Senax! ;)

Jul 07 17:16:35 * Hippy isn't, not being a big cheese man

Jul 07 17:16:40 <NickE> (have good brie and emmental and crackers bough recently...I may be gone some time!

Jul 07 17:16:47 <UncleNasty> LOL

Jul 07 17:17:58 <NickE> Love the stinky stuff. rotten milk it may be but it odes amazing things to your taste buds

Jul 07 17:18:03 <BillWarren> Are you in Australia or NZ, Hippy?

Jul 07 17:18:20 <EML> Will the whole chat eventually posted to the Known Space site?

Jul 07 17:18:34 <druggie> cheesy peas... they're cheese, with peas. try our new RoadKill Cheesy peas

Jul 07 17:18:45 <UncleNasty> oh man - cheesy peas

Jul 07 17:18:52 <UncleNasty> you'll be quoting burt bastard next

Jul 07 17:18:55 <NickE> Sean wiull be logging it and Mark will eventually post the log

Jul 07 17:19:04 <senax> mmm...roadkill

Jul 07 17:19:06 <EML> Keen, thanks.

Jul 07 17:19:22 <druggie> with extra sloths

Jul 07 17:19:47 <oliver> Isn't that an endangered species?

Jul 07 17:20:24 <NickE> I think I'll wait till I switch to the whiskey 'fore I raid teh cheese stores. Won't be too long :-)

Jul 07 17:20:25 <BillWarren> Rare sloths are endangered ... extra sloths not so much.

Jul 07 17:20:51 * senax likes a nice medium rare sloth

Jul 07 17:20:58 <druggie> yeah. all the more reason to peel them off your 'roo bar and eat um!

Jul 07 17:20:59 <EML> There's a great TV commercial from the milk council. A little boy gets a few Xmas gifts; her sister gets a ton. Brother asks what kind of cookies she left, and sister, grinning goonily, says "I left him CHEESE."

Jul 07 17:21:01 <NickE> <grin>

Jul 07 17:21:06 <UncleNasty> has anyone sat and watched "Children of Men"?

Jul 07 17:21:20 <UncleNasty> lol@EML

Jul 07 17:21:41 <druggie> yeah. i watched that. I thought it was well done... but I looked in the box and couldn't find the razor blade

Jul 07 17:21:49 <UncleNasty> lol

Jul 07 17:21:55 <BillWarren> I remember that one, Ed!

Jul 07 17:21:57 <UncleNasty> i thought it was surprisingly good

Jul 07 17:22:17 <Hippy> Bill, I'm in Melbourne, Australia

Jul 07 17:22:57 <NickE> Yep. we'sa alla round the planet today

Jul 07 17:22:59 <BillWarren> Well, glad you could make it! Good morning!

Jul 07 17:23:27 <NickE> Next best thing to transfer booths :-)

Jul 07 17:23:35 <EML> How did we happen to get onto cheese?

Jul 07 17:23:46 <BillWarren> I'm checking in from Central Washington State.

Jul 07 17:23:50 <NickE> Neil is cooking some home grown up

Jul 07 17:23:51 <druggie> because of our new product. cheesy peas.

Jul 07 17:23:53 <UncleNasty> my wife made a colby/jack cheese

Jul 07 17:23:59 <UncleNasty> we just got to test it

Jul 07 17:24:00 <druggie> (you have to image that in a northern english accent.)

Jul 07 17:24:14 <UncleNasty> and cheese is one of the few things I miss from t'old country

Jul 07 17:24:27 <Hippy> Thanks, Bill, It's shaping up to be brielfy sunny before the much-needed rain sweeps in again

Jul 07 17:24:50 <UncleNasty> "D'ya lahk cheese? D'ya lahk peas?"

Jul 07 17:24:57 <EML> NickE -- never mind transfer booths. There is much to be revealed about stepping discs ...

Jul 07 17:25:06 <druggie>

Jul 07 17:25:27 <druggie> uncle -> that's the one.

Jul 07 17:25:36 <druggie> the only northern accent I can do is reciting that. I don't know why.

Jul 07 17:25:40 * EML has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Jul 07 17:25:40 <Hippy> Oh, good, Ed. Excellent

Jul 07 17:25:59 <druggie> Eddie, come back... all is forgiven!

Jul 07 17:26:02 * EML (~EML@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 17:26:12 <senax> Cheese, peas and strawberry jam? I don't think I'm hungry anymore

Jul 07 17:26:13 <NickE> wups

Jul 07 17:26:22 <UncleNasty> i hail from the Stoke area - our accent makes 'northern' sound like the queen's english

Jul 07 17:26:32 <Hippy> Druggie, where are you located?

Jul 07 17:26:32 <NickE> HA!

Jul 07 17:26:33 <EML> $%^#!! browswer just crashed.

Jul 07 17:27:18 <UncleNasty> EML: how are you accessing the chat? webpage java app?

Jul 07 17:27:27 <NickE> Mark is in Oswaldtwistle Lancs

Jul 07 17:27:29 <EML> cheese and peas? that's just a cruel thing to DO to cheese.

Jul 07 17:27:39 <druggie> "eccles, turn the knob on your side."

Jul 07 17:27:45 <druggie> "But I don't have a knob on my side"

Jul 07 17:27:51 <Hippy> Druggie is Mark?

Jul 07 17:27:52 <NickE> I dont have a knob on my side

Jul 07 17:27:54 <EML> Yup, webpage Java app.

Jul 07 17:27:56 <UncleNasty> it's from a comedy show - the fast show

Jul 07 17:28:00 <UncleNasty> _very_ twisted

Jul 07 17:28:04 <NickE> Dead funny

Jul 07 17:28:19 <NickE> was scorchiop today...well compared to recently

Jul 07 17:28:20 <druggie> Ying tong ying tong ying tong ying tong idilli po"

Jul 07 17:28:24 <NickE> scorchio

Jul 07 17:28:32 <Hippy> Ah, yes. 'The Fast Show'. I used to love that old guy with his mumbled anecdotes

Jul 07 17:28:36 <UncleNasty> I like Burt Bastard - especially his 'Eastern Europe' talk

Jul 07 17:29:04 <NickE> <Nick flings a batter pudding in Mark's general direction>

Jul 07 17:29:11 <druggie> I'm mark. Carol called me a druggie ... (as I am an affirmed cannabis smoker)... so i changed my nick

Jul 07 17:29:15 <UncleNasty> Hippy: They loiks it when you tickles their clematis!

Jul 07 17:29:32 <druggie> I want to see some Kenny Everett.

Jul 07 17:29:48 <NickE> Ken was very good wehn he was on form

Jul 07 17:29:54 <UncleNasty> druggie: so long as it's done in the best POSSIBLE taste

Jul 07 17:29:57 <druggie> Esp. the one with Rod Stuart floating away

Jul 07 17:30:05 <NickE> Captn Kermmen was hilarious

Jul 07 17:30:16 <Hippy> I agrree

Jul 07 17:30:23 <NickE> Used to listen to him on Capitol Radio

Jul 07 17:30:25 * druggie is now known as Cupid_Stunt

Jul 07 17:30:31 <Hippy> . . .with two 'r's to show my sincerity

Jul 07 17:30:36 <NickE> LOLLOLOLOLOL

Jul 07 17:30:47 <MaGnUs> see y'all later

Jul 07 17:30:53 <UncleNasty> ttyl MaGnUs

Jul 07 17:30:56 <NickE> TTFN MgNuS

Jul 07 17:30:56 <Hippy> 'Bye Magnus

Jul 07 17:31:05 <UncleNasty> hrm

Jul 07 17:31:11 <BillWarren> Bye, MaGnUs ... thx for the link!

Jul 07 17:31:11 <Cupid_Stunt> "Round 'em up, put 'em in a field, and BOMB THE BASTARDS!"

Jul 07 17:31:15 <UncleNasty> i used to have a large collection of goons mp3s

Jul 07 17:31:28 <UncleNasty> Ello. Sid Snot 'ere

Jul 07 17:31:32 <NickE> My dad is a huge goon fan

Jul 07 17:31:34 <Cupid_Stunt> i have some. (goon shows) there was a site that put two different ones up every week

Jul 07 17:31:36 <MaGnUs> no, thank you for visiting it bill :P

Jul 07 17:31:39 <NickE> it stuck

Jul 07 17:31:49 <Hippy> This is excellent reminiscing for the Americans. . .

Jul 07 17:31:50 <Cupid_Stunt> "Open your wallets and repeat after me: Help Yourself"

Jul 07 17:32:01 <NickE> I';ll look properly when I get a chance. Bookmatrked

Jul 07 17:32:05 * UncleNasty is now known as Bloodnock

Jul 07 17:32:16 <Bloodnock> Money? IT'S MINE!

Jul 07 17:32:38 <BillWarren> The Goons, Python, and SCTV ... American humor largely sucks by comparison.

Jul 07 17:32:45 <NickE> Moriarty, get him!

Jul 07 17:32:55 <EML> head spinning. feeling weak. passing cheese through my nose.

Jul 07 17:33:00 <NickE> LOL

Jul 07 17:33:03 <NickE> Sorry Ed

Jul 07 17:33:04 <Bloodnock> Count Jim "Flies" (bzzzzz) Moriarty??

Jul 07 17:33:23 <NickE> Yeeess

Jul 07 17:33:31 <Hippy> I don't know, Bill. There are some things Americans can do well. . .but for the moment I can't think of them. Oh, yes. Imagine an English 'Seinfeld'. . .

