Chat Log: April 6th 2003

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Session Start: Sun Apr 06 04:24:25 2003

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[04:51] <Kren_away> Hello

[04:52] <Kren_away> I'm off on my walk. Back in an hour.

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[05:18] <yourname> 12am I early?

[05:18] <yourname> oops

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[05:19] <alabama_j> 12okay thats better

[05:20] <alabama_j> 12ok where is everyone?

[05:21] <alabama_j> 12hellllloooooo

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[05:31] <bamajohn> one last time, did this work?

[05:31] <Sean> you are here

[05:31] <bamajohn> yayyyyyy

[05:31] <Sean> if that is what you are asking

[05:31] <bamajohn> hiya sean

[05:32] <Sean> howdy

[05:32] <bamajohn> thought i'd never get it right, my mirc shareware died

[05:32] <Sean> really?

[05:32] <bamajohn> ya, must be over the 30 days

[05:33] <Sean> hmmm, i have never registered mine and it just nags me every now and then

[05:33] <bamajohn> hmm, mine just wouldn't connect at all

[05:34] <bamajohn> oh well, the site link is ok

[05:34] <bamajohn> we early or is it just quiet?

[05:34] <Sean> early

[05:34] <Sean> 25 minutes to go

[05:34] <bamajohn> ahhhhhhhhhh

[05:35] <bamajohn> you're sean from the list, right?

[05:35] <Sean> people should start popping in fairly soon

[05:35] <Sean> I am SeanS from the list

[05:35] <bamajohn> ok

[05:36] <Sean> better fix that in case pratz shows up ;)

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[05:36] <bamajohn> the digest is one of the nice parts of my day

[05:36] <SeanS> i get the messages individually

[05:36] <bamajohn> even if i can't understand half of

[05:36] <SeanS> sometimes it can get technical

[05:37] <bamajohn> yep

[05:37] <bamajohn> the thread about caging a protector was kewl though...

[05:37] <SeanS> that it was

[05:38] <bamajohn> you'd never know if he was really caged or justy letting you think he was

[05:38] <bamajohn> that alone would drive ya schizy

[05:38] <SeanS> thats the problem with beings much more intelligent than humans

[05:38] <SeanS> never know what he has thought of that you just wont come up with

[05:39] <bamajohn> but it almost seemed brennan outhtought pspthock(spelling)

[05:39] <bamajohn> almost

[05:40] <SeanS> after he made the change to protector

[05:40] <bamajohn> even though he just awoke

[05:40] <bamajohn> ya

[05:41] <bamajohn> so where are you at sean?

[05:41] <SeanS> protector stage humans would be smarter than pak protectors because (most) humans are already intelligent where pak breeders are not

[05:41] <SeanS> I am in Kentucky

[05:41] <bamajohn> and the experience factor helped too, life and historical data

[05:43] <SeanS> where in alabama are you? assuming that you are from bama.

[05:43] <bamajohn> i do believe its going to storm hard here soon

[05:43] <bamajohn> central, between biringham and montgomery

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[05:44] <fithp> Hi.

[05:44] <SeanS> howdy

[05:44] <bamajohn> afternoon

[05:44] <SeanS> biobreak

[05:44] <bamajohn> lol

[05:44] <bamajohn> ya just got the coke delivered and the kids shooed out

[05:45] <bamajohn> how are you doing today fithp?

[05:45] <fithp> granting it's a little early (11:45 in California.)

[05:45] <bamajohn> larry?

[05:46] <fithp> I'm cool. I've been dealing with email, no inspiration to work on stories.

[05:46] <bamajohn> ya that is almost early

[05:46] <bamajohn> maybe you'll find a little of the muse in the chat today

[05:47] <fithp> I've got time to make something edible before noon. "biobreak."

[05:47] <bamajohn> ok

[05:47] <bamajohn> i'm lucky i have 4 daughters to do that for me today

[05:47] <bamajohn> 'cept for the biobreak

[05:49] <SeanS> like that term i take it? ;)

[05:49] <bamajohn> definetly

[05:49] <SeanS> i cant claim it... someone else used it in here a while back

[05:50] <bamajohn> almost like a nasa

[05:50] <bamajohn> those are some folks that can create language

[05:50] <SeanS> yep

[05:51] <bamajohn> you know, I haven't seen anything about alpha in the news lately, wonder how they are doing?

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[05:51] <bamajohn> hiya vash

[05:51] <Vash> Hello all.

[05:52] <SeanS> hi vash

[05:52] <Vash> Hello Fifhp

[05:52] <bamajohn> i believe he is still on a break

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[05:54] <bamajohn> my wife bought me the war world collection lately, been fun to get all into haven

[05:54] <Vash> back in a sec

[05:54] <SeanS> i read one of those i think. years ago

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[05:54] <bamajohn> k

[05:54] <bamajohn> she found 4 of them at a used book store

[05:55] <bamajohn> prime condition too

[05:55] <bamajohn> i am reading the one about the cd times there

[05:56] <bamajohn> the sauron one had some good stories in it

[05:56] <SeanS> it has been so long that i dont remember any details at all

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[05:57] <bamajohn> that and she found me a copy of crashlander there too

[05:57] <Redflame> Hello!

[05:57] <SeanS> hi red

[05:57] <bamajohn> hiya red!

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[05:58] <bamajohn> wb vash

[05:58] <Vash> Thanks

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[05:59] <bamajohn> so how do we drug a protector and get him in the cage?

[05:59] <SeanS> move him in there during the change

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[06:00] <bamajohn> ya

[06:00] <fithp> I don't know how to drug a protector without his cooperation.

[06:00] <bamajohn> but if tol was found, inadvertently...there would still be another protector around somewhere

[06:01] <bamajohn> truly

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[06:01] <ARM> So behave!

[06:01] <bamajohn> lol

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[06:01] <bamajohn> there is no escape from arm

[06:01] <SteveS> Hi, all!

[06:01] <bamajohn> hi steve

[06:02] <SeanS> hi steve

[06:02] <bamajohn> raining up there yet steve?

[06:02] <fithp> Marilyn and I just got back from Gernany and France. The atmosphere was benign.

[06:02] <SteveS> It rained a little last night, and the wether looks sunny today.

[06:03] <bamajohn> glad yall got back safe, 'specially with sars and jetliners

[06:03] <Redflame> I read a very interesting article about France, and why they have the... anit-coalition attitude they have. Very interesting reading.

[06:03] <bamajohn> hot here in chilton co., really looks like a tornado day

[06:03] <SteveS> Oh, hi, Larry!

[06:04] <SteveS> I may have to finally turn on the air in my apartment. It's not that warm, but it's pretty humid.

[06:04] <fithp> I was told: too many Saracens already living in Paris. Terrorists already in place.

[06:04] <bamajohn> i spoke/typed at some french folks in another chat yesterday...they were very outspoken

[06:05] <Redflame> Hey Larry! I remember you mentioning a nother TV program you were going to be on.... Sex TV?

[06:05] <bamajohn> they do have a lot of algerian folks in and around paris

[06:05] <SeanS> it was 80 derees here thursday and will be 30 tonight. more proof that if you dont like the weather in kentucky, wait around for a day or so and it will change.

[06:05] <SteveS> Yup. It was actually *wintry* last week.

[06:05] <bamajohn> sex tv, thats a new twist

[06:05] <fithp> Yeah, I was interviewed for SexTV. Not very exciting; I may not get much play.

[06:06] <SteveS> 6 new Jovian moons discovered, according to the CNN scroll.

[06:06] <bamajohn> wow

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[06:06] <SteveS> Hi, Sigmund!

[06:06] <sigmundau> Heyo, everyone.

[06:06] <Redflame> My (best) yoga teacher is French, born in a concentration camp. She says teh french are very closeminded, would live there again for anything, but she is very.... opinionated. I remember her using the words Hitler and Bush in a comparison that was either complimentary to Hitler, or insulting to Bush.

[06:06] <bamajohn> hiya sigmund

[06:07] <Vash> Maybe Larry would've got more airtime if he wore black leather on SexTv!! ;-)

[06:07] <bamajohn> lol

[06:07] <SteveS> :-)

[06:07] <Redflame> SexTV, any idea when that will be aired? Some of us might like any little glimpse of you! Black leather, I want to see that!

[06:07] <SeanS> or wear his sex outside his species badge ;)

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[06:07] <Krenon> Hi all

[06:07] <Vash> Welcome back Ted

[06:07] <SteveS> Hi, Ted!

[06:08] <bamajohn> hi ted

[06:08] <fithp> Or I could have shown off my Clark Kent/Superman costume.

