Chat Log: August 2nd 2008

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Aug 02 11:00:47 <SeanS> hey Neil

Aug 02 11:03:50 <UncleNasty> how's it going, sean?

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Aug 02 11:43:01 <SeanS> pretty good. heading out to do errands

Aug 02 11:43:10 <SeanS> mostly involving beer

Aug 02 11:43:44 <UncleNasty> we got a first saturday chat going today or no?

Aug 02 11:44:21 <SeanS> yeah... official start in 3.25 hours

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Aug 02 12:52:54 <NickE> meep?

Aug 02 12:53:01 <UncleNasty> ello

Aug 02 12:53:14 <NickE> Hi Neil

Aug 02 12:53:20 <UncleNasty> how's it going, nick?

Aug 02 12:55:23 <NickE> 's fine ta

Aug 02 12:56:16 <NickE> BBQ n Beer weather!

Aug 02 12:56:32 <UncleNasty> yeah - we're having way too much rain for bbq :(

Aug 02 12:56:36 <UncleNasty> long weekend, too

Aug 02 12:56:49 <NickE> aw

Aug 02 12:57:04 <NickE> pissed down this morning but nice now

Aug 02 12:57:37 <NickE> may be in and out, but should stay logged in

Aug 02 12:59:29 <NickE> bit out of touch with list happenings lately

Aug 02 13:07:09 <UncleNasty> sry about that - bitching at the LCBO for monopoly abuse

Aug 02 13:09:31 <NickE> LCBO?

Aug 02 13:09:55 <UncleNasty> Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Aug 02 13:10:11 <UncleNasty> government granted monopoly on booze supplies

Aug 02 13:11:40 <NickE> ah

Aug 02 13:12:21 <UncleNasty> my email to them:

Aug 02 13:12:22 <UncleNasty> am greatly displeased with the quality of absinthe stocked in your stores. It appears you have retained the highest margin product with no thought to quality.

Aug 02 13:12:23 <UncleNasty> When you first began selling absinthe, you had a great range with some excellent absinthe available. Now you only appear to stock two varieties, both in the $80 range and both listed as the worst products available by the bulk of the absinthe reviews.

Aug 02 13:12:23 <UncleNasty> Considering the lack of choice of liquor suppliers in Ontario, you guys are doing a great job of promoting the idea of removing government control and getting back to a free market.

Aug 02 13:12:23 <UncleNasty> Reviews are attached below:

Aug 02 13:14:25 <NickE> absinthe is one I've never tried

Aug 02 13:14:39 <UncleNasty> when it's good, it's very very good

Aug 02 13:14:46 <UncleNasty> when it's bad, it's mouthwash

Aug 02 13:14:53 <NickE> yuk

Aug 02 13:15:41 <UncleNasty> and finding that a store that used to have about 20 varieties now stocks two which rate 15/100 and 7/100 on the absinthe reviews but, coincidentally, both cost over $80 a bottle

Aug 02 13:16:22 <UncleNasty> absinthe is supposed to have a subtle green

Aug 02 13:16:24 <NickE> Well, I can understand your displeasure based on that

Aug 02 13:16:28 <UncleNasty> this shit looks like listerine

Aug 02 13:16:34 <UncleNasty> lol

Aug 02 13:16:50 <UncleNasty>

Aug 02 13:18:08 <NickE> Must admit, if the loccal supermarkets only stocked Teachers or Bells I wouldnt drink whiskey

Aug 02 13:19:08 <UncleNasty> but imagine that all booze sales over an area bigger than britain were government enforced to be only through a really shitty supermarket

Aug 02 13:19:32 <UncleNasty> with buyers who have no concern for quality because they have no competition

Aug 02 13:21:22 <NickE> not good

Aug 02 13:21:33 <UncleNasty> looks like I am gonna have to order outside canada & risk border stops

Aug 02 13:22:03 <NickE> Funny, never figured that sort of problem for Canada

Aug 02 13:22:25 <UncleNasty> meh - it's swings and roundabouts - there's issues here same as anywhere

Aug 02 13:22:37 <UncleNasty> i wouldn't trade life here for the life we used to have in the UK

Aug 02 13:22:41 <NickE> true I guess

Aug 02 13:23:03 <NickE> Must admit, things getting fairly shitty

Aug 02 13:23:11 <UncleNasty> over here I managed to buy my 2 acres out in the country with no neighbours

Aug 02 13:23:47 <UncleNasty> i'm an antisocial bastard, so living in the city doesn't work out too well for me ;)