Jul 07 17:33:41 <EML> as Sinatra might have said (ahem): I did it my whey.

Jul 07 17:33:49 * Cupid_Stunt is now known as grip_pipe_thyne

Jul 07 17:33:53 <grip_pipe_thyne> I say, Neddie...

Jul 07 17:33:57 <Bloodnock> ooooooooooh PunFu, is it?

Jul 07 17:34:04 <NickE> Griptite Thyne

Jul 07 17:34:12 <Bloodnock> Gritpipe!

Jul 07 17:34:29 <NickE> Needle nardle noo!

Jul 07 17:34:44 * Bloodnock is now known as Neddie_Seagoon

Jul 07 17:34:59 * grip_pipe_thyne is now known as Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne

Jul 07 17:35:07 <Neddie_Seagoon> Ahhh

Jul 07 17:35:30 <NickE> s' not fair,2 computers to one

Jul 07 17:35:34 <NickE> :-)

Jul 07 17:35:43 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> There's the Charley who will drink loch loman for us

Jul 07 17:36:07 <BillWarren> I've been to a Ren Faire but never a 'snot fair...

Jul 07 17:36:14 <NickE> LOL (fuckin helpless you rotten swine!)

Jul 07 17:36:23 <Neddie_Seagoon> and here come Bluebottle with his cardboard cut-out & string pistol!

Jul 07 17:36:31 <EML> Defending American humor, I really liked Friends. That said, I really like what the Brits did with it: Coupling. (Now the American remake of Coupling ... that didn't cut it.)

Jul 07 17:36:41 <NickE> agreed

Jul 07 17:36:47 <Neddie_Seagoon> has anyone seen "The IT Crowd"??

Jul 07 17:36:54 * Neddie_Seagoon is now known as UncleNasty

Jul 07 17:36:57 <NickE> Lked both, but c'mon, the Goons!

Jul 07 17:37:12 <Hippy> Grytpype-Thynne, but it's too late to say that now :)

Jul 07 17:37:15 <NickE> Supreme daftyness

Jul 07 17:37:31 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> I've seen the IT crowd. It was good. They are doing another season

Jul 07 17:37:45 <UncleNasty> yup

Jul 07 17:37:46 <Hippy> Oh, a question, not Goons-related. What is this 'unexpurgated' version of 'Red Planet' I've been hearing about?

Jul 07 17:37:55 <UncleNasty> it nearly killed my canbadian IT minions

Jul 07 17:37:58 <UncleNasty> canadian

Jul 07 17:37:59 <NickE> Love The IT Crowd. Supposed to be a 2nd series, but not seen anything concrete

Jul 07 17:38:00 <BillWarren> I was very pleasantly surprised with a "sleeper" of a film I just found this week ... Cameron Diaz,Christina Applegate, "The Sweetest Thing" ... belly-laughing, cheesk-hurting LOL funny!

Jul 07 17:38:31 <UncleNasty>

Jul 07 17:38:38 <NickE> Not aware of that

Jul 07 17:38:46 <UncleNasty> hrm - may have to watch

Jul 07 17:39:00 <UncleNasty> I went retro this week - re-watched Tommy for the first time in about 20 years

Jul 07 17:39:05 <UncleNasty> what an amazing film

Jul 07 17:39:14 <Hippy> Ed, you make a good point about 'Friends'. That sort of 'comedy of manners' the Americans can do well

Jul 07 17:39:23 <NickE> Confetti was very good. Watched tha last night, very funny in palces and well doneand clever, with mostly improv lines

Jul 07 17:39:41 <Hippy> I've seen 'The IT Crowd' and it's better than 'Black Books' in my humble opinion

Jul 07 17:39:46 <UncleNasty> Friends was good the first couple of seasons

Jul 07 17:39:50 <BillWarren> And to make matters worse, they gathered the cast, director, and writer (Nancy Pimental) for the commentary and armed them wth slide whistles, whoopie cushions, and helium balloons!

Jul 07 17:40:14 <NickE> Ohh...I got series 1 and 2 of Black Books for Fathers Day, it's good

Jul 07 17:40:15 <UncleNasty> heh - I recently re-acquired all 3 seasons of Bottom

Jul 07 17:40:33 <UncleNasty> Ade Edmondson and Rick Mayall

Jul 07 17:40:40 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> I'm going to have to reboot this thing at some point. The Finder has been locked up for about six hours now. Stupid Spinny Cursor

Jul 07 17:40:52 <UncleNasty> kill it!

Jul 07 17:40:54 <NickE> Funny, loved the Young Ones, but never really got bottom (Wife hated it so never got the chance really)

Jul 07 17:40:55 <EML> Hippy, what's your take on Seinfeld? I'm constantly astonished at how they tie everything together

Jul 07 17:41:15 <EML> Finders keepers.

Jul 07 17:41:30 <Hippy> 'Bottom'? Sophisticated humour at its finest :)

Jul 07 17:41:44 <UncleNasty> NickE: I think I like it because it reminds me of my relationship with my older brother

Jul 07 17:41:46 <BillWarren> "Bottom"? Is this a British TV show, or ...?

Jul 07 17:41:49 <NickE> (Jsut IMO, watched some Seifield. Never even smiled once)

Jul 07 17:41:58 <NickE> HAHAHA

Jul 07 17:42:09 <NickE> Very basic humour

Jul 07 17:42:27 <NickE> violent toilet type funny

Jul 07 17:42:29 <UncleNasty> BillWarren: it's a very seriously deranged show about 2 idiots

Jul 07 17:43:01 <UncleNasty> BillWarren:

Jul 07 17:43:05 <BillWarren> Have never heard of it, UnkaN ...

Jul 07 17:43:17 <NickE> NOt surprising

Jul 07 17:43:30 <UncleNasty> It's a seriously niche

Jul 07 17:43:31 <Hippy> Ed: I don't think 'Seinfeld' is the work of genius that is claimed for it, but I do like that its comedy is based on 'what is right, moral and polite behavour?' and how it answers those questions. That's why its a good example of American humour.

Jul 07 17:43:45 <UncleNasty> it would almost definitely never be aired in north america

Jul 07 17:43:45 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> I liked the show within a show idea.

Jul 07 17:44:05 <NickE> Always wanted to see Filthy Rich and Catflap, but never did

Jul 07 17:44:06 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> where they were having a show made about them, and they had to help cast it

Jul 07 17:44:13 <BillWarren> Thanks, I'll look into that. BBC, I see ...

Jul 07 17:44:41 <EML> I know people who think Seinfeld is only American humor -- or only New York humor.

Jul 07 17:44:48 <UncleNasty> Filthy, Rich & Catflap was good

Jul 07 17:45:03 <Hippy> FR&C only had one good episode, which was the one where Richie is on the game show. But it had occasionally good lines, like 'Lager Frenzy!!!'

Jul 07 17:45:11 <NickE> I just nvere got what all the fuss was about with Seinfield

Jul 07 17:45:22 <EML> Pretty soon now, I'm gonna toddle off. Eastern time zone and all -- nigh onto dinner.

Jul 07 17:45:43 <NickE> 'S what Larry said

Jul 07 17:45:52 <UncleNasty> "Why are you in my bed?" " well I can't sleep in my bed! it's full of beer!" "you were sick in your bed, weren't you?" " well, there was some unpleasantness involved, yes"

Jul 07 17:45:56 <NickE> bout 2 hours ago :-)

Jul 07 17:46:00 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> I don't know any English folks who like Seinfield. I got sick of it after the first few seasons.

Jul 07 17:46:04 <BillWarren> I know people with tee shirts that sa "Friends don't let friends watch 'Friends'"

Jul 07 17:46:14 <Hippy> I'm here for another two hours but then I shall have to get ready for my mother's arrival

Jul 07 17:46:23 <EML> What's what Larry said?

Jul 07 17:46:27 <NickE> Ooo err :-)

Jul 07 17:46:37 <NickE> Had to go for lunch :-)

Jul 07 17:46:51 <NickE> dinner

Jul 07 17:46:58 <NickE> mid day meal

Jul 07 17:47:02 <UncleNasty> brb - need to be a good husband/father (wife's cooking banned by geneva convention)

Jul 07 17:47:03 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> dinner lunch or dinner supper

Jul 07 17:47:11 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> it's lunch, then dinner

Jul 07 17:47:15 <NickE> what he said

Jul 07 17:47:35 <EML> well THAT clears things up ;-)

Jul 07 17:47:52 <UncleNasty> wtf is lunch? it's brekkie, dinner & tea, damn you all ;)

Jul 07 17:48:07 <senax> What about second breakfast?

Jul 07 17:48:29 <EML> senax, the secret Hobbit.

Jul 07 17:48:31 <Hippy> It's lunch, then tea - but the younger generation now says 'dinner'. Now, there's a bit of Known Space lore waiting to happen. If 'sandwich' becomes 'handmeal' then what do the meals become?

Jul 07 17:48:37 <BillWarren> It's hobbit-forming, Senax.;)

Jul 07 17:49:07 <EML> meal becomes "ground sandwich"

Jul 07 17:49:18 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> You silly twisted boy, you!

Jul 07 17:49:31 <NickE> LOL

Jul 07 17:50:21 <EML> Okay, all. Good chatting with ya. I'm outta here.

Jul 07 17:50:29 * Hippy afk briefly for another tea

Jul 07 17:50:33 <NickE> Bye Ed, catch you next time

Jul 07 17:50:36 <senax> bye EML

Jul 07 17:50:38 <Hippy> 'Bye, Ed. Thanks for the JOW info

Jul 07 17:50:38 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> nice talking to you Ed.