[06:08] <Krenon> It's nice outside here. Good waves, not that I'm a surfer.

[06:08] <fithp> Don't know when it'll be aired.

[06:08] <SteveS> What network?

[06:08] <bamajohn> somehow i don't think any of the cable outlets in alabama will have sextv

[06:09] <SteveS> At least, not basic cable. ;-)

[06:09] <Redflame> Clark Kent/superman on SexTV: They might have wanted MORE demonstrations!

[06:09] <bamajohn> or maybe KS marital aids?

[06:10] <Vash> Two people with douds?

[06:10] <bamajohn> a whole new application for a tasp

[06:10] <SteveS> sleeping plates? And whatever gadgetry you'd need to stay together in one?

[06:10] <fithp> known space marital aids = tethers.

[06:10] <bamajohn> and velcro

[06:11] <Redflame> Velcro would certainly interupt being able to change positions easily. I'd rahter have tethers.

[06:11] <bamajohn> i'd hate to have a tether in the wrong place durin a sudden acceleration

[06:11] <Redflame> Peter thinks the people need backpacks with gyros in them. Leave it to a rocket scientist to make it REALLY complicated!

[06:12] <SteveS> The rockets would give burning passion a whole new meaning! ;-)

[06:12] <Redflame> The sex backpack gyros don't have rockets in them!

[06:13] <SteveS> Ah, OK.

[06:13] <bamajohn> something like those thing thingds, the bikes whatever they are?

[06:14] <bamajohn> i hate it when a word disappears from memory

[06:14] <Redflame> stationary sex-ersize bikes?

[06:14] <Vash> So Larry - Amazon seemed to have moved the release date of Scatterbrain up by a month and now have it coming out in July. Is there anything you would like to say about this story collection?

[06:14] <bamajohn> almost, those new bikes that won't tip

[06:14] <SeanS> i think i know what you are talking about bama

[06:15] <SeanS> they had them on the today show a month or two ago

[06:15] <Redflame> Ah, the two wheeled gyro bikes. Pournelle has a picture of him riding one on his website.

[06:15] <bamajohn> thats it!

[06:15] <Redflame> They are more like carts than bikes.

[06:15] <fithp> I wasn't aware Scatterbrain was due July. It's a retrospective collection, like N-Space.

[06:15] <bamajohn> i really enjoyed n space

[06:15] <Redflame> What interesting things can we look forward to in Scatterbrian?

[06:16] <sigmundau> enjoy it all. More!

[06:16] <bamajohn> hear , hear

[06:16] <fithp> I published some email in Scatterbrain. A whole sequence of email work Brenda and I did on a story.

[06:17] <SteveS> Good idea.

[06:17] <Vash> Is that email work anything to do with the Creation Myth novel?

[06:17] <fithp> Also, the piece I sent everyone on making breakfast when your leg's immobile. (read this letter here)

[06:17] <SteveS> Especially since lit people complain that electronic publishing makes it harder to see the writing process.

[06:17] <Redflame> Sex and those gyro bikes.... You could strap those to your backs... but that would be after you were already in zero gee.... I bet they weight more than an astronauts personal weight allotment allows. Someone will have to come up with some reasons why soem scientific microgravety experiments will have to be done on them, excepting the sex experiments.

[06:18] *** Harry_Red has joined #knownspace

[06:18] <Vash> I remember that one, with you hopping around and trying to feed the cat and balance a coffee cup.

[06:18] <bamajohn> Larry, any chance of seeing more about Renner, now that he's rich, or life with moties?

[06:18] <fithp> Not work on "Creation Myth". Work on "Finding Myself".

[06:18] <Harry_Red> Hi All.

[06:18] <fithp> Jerry and I have talked about a third "Mote" book, but no plans.

[06:18] <bamajohn> hiya hairy!

[06:18] <SeanS> hi harry

[06:18] <SteveS> Hi, Frank!

[06:18] <bamajohn> great!

[06:18] <Redflame> Hi, Redd. :-)

[06:19] <fithp> Hi, Frank!

[06:19] <bamajohn> Those are two books that I shared with my kids, they loved them

[06:19] <Vash> Is Finding Myself going to be included in Scatterbrain as well? I know it came out last summer in Analog, but a lot of people miss these magazines. If it wasn't for fictionwise's ebook versions, I wouldn't be able to get hold of them at all. I've never seen an Asimov or Analog on a UK newsstand.

[06:20] <Redflame> My kids recently listened to most of SATURN'S RACE. I think it was pretty much beyond them, though.

[06:20] <fithp> "Finding Myself" was a story set in virtual reality. Huge possibilities, lots of author control.

[06:20] <Harry_Red> Larry, remember CURTIS McBride?

[06:20] <bamajohn> nice wide open concept

[06:20] <Redflame> Vash, I find copies of the sf mags on eBay. That is a good place to find them if you don't care if you get them the month they come out.

[06:21] <bamajohn> my kids are a lot older than yours carol

[06:21] <Redflame> Yes, bama.... always will be older than mine, hopefully!

[06:21] <bamajohn> actually got one reading scifi regularly

[06:21] <bamajohn> lol

[06:22] <bamajohn> and she got in trouble at school for it, dang bible belt

[06:22] <SeanS> i would love to see how renner does as govenor of the mote system

[06:22] <Redflame> Lemme see, if your kids go out on a FTL trip, adn come home mine will be older.... so I take that wish back. Maybe they WON'T always be older!

[06:22] <bamajohn> ahhh, forever war time shuttle

[06:23] <Redflame> Got in trouble for reading, or got in trouble for reading SF? Lots of libraries have SF in them. I discovered F&SF in my jr HS library.

[06:23] <Vash> Heinlein covered that concept too, with Time for the Stars. One of his oldie but goodies.

[06:23] <bamajohn> no sci fi in school libraries here

[06:24] <SteveS> I guess Texas is less stupid about that kind of thing, since I never had any problems reading SF in school.

[06:24] <bamajohn> thats right up with demons and darwin

[06:24] <bamajohn> you live in the enlightened part of the state

[06:24] <Redflame> I grew up in Oklahoma. Very conservative religiously.

[06:24] <fithp> reading fiction in class is generally a mistake.

[06:24] <bamajohn> ya, got me into a lot of

[06:25] <SteveS> I found a good bit of SF in my high school and public libraries in Hartselle, but that may be because it's only 30-odd miles from "Rocket City"

[06:25] <Redflame> Fithp, you are familiar with that mistake form experience? Or just philosophically? :-)

[06:25] <bamajohn> who knows, if i hadn't discovered ringworld, i might have graduated

[06:25] <Vash> My English Lit class did Day of the Triffids

[06:25] <SteveS> However, programming an HP calculator in class when you're bored barely raises an eyebrow...

[06:25] <SeanS> that book is actually on my bookshelf, vash

[06:26] <fithp> I don't remember getting caught in any dramatic sense. I did too much reading at Cal Tech, neglected courses and flunked.

[06:26] <Vash> And mine. You can never look at a daffodil or lily quite the same again!

[06:26] <Krenon> The closest to sf that I read at school with the blessing of the staff was Brave New World.

[06:26] <SteveS> I had to keep the music library I wrote quiet, though...

[06:26] <bamajohn> there are days when i see fallen angels coming true..........

[06:26] <Redflame> Clark Kent/Superman never made a repeat appearence?

[06:26] <Vash> Of course.... Triffids aren't a patch on the Slaver Sunflowers.

[06:26] <SeanS> thats true

[06:27] <SeanS> a used bookstore closed around here and i bought two boxes of books from them without know what was in them

[06:27] <fithp> Redflame, I had an agreement with Noel Wolfman. She'd make a perfect Lois Lane. It just hasn't happened.

[06:27] <bamajohn> any treasure?

[06:27] <SeanS> day of the triffids was one book. finished reading it and the next day the movie was on one of the satellite channels

[06:28] <Vash> They made a movie...?

[06:28] <Redflame> The next few years aren't going to be good, even if there is a resurgence in the space program. It is going to take longer to design and build a new transport ship than we have. The Russians don't seem to want to be involved in the ISS.

[06:28] <SeanS> yep

[06:28] <Vash> I know there was a bad-budget bbc tv show.

[06:28] <Harry_Red> In Jr High School, I was looking for "something about rockets" and got introduced to IAN FLEMMING (Moonraker) and Rocket Ship Gallelio.

[06:28] <SeanS> i dont thik that was it.. checking

[06:29] <SeanS> 1962 day of the triffids

[06:29] <bamajohn> i wonder how much of the space budget will be cut due to the war

[06:29] <Harry_Red> Vash, the bad budget BBC tc show was TRIPODS!