Aug 02 13:23:52 <NickE> heh

Aug 02 13:24:25 <NickE> sounds nice

Aug 02 13:24:44 <UncleNasty> yeah, it sounds ideal... then winter arrives - lol

Aug 02 13:25:22 <UncleNasty> a friend of mine came to stay at the end of january last year... we a had a snowstorm from the day after he arrived to the day before he left

Aug 02 13:25:24 <NickE> Yeah, hear they are something

Aug 02 13:25:43 <UncleNasty> it's an eye opener

Aug 02 13:26:07 <UncleNasty> it's kinda nice to have the big change - we get up over 30C in the summer and below -30C in the winter

Aug 02 13:26:20 <NickE> Quite a range

Aug 02 13:26:24 <UncleNasty> though by around mid-january, you'd be quite happy for winter to be over

Aug 02 13:26:35 <NickE> I'm sure

Aug 02 13:26:50 <UncleNasty> are you in the UK?

Aug 02 13:26:58 <NickE> Banbury

Aug 02 13:27:25 <NickE> Where was it you were living when you were over her

Aug 02 13:27:27 <NickE> e

Aug 02 13:27:31 <UncleNasty> heh - near bicester

Aug 02 13:27:42 <NickE> Just down the road!

Aug 02 13:27:50 <UncleNasty> i wasn't living there - just laughing - one of my colleages was

Aug 02 13:28:06 <NickE> ah

Aug 02 13:28:06 <UncleNasty> you typed before I hit enter - I used to live in Leek, Staffordshire

Aug 02 13:28:31 <NickE> Thats it. I vaguely recall from much older chats

Aug 02 13:28:51 <UncleNasty> every time I see the name "Bicester" all I can hear is my workmate yelling "IT'S PRONOUNCED BISS-TER!!!" to a canadian

Aug 02 13:29:01 <NickE> lol

Aug 02 13:29:46 <NickE> I have to sometimes do the same thing with the US crew of The Signal when they have to read UK place names

Aug 02 13:30:07 <UncleNasty> lol - the one that kills me around here a "Keswick"

Aug 02 13:30:24 <NickE> gotta go eat. BBl

Aug 02 13:30:30 <UncleNasty> used to spend a lot of time in the lake district and I know it's supposed to be 'Kezzik"

Aug 02 13:30:31 <UncleNasty> kk

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Aug 02 13:43:14 * Lensman has changed the topic to: Today's obscure Niven quote: "Directly opposite the dancing flames, night-black tongues of shadow danced in imitation. It might have been another fire, save that it ate light."

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Aug 02 14:19:17 <NickE> back

Aug 02 14:23:00 <Lensman> Hi Nick!

Aug 02 14:26:11 <NickE> Hi Lens

Aug 02 14:29:07 <NickE> 'sup?

Aug 02 14:29:36 <Lensman> SOS. 'sup w/ U?

Aug 02 14:29:49 <Lensman> BRB

Aug 02 14:29:59 <NickE> k

Aug 02 14:39:32 <Lensman> Back

Aug 02 14:43:55 <Lensman> Actually I do have some news. I headed the committee which put on a 4 1/2 hour Anime festival last weekend, as part of my SF club's annual film fest.

Aug 02 14:44:17 <Lensman>

Aug 02 15:19:41 <Lensman> Hello?

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Aug 02 15:36:19 <EML> Afternoon, all.

Aug 02 15:37:09 <EML> Umm ... is anyone actually here?

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Aug 02 15:43:15 <EML> Hi Ally

Aug 02 15:44:06 <allyngibson> everyone napping?

Aug 02 15:44:26 <EML> So it seems.

Aug 02 15:44:47 <EML> This is earlier than I usually drop by. Are you new here?

Aug 02 15:45:43 <allyngibson> not really

Aug 02 15:45:43 <allyngibson> I usually don't remember the monthly chats

Aug 02 15:45:55 <allyngibson> I had the afternoon free; figured I'd pop my head in

Aug 02 15:46:37 <EML> Then full disclosure: I collaborate sometimes with Larry.

Aug 02 15:47:16 <allyngibson> oh, cool

Aug 02 15:47:35 <allyngibson> you're the cowriter of the "Fleet of Worlds" books, then

Aug 02 15:48:04 <EML> Yup, that's me: EML = Edward M. Lerner (or evil, maniacal laughter)

Aug 02 15:48:12 <allyngibson> gotcha :)

Aug 02 15:48:25 <EML> What do you do?

Aug 02 15:49:19 <allyngibson> my writing credentials aren't as impressive; I've published a couple of Star Trek short stories, a Doctor Who short story, and in my day job, I'm the writer of Previews, the catalog Diamond Comic Distributors publishes

Aug 02 15:50:38 <EML> Cool. I didn't realize there's a market for Star Trek shorts.