Jul 07 17:50:45 <oliver> It is around midnight here. Good bye and good night.

Jul 07 17:50:52 <NickE> Night Oliver

Jul 07 17:50:57 * oliver has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Jul 07 17:51:11 * EML has quit (Quit: *g0ne*)

Jul 07 17:51:13 <BillWarren> Night, Ed!

Jul 07 17:51:13 <Hippy> When he moves, he moves fast

Jul 07 17:51:17 <NickE> brb

Jul 07 17:52:07 * MobileNasty (~MobileNasty@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 17:52:31 <BillWarren> And I've been up all night and am fading, myself -- I think I'll bow out as well and catch a few winks. It's been fun, everyone!

Jul 07 17:52:32 <MobileNasty> Yarrr!! I r lovin this phone

Jul 07 17:52:49 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> goodnight bill.

Jul 07 17:52:54 <senax> Bye bill

Jul 07 17:52:59 <MobileNasty> Adios bill

Jul 07 17:53:12 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> Isn't anyone going to stay, and help us clean up?

Jul 07 17:53:17 <BillWarren> I'll see you all next time, if I can.

Jul 07 17:53:33 * BillWarren has quit (Quit: *g0ne*)

Jul 07 17:54:24 <Hippy> 'I"m sorry about the mess, we've just had the Communists in'

Jul 07 17:54:38 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> Open Wide, Time for your OBE

Jul 07 17:54:42 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> heh

Jul 07 17:56:16 <MobileNasty> Moriarty! It' time for your "Ow"!

Jul 07 17:56:34 <NickE> Oh bugger missed Bill

Jul 07 17:56:37 <MobileNasty> S/It'/It's

Jul 07 17:56:38 <NickE> Ow

Jul 07 17:56:52 <MobileNasty> Splendid

Jul 07 17:57:23 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> rebooting

Jul 07 17:58:21 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> damn Moriarty. Mac OS won't reboot. We're trapped here, forever!

Jul 07 17:58:29 <NickE> Wow. Just tried some Black Bottle whiskey. Its a blende, but tastes like a decent Jura malt. For a tenner in Sainsbury's!

Jul 07 17:58:35 <MobileNasty> Anyone who is interested in simple time wasting games should check out "Transcendence"

Jul 07 17:59:06 * Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne has quit ()

Jul 07 17:59:15 <MobileNasty> Whiskey makes me v.nasty

Jul 07 17:59:24 <NickE> whassat then?

Jul 07 17:59:37 <NickE> makes me talkative

Jul 07 17:59:57 <MobileNasty> It's a simple top down shooter rpg a la star command

Jul 07 18:00:25 <NickE> Oh dear, better check it out I s'pose

Jul 07 18:00:34 <MobileNasty> It free

Jul 07 18:00:50 <NickE> Quick Q. What is "lament" teh collective noun of

Jul 07 18:00:51 <Hippy> I"ll have a look at it, but at the moment I'm playing 'Age of Empires' again for lack of any decent new games on the horizon

Jul 07 18:00:59 <MobileNasty> Doze game but runs well in cedega or wine on linux

Jul 07 18:01:23 <Hippy> Doves, isn't it? 'A lamentation of doves'?

Jul 07 18:01:47 <MobileNasty> Hippy: try and grab a copy of first encounters

Jul 07 18:02:11 <Hippy> First Encounters? Okay, I'll keep it in mind

Jul 07 18:02:26 <NickE> oh, could be

Jul 07 18:02:27 * Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne (~nick_danger@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 18:02:30 <Hippy> Unless anyone has cheat codes for the PC version of 'Driver 3'

Jul 07 18:02:38 <MobileNasty> Wb!

Jul 07 18:02:48 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> thanks. I had to hit the button.

Jul 07 18:03:12 <senax> Did you try using the shutdown command in a terminal window?

Jul 07 18:03:22 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> no. should have done.

Jul 07 18:03:37 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> duh

Jul 07 18:04:59 <NickE> found one that said it was swans not doves

Jul 07 18:05:49 <NickE> off for cheese :-)

Jul 07 18:06:02 <UncleNasty> cheese, gromit?

Jul 07 18:06:06 <Hippy> That sounds familiar, and I must say that I was going on memory, I didn't look it up

Jul 07 18:06:43 <Hippy> Hmm. A what of Kzinti? 'Pride' seems logical, if unimaginative.

Jul 07 18:07:27 * UncleNasty is reminded of the wonderful 'they're cats' skit on the list

Jul 07 18:07:51 <Hippy> I shall have to look that up

Jul 07 18:09:00 <UncleNasty> doves appears to be a 'dule' or 'pitying'

Jul 07 18:10:16 <UncleNasty> NickE:

Jul 07 18:10:58 <Hippy> Looks most excellent

Jul 07 18:11:08 <senax> "Troop" would work...

Jul 07 18:11:30 <UncleNasty> it's extensible, too - you can write add-ons to the game in xml

Jul 07 18:11:40 <senax> Most of the terms I've found for a group of cats seem downright silly.

Jul 07 18:12:24 <UncleNasty> clowder or punce?

Jul 07 18:12:27 <UncleNasty> pounce?

Jul 07 18:12:48 <UncleNasty> i always considered a melee of cats to be accurate

Jul 07 18:12:57 <NickE> PAul Chafe uses Pride in Destiny's Forge, though not as a collective

Jul 07 18:13:11 <UncleNasty> Patriarch's Pride

Jul 07 18:13:14 <UncleNasty> or whatever

Jul 07 18:14:08 <senax> Something with a military connotation would be appropriate, I think.

Jul 07 18:14:09 <Hippy> That he does. Of course, as Kzinti are sentient you wouldn't be using collective nouns with them, though they might with us and other species. A cringe of Puppeteers?

Jul 07 18:14:41 <NickE> heh]#

Jul 07 18:14:50 <Hippy> Hello, there's a big glowing thing just coming over the horizon. I wonder if our descendants will colonise America, Europe. . .

Jul 07 18:15:29 <Hippy> A shriek of Kdatlyno (due to the sound they make)

Jul 07 18:16:00 <Hippy> You need something from Lewis Carroll for Bandersnatchi

Jul 07 18:16:25 <UncleNasty> a gimble of bandersnatch?

Jul 07 18:16:35 <Hippy> Yes!

Jul 07 18:16:50 <senax> gimble is a verb, though.

Jul 07 18:16:51 <UncleNasty> a mimsy?

Jul 07 18:16:52 <Hippy> I was running through the poem and couldn't find anything, so well done

Jul 07 18:17:01 <UncleNasty> ahh

Jul 07 18:17:05 <UncleNasty> wabe!

Jul 07 18:17:10 <UncleNasty> a wabe of bandersnatch

Jul 07 18:17:17 <NickE> :-)

Jul 07 18:17:19 <Hippy> Actually, borogove might work, as the other two strictly speaking were adjectives

Jul 07 18:17:21 <UncleNasty> in which they are perfectly able to gyre and gimble

Jul 07 18:17:53 <Hippy> I think you have it

Jul 07 18:18:07 <UncleNasty> thought slithey toves are listed as gyre'ing and gimbling in the wabe, it may be usable

Jul 07 18:18:20 <UncleNasty> s/thought/thogh

Jul 07 18:18:23 <UncleNasty> oh ffs

Jul 07 18:18:28 <UncleNasty> though!

Jul 07 18:19:20 <Hippy> Hmm. A 'borogove' can be 'mimsy', though, so it might win out

Jul 07 18:20:35 <senax> a panic of puppeteers

Jul 07 18:20:55 <Hippy> Hmm.

Jul 07 18:21:04 <UncleNasty> a ha!

Jul 07 18:21:05 <UncleNasty>

Jul 07 18:21:27 <NickE> OT: for pics from UK Serenity screenings (mostly for Mark who was there)

Jul 07 18:21:46 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> heh

Jul 07 18:22:01 <Hippy> That is beautifully clear

Jul 07 18:23:26 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> heh. i like the angles have the phone box shirt

Jul 07 18:24:05 <NickE> oh ghod thats good

Jul 07 18:24:27 <UncleNasty> "my grandma" ROFL

Jul 07 18:24:29 <UncleNasty> ahem

Jul 07 18:24:38 <NickE> That was Geddys idea (teh one on the right)

Jul 07 18:24:51 <NickE> LOL just got to that too!

Jul 07 18:25:41 <NickE> (I'm disturbing my wife and son trying to watch black books with my laughing)

Jul 07 18:25:59 <UncleNasty> bluebottle & eccles make me larf

Jul 07 18:26:04 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> love black books

Jul 07 18:26:38 <Hippy> I always liked Henry and Minnie - they were great. The sort of slow delivery you'd be lynched for doing nowadays

Jul 07 18:27:32 <UncleNasty> minnie & the tiger nearly killed me

Jul 07 18:28:08 <NickE> Went to the funneral of a best mate's dad last year. The music played on exiting the church was The Ying Tong Song. I was almost wetting myself. Lovely bloke, great sense of humour

Jul 07 18:28:11 <Hippy> Well, it's rolling on to that time - the time where I have to say that 'The Scarlet Capsule' is one of the funniest shows ever written

Jul 07 18:28:18 <UncleNasty> re slow delivery: what do you think would happen in these PC days if you used Ray Ellington to do all the tribal chiefs, etc

Jul 07 18:28:19 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> I do know a man with a harry bald head...