[06:29] <bamajohn> reminds me of what nixon did during the nam

[06:29] <SteveS> At least we have funding for Mercury and Pluto probes, for now.

[06:29] <Vash> The worst part of the Tripods is that they never filmed the last book, just leaving the heros all forelorn at the end of the second book.

[06:30] <Harry_Red> They have to increase the Space Budget. The military is dependant on Sattelites.

[06:30] <bamajohn> if we ever pull out of the un, would that also abbrogate that treaty about commercial enterprise in space

[06:30] <SeanS> it is even immortalized in the rocky horror picture show: "And I even got hot, when I saw Janette Scott, fight the triffid that spits poison and kills..."

[06:30] <Redflame> They are more likely to put money for space in military budget than increase spending dramatically for NASA.

[06:31] <Harry_Red> You know. pulling out of the UN is looking better and better.

[06:31] <bamajohn> yep, and sats, don't need humans to crew them

[06:31] <bamajohn> doesn't it?

[06:31] <bamajohn> lol

[06:31] <bamajohn> maybe the militia nuts are right about getting out of th un

[06:31] <Redflame> I like thinking of the UN as a big debate room rather than a government.

[06:31] <Vash> I found it strange that Bush was asking for money - after the war had begun. You'd sort of thought that he'd have thought about funding before.

[06:31] <Harry_Red> Maybe they were right about it 30 years back!

[06:32] <bamajohn> i'm sure they did, but it is better to ask when you are winning on tv

[06:32] <Harry_Red> Unfortunatly Red. The UN spends entirely too much money as a debating society.

[06:32] <SeanS> unless you are watching iraq tv where we are still at the coast apparently

[06:32] <sigmundau> It seems to me Larry's take on the UN is highly cautionary. Suppression of tech., etc.

[06:33] <bamajohn> yep

[06:33] <bamajohn> in the name of peace/security

[06:33] <SteveS> The Tigris and Euphrates sound more and more like Da Nile... ;-)

[06:33] <Krenon> ?

[06:33] <bamajohn> lol steve

[06:33] <SeanS> very good, steve

[06:33] <Harry_Red> Vash, this waqsn't a "PLANNED" war. Not like some people think it was.

[06:33] * SteveS bows

[06:33] <SteveS> Thak you, thank you

[06:33] <bamajohn> you don't think so?

[06:34] <Redflame> Sean, I wonder how many movies one would have to watch in order to get ALL the references in RHPS.

[06:34] <bamajohn> i have never seen it yet

[06:34] <bamajohn> i just don't look good in drag

[06:34] <Vash> lol

[06:34] <Redflame> Yes, it is weird to hear about the Tigris and the Euphrates on TV on something aother than an archeology or history show.

[06:35] <fithp> Yes it is

[06:35] <SeanS> be a lot

[06:35] <bamajohn> the Garden revisited

[06:35] <SteveS> It feels weird to have modern people living on ancient land -- but not to them

[06:35] <Krenon> I heard reference to the Mesopotamian Marshes, said to have been the Garden of Eden.

[06:35] <Harry_Red> I find it strange that we don't hear much about Syria.

[06:35] <Redflame> bamajohn, the point of enjoying Rocky isn't how good you look in fishnet stockings and corsets, but in how much fun you have wearing them or taking them off! LOL!

[06:36] <SteveS> Since Saddam has spent most of his career trying to make the place a new Babylon.

[06:36] <bamajohn> ohhhh thats it!

[06:36] <bamajohn> lol

[06:36] <Harry_Red> Krenon, the "GARDEN" is near Oldavi GOorge in S. Africa...

[06:36] <Vash> I think I heard on the news that the troops had passed the "ancient city of Babylon" in the first days of the war.

[06:36] <SeanS> and you notice, i quoted the song, not the audiance ;)

[06:37] <SteveS> :-)

[06:37] <bamajohn> we really need a visit from an et right now, that might calm the world down a bit

[06:37] <Krenon> Babylon was a country.

[06:37] <Redflame> My favorite audience participation line is Janet's song, "touch a touch a touch me" when she says "it only leads to trouble, and seat wetting..." when two people next to each other stand up and look down at their seats!

[06:38] <Redflame> A visit from an ET would CALM US DOWN?????

[06:38] <SeanS> that is good. i have only seen the thing in the theater 163 times

[06:38] <bamajohn> well not us.......

[06:39] <Redflame> SEan!!! You keep count??? Isn't that as bad as keeping count of how many people you have had sex with??? ANy descent slut lost track in his/her 20s!!!!

[06:39] <Harry_Red> I fear that many "tin=Pot" dictators would not believe in ET if ET spoak at the UN. Ands others would try to eat him!

[06:39] <bamajohn> it would probaly start a bigger war

[06:39] <SteveS> If they're anything like the movie ET, they shouldn't be a problem. Flashlights scare them away.

[06:39] <bamajohn> lol

[06:39] <Vash> but M&Ms attract them too.

[06:40] <bamajohn> reeses

[06:40] <SeanS> i thought that was recces pieces

[06:40] <bamajohn> good product placement there

[06:40] <SteveS> I don't think he'd turn up his nose at M&Ms.

[06:40] <SeanS> dang look at my spelling...

[06:40] <Vash> I had the movie novelisation, it was definitely m&ms

[06:40] <Redflame> I fear that humanities biggest challenge right now is developing wisdom. I hope any space faring species that might come across us has succeeded in that challenge, and has developed a LOT of wisdom.

[06:40] <bamajohn> i will bow to vash

[06:41] <Redflame> In the movie it was Reeses Pieces.

[06:41] <SeanS> it was reeses

[06:41] <bamajohn> or developing intrastellar colonisation

[06:41] <SeanS> whoever wrote the novelisation must not of liked reeses pieces

[06:42] <Redflame> Or else M&M paid money to get it changed!

[06:42] <SeanS> could be

[06:43] <bamajohn> now i want something sweet......

[06:43] *** Agincourt has joined #knownspace

[06:43] * SeanS doesnt eat sweets

[06:43] <Agincourt> hey all

[06:43] <SteveS> Hi, Agincourt!

[06:43] <SeanS> hi agincourt

[06:43] <bamajohn> hiya agincourt!

[06:43] <Agincourt> how is everyone

[06:43] * Redflame was a good girl and had salad for lunch.

[06:43] <Vash> Larry, have you seen any of the art that is going to be on the covers of all the books to be released later this year?

[06:43] <bamajohn> plum wunnerful

[06:43] <Harry_Red> Strange story there. Spielberg wanted to use M&M's in the movie. SOme Genius in management at HERSIES (Who made M&M's at the time) said "Not unless you pay us $500,000" so Spielgerg when to REESES and they said SURE,, please remember to give us a credit and how many cases would you like for the shooting?" REESES sales seriously challenged M&M's for the first time ever in sales.

[06:44] <fithp> Some.

[06:44] <fithp> I like the "Dream Park" cover.

[06:44] <Agincourt> yeah, it looks great

[06:44] <Redflame> Besides what passes for art on SCATTERBRAIN?

[06:44] <Harry_Red> Hmmm, I'd like a good girl salad for lunch.

[06:44] * Krenon wonders what having salad for lunch has to do with being a good girl.

[06:44] <bamajohn> yep

[06:44] <Vash> Do you get any approval over the choice of art?

[06:44] <SteveS> Those are some smart folks! I wonder if they eventually became Fox or Sci-Fi execs...

[06:45] * Agincourt pictures some sort of salvador dali brain with a window through it on Scatterbrain

[06:45] <Harry_Red> The original Script said M&M's.

[06:45] <bamajohn> dream park made me wish i was young enuff to get into extreme gaming

[06:46] * Redflame 's salad didn't have any M&Ms or Reeces pieces in it! LOL!

[06:46] <SteveS> There's a live-action role playing game every year at Con-Stellation, and it doesn't look too strenuous.

[06:46] <fithp> I'm rarely asked what I think of cover artwork, before or after.

[06:46] <Vash> I know that Larry Elmore does a good job with the Kzin Illustrations - is he doing Man Kzin Wars X?

[06:46] <bamajohn> brb...sorry

[06:46] <Redflame> Yes, but they have certainly figured out that a good piece of cover art inspires YOU and increases sales?

[06:47] <Agincourt> wait... something in an original script was *changed* by hollywood??? gadzooks!! ;-)

[06:47] <SeanS> heh

[06:47] <bamajohn> bak, kids need a valium spray

[06:47] <Agincourt> I am shocked and dissolusioned

[06:47] <Agincourt> oops spelling

[06:48] <fithp> The cover for "Ringworld Throne" sucked big rocks. But it did form a computer sequence used in advertising: diving from space into the trough.