Aug 02 15:51:16 <allyngibson> Pocket Books do anthologies alongside the novels

Aug 02 15:51:35 <EML> Good to know.

Aug 02 15:52:14 <EML> Most members of the chat (you know, the invisible/lurking ones) are fans, nor writers.

Aug 02 15:53:38 <allyngibson> gotcha

Aug 02 15:54:08 <EML> So what brings you by today?

Aug 02 15:54:19 <allyngibson> so, what do you like best about working with Larry Niven?

Aug 02 15:55:17 <allyngibson> boredom, actually

Aug 02 15:55:35 <allyngibson> also, a little stumped on a short story I was working on, so I'm taking a mental break

Aug 02 15:55:47 <EML> Known Space is a great backdrop.

Aug 02 15:56:05 <EML> Fleet of Worlds came of me wanting to know more about the Puppeteers.

Aug 02 15:57:01 <EML> (On top of which, Larry is a quite accomplished collaborator)

Aug 02 16:02:41 <NickE> <Nick wakes up>

Aug 02 16:02:50 <NickE> Hi Ed, Allyn

Aug 02 16:03:11 <allyngibson> hello, Nick

Aug 02 16:03:14 <allyngibson> good nap?

Aug 02 16:03:22 <EML> qua passa?

Aug 02 16:03:36 <NickE> more of an eating dinner type deal actually

Aug 02 16:03:49 <EML> So where's Lensman?

Aug 02 16:04:01 <NickE> and watching some trashy tv to digest

Aug 02 16:04:08 <allyngibson> oh -- if I vanish suddenly, it's because Baltimore is about to get a monster thunderstorm

Aug 02 16:04:09 <NickE> Hm, was here earlier

Aug 02 16:05:06 <EML> I'm pretty sure Larry won't drop by -- he's GoH at Pulpcon this weekend.

Aug 02 16:05:21 <NickE> ah

Aug 02 16:05:35 <NickE> Neil, you still around?

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Aug 02 16:05:57 <NickE> Hu Carol

Aug 02 16:06:02 <EML> Hi Carol

Aug 02 16:06:04 <FlyingDragon> Hello, Niven Fans!

Aug 02 16:06:26 <Lensman> Oh, there are people here! Hi, Niven fans!

Aug 02 16:06:36 <EML> So: anyone going to be at Worldcon next week?

Aug 02 16:06:43 <FlyingDragon> My chinese fortune said my day would be plesant. I start with several hours of Kuk Sool, now I get to chat with Niven fans! How wonderful!!!

Aug 02 16:07:10 <NickE> :-)

Aug 02 16:07:20 <FlyingDragon> Nope. Planning on practicing for my black belt test. Am testing for my second degree.

Aug 02 16:07:26 <FlyingDragon> You, EML?

Aug 02 16:07:27 <NickE> cool

Aug 02 16:08:00 <Lensman> Evil Manical Laughter. Hmmm... That puts you in a new light, Ed! :)

Aug 02 16:08:05 <NickE> That in Denver?

Aug 02 16:08:27 <EML> Yup, I'll be at Worldcon/Denvention.

Aug 02 16:08:49 <NickE> Shiny. In UK, so no :-(

Aug 02 16:08:54 <FlyingDragon> I've been to Denvention, I think.

Aug 02 16:08:55 <Lensman> I imagine Larry will be at WorldCon, he usually goes.

Aug 02 16:09:00 <EML> The powers that be scheudled Larry & me to sign autographs at the same time -- but at different tables. Go figure :-)

Aug 02 16:09:11 <Lensman> I was at Denvention II in 1981.

Aug 02 16:09:26 <FlyingDragon> Hope the tables won't be far away. SUrely you can sit NET to each other!!!!!!

Aug 02 16:09:34 <NickE> Oh that makes sense...not

Aug 02 16:10:14 <EML> we can point at each other. Then again, it's not like we have that many books together.

Aug 02 16:10:26 <NickE> well, not yet :p)

Aug 02 16:10:36 <Lensman> You can always ask the concom if you can swap tables with someone. Depends on how big the tables are. Larry & Jerry often have a, um, conjoined signing. :)

Aug 02 16:11:23 <Lensman> I got my hardback copy of /Lucifer's Hammer/ signed by Larry & Jerry simulaneously at Denvention II.

Aug 02 16:11:32 <Lensman> In fact I have a story about that...

Aug 02 16:11:44 <EML> a story, eh? type away.