Jul 07 18:29:13 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> or how about "This show is brought to you from an Arab Stench Recuperating Center at Stoke Poges. This show is not suitable for people."

Jul 07 18:29:24 <Hippy> Actually, that would be the only way you could do the tribal chiefs etc here. You have to have a. . .African-Englishman play the part

Jul 07 18:29:41 <UncleNasty> heh

Jul 07 18:30:01 <UncleNasty> i saw a blazing row between an 'african-american' and a black guy in the UK

Jul 07 18:30:03 <NickE> Sooo far ahead of it's time

Jul 07 18:30:34 <Hippy> Anyway, what I was going to say was, I shall be briefly AFK for my morning ablutions but then I'll be back to talk about my favourite Heinlein novel or something appropriate

Jul 07 18:30:52 <NickE> so the black guy was English of course, not some damn Yank :-)

Jul 07 18:31:10 * Hippy AFK for morning ablutions

Jul 07 18:31:28 <UncleNasty> yup

Jul 07 18:31:42 <senax> Speaking of Heinlein, anybody read the novel Spider Robinson "co-wrote" with RAH?

Jul 07 18:32:12 <NickE> Not yet. Been meaning to pickit up. Remind me of the title?

Jul 07 18:32:34 <UncleNasty> black guy was most pissed when referred to as 'african american' so the correction was made to 'african-english' to which he went into a speil about having never, ever been to africa, and that he was english and black, god damnit... was a funny thing to see

Jul 07 18:32:50 <NickE> true too

Jul 07 18:32:54 <senax> Variable Star was the title

Jul 07 18:33:08 <NickE> Oh yes of course, ta Frank

Jul 07 18:34:35 <NickE> Will have to re-read Door into Summer again as teh list had been chatting about it

Jul 07 18:35:44 <NickE> And Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (which is one of my all time favourite novels of any sort. Hope they don't fuck up the rumoured film)

Jul 07 18:35:47 <senax> I'll have to go back and re-read a couple of Heinlein books...when I've caught up on my new reading...

Jul 07 18:36:13 <UncleNasty> must not post in religion thread while floating in opiate zone

Jul 07 18:36:29 <NickE> Need to finish Destiny's Forge (is good adventure type yarn)

Jul 07 18:36:30 <senax> hehe

Jul 07 18:36:50 <UncleNasty> adi is just cruising for a response

Jul 07 18:36:54 <UncleNasty> must resist

Jul 07 18:36:59 <NickE> :-)

Jul 07 18:37:17 <NickE> plaese continue to be strong :-)

Jul 07 18:37:18 <senax> I still have three Niven collaborations in my to-read pile

Jul 07 18:38:47 <NickE> I have about 40-50 comics to catch up on, plus books. So many choices, so little time :-)

Jul 07 18:39:12 <UncleNasty> finished SIASL and starting into american gods here

Jul 07 18:39:16 <UncleNasty> again

Jul 07 18:39:21 <UncleNasty> then anasi boys

Jul 07 18:39:32 <UncleNasty> then, probably, thud

Jul 07 18:40:06 <senax> I'm in the middle of Guns Germs and Steel right now...picked it up because Lensman kept referring to it on the list.

Jul 07 18:40:12 <UncleNasty> then appleseed and back to ringworld

Jul 07 18:40:26 <UncleNasty> someone on the list _has_ to read appleseed

Jul 07 18:40:42 <senax> that's a manga isn't it?

Jul 07 18:40:48 <UncleNasty> nonono

Jul 07 18:41:33 <senax> Oh. Well, I've heard of an anime by that name so I thought it was a good guess.

Jul 07 18:41:39 <UncleNasty>

Jul 07 18:42:05 <UncleNasty> there is an anime called appleseed (recently re-made with 3D animation) which is pretty bloody good

Jul 07 18:42:14 <UncleNasty> but the book is wierdly compelling

Jul 07 18:42:28 <senax> no relation?

Jul 07 18:42:37 <UncleNasty> none

Jul 07 18:43:07 <UncleNasty> i do prefer the original anime over the remake - the remake tries to be too 'matrix'

Jul 07 18:44:37 <NickE> (been listening to teh Foo Fighters all night, Ghod, they're good. Grohl was on Radio 1 yesterday and played snipps of new stuff, which was cool)

Jul 07 18:44:37 <UncleNasty> but the book 'appleseed' by john clute is a thing to experience

Jul 07 18:44:55 <UncleNasty> heh - I'mgettin into a bit of korn

Jul 07 18:45:29 <UncleNasty> and the who

Jul 07 18:45:38 <UncleNasty> only a minor disparity

Jul 07 18:45:47 <senax> I like Foo Fighters, but to me it seems they peaked with There is Nothing Left to Lose. Loved that album...

Jul 07 18:45:49 <NickE> The Who are bloody good

Jul 07 18:46:26 <senax> The 'orrible'oo. Yes, one of my all-time favorite bands.

Jul 07 18:46:59 <UncleNasty> re-watched tommy for the first time in nearly 20 years - forgot how good that film is

Jul 07 18:47:05 <NickE> I've liked all of their stuff. Not many bands I can say that about. (The Foos)

Jul 07 18:47:17 <NickE> Tommy is well weird and brilliant

Jul 07 18:47:18 <senax> Saw Roger Waters in concert last week. He's still very good.

Jul 07 18:47:58 <UncleNasty> i'd forgotten that there's not one word of spoken dialogue in the film

Jul 07 18:48:04 <senax> And, yes, he's still an asshole

Jul 07 18:48:12 <UncleNasty> lol

Jul 07 18:48:14 <senax> Love his music though

Jul 07 18:48:15 <NickE> Probably, but The Final Cut was it for me with his stuff. Good bits but really annoyed with some of it

Jul 07 18:49:01 <NickE> Well, don't have to be a saint to produce good stuff

Jul 07 18:49:24 <UncleNasty> it's roger daltry in tommy

Jul 07 18:49:25 <senax> Actually he's mellowed a lot. Did some of his more political stuff at the show...which is when a lot of the audience headed for the beer vendors and restrooms

Jul 07 18:49:35 <NickE> :-)

Jul 07 18:50:21 <senax> Tina Turner as the Acid Queen stole the show in that movie, I thought

Jul 07 18:50:30 <NickE> Agreed

Jul 07 18:50:32 <UncleNasty> yeah - that scene was twisted

Jul 07 18:50:42 <UncleNasty> the chrome maiden

Jul 07 18:50:44 <NickE> Very fucked up

Jul 07 18:50:54 <NickE> and brilliant

Jul 07 18:51:35 <NickE> brb

Jul 07 18:51:37 <senax> John Entwistle made me want to be a bassist

Jul 07 18:51:53 <UncleNasty> Listening to you,

Jul 07 18:51:54 <UncleNasty> I get the music.

Jul 07 18:51:54 <UncleNasty> Gazing at you,

Jul 07 18:51:54 <UncleNasty> I get the heat.

Jul 07 18:51:54 <UncleNasty> Following you,

Jul 07 18:51:54 <UncleNasty> I climb the mountains.

Jul 07 18:51:55 <UncleNasty> I get excitement at your feet.

Jul 07 18:51:55 <UncleNasty> Right behind you,

Jul 07 18:51:55 <UncleNasty> I see the millions.

Jul 07 18:51:56 <UncleNasty> On you,

Jul 07 18:52:00 <UncleNasty> I see the glory.

Jul 07 18:52:00 <UncleNasty> From you,

Jul 07 18:52:00 <UncleNasty> I get opinions.

Jul 07 18:52:00 <UncleNasty> From you,

Jul 07 18:52:00 <UncleNasty> I get the story.

Jul 07 18:53:42 <UncleNasty> any prog rock geeks may like to try this:

Jul 07 18:53:48 <UncleNasty> very good 3 cd set

Jul 07 18:54:22 <UncleNasty> brb

Jul 07 18:55:12 * MobileNasty has quit ()

Jul 07 18:56:16 <senax> I hope his phone has a keyboard...I'd hate trying to use IRC on a 12-key keypad.

Jul 07 18:57:34 <NickE> Got it already :-)

Jul 07 18:57:43 <NickE> Yes head for years

Jul 07 18:58:29 <senax> I never got into Yes much. Rush, though, I've got almost all their stuff...

Jul 07 18:58:34 <senax> And Floyd...

Jul 07 18:58:49 <NickE> Saw them acoustic at the Apollo (sorry, New Theatre) Oxford for a fund raiser, Bloody brilliant.

Jul 07 18:59:02 <senax> Yes?

Jul 07 18:59:17 <NickE> Seeing Rush twice when they do the UK in October }-)

Jul 07 18:59:30 * senax is jealous

Jul 07 18:59:35 <NickE> Yep , Yes

Jul 07 18:59:49 <senax> Haven't seen a Rush show since the Presto tour

Jul 07 18:59:53 <NickE> Rightly so I'm afraid (sorry :-)

Jul 07 19:00:03 <senax> Or was it Roll the Bones?

Jul 07 19:00:07 <NickE> R30 was "awesome"

Jul 07 19:00:14 <senax> I forget which of those came first

Jul 07 19:00:28 <NickE> Roll The bones was the last time they did the UK before R30

Jul 07 19:00:39 <NickE> Presto was earlier

Jul 07 19:01:04 <senax> I'm really hoping the Police play somewhere near me on their new tour.