[06:48] <Redflame> Bamajohn! LOL! I want some of that!

[06:48] <bamajohn> one of my fav covers is rwt

[06:48] <bamajohn> ya works wonders

[06:49] <Redflame> John, that is the one he is complaining about!

[06:49] <Krenon> brb

[06:49] <bamajohn> really?

[06:49] <bamajohn> wow

[06:49] <Redflame> I rather like the abstract 60s and 70s covers.

[06:49] *** Krenon is now known as Kren_brb

[06:49] <Agincourt> I dunno, it looks good: it's not true to fact, but it looks good

[06:49] <SeanS> i agree with you larry, it showed a million mile wide factory complex

[06:49] <Vash> Michael Whelan who did RTW, also did Destiny's Road cover. I liked one, but is is true that the cover art was finished five years before the book was published?

[06:49] <bamajohn> true..<--looking at it now

[06:49] <Agincourt> it might make somebody that'd never read you before pick it up

[06:49] <Agincourt> DC cover is gorgeous

[06:49] <Agincourt> DR that is

[06:50] <SeanS> yes it is

[06:50] <SeanS> well, 500,000 mile wide factory

[06:50] <Agincourt> my fave is the protector paperback with Pssthpok in the thinker's pose in the library

[06:50] <Redflame> Yes, DR cover is wonderful. I've seent he original at SF Con art shows.

[06:50] <SeanS> i love that one agincourt

[06:50] <Redflame> Agincourt, that one is good.

[06:51] <fithp> Whelan didn't do RWT cover. He did "Destiny's Road" from my sketches, and yes, it took me years to catch up. I used his tree for the "fool cage".

[06:51] <Vash> So it was a case of art inspiring the author.

[06:51] <Redflame> Hey, I dont' recall YOU getting collaboration credit on that cover!

[06:52] <bamajohn> true, its definetly out of scale, but it was the cover that caught my eye

[06:52] <fithp> Yes.

[06:52] <bamajohn> then i saw niven, and i grabbed it quick and ran to the cashier

[06:52] <Agincourt> <James Lipton Voice> and the result ... is extraordinary

[06:52] <fithp> Yes, Mike Whelan inspired me, but also vice versa.

[06:53] <SeanS> someone asked what treasure i got out of those 2 boxes of books. 1st edition print of ringworld

[06:53] <SteveS> Ooh

[06:53] <bamajohn> excellent!

[06:53] * Redflame doesn't recall James Lipton voice.

[06:53] <Vash> Whelan also did the Integral Trees and Smoke Ring illustrations, another couple of nice ones.

[06:53] <SeanS> 95 cents is the cover price

[06:53] <Agincourt> Inside the Actor's Studio guy.

[06:53] <Redflame> Hey! I jsut scored a first edition RW on Ebay for $3!

[06:53] <Agincourt> those are great Vash

[06:54] <SeanS> cover art by dean ellis

[06:54] <fithp> I own them: the Smoke Ring and Integral Trees Whelans.

[06:54] *** Kren_brb is now known as Krenon

[06:54] <Krenon> back

[06:54] <Vash> Where do they hang in your house?

[06:54] <bamajohn> wb

[06:54] <Redflame> What room do you have they hanging in?

[06:54] <Redflame> Vash, great minds....

[06:54] <Agincourt> Redflame: planning on breaking in hehe?

[06:54] <fithp> hall.

[06:55] <Vash> Next to your robot doorman?

[06:55] <Redflame> Agincourt, just visualizing....

[06:55] <Agincourt> hehe

[06:55] <fithp> The hall has some alcoves fit for paintings.

[06:56] <Redflame> Thinking of trying to back up to look at a painting in a hall.... You know what a sclulture is? Something you back into while looking at a painting. Hang them far form the robot doorman!

[06:56] <bamajohn> lol

[06:56] <Harry_Red> You still have the Kirks Hanging Larry?

[06:56] * SteveS chuckles

[06:56] <bamajohn> kirks hanging?perk!

[06:56] <Vash> James T...?

[06:56] <Agincourt> rofl

[06:56] <Redflame> Kirks Hanging? Is this s sex comment?

[06:57] <fithp> Kirks: yes.

[06:57] <Harry_Red> Tim Kirk. \

[06:57] <bamajohn> ohhhhhhh

[06:57] <bamajohn> now i am disillusioned

[06:58] <bamajohn> i had a wondeful mind pic of the screen actors guild gatherd around a gallows

[06:58] <Redflame> Oh, that paintings from a fictional future haven't wound up in the home of an SF writer? Well, maybe we don't KNOW that some of these SF artists aren't actually from the future!

[06:58] <Agincourt> roflmao

[06:59] <Agincourt> "But ... I'm supposed to die alone!!"

[06:59] <bamajohn> it was just a thought

[06:59] <bamajohn> lmao

[06:59] <Vash> Any news of the Draco Tavern story collection?

[06:59] <Redflame> Wish I really COULD LMAO. ;-(

[06:59] <bamajohn> awwww

[06:59] <Agincourt> That's a Heinlein multiverse moment if ever I heard one

[06:59] <SeanS> hmmm

[07:00] <fithp> My agent thinks she's sold the Draco Tavern stories, but I don't recall seeing a contract. yet. Should ask.

[07:00] <bamajohn> allright!

[07:00] <Redflame> THINKS?

[07:00] <fithp> lmao?

[07:00] <bamajohn> more draco? thank you sir!

[07:00] <Agincourt> lauhging my ass off

[07:00] <SeanS> laughing my ass off

[07:00] <Agincourt> my typing bites

[07:01] <SeanS> roflmao=rolling on floor laughing my ass off

[07:01] <Agincourt> bodes ill for my success as a writer ;-)

[07:01] <fithp> I'm contracted, she says, to write two more DT stories and save them for the collection.

[07:01] <Redflame> agincourt, but if your typing was PERFECT, you might have a harder time coming up with interesting alien sounding names!

[07:01] <Agincourt> lol so why are you talking to us? get cracking! :-)

[07:01] <Agincourt> true redflame.

[07:01] <Redflame> Looking for inspiration?

[07:02] <Harry_Red> Tim Kirk did some marvelous stuff. He also did a Masters in art of LOTH. a series of 25 paintings. When the Masters works were shown, Long Beach State had to break out ropes... More than TIm's family showed up to look at the work. (Remember Larry?) Betty Ballentine bought the entire collection and turned them into THE TOLKIN CALLENDERS #'s 1 & 2. Thos are VERY collectable and bringing good money!

[07:02] <Vash> Bama - There's a new Draco story in May's Analog - The Death Addict

[07:02] <Agincourt> ooh, cool. Must go to border's

[07:02] <fithp> I already wrote one.

[07:02] <bamajohn> are they viewable onlinefrank?

[07:03] <bamajohn> ty vash, i am going to the big city next week, plan to do some shopping

[07:03] <Redflame> Peter and Keegan are using PAscal to write a computer program. He has been trying for weeks to get Keegan intersted in ball or frisbee, but THIS has his attention. The weird ways men and boys bond these days....

[07:03] <Vash> It's about an immortal turtle with a taste for xtreme sports

[07:03] <Agincourt> lol

[07:03] <bamajohn> kewl!

[07:03] <Redflame> One Draco Tavern none of us have ever seen?

[07:04] <Harry_Red> I don't know John. I've never seen them there.

[07:04] <Harry_Red> Try a search for them

[07:04] <bamajohn> i'll try a google on it later

[07:05] <Redflame> I've been looking for old calendars for years. Larry has a story in one....

[07:05] <fithp> It's been a pleasure, y'all, but I'm going to drop out.

[07:05] <bamajohn> nice talking to you larry

[07:05] <SteveS> See ya, Larry!

[07:05] <Vash> Thank you for joining us Larry

[07:06] <Agincourt> bye larry

[07:06] <Vash> Good bye!

[07:06] *** fithp has quit IRC (Leaving)

[07:06] <Redflame> Bye Larry!

[07:06] <Redflame> How fun seeing Larry here!

[07:06] * Agincourt is doing a google search on himself

[07:06] <bamajohn> ya

[07:06] * Vash yells "Elvis has left the building!"

[07:07] <Redflame> LOL!

[07:07] <bamajohn> suprised me when i saw the fithp sn

[07:07] * Agincourt immediately pings on the zappa tune

[07:07] <Redflame> "Nothing to see here. Move along."

[07:07] <bamajohn> and all the questions i wanted to ask, just vanished from my burn't lil brain

[07:07] <Harry_Red> Adios Larry. Have a good one.

[07:07] <Redflame> Zappa tune?