Aug 02 16:12:26 <FlyingDragon> Reading.....

Aug 02 16:13:39 * allyngibson has quit (Ping timeout)

Aug 02 16:14:05 <Lensman> It was my second WorldCon. I had no idea people would be bringing their entire Niven collections in grocery bags to have signed. Anyway, I had what I could comfortably carry, maybe 5 books. I stood in line for 45 minutes. Just as I reached the head of the line, a con runner came by and told N & P they had a panel!!! AARGH!! Larry was getting up to go, when he glanced around a the books I laid down on the table. "Oh, Jerry," he said. "Look, this

Aug 02 16:14:06 <EML> I wonder if the hucksters in Denver will have copies of Juggler of Worlds pre-release. Last year I was at a regional con just before Fleet was due out, and there were copies available.

Aug 02 16:14:26 <Lensman> Had I known, of course I'd have gotten in line earlier! You live and learn.

Aug 02 16:15:23 <FlyingDragon> "Look, this...."????

Aug 02 16:15:52 <Lensman> FD: Did my post get cut off?

Aug 02 16:15:59 <EML> buffer overflow, methinks.

Aug 02 16:16:00 <NickE> yup

Aug 02 16:16:04 <FlyingDragon> Can't they get books a month before the release date? I've gotten books before the copyright date before, at least one paperback.

Aug 02 16:16:20 <Lensman> "Look, this guy has spent a lot of money on a hardback of /Lucifer's Hammer/, let's sign this before we go." So I did get *one* book signed.

Aug 02 16:16:38 <FlyingDragon> It isn't normally a big deal, if stores sell the book the day they get them. Unless it is a Rowling Potter book.

Aug 02 16:16:39 <Lensman> That's odd that I saw my entire post but y'all didn't.

Aug 02 16:16:54 <EML> I think dealers often get books a little early. And if the name on the cover isn't JK Rowling, some of the books get out early.

Aug 02 16:16:55 <FlyingDragon> Cool, Lensman. Glad Larry put out for you! ;-)

Aug 02 16:16:56 <Lensman> Ed: Do you know if ARCs for JOW have been sent out yet?

Aug 02 16:17:48 <EML> Lens: the ARCs must have gone out, because I've seen a couple early reviews.

Aug 02 16:18:32 <Lensman> Oh? Time to go Google hunting!

Aug 02 16:19:29 <EML> Alas, most of the early reviews reflect speedreading.

Aug 02 16:20:06 <FlyingDragon> They didn't seem to really understand what was going on, EML?

Aug 02 16:20:15 <EML> I get miffed when a review shows a reviewer skimmed right over a crucial plot point.

Aug 02 16:21:01 <FlyingDragon> It isn't as if you can write "Stop speed reading, this is important."

Aug 02 16:21:25 <EML> Carol: not a total disconnect, but yes -- some factors missed.

Aug 02 16:23:19 <EML> does the sudden silence mean everyone's off reading Juggler reviews?

Aug 02 16:24:00 <NickE> could be

Aug 02 16:24:02 <NickE> :-)

Aug 02 16:24:06 <FlyingDragon> LOL! I'm sure it is great. I'm going to read it no matter what the reviews say.

Aug 02 16:24:28 <EML> Way to go, Carol ;-)

Aug 02 16:24:56 <Lensman> I see there was an "advance galley proof" sold on e-bay, can't see how much it went for. Opening bid was only $5.50!! 8-O

Aug 02 16:25:41 <FlyingDragon> Gee, photocopying would cost most that that!!!! :-O

Aug 02 16:25:44 <NickE> well, I'll certainly be getting it.

Aug 02 16:26:31 <NickE> enjoyed FOW

Aug 02 16:26:54 <EML> Nick: that's good. Of course I'd never ask.

Aug 02 16:28:17 <EML> I'll head out soon -- I want to wrap up a bit of Destroyer of Worlds before I head to the con.

Aug 02 16:28:19 <FlyingDragon> I've really loved getting a deeper look at the society of the puppeteers.

Aug 02 16:28:37 <Lensman> Well, I'm on record as liking FOW:

Aug 02 16:28:41 <Lensman>

Aug 02 16:28:54 <EML> Yes you are, Lens. Nice review and all.

Aug 02 16:29:01 <Lensman> That's odd, I didn't realize the reviews had been combined with the bibliography.

Aug 02 16:29:24 <Lensman> Thanks, Ed. (This meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society...) :)

Aug 02 16:29:34 <FlyingDragon> Cool, huh? See something on the biblio, can click on a review!!!!

Aug 02 16:29:46 <EML> FOW came