Jul 07 19:01:27 <NickE> 12 bloody years! (Lucky to get that, given teh shit Neal had to deal with)

Jul 07 19:02:47 <senax> Wish I had seen Midnight Oil before they quit

Jul 07 19:03:16 <NickE> Sposed to be very good, Not familair with their stuff

Jul 07 19:04:08 <senax> When I'm deciding which shows to see, I give priority to the older musicians, since I figure I might not get the chance again one way or another.

Jul 07 19:05:54 <senax> Saw B.B. King last year. The venue was not so good, but the music was great.

Jul 07 19:06:07 * Hippy returned, abluted and ready to face the day

Jul 07 19:06:29 <senax> wb

Jul 07 19:08:17 <Hippy> Where are you, Senax? How do you know about Midnight Oil?

Jul 07 19:09:39 <senax> I'm in Omaha, Nebraska. Like most Yanks, I first heard of the Oils when Diesal and Dust was a big hit. Unlike most, I've been continuing to listen to them ever since.

Jul 07 19:10:27 <Hippy> Well, Peter Garrett might not survive in the Senate as of our election in October, so they might go on tour again :)

Jul 07 19:11:24 <senax> That would be fine by me...but I guess the odds are pretty long that they would end up touring over here again. :-)

Jul 07 19:12:30 <UncleNasty> i back

Jul 07 19:12:37 <senax> wb nasty

Jul 07 19:12:43 <UncleNasty> ty

Jul 07 19:12:58 <Hippy> They might write a protest song about NORAD, then you'd be right

Jul 07 19:13:26 <UncleNasty> btw, wrt keyboard on phone:,1895,2005426,00.asp

Jul 07 19:14:06 <senax> I'd rather they protest STRATCOM; the HQ is about 6 miles from my house! :-)

Jul 07 19:14:20 <Hippy> I"ve just noticed something, which in itself is worth noticing, but nicknames here can be longer than 10 letters. I thought that was an IRC limitation but apparently it's just a server one

Jul 07 19:14:36 <Hippy> And who are STRATCOM?

Jul 07 19:15:12 <UncleNasty> i'd rather have the nokia e61, but you can't get that in north america

Jul 07 19:15:21 <senax> nice phone, nasty

Jul 07 19:15:28 <UncleNasty> s'ok

Jul 07 19:15:39 <UncleNasty> symbian OS so there's a lot of software available

Jul 07 19:15:52 <UncleNasty> it makes the blackberry look like the POS it is

Jul 07 19:16:09 <senax> hippy, STRATCOM is the command that controls the U.S. nuclear forces, something I know Peter Garrett is not fond of.

Jul 07 19:16:22 <senax>

Jul 07 19:16:56 <Hippy> Oh, of course! That was what I was thinking of. They're calling themselves - they're not calling themselves SAC anymore?

Jul 07 19:17:03 * SeanS gives channel operator status to NickE

Jul 07 19:17:16 <Hippy> Evening, Sean

Jul 07 19:17:25 <UncleNasty> hiya sean

Jul 07 19:17:37 <SeanS> going right back outside with my gf

Jul 07 19:17:46 <SeanS> but hi everybody

Jul 07 19:17:50 <senax> SAC went away in a reorganization several years back.

Jul 07 19:17:52 <Hippy> Howdy

Jul 07 19:18:22 <Hippy> Huh! Just did a time check and it was 7:14:28PM

Jul 07 19:18:50 <Hippy> So with all thsoe 7's I should drink a toast to the memory of Mr Heinlein

Jul 07 19:19:15 * UncleNasty raises a can of diet coke

Jul 07 19:19:17 <senax> Damn good idea.

Jul 07 19:19:21 * Hippy toasts the memory of Mr R A Heinlein, who wrote some very good stuff indeed

Jul 07 19:19:35 * senax gets up to find a bottle of _good_ beer.

Jul 07 19:19:42 <UncleNasty> Hippy:

Jul 07 19:20:52 <senax> To Bob! TANSTAAFL!

Jul 07 19:21:15 * UncleNasty attempts to grok his cola in fullness

Jul 07 19:23:57 <Hippy> Hmm. Seems like a game worth investigating. I had a look at Eve Online but am yet to take the plunge on any online games. STill haven't taken Everquest II out of its shrinkwrap

Jul 07 19:24:32 * Hippy shamefacedly is toasting with Cointreau, which was the only alcoholic beverage I could find :(

Jul 07 19:25:04 <UncleNasty> i think frontier: first encounters is possibly one of the best games I have ever played - the graphics are a bit dated at 320x200, but the game is so free-form it makes all the fancy 3D space games released since look very poor

Jul 07 19:25:40 * senax sets aside his now-empty Rolling Rock bottle and grabs a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Jul 07 19:25:44 <UncleNasty> not to mention you are playing with newtonian physics... no aerodynamic motion in space!

Jul 07 19:25:49 <senax> Now that's the good stuff!

Jul 07 19:26:30 <Hippy> I"m finding that with so many games these days. Much like arcade games, they are only one or two themes and that's it.

Jul 07 19:26:35 <UncleNasty> trying to dock at a rotating coriolis station after your autopilot has been combat damaged and your belly thrusters aren't working quite right is a challenge

Jul 07 19:26:54 <UncleNasty> ooh

Jul 07 19:27:01 <UncleNasty> speaking of old concepts re-done!

Jul 07 19:27:06 <UncleNasty> check out oolite!

Jul 07 19:27:29 <UncleNasty>

Jul 07 19:28:11 <UncleNasty> it's a nice version of elite, but nowhere on the same scale as frontier

Jul 07 19:28:16 <UncleNasty> brb again

Jul 07 19:28:20 <UncleNasty> dinnertime!

Jul 07 19:28:42 <senax> I goolged oolite (misspelled it as oolight) and got 'Did you mean Coorslight?'

Jul 07 19:29:09 <senax> Guess google thinks I should have another beer.

Jul 07 19:29:43 <Hippy> W

Jul 07 19:29:49 <Hippy> Well, Google knows best

Jul 07 19:30:09 <Hippy> It's like modern bibliomancy

Jul 07 19:30:18 <senax> Hey, it's multi-platform! Gotta like that!

Jul 07 19:30:47 <senax> Specially since I have one each Mac, Linux box and XP box.

Jul 07 19:31:15 <Hippy> Does anyone remember 'Millennium 2.2' for thje Amiga? I loved that game

Jul 07 19:31:26 <senax> ...and a Tivo and a Wii. Talk about yer heterogeneous network...

Jul 07 19:31:29 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> hey, it sean

Jul 07 19:31:38 <Hippy> Oh, yes, and does anyone have The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction ed by Peter Nicholls?

Jul 07 19:33:31 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> ick. not coors lite!

Jul 07 19:33:55 <senax> I've got his The Science in Science Fiction, hippy

Jul 07 19:34:25 * senax is a beer drinker, not a Coors Light drinker

Jul 07 19:35:10 <Hercules_Grytpype-Thynne> that's good. i'm starting to see them sell that stuff here. ug

Jul 07 19:35:22 * Hippy thinks Senax is a class act

Jul 07 19:36:08 <Hippy> Damn. I shall have to ask the list. There's a quote in the section on 'Magic' that I can't remember and I want to make sure I've got it right

Jul 07 19:39:07 * Dan (~vila@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 19:39:16 <Hippy> But all that aside, here's Dan!

Jul 07 19:39:19 <Dan> Greetings, Programs!

Jul 07 19:39:40 <Hippy> Coded response #247

Jul 07 19:39:51 <senax> Hi Dan. Seen Tron lately?

Jul 07 19:40:20 <Dan> Nope. I need to order a copy on DVD. I used to love that movie.

Jul 07 19:40:57 <senax> Haven't seen it since, well, not long after it was released.

Jul 07 19:41:06 <Dan> Gave myself a case of tendonitus in my right arm from playing the arcade game.

Jul 07 19:41:31 <Hippy> Saw it on TV many moons ago. Now you have reminded me to look for 'Hide and Seek'

Jul 07 19:41:39 <Dan> How is everyone this evening?

Jul 07 19:41:45 <Hippy> Oh, yes, the game was good

Jul 07 19:42:11 <Hippy> Not too bad, considering it's Sunday and I think a lot of housework awaits

Jul 07 19:42:50 <senax> Nice quiet Saturday here...thankful for the air conditioning, though.

Jul 07 19:43:02 <Dan> I've got one more day of work this week, then I start a short vacation.

Jul 07 19:44:03 <Dan> My wife and I plan to start puting the office back to rights and unloading boxes so that we can start using the rest of the living room and the guest bedroom again.

Jul 07 19:45:29 <Hippy> Now that's a thought. I wonder if I should do that? Then again, I'd only be moving the stuff around, as there's still nowhere to put it

Jul 07 19:46:11 <Dan> Well, since the fire we've had the unscorched rooms of the house full of boxes of books and clutter from the office.

Jul 07 19:46:40 <Hippy> Fire? Holy Crap!

Jul 07 19:46:49 <Dan> It's take almost a whole month to get the clean-up and reconstruction done.

Jul 07 19:47:49 <Dan> Only a little one, in our home office. I managed to put it out before it spread too far.

Jul 07 19:48:04 <Dan> We were very lucky.

Jul 07 19:48:12 <Hippy> Damn right!

Jul 07 19:48:24 * InvisibleDragon has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Jul 07 19:48:47 <Hippy> Damn!