[07:07] <Agincourt> "He gave away caddilacs once in a while/ had sex in his underpants, yes he had style./ bell-bottom jumpsuits, that's them in a pile / but he don't need 'em now cause he's makin jesus smile/

[07:08] <Agincourt> "Elvis has just left the building"

[07:08] <Redflame> That is a weird song. Never heard it. sounds like something Zappa might write.

[07:09] <Agincourt> on the album "Broadway the hard way"

[07:09] <bamajohn> zappa did write some neat stuff

[07:09] <Agincourt> zappa was a god

[07:09] <Redflame> Neat does not equal weird.

[07:09] <bamajohn> depends on the perspective

[07:10] <bamajohn> remeber brennas sculptures, weird when you saw them, neat when you walked on them

[07:10] <sigmundau> Gotta run, too. Need t pay those taxes...

[07:10] <bamajohn> lata sigmund

[07:10] <SteveS> Bye, Siggy!

[07:11] *** sigmundau has quit IRC (Leaving)

[07:11] <bamajohn> taxes?

[07:11] <bamajohn> ssshhhhhhhh

[07:11] <bamajohn> brb, more valium spray, wish it lasted longer

[07:11] <Redflame> LOL

[07:12] <SeanS> you know.. that thing you pay so that we can drop bombs for WarVision

[07:12] * Agincourt is playing tonight, have to go find out where :-)

[07:12] <Agincourt> see you all later. :-)

[07:12] <SteveS> :-)

[07:12] <Redflame> See you!

[07:12] <SteveS> Bye, Agincourt!

[07:12] <Agincourt> ttfn

[07:12] *** Agincourt has quit IRC (Bye Bye)

[07:13] <bamajohn> ok bak...sorry

[07:13] <SeanS> kids going nuts i take it

[07:13] <bamajohn> oh those taxes

[07:13] <bamajohn> teenagers are always nuts

[07:13] <SteveS> :-)

[07:14] <bamajohn> i call it the ongoing bra wars

[07:14] <bamajohn> as in, you took my bra,

[07:14] <SeanS> bra wars... i dont envy you

[07:14] <bamajohn> and well you took my brush

[07:14] * SeanS has no children, as far as he knows

[07:14] <bamajohn> its worth it when thewy shine

[07:14] <Harry_Red> The cure for BRA-Wars is to freeze them!

[07:14] <Redflame> They wear the same size?

[07:15] <bamajohn> no, and thats the crux of the matter, stretching

[07:15] <SteveS> Ah.

[07:15] <Redflame> Ah. Then they need to color code or mark them in some way, and respect each other more.

[07:15] <bamajohn> either god loves me, or i did something very bad in a former existence

[07:16] <bamajohn> respect? ha

[07:16] <bamajohn> so you see why i want offplanet so badly..........

[07:16] <Redflame> Well, it is something that needs to be started at an early age.....

[07:16] <bamajohn> entirely selfish

[07:17] <bamajohn> they really are good kids, just so many of them in a small space

[07:17] * SteveS grins

[07:17] <bamajohn> and only one fone line, which daddy is monoplising at the moment

[07:18] <SeanS> yah, not having broadband sucks

[07:18] <bamajohn> ya

[07:18] <SeanS> i am in the same situation... max speed here=28.8

[07:18] <bamajohn> they just ran charter out here, looking into it

[07:18] <bamajohn> i just hate paying for tv, paying to be advertised too

[07:19] <SteveS> I think you can get broadband without cable TV.

[07:19] <Vash> Well I'm going to drop off now.

[07:19] <Harry_Red> \\

[07:19] <SteveS> Night, Vash!

[07:19] <Vash> See you all here again next week for Trivia

[07:19] <bamajohn> there is a story concept, something working off vinges local network concept

[07:20] <Vash> - but not you STEVE! LOL

[07:20] <bamajohn> night vash

[07:20] <Harry_Red> Adios Vash.

[07:20] <SeanS> later vash

[07:20] <Redflame> Vach, work on oping me beofre you leave?

[07:20] <Krenon> Bye

[07:20] <SteveS> Nope, I definitely get both. ;-)

[07:21] <SteveS> You may get a break from me next weekend.

[07:21] <SeanS> you mean someone else might have a chance?

[07:21] <SteveS> My family may be driving to Houston to visit my brother over the weekend.

[07:21] *** ARM sets mode: +o Redflame

[07:21] *** ChanServ sets mode: -o Redflame

[07:21] <ARM> It won't have it Carol. You have to auth yourself first

[07:21] <Krenon> That ChanServ is very autocratic.

[07:21] <bamajohn> 5 laps in the bush race, in case anyone wanted to know

[07:22] <bamajohn> jr's leading under caution

[07:22] <SeanS> watching it

[07:22] <ARM> Then the next time you join it should do it automatically, like it does for me on this machine

[07:22] <SeanS> they went green

[07:22] <bamajohn> brb

[07:22] <Harry_Red> TALADEGA is always interestin.

[07:22] <bamajohn> ok

[07:22] <SteveS> I'm watching TechTV myself.

[07:22] <SeanS> i have 4 friends there this weekend

[07:22] <bamajohn> the traffic is already piling up on the interstate

[07:23] <SteveS> And always trying to drive like the race they just saw.

[07:23] <SeanS> dei is always strong on the superspeedways

[07:23] <Redflame> /msg ChanServ addop #knownspace Redflame

[07:23] <bamajohn> ya

[07:24] <bamajohn> jr luvs this place

[07:24] <SeanS> for good reason

[07:24] <bamajohn> gotta run folks, have to chauffer a youngin'

[07:24] <Krenon> Byebye

[07:24] <bamajohn> thanks and yall be good

[07:24] <Redflame> by!

[07:24] <bamajohn> see ya on the list

[07:24] <SteveS> Bye, John!

[07:24] *** bamajohn has quit IRC (Leaving)

[07:25] <Harry_Red> Adios John.

[07:28] -> *nickserv* auth help

[07:28] <Harry_Red> Did you know there's a new movement starting? GIve Blood for Peace.

[07:28] -> ** auth help

[07:29] <SeanS> i heard there is a new drinking game... anytime you hear a certain catch phrase on the tv take a drink... WMD for example

[07:30] <Redflame> Too many people might die of alcohol poisoning!

[07:30] <Harry_Red> That's a game I'd never play. I didn't need an excuse to drink.

[07:30] -> ** auth Krenon k0s1m0s

[07:30] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Krenon

[07:30] <Krenon> Hey!

[07:31] <Redflame> Hey! what you do?

[07:31] <SteveS> What about "baby milk"?

[07:31] <Vash> He Authed!

[07:31] <SteveS> The Iraquis have an odd obsession with that phrase.

[07:32] <Redflame> Iraquis say "Baby milk" all teh time?

[07:32] <SteveS> That's always what they said their chemical weapons factories were in the previous war.

[07:33] <SteveS> And I've heard complaints about the sanctions taking away "baby milk" from the children.

[07:34] <SteveS> Not "milk", not "baby formula", but "baby milk". Kinda reminds me of "cheese food" ;-)

[07:34] <Harry_Red> A deadly insult to one of Iraquie Ilk is "I spit in your mother's milk".

[07:35] <SteveS> Hmm.

[07:35] <Redflame> Yeah, wouldn't that say "I sucked your mother's teat"?

[07:35] <Redflame> The sanctions allow selling oil for food.

[07:36] <SteveS> But obviously don't *require* it.

[07:36] <SteveS> Oil for weapons, or oil for presidential palaces seems to be the most common deal.

[07:36] <Harry_Red> Right on the sanctions Red, However it seems SADDAm was using that money for Weaspons.

[07:36] <SeanS> anything new on warvision? i was watching the race

[07:36] *** Krenon changes topic to 'Wars and Rumours of War'

[07:36] <SeanS> i heard that to, frank

[07:37] <SeanS> i heard the french really helped saddam with that

[07:38] <SteveS> Yup, me too.

[07:38] <Harry_Red> They did. And the RUSSIANS. Saddam was selling a LOT more oil than the Sanctions permitted too. The French Germans and Belgians were getting the LEAGLE oil and Russia and China the Illegal Oil.

[07:39] *** ARM has left #knownspace

[07:39] <SeanS> well, going to war without the french is like going deer hunting without your accordian--Ross Perot

[07:40] <Redflame> What an odd quote.

[07:40] * SteveS laughs

[07:40] <Krenon> A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle

[07:40] <SeanS> it was recently attributed to rumsfeld but he was quoting perot

[07:41] <SeanS> and perot said it right before the start of gulf war I

[07:41] <Redflame> France is Not a Western Country Anymore

[07:42] <Harry_Red> yeah...Well, nothing like guns being pulled to show you who your friends are.