Jul 07 19:49:20 <Dan> So we've got to replace two computer desks, put the bookshelves back in there, unpack 25 boxes of books, and set all 4 computers back up.

Jul 07 19:49:28 <Hippy> Gentlemen, this has been excellent as usual, especially the game recommendations, but my mother is due to arrive soon and I have some stuff to dig out for her, so I'd best adjourn

Jul 07 19:49:33 <senax> Bye Carol. :-)

Jul 07 19:49:52 <senax> How do you know when an invisible dragon leaves the room?

Jul 07 19:49:56 <Dan> The only things that were a total loss were some of my artwork and some musical equipment.

Jul 07 19:49:59 <Hippy> 25 boxes? I thought I had a lot of books. . .

Jul 07 19:50:13 <Dan> That's just the ones in the office.

Jul 07 19:50:17 <Hippy> That's sad to hear, though

Jul 07 19:50:26 <Hippy> Anyway, I must adjourn.

Jul 07 19:50:30 <NickE> goota go hit sack

Jul 07 19:50:32 <senax> bye Hippy

Jul 07 19:50:41 <Hippy> Vale, Mr Heinlein, Mr Saberhagen and of course Frank

Jul 07 19:50:49 <NickE> adios folkks. been fun

Jul 07 19:50:59 * Hippy has quit ()

Jul 07 19:51:02 <senax> bye Nick

Jul 07 19:51:09 <Dan> About 500 hardbacks and 200-300 paperbacks. I have 4-5000 more paperbacks in other rooms.

Jul 07 19:51:10 <NickE> I'll drink to that...but tomorrow now :-)

Jul 07 19:51:22 <NickE> ttfn

Jul 07 19:51:24 * NickE has quit ()

Jul 07 19:52:20 * InvisibleDragon (~Carol@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 19:52:21 <Dan> But I'm kind of tired of talking about it after all this time.

Jul 07 19:52:28 <Dan> WB Carol.

Jul 07 19:52:53 <senax> She's still invisible...pretend you don't notice her...

Jul 07 19:53:42 <Dan> LOL!

Jul 07 19:54:01 <Dan> So, what was the hot topic for the chat today?

Jul 07 19:54:21 <senax> Hmm...I missed the beginning...

Jul 07 19:55:08 <senax> People were discussing television shows I knew nothing about (mostly British)...

Jul 07 19:55:17 <senax> music, cheese, beer...

Jul 07 19:55:25 <senax> games...

Jul 07 19:55:42 <senax> names for groups of various species...

Jul 07 19:56:12 <senax> Heinlein...

Jul 07 19:56:24 <senax> ...that's pretty much it as I recall.

Jul 07 19:57:00 <senax> I more-or-less missed Larry (came in just before he left).

Jul 07 19:57:10 <Dan> Sounds like I missed a good time.

Jul 07 19:57:40 <senax> Pretty good, yeah.

Jul 07 19:58:09 <Dan> Oh well, my work schedule does make me miss chats every so often.

Jul 07 19:58:45 <senax> I miss a lot of them because my wife and son want me to be doing other things on Saturday afternoons.

Jul 07 19:59:09 <senax> Today, she's boating with girlfriends, and he's at a movie with his buddies.

Jul 07 19:59:31 <senax> And I'm the lone geek at home with the computer.

Jul 07 19:59:46 <senax> :-)

Jul 07 20:00:59 <senax> Well, me and two smelly old dogs, but they just sleep.

Jul 07 20:01:31 <Dan> We've got one computer set up in the living room at the moment, and my wife is watching TV while I chat.

Jul 07 20:08:13 <senax> Going to find something to eat--back in a while.

Jul 07 20:08:23 <Dan> OK

Jul 07 20:08:23 <UncleNasty> back for a minute

Jul 07 20:08:24 * senax is now known as senax_afk

Jul 07 20:09:32 <UncleNasty> hi dan

Jul 07 20:09:39 <Dan> Hiya.

Jul 07 20:09:49 <UncleNasty> how goes?

Jul 07 20:10:04 <Dan> Not bad. Home from work, finally.

Jul 07 20:10:18 <UncleNasty> i feel your pain

Jul 07 20:10:29 <Dan> Relaxing with a cold beer and this chat.

Jul 07 20:10:35 <UncleNasty> i think it was 3am when i got in this morning

Jul 07 20:10:54 <UncleNasty> sec - going mobile

Jul 07 20:11:13 * MobileNasty (~MobileNasty@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 20:11:57 <MobileNasty> Heh likin my new phone :)

Jul 07 20:12:30 <Dan> LOL!

Jul 07 20:13:12 * MobileNasty is now enjoying a post-prandial smoke on the balcony

Jul 07 20:13:41 <Dan> Just put one out, myself.

Jul 07 20:13:54 <MobileNasty> Watchin the sun go down behind the windmills

Jul 07 20:14:19 <Dan> Cool!

Jul 07 20:14:43 <MobileNasty> Have you got google earth?

Jul 07 20:15:19 <Dan> Don't think so, no.

Jul 07 20:15:43 <MobileNasty> It's a free download and worth it

Jul 07 20:15:58 <MobileNasty> Very cool app

Jul 07 20:16:11 <Dan> Kind of short of hard drive space until I burn some more DVDs.

Jul 07 20:17:34 <MobileNasty> But, if you grab it and search for "shelburne, ontario, canada" just to the west of the town there's a number of pics of the windfarm

Jul 07 20:17:55 <MobileNasty> I live in the middle of it

Jul 07 20:18:07 <Dan> Will do so sometime.

Jul 07 20:18:45 <MobileNasty> It's about 40mb and cross platform

Jul 07 20:18:57 <MobileNasty> Very cool app

Jul 07 20:19:24 <UncleNasty> back indoors

Jul 07 20:19:36 * MobileNasty has quit ()

Jul 07 20:22:58 <UncleNasty>

Jul 07 20:27:05 <UncleNasty> n memory of RAH I am listening to Starship Trooper

Jul 07 20:27:11 * senax_afk is now known as senax

Jul 07 20:27:20 <senax> Back for a bit.

Jul 07 20:27:27 <Dan> WB

Jul 07 20:27:27 <UncleNasty> wb

Jul 07 20:27:38 <UncleNasty> hrm

Jul 07 20:27:45 <UncleNasty> talk about coincidence

Jul 07 20:27:56 <UncleNasty> i just noticed i am browsing aphelion

Jul 07 20:27:57 <UncleNasty> lol

Jul 07 20:28:23 <Dan> Good mag. I highly reccomend it. LOL!

Jul 07 20:29:05 <UncleNasty> jumping all over the place, thanks to the meds, Dan! Have you read Appleseed? (john clute not the manga)

Jul 07 20:29:16 <Dan> Nope.

Jul 07 20:29:33 <UncleNasty> can't find anyone who has

Jul 07 20:29:42 <UncleNasty> it's a wierd read and I need to discuss it with someone gods damnit!

Jul 07 20:32:10 <Dan> I understand.

Jul 07 20:32:41 <UncleNasty> the writing style is difficult to get into, but once you get the flow it's tremendous

Jul 07 20:32:59 <UncleNasty> first time I tried to read it I was seriously jetlagged and it made no sense

Jul 07 20:33:20 <UncleNasty> second attempt went far better

Jul 07 20:35:00 <UncleNasty>

Jul 07 20:35:03 <Dan> Sound like several writers that I've tried in the last few years. Minus the jetlag, of course.

Jul 07 20:39:11 <UncleNasty> this one is not a bad review:

Jul 07 20:39:42 <UncleNasty> "a bit like the Mad Hatter's tea party, as experienced by Leopold Bloom"

Jul 07 20:40:12 <Dan> That's one of Cat's reviews. I've never seen him do a hateful one, just thourough.

Jul 07 20:42:58 * SeanS gives channel operator status to Dan

Jul 07 20:43:21 * SeanS gives voice to UncleNasty

Jul 07 20:43:50 <UncleNasty> w00t

Jul 07 20:43:55 <UncleNasty> promoted at last ;)

Jul 07 20:44:04 <SeanS> actually that is probablly backward

Jul 07 20:44:31 <UncleNasty> think i am due new meds - sec

Jul 07 20:44:31 * SeanS removes channel operator status from Dan

Jul 07 20:44:41 * SeanS gives channel operator status to UncleNasty

Jul 07 20:44:45 <senax> He has the wierding way.

Jul 07 20:44:46 * SeanS gives voice to Dan

Jul 07 20:45:08 <Dan> Thanks, Sean.

Jul 07 20:45:34 * senax kind of feels left out

Jul 07 20:45:51 * SeanS is drunk so bear with me

Jul 07 20:46:18 * SeanS gives voice to senax

Jul 07 20:46:31 <senax> Woohoo!

Jul 07 20:46:33 <UncleNasty> back!

Jul 07 20:46:37 <UncleNasty> thx sean

Jul 07 20:46:50 * UncleNasty chugs opiates

Jul 07 20:47:07 <senax> And what is voice exactly? IRC didn't have this voice thing back in the day...

Jul 07 20:47:12 <SeanS> just came in from outside

Jul 07 20:47:19 * senax is a digital old fart

Jul 07 20:47:41 <SeanS> voice means that you go to the top of the list and if someone moderates the channel you can still talk

Jul 07 20:47:49 <UncleNasty> it's status, senax

Jul 07 20:47:59 <UncleNasty> it makes you stand out from the proles ;)

Jul 07 20:48:16 <UncleNasty>

Jul 07 20:48:24 <SeanS> keeps you above that dang dragon girl anyway ;)

Jul 07 20:48:32 <senax> Those nasty stinking proles...of which I were one until just now...