[07:42] <SeanS> true

[07:42] *** nullstar has joined #knownspace

[07:42] <Redflame> Hello nullstar

[07:43] <nullstar> hello Redflame

[07:43] <SteveS> Hi, nullstar!

[07:43] <Harry_Red> I never considered the French America's friend. Or Germany. The Italians however understand. So do the Greeks.

[07:43] <Harry_Red> Hi Nullstar.

[07:43] <Redflame> I really don't like that woman/bicycle quote. I beleive we are all interconnected, and that men need woman as much as women need men. There are better ways of sayign that we should all honor and respect each otehr.

[07:44] <nullstar> hi SteveS, Harry_Red, all

[07:44] <Redflame> Nullstar, are you on the Niven list?

[07:44] <nullstar> i'm not, though i had been in contact with some of the maintainers in feb

[07:44] <Harry_Red> A Man without a woman like a woman without a man is incomplete.

[07:45] <Harry_Red> Mind if I ask where you're chatting from Nullstar?

[07:45] <nullstar> the D.C. area

[07:46] <Redflame> Well, we are all three here, nullstar!

[07:46] <Harry_Red> Aha So. I'm in Arizona.

[07:46] <Redflame> Too bad you didn't come earlier. NIVEN WAS HERE!!!

[07:46] <SeanS> arizona, i thought you lived in cali, frank

[07:46] <nullstar> i meant to stop by last month, but (A) was a week late (forgot the 1st was Sat.) and (B) couldn't connect to any chatnet servers

[07:47] <Krenon> He's been in Arizona sine he joined the list, iirc.

[07:47] <SteveS> I'm in northern Alabama myself.

[07:47] <SeanS> Central Kentucky here

[07:47] <nullstar> but anyway, i'm joel schander, so you have a name to put with, um, a name. :)

[07:47] <Redflame> Southern Houston

[07:47] <Redflame> LOl

[07:47] <Krenon> Sydney New South Wales Australia

[07:47] <Harry_Red> It will be 16 years coming up that I've been in AZ Sean.

[07:48] <SeanS> ah

[07:48] <Vash> bye

[07:48] *** Vash has quit IRC

[07:48] <SeanS> later vash

[07:48] <Harry_Red> Adios Vash.

[07:48] <Redflame> Redd, are all your friends from LASFS 16 years old, or have you just been in and out?

[07:48] <Krenon> That lady says bye and then shuts the door. Not one for fond farewells

[07:48] <Redflame> I mean friends for more than 16 years, not that these friends were BORN 16 years ago.....

[07:49] <SeanS> so what itme is it there, krenon?

[07:49] <Redflame> Life gets busy, then you go!

[07:49] <Krenon> 7.50 am Sunday

[07:49] <Redflame> Ted, you had to get up early!

[07:49] <Harry_Red> I've been in and out, but have maintained a bit of contact with LASFS. Convewntions and the like.

[07:49] <Krenon> You better believe it!

[07:49] <Redflame> BRB, going to talk about dinner.

[07:49] <Harry_Red> Adios red.

[07:50] <Krenon> She'll be back

[07:52] <Krenon> I don't suppose that anyone else here knows anything substantial about Australian fandom, but one of the best known and longest serving Australian fans died last night. I need to put a notice on a website. I'll be on here but not responding for a while.

[07:52] <SeanS> k, ted

[07:52] <Harry_Red> Who Krenon? Not Ken Ozine!

[07:52] <Krenon> John Foyster

[07:53] <Krenon> Lived in Adelaide

[07:53] <Harry_Red> I met John a couple times. Good fellow!

[07:53] <nullstar> to clarify, niven was here today; not last month, right?

[07:53] <Krenon> If anyone wants me in a hurry get Carol to hail me on AIM

[07:53] <SeanS> about 20 minutes ago

[07:53] <SteveS> Correct

[07:53] <nullstar> what i get for losing track of time...

[07:54] <SeanS> yep... he came on at about 2:50 eastern time

[07:54] *** Krenon is now known as Kren_away

[07:54] <Redflame> I'm back!

[07:54] <SeanS> 10 minutes before the chat was scheduled to start

[07:54] <Harry_Red> Today Null. about 1/2 hr befor you showed.

[07:55] <SteveS> Good, so I didn't miss much.

[07:55] <Redflame> Nive did try to get here last month, but got lost in cyberspce.

[07:55] <SeanS> wb, red

[07:55] <Redflame> ty

[07:55] <SteveS> But then, a lot of people did, since the chatnet servers we used to use crapped out.

[07:56] <nullstar> yeah -- i saw the note about the DOS attacks -- might certainly explain my inability to get here last month.

[07:56] <Redflame> Niven tried to make it the second saturday, after the chatnet problems and we had already decided to come HERE.

[07:58] <Redflame> I wish there was some way of stopping DoS attacks, spammers.... A person can dream.

[07:58] <SeanS> no way i know of

[07:59] <SeanS> unless the provider is watching that particular node with a sniffer, sees it, and drops the connection

[07:59] <SeanS> lot of work for the providers

[07:59] <Harry_Red> What sometimes scares me is; the Internet is a reflection of the best and brightist of the world population. A scary thought.

[07:59] <Redflame> Okay, so we are mostly still floating in the afterglow of having had Larry, and have little energy left to chat?

[08:00] <Harry_Red> I'm also doing a bit of research.

[08:00] <SteveS> Peter Watts' book Maelstrom featured neural tissue computers used to filter out that sort of thing.

[08:01] <Redflame> What are you researching? I've reserched dinner. We are deciding between Japanese and steak.

[08:01] <SeanS> i am waiting for someone to say something for me to respond to

[08:01] <SeanS> go steak

[08:01] <Harry_Red> Sometimes, you can't know what to filter. You have to look at it to know what it is.

[08:01] <SeanS> thats what the packet sniffer is for

[08:01] <SteveS> Unfortunately, a side effect of that was they began to like simpler life forms -- like the genuine messages -- more than complex organisms like the living net viruses.

[08:01] <Redflame> :-) The place we would eat steak has really good meat. Good rare. Mmmm.

[08:02] <Harry_Red> Steak. If BBQing it, splash it with some burbon.

[08:02] <SeanS> rare is the only way

[08:02] <SeanS> anything else is wasting good meat

[08:03] <SteveS> When people started using those same neural computers to run weapon systems, they decided to favor simple microbes over us. Hilarity ensues...

[08:03] <Redflame> I rarely have liqour around the house, let alone cook with it. I did recenlty buy a half pint of tequilla so Peter and Mom could have REAL marguaritas, instead of just lemon lime slushies.

[08:03] <SeanS> if you cook a steak beyond rare you might as well of had a hamburger

[08:04] <Harry_Red> I need it cooked tender Scen. My teeth can't handle it too rare.

[08:04] <Redflame> Rare is the best way only if it is really good meat. T-Bone Tom's doesn't overchill thier meat, so a rare steak is still warm/hot in the center, not icy cold.

[08:04] <SeanS> frank, name your favorite bourbon and i will tell you if it is made here

[08:04] <Redflame> Rare is VERY tender! Medium cooks it tough, then you have to cook it long and slow to get it tender again.

[08:04] <Redflame> Okay.... Glen Niven.....

[08:04] <Harry_Red> Jack int the Black.

[08:05] <SeanS> thats tennessee

[08:05] <SeanS> not ky

[08:05] <SeanS> so not real boubon

[08:05] <SeanS> bourbon

[08:05] <Harry_Red> Ok BEAM is good, So is Wild Turkey.

[08:05] <Harry_Red> I'm more into scotch whisky anyway.

[08:06] <SeanS> beam is made 10 minutes from my house and WT is made 20 minutes away

[08:06] <Harry_Red> I MUST visit you sometime Sean.

[08:07] <SeanS> lol

[08:07] <SeanS> i know some people at blantons and could probably get you into the tasting room

[08:07] <Redflame> Can taste as much as you want?

[08:08] <SeanS> i get barrel whiskey from them from time to time

[08:08] <Harry_Red> That sounds interesting, though I rarely drink these days.

[08:08] <Redflame> Last WorldCon, there was wiskey tasting at one of the parties.

[08:08] <SeanS> i doubt they would let you drink yourself silly

[08:08] <Redflame> Well, last one I went to....

[08:08] <Harry_Red> I Haven't tasted Blanton's in YEARS!

[08:09] <SeanS> blantons is just down the river from here

[08:09] <SeanS> maybe 5 minutes away if you hit the lights right

[08:10] <SeanS> they own the old ancient age distillery

[08:10] <SeanS> the old old crow distillery is just up and across the river from me

[08:10] <Redflame> Can you really tell the difference, Sean?

[08:10] <Harry_Red> Crow wasn't bad either.

[08:11] <Harry_Red> Did you get them teh GATOR-AID Red?

[08:11] <SeanS> sure

[08:12] <SeanS> there is good bourbon and not so good bourbon... i prefer the good ;)

[08:13] <SeanS> but i am a beer drinker more than anything else

[08:13] <Harry_Red> I've had both and prefer Scotch!

[08:14] <Harry_Red> I drink some brandy occasionally these days.

[08:14] <Redflame> Tottally Tea, here, these days!

[08:14] <SeanS> no fun, red

[08:14] <Redflame> I've had my fun, Sean!

[08:14] <SeanS> had?? dont want anymore?

[08:15] <Harry_Red> Teas can be as complex in tastes as Spirits are Scen. (ObNivRef: Mote in God's Eye.

[08:15] <SeanS> true, frank

[08:15] <Redflame> Fun is good, but sex is better sober! So are lots of other things better sober. Walking without falling is nice. As is waking up with out a headache. I like these things, and I like that my children have NEVER seen my drunk.

[08:16] <SeanS> point taken

[08:16] <Harry_Red> I like good tea (Liptions dosen't count) and good Coffee (YUBAN and FOLGERS are NOT good Coffee!)

[08:16] <Redflame> I like fun, hence I'm here!

[08:17] <SeanS> lol

[08:17] <Redflame> Hey, I get to hang with world famous SF writers here!

[08:17] <SeanS> very true. i was happy to be here today

[08:17] <Harry_Red> Not to mention the Infamous Red! /;-)

[08:17] <Harry_Red> Me too.

[08:17] <Redflame> Coffee, commercially prepared, best is Chase and Sanborn. Mmm.

[08:18] <Harry_Red> Chase is good and Maxwellhouse isn't bad.

[08:18] <Redflame> INFAMOUS RED?? Maybe the Infamous REDD!!!

[08:18] <Harry_Red> *LOL*

[08:19] *** Kren_away is now known as Krenon

[08:19] <Krenon> Back

[08:19] <Harry_Red> Interesting article on the SHUTTLE here:

[08:19] <SeanS> wb krennon

[08:19] <Redflame> welcome back

[08:19] <Harry_Red> WB

[08:20] <Krenon> OK He died at 9 pm last night and the news in on the Bullsheet. Let it be not said I'm slack.

[08:21] <Krenon> Now I just need the obit

[08:21] <Redflame> Who died?

[08:21] <Harry_Red> You are not slack Krenon.

[08:21] <Krenon> John Foyster. One of the best known and longest serving Australian sf fans. Only 62. He died of a brain tumour.

[08:22] <Krenon> :-)

[08:22] <Krenon> That :-) was to Frank

[08:22] <Redflame> Ah, too bad. I hope, at least, he was not in pain at the end.

[08:23] <Krenon> As far as I know he was in hospital and sedated.

[08:24] <Harry_Red> Krenon, realize that 50 years ago 62 was considered a good age.

[08:25] <Redflame> Peter tells me he might be in on teh design for the new launch vehicle, and might be needing to travel to Marshall.

[08:25] <SeanS> kewl

[08:25] <Redflame> yeah, now a days, people seem to think that mid 80s is YOUNG!

[08:25] <Harry_Red> I wish him luck Red.

[08:26] <Redflame> Well, as the people who are going to be deserted in Houston for weeks at a time, I'm not happy about the travel.

[08:26] <Krenon> That may be so but I am approaching 60 and my father was dead at the age I am now.

[08:26] <SeanS> i understand, but you know what i mean

[08:27] <SteveS> At least Marshall is in a nice area. ;-)

[08:27] <Redflame> Yes, to a single person, travel sounds FUN!

[08:28] <Redflame> Being in on the desing sounds fun too.

[08:28] <SeanS> the desgining is waht i was talking about

[08:28] <Harry_Red> It taks a Timeline base to understand how far we've come.

[08:28] <Redflame> ty, steve. That is where YOU are, right?

[08:28] <SteveS> Yup.

[08:28] <SteveS> I'm about a mile or two from where he'll probably be working.

[08:28] <Redflame> So, you;ll protect him for me? I mean, show him a good time?

[08:29] <SteveS> I'll try. Not that I'm an expert in finding a good time. ;-)

[08:29] <Redflame> LOL

[08:29] <Harry_Red> Putting Steve and Peter togeather is like rubbing 2 sticks of dynamite togeather m'thinks.

[08:29] <SeanS> at least give it a good try, steve ;)

[08:29] <Redflame> Well, our standard quiet evening at home is four people sitting around on their computers!

[08:29] <SeanS> throwing gasoline on a flame?

[08:29] <SteveS> Sounds familiar.

[08:29] <Redflame> Why would you say that Redd?

[08:30] <Redflame> Who is the gasoline! Here is the flame!

[08:31] <Harry_Red> A hunch Red.

[08:33] <Redflame> Steve would have to be an unmedicated schizophrenic christian fundamentalist mundane to get Peter too riled up.

[08:33] * SteveS chuckles

[08:34] <SteveS> OK, the answers: yes, no, no, no, and no.

[08:34] * SteveS grins

[08:34] <Harry_Red> Ok Red, that's one end of the spectrum, what's the other?

[08:34] <Redflame> Hmm, have to think about that.

[08:35] <Harry_Red> Perhaps an 18 year old Female Korean with a Forklift?

[08:35] <SeanS> lol

[08:35] <Redflame> I was trying to put unmedicated and schizophrenic as part of one description, and christian and fundamentalist in one, so unmedicated is a good thing wehn not with the second half, but any type of fundie would be bad.

[08:36] <SeanS> just feed him the crazy eddy worm and be done with it ;)

[08:36] <Redflame> What does haveing a forklift have to do with being an 18year old female Korean?

[08:36] <Harry_Red> CXall it an ACCESSORY Red.

[08:37] <SteveS> :-)

[08:37] <SteveS> I wouldn't mind if somebody set me up with her, however. ;-)

[08:37] <Redflame> Okay, what is wrong with an 18 year old female Korean? Can she cook?

[08:38] <Redflame> I totally trust Peter, if that is what you are talking about.

[08:38] <SeanS> presumedly

[08:38] <SeanS> i think it is safe to say, we are just kidding

[08:38] <Redflame> Yes, I feel kidded, not persecuted.

[08:39] <Redflame> I'm not smiling big enough! :-D

[08:39] * Krenon exits briefly in search of some form of caffeine

[08:39] <Harry_Red> Hmmm, would you feel persecuted if Nymphomaniac was incerted into that sentance?

[08:40] <Redflame> I totally trust Peter.

[08:40] <SteveS> I'd want driving directions to find her. ;-)

[08:40] <Harry_Red> I know. However What about Intelectual binging. Theer IS danger of that with Steve Red.

[08:41] <Redflame> Ah, Steve, how would YOU feel with mypho added in that description?

[08:41] <Harry_Red> If I knew it Steve, I'd give her your phone #.

[08:41] <Harry_Red> And If I knew hers, I'd give it to you.

[08:42] <SteveS> Added to my description or hers?

[08:42] <Harry_Red> What ever.

[08:42] <Redflame> My experience as an ex-nympho, is that it isn't that easy getting guys to sleep with you!

[08:43] <SteveS> I'm a nympho wannabe... or is that a satyriasis wannabe?

[08:43] <SeanS> what?

[08:43] <Harry_Red> Timing is everything Red.

[08:45] <Redflame> Peter would never let lust get in the way of making a good, long term decision.

[08:45] <SeanS> figures.. he is an engineer ;)

[08:45] <Redflame> :-)

[08:46] <SteveS> Exactly. :-)

[08:46] <Redflame> Peter knows wehre EVERY sperm he has ever manufactured has gone! My experience is that few men care that much!

[08:46] <Krenon> back with a quantity of tea.

[08:46] <Redflame> About where they go, just care about MAKING the little swimmers.

[08:47] <Redflame> welcom back, krenon

[08:47] <Harry_Red> I'm usually pretty picky Red.

[08:48] <Redflame> People are picky in different ways.

[08:49] <Harry_Red> Yeah.

[08:50] <SteveS> Sounds right.

[08:51] <Redflame> So, in exactly what ways are YOU picky, Redd?

[08:51] <Harry_Red> That would be telling Red.

[08:52] <Harry_Red> I don't do that in public.

[08:52] <Redflame> wasn't askeing WHO you were picky with!