Jul 07 20:48:34 <UncleNasty> lol

Jul 07 20:49:37 <SeanS> shit, we are all friends... i should just op everybody

Jul 07 20:49:39 <UncleNasty> and me being promoted to chanop is a means to power abuse

Jul 07 20:49:40 <UncleNasty> :D

Jul 07 20:50:15 <UncleNasty> anyway, what good is power if you're not allowed to abuse it ;)

Jul 07 20:50:23 <SeanS> absolutely

Jul 07 20:50:30 <SeanS> i have the ultimate power tho

Jul 07 20:50:49 <UncleNasty> yah - bow before sean as he's got root (and not in th dirty aussie sense)

Jul 07 20:51:01 <senax> Does this mean I can flood the channel by pasting all the lyrics to a long song without getting kicked? :-)

Jul 07 20:51:18 <SeanS> i removed flood protection

Jul 07 20:51:23 <UncleNasty>

Jul 07 20:51:31 <UncleNasty> there ya go, senax

Jul 07 20:51:35 <UncleNasty> all the teminology

Jul 07 20:51:41 <senax> I learned my lesson on that one.

Jul 07 20:51:42 <UncleNasty> with a r in there somewhere

Jul 07 20:52:07 <SeanS> senax, you should be able to post whatever

Jul 07 20:52:25 <SeanS> i removed flood protection

Jul 07 20:52:39 <senax> That incident was an accident, as it were

Jul 07 20:52:49 * MaGnUs-N (~emagnus@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 20:53:00 <UncleNasty> hola MaGnUs-N

Jul 07 20:53:07 <UncleNasty> you appear to be ghosted

Jul 07 20:53:23 * MaGnUs has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Jul 07 20:53:36 <senax> wb magnus

Jul 07 20:55:32 <UncleNasty> scott adams should be sliced with paper cuts and rolled in salt

Jul 07 20:55:42 <SeanS> has it been a good chat day?

Jul 07 20:55:43 <UncleNasty> popups on the bloody dilbert site

Jul 07 20:55:43 <Dan> lol

Jul 07 20:56:17 <senax> It has been pretty good...I caught most of it for a change.

Jul 07 20:56:36 <senax> Learned things I never knew about cheese.

Jul 07 20:56:37 <SeanS> i have been down on the river all day

Jul 07 20:56:42 <UncleNasty> heh

Jul 07 20:56:50 <senax> Which river is that, Sean?

Jul 07 20:57:01 <SeanS> the kentucky river

Jul 07 20:57:13 <SeanS> my back yard basically

Jul 07 20:58:06 <senax> I leave near the Muddy Mo (the Missouri River) myself. It's a few miles away, but I have a small boat and a marina slip.

Jul 07 20:58:23 <senax> My wife is boating on the Mo as we speak.

Jul 07 20:58:54 <SeanS> i put in and out every day

Jul 07 20:59:03 <SeanS> ramp about a mile away

Jul 07 20:59:26 <senax> Nice...I only get out on the water once every 1-2 weeks.

Jul 07 21:00:17 <SeanS> if my gf didnt have balance problems, i would just walk over the hill

Jul 07 21:00:21 <senax> The inlet of our marina is silted up so it's only about 3 feet deep right now...a lot of the big boats can't go out at all.

Jul 07 21:00:36 <SeanS> i own the beach... everybody pulls into my yard

Jul 07 21:00:53 <senax> Our little 18-foot I/O is still good, as long as we raise the outdrive.

Jul 07 21:01:28 <SeanS> i have a 15 foot boston whaler with a 50 on it

Jul 07 21:01:54 <senax> The old tub handles like a shopping cart with a broken wheel at low speeds, but once we're out on the river we're good.

Jul 07 21:02:02 <UncleNasty> i think i need some sort of leisure craft... I've got plans for a small dirigible, but i'm apparently not allowed to use hydrogen as a lifting gas which sux

Jul 07 21:02:22 <SeanS> hehe

Jul 07 21:02:33 <senax> Boston whaler, nice...local sheriff has a nice one of those

Jul 07 21:02:56 <senax> The hydrogen thing is illegal?

Jul 07 21:03:11 <UncleNasty> yup

Jul 07 21:03:18 <SeanS> had to load up a couple of emt guys earlier because some dome bitch slammed her jetski into the rocks across the river

Jul 07 21:03:23 <senax> Didn't know that

Jul 07 21:03:27 <senax> Ow.

Jul 07 21:03:28 <UncleNasty> apparently shit which happened 80 years ago means that you can't use it now

Jul 07 21:03:42 <senax> Hindenburg?

Jul 07 21:04:01 <UncleNasty> that's like saying that you shuldn't attempt transatlantic flight because the wright flyer could only manage a couple of hundred feet of powered flight

Jul 07 21:04:47 <senax> Jetskis are kind of a problem here, but fortunately not as common as on the lakes.

Jul 07 21:05:03 <UncleNasty> not to mention that only 30 or so people died in the hindenburg accident - not exactly a major incident... and it was the first time paying passengers died on a dirigible

Jul 07 21:05:43 <senax> My policy is to expect them (jetskis) to maneuver randomly, and 99% of the time, that's what they seem to do.

Jul 07 21:06:15 <UncleNasty> senax: much like cyclists on roads ;)

Jul 07 21:08:05 * MobileNasty (~MobileNasty@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 21:08:22 <senax> As far as hydrogen, my biggest fear would be thunderstorms. Dirigibles don't have the altitude capability to go over them, and they're kind of slow too.

Jul 07 21:09:07 * MobileNasty has quit ()

Jul 07 21:09:35 <senax> Nasty seems to be having connection trouble.

Jul 07 21:09:52 <SeanS> yep

Jul 07 21:10:15 <MobileNasty> Has anyone seen anything about "sprites"?

Jul 07 21:10:30 <senax> Sprites?

Jul 07 21:10:40 <senax> In what context?

Jul 07 21:10:47 <MobileNasty> Hindenberg could do germany to new york in 4 days

Jul 07 21:10:56 <SeanS> no, but i have been drinking beer all day

Jul 07 21:11:04 <MobileNasty> And that was with 1920s tech

Jul 07 21:11:54 <MobileNasty> Conductive shell to draw charge around the gas envelope instead of through it...

Jul 07 21:12:33 * MobileNasty (~MobileNasty@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 21:12:46 <senax> IIRC helium is rather scarce most places on earth, whereas hydrogen is easy to make. Is helium still pretty expensive?

Jul 07 21:12:59 <MobileNasty> Yup

Jul 07 21:14:31 <Dan> BRB, going to teach my wife how to use the new fire extinguisher.

Jul 07 21:14:52 <senax> Have fun Dan.

Jul 07 21:16:09 <MobileNasty> Ttyl dan

Jul 07 21:20:02 <MobileNasty> Just investigating google talk for the phone

Jul 07 21:21:47 <senax> Google talk? Is it an IM thing, or something like VOIP?

Jul 07 21:22:13 <MobileNasty> It's an im app

Jul 07 21:22:30 <MobileNasty> Runs jabber protocol

Jul 07 21:23:22 <senax> There are so many IM apps and protocols I find it confusing...but I'm not much of an IMer.

Jul 07 21:25:04 <MobileNasty> Jabber's ok

Jul 07 21:25:29 <MobileNasty> It's like most FOSS stuff tho

Jul 07 21:25:50 <senax> I tend to use email for asynchronous communication, and hardly ever use any kind of IM

Jul 07 21:26:16 <MobileNasty> Great potential still waiting to be fully implemented

Jul 07 21:26:22 * growler (~growler@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 21:26:37 <senax> There's the network effect...most people I know don't use any kind of IM, so I don't

Jul 07 21:26:40 <MobileNasty> iM is a lifesaver for work

Jul 07 21:27:00 <MobileNasty> Hey growler

Jul 07 21:27:06 <senax> HI growler

Jul 07 21:27:54 <growler> hi

Jul 07 21:27:59 <senax> Quick poll: did the Fantastic Four movie suck, or not?

Jul 07 21:28:27 <MobileNasty> Hrm - first or second one?

Jul 07 21:28:56 <senax> The 2005 one

Jul 07 21:29:05 <growler> haven't had the enthusiasm to see it

Jul 07 21:29:27 <MobileNasty> First one: not great but not terrible

Jul 07 21:29:42 <senax> My wife recorded it from HBO, now I don't know whether to bother watching it.

Jul 07 21:29:44 <MobileNasty> Second one: not seen it yet

Jul 07 21:29:45 <growler> I"ve noticed recently that if I don't go see a movie in it's first week I'll never go the theatre to see it if it doesn't immediately get good reviews

Jul 07 21:30:11 <growler> Hype has a life half of a weekend

Jul 07 21:30:21 <senax> LOL

Jul 07 21:30:31 <MobileNasty> It's worth watching but ignore the whole ben grimm switcheroo bit

Jul 07 21:31:00 <senax> I'm not a comics fan, nasty, is that something obscure to a non-fan?

Jul 07 21:31:04 <growler> I just read all the Marvel Zombie comcs to-date. That was quite fun - I liked the insane Reed Richards.