[08:53] <Harry_Red> What can be more important than WHO.

[08:53] <Redflame> Well, how can anyone flirt if they don't know what you are looking for? :-D

[08:53] <Harry_Red> In Person might work. /;-]

[08:54] <Redflame> LOL

[08:54] <Harry_Red> They found that Indian gal From Arizona Red... The one that was captured.

[08:55] <Harry_Red> She's dead. The Marines are now using Bayonets.

[08:55] <Redflame> the iragis killed her?

[08:55] <Harry_Red> Appasrently and execution.

[08:55] <SteveS> It's a shame, but not too surprising.

[08:55] <Harry_Red> It's presonal now!

[08:56] <SeanS> i want to see some moab's dropped

[08:56] <Redflame> They don't understand the rules of war.

[08:56] <Redflame> They must expect us to slaughter all POWs.

[08:56] <Redflame> Moabs? Type of bomb?

[08:56] <SteveS> I'd rather see some Baathist party members buried alive like in Cask of Amontillado, so they can starve the way their people are starving.

[08:57] <Redflame> a certain poetic justice.

[08:57] <SeanS> mother of all bombs... the 21000 pound sucker they drop out of a c130 hercules cargo plane

[08:57] <SteveS> A very large conventional bomb, nicknamed the "mother of all bombs"

[08:57] <SeanS> biggest thing short of nuclear

[08:57] <Krenon> But MOAB stood for something else.

[08:58] <SeanS> it does but i dont know what

[08:58] <SteveS> Which fits Saddam's "mother of all battles" trash talk from the first gulf war

[08:58] <Harry_Red> Actually, if the Colition can isolate Bagdad and clean the place up, the IRAQUIES will clean up the Baathists and the Fedyeen pretty quickly. They are truly hated.

[08:58] <SeanS> that was assumed in gulf war I but it did not take place

[08:59] <Harry_Red> BRB. BIo-Break.

[09:00] <Redflame> Saddam had a treaty in the Gulf war. He broke the treaty.

[09:00] <Harry_Red> Back.

[09:01] <Harry_Red> Yeah. Well, This unplesentness in IRAQ will put many other countrys on notice. I am considering it an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.

[09:01] <SeanS> the reason we didnt finish the job in GW I is because all the coalition members convinced the US that the regime would topple

[09:02] <SeanS> looks like this time we are just finishing the job

[09:02] <Harry_Red> Not to mention that the UN had objections Sean.

[09:02] <Harry_Red> yeah, we're cleaning up the mess we left behind.

[09:02] <SeanS> exactly

[09:02] <Redflame> I've heard people doubt that the recent public appearence of Saddam was really him.

[09:03] <SeanS> i think we either hurt him or killed him the first day

[09:03] <SeanS> march 19

[09:03] <Harry_Red> I haven't seen the Europeans trushing to clean up their messes. The French have much to answer for as do the Germans and Russians.

[09:04] <Redflame> He hasn't made any speeches lately, like surviving generals thought that the first "public appearence" speech wasn't convincing enough, and didn't want to verify that it WASN'T him by doing the same thing again.

[09:04] <Harry_Red> he got hurt REALLY BAD according to my sources. and the older kid was killed. Nobody trusts Saddam's younger son. As long as he is alive, there won't be a power struggle, but let him die, and we will know it!

[09:05] <SeanS> it is just my opinion but i dont think i am far off the mark

[09:05] <Harry_Red> The guy walking wasn't the same as the Guy ho made the first speach after the Attack.

[09:05] <SeanS> i agree

[09:06] <SeanS> and what everybody points to as smoke looks more like a rainstorm to me

[09:07] <Harry_Red> It's smoke Sean. From a LOT of oil burning.

[09:07] <Redflame> That Saddam's men set fire to.

[09:08] <SeanS> didnt look that way, but i am talking about pics i saw yesterday. havent watched much warvision today

[09:08] <Harry_Red> It was set to hide movements Red. It bothers the vision gear a bit.

[09:08] <Harry_Red> But5 not much.

[09:08] <SeanS> and doesnt bother the bombs at all

[09:09] <Harry_Red> Not the GPS stuff.

[09:09] <SeanS> thats what i meant

[09:10] <Harry_Red> THE TV guided stuff seems to be working just fine... except in sand/dust storms.

[09:10] <Redflame> Well, I've been sitting here for three hours now. If we aren't going to go out to dinner soon, I'm going to find something else to do where I'm not just sitting.

[09:11] <Redflame> Nice talking to you all.

[09:11] <Krenon> I've looked at bombs from both sides now / from theirs and ours but still somehow / it's bombs illusions I recall / I really don't know bombs at all - as Joni Mitchell MIGHT have said. :-)

[09:11] <SeanS> its laser guided, just the view from the camera attached to the laser is tv

[09:11] <Redflame> Come around and help entertain Larry next month too!

[09:11] <Harry_Red> Adios Red. I have to go too. Very tired here.

[09:11] <Redflame> \

[09:11] <Krenon> Catch ya later Frank

[09:11] <SeanS> later frank

[09:11] <Harry_Red> Thanks Ted.

[09:11] <Redflame> later!

[09:11] <Harry_Red> Adios All.

[09:11] <SteveS> Bye, Carol!

[09:11] <Redflame> bye!

[09:12] <SeanS> later carol

[09:12] <Harry_Red> 1-GONE+++

[09:12] *** Harry_Red has left #knownspace

[09:13] <Krenon> You leaving, Carol?

[09:13] <SeanS> i think she is

[09:15] *** Redflame has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

[09:15] <SteveS> That answers that! :-)

[09:15] <Krenon> Yes. I have her on AIM as well though and she's still there.

[09:18] <SeanS> gotta free up the phone line.. .i'll be back

[09:18] <SteveS> See ya!

[09:18] *** SeanS has quit IRC

[09:22] *** SeanS has joined #knownspace

[09:23] <Krenon> I'll be logging but probably not much at the computer so bye all.

[09:23] <SeanS> later te

[09:23] <SeanS> d

[09:23] *** Krenon is now known as Kren_log

[09:24] <SteveS> Bye, Ted!

[09:32] <nullstar> well; perhaps i'll be on time next month. :)

[09:32] *** nullstar has quit IRC (Client Exiting)

[09:33] <SeanS> looks like its just me and you steve

[09:33] <SteveS> Yup.

[09:33] <SteveS> I'm mostly packed for my usual weekend visit to my parents' house.

[09:35] <SteveS> I'll probably head out in a half hour or so, to head for tonight's planetarium show.

[09:35] <SeanS> wish we had a planetarium around here

[09:36] <SteveS> It's pretty cool. The main attraction is the 16 inch telescope on the roof. It looks like the weather will actually be clear enough for them to see something tonight.

[09:36] <SeanS> sounds great... maybe i will win the powerball tonight and have a similar setup in a week or two ;)

[09:36] <SeanS> yeah right

[09:37] * SteveS grins

[09:37] <SteveS> There's a local asteroid hunter who lives about 20 miles away.

[09:37] <SteveS> He built a big dome on top of his house, and spent all sorts of money on camera equipment and computers.

[09:38] <SteveS> He found about 100 asteroids in the last few years.

[09:38] <SteveS> That would be some setup...

[09:38] <SeanS> no kidding

[09:39] <SeanS> what i want is about a 15 inch schmidt cassegrain with ccd camera controlled from my pc

[09:39] <SeanS> that would be fun

[09:40] <SteveS> There used to be an even bigger telescope at the planetarium until the early 80s, and they're refurbishing it now.

[09:40] <SteveS> When they get done, it will be computer controlled, and they should be able to pipe the CCD image right onto the planetarium dome.

[09:40] <SeanS> thats cool.

[09:41] <SeanS> i want to have the scope image on my pc screen so i can look at stuff and not have to climb up on the roof

[09:41] <SteveS> Also where it's nice and warm (or cool)

[09:41] <SteveS> :-)

[09:42] <SeanS> but it will take more money than i have to do it so....

[09:42] <SeanS> thats why i mention lottery

[09:42] <SteveS> Yup.

[09:43] <SeanS> i have a flat roof so i could do it with enough cash

[09:43] <SeanS> course you can do anything with enough cash

[09:43] <SteveS> :-

[09:43] <SteveS> :-)

[10:13] <SeanS> gotta go

[10:13] *** SeanS has quit IRC

[10:16] <SteveS> Oh well, guess I'll head out too. See you guys sometime soon!

[10:16] <SteveS> Bye!

[10:17] *** SteveS has quit IRC

[10:32] <Kren_log> Bye bye bye

[10:32] *** Disconnected

Session Close: Sun Apr 06 10:32:07 2003