Jul 07 21:31:55 * MobileNasty has quit ()

Jul 07 21:32:10 <UncleNasty> yay for apple illuminated keyboards

Jul 07 21:32:38 * senax is jealos

Jul 07 21:32:39 <growler> I thought the first FF movie was better than I expected - not great, but not annoying

Jul 07 21:32:45 <senax> er, jealous

Jul 07 21:32:51 <UncleNasty> lol

Jul 07 21:33:10 <senax> My iBook has a plain dingy formerly-white keyboard

Jul 07 21:33:18 <UncleNasty> first FF would have been better without the stupid machine which could revert to human and back

Jul 07 21:33:27 <growler> I've got one of the black macbooks. Such a sexy berast

Jul 07 21:33:30 <UncleNasty> i have a macbook pro for work

Jul 07 21:33:42 <UncleNasty> i have feeling for it which are not proper between man & machine

Jul 07 21:33:59 <Dan> back

Jul 07 21:34:06 <UncleNasty> wb dan

Jul 07 21:34:34 <senax> I mainly use a SunRay at work. Not very powerful, but when your main apps are a bunch of terminal windows, it gets the job done.

Jul 07 21:35:06 <UncleNasty> yeah - i mostly work on terminal windows

Jul 07 21:36:47 <senax> Almost all of the actual machines I work on are in server rooms anyway, so any decent X client is OK.

Jul 07 21:37:35 <senax> Oops, I mean X server. Sometimes I forget that X reverses the client/server thing.

Jul 07 21:37:45 <UncleNasty> lol

Jul 07 21:37:49 <UncleNasty> vnc

Jul 07 21:38:08 <UncleNasty> i made a linux terminal server using vnc - it was totally cool

Jul 07 21:38:34 <UncleNasty> and stupidly easy

Jul 07 21:42:37 <senax> Actually, I usually run a bunch of local terminal sessions, and have a script log in via ssh or rsh (depending on the box) to each host I log into. Not really using X for its network features, but simple to script.

Jul 07 21:43:07 <UncleNasty> you on a box running macos?

Jul 07 21:43:47 <senax> At the moment, yes, but I was referring to my work environment which is Solaris.

Jul 07 21:43:56 <UncleNasty> ahh k

Jul 07 21:44:40 <senax> I'm OS-agnostic, as long as it's some form of Unix. ;-)

Jul 07 21:44:49 <UncleNasty> heh

Jul 07 21:45:01 <UncleNasty> on macos jellyfissh is a good app to have

Jul 07 21:45:08 <UncleNasty> basically a ssh bookmark keeper

Jul 07 21:45:25 <senax> I keep an XP box around for the wife & son, and for me to play MS Flight Sim on.

Jul 07 21:45:38 <senax> I'll check out jellyfish.

Jul 07 21:51:49 <senax> Growler, does your MacBook have the glossy screen?

Jul 07 21:53:53 * senax thinks he hears a cricket.

Jul 07 21:54:03 <UncleNasty> ook

Jul 07 21:54:15 <UncleNasty> sorry - was looking through bill warren's site

Jul 07 21:54:27 <UncleNasty> my macbook is the glossy

Jul 07 21:54:34 <UncleNasty> lovely screen but a bugger to keep clean

Jul 07 21:54:47 <senax> How is it as far as glare?

Jul 07 21:55:28 <UncleNasty> as i said, I have feeling for this laptop a man should not hold

Jul 07 21:55:38 <senax> lol

Jul 07 21:55:45 <UncleNasty> no problems with reflectivity and full keyboard control for screen brightness

Jul 07 21:56:49 <UncleNasty> it has to be the most comfortable screen I have worked with

Jul 07 21:56:56 <senax> I'm still happy with my iBook G4 as long as it holds up, but more memory and higher screen res would be nice.

Jul 07 21:57:09 <UncleNasty> 1440x900

Jul 07 21:57:16 <UncleNasty> on the 15" macbook pro

Jul 07 21:57:24 <senax> Nice.

Jul 07 21:57:28 <UncleNasty> and it's _so_ light

Jul 07 21:57:40 <UncleNasty> not to mention having a battery life that astounded me

Jul 07 21:58:02 <senax> I'm limited to 640MB of RAM. I maxed it out when I ordered it, but 1-2GB would be nice.

Jul 07 21:58:06 <UncleNasty> my last laptop (amd athlon 64 3000+) would barely last through 2 hours on battery

Jul 07 21:58:18 <UncleNasty> this thing has given me 5 hours of work

Jul 07 21:58:33 <UncleNasty> and i got the gig of ram and 120gb hdu

Jul 07 21:59:09 <senax> I get 4 hours or so on my newer battery...replaced the original after 2 years when I noticed it wouldn't hold a charge as long

Jul 07 21:59:37 <growler> oops, was distracted.Yes, has glossy screen

Jul 07 22:00:15 <growler> You clean them with micro-fibre clothes. Optometrists sell especially fine grained clothes for cleaningi glass.

Jul 07 22:00:33 <UncleNasty> yah - I use my glasses cloth

Jul 07 22:00:38 <UncleNasty> and my old lid-bag

Jul 07 22:00:55 <senax> I use those on my LCD screens...and my glasses.

Jul 07 22:01:27 <Dan> OK folks, time for me to watch a bit of TV and then head off to bed.

Jul 07 22:01:37 <senax> Bye Dan

Jul 07 22:01:37 <UncleNasty> adios dan!

Jul 07 22:01:46 <Dan> Goodnight!

Jul 07 22:01:57 * Dan has quit ()

Jul 07 22:02:44 <growler> Best battery life I've seen is my sisters Dell laptop with extended battery. Goes amd goes

Jul 07 22:03:14 <senax> What IRC clients do you guys use? I've been using Colloquy on my iBook for a couple of years.

Jul 07 22:03:33 <UncleNasty> i'm on colloquy now

Jul 07 22:03:41 <UncleNasty> i also used x-chat and bitchx

Jul 07 22:03:46 <UncleNasty> x-chat2 is nice

Jul 07 22:03:53 <growler> i only irc to this, and use the prirc java applet

Jul 07 22:03:54 <UncleNasty> but colloquy is not lacking anything

Jul 07 22:04:18 <UncleNasty> not to mention the amusement you get of switching it into 'novel' mode

Jul 07 22:04:55 <UncleNasty> "OK folks,

Jul 07 22:04:55 <UncleNasty> "

Jul 07 22:04:56 <UncleNasty> Dan says

Jul 07 22:04:56 <UncleNasty> "

Jul 07 22:04:57 <UncleNasty> time for me to watch a bit of TV and then head off to bed.

Jul 07 22:04:57 <UncleNasty> "

Jul 07 22:04:57 <UncleNasty> [21:59]

Jul 07 22:04:58 <senax> I like Adium; I think if they added IRC to it, I'd be able to use one chat client for everything.

Jul 07 22:04:58 <UncleNasty> "

Jul 07 22:04:58 <UncleNasty> adios dan!,

Jul 07 22:04:59 <UncleNasty> "

Jul 07 22:04:59 <UncleNasty> exclaimed UncleNasty.

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> [21:59]

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> "

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> Bye Dan,

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> "

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> said senax.

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> [21:59]

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> "

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> Goodnight!,

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> "

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> exclaimed Dan.

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> [21:59]

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> Dan left the chat room.

Jul 07 22:05:04 <UncleNasty> aahhh that looks crap

Jul 07 22:05:08 <UncleNasty> adium is ok

Jul 07 22:05:19 <UncleNasty> the duck makes me laugh

Jul 07 22:05:37 <UncleNasty> switch to novel style every now & then - t'is funny

Jul 07 22:06:20 <senax> I just switched to it--the stuff you pasted looks like crap! :-)

Jul 07 22:06:30 <UncleNasty> LOL

Jul 07 22:09:42 <senax> I tried downloading the newest version of Stellarium, but was disappointed to find that it requires OS 10.4

Jul 07 22:10:00 <senax> I'll have to upgrade sooner or later.

Jul 07 22:10:05 <UncleNasty> qui es Stellarium?

Jul 07 22:10:12 <UncleNasty> 10.4 is not bad

Jul 07 22:10:24 <UncleNasty> i'm looking forward to the new version in october

Jul 07 22:10:26 <senax> It's an astronomy program--a planetarium, more or less.

Jul 07 22:11:06 <UncleNasty> ahhh cool

Jul 07 22:11:09 <UncleNasty> i was missing kstars

Jul 07 22:11:47 <UncleNasty> celestia was nice on linux

Jul 07 22:12:29 <senax> I liked celstia; I have it on my XP box

Jul 07 22:12:34 <growler> bye, off ot play footy

Jul 07 22:12:36 * growler has quit ()

Jul 07 22:13:21 <senax> I'm sure celestia would be a real dog on a 1GHz G4, if it even runs...

Jul 07 22:13:55 <senax> Wife is home, time for me to go.

Jul 07 22:14:01 <UncleNasty> i think it's more to do with the quality of the 3D accelleration on your video card

Jul 07 22:14:07 <UncleNasty> np - adios, senax

Jul 07 22:14:09 * senax (~frank@24.252.62.XX) has left #knownspace

Jul 07 22:16:41 <UncleNasty> anyone still alive in there?

Jul 07 22:22:11 * UncleNasty has quit ()

Jul 07 22:56:10 * MobileNasty (~MobileNasty@ has joined #knownspace

Jul 07 22:56:27 <MobileNasty> Anyone awake?

Jul 07 22:58:53 * MobileNasty has quit ()

Jul 07 23:02:30 <InvisibleDragon> Awake

Jul 07 23:11:40 <InvisibleDragon> but going to bed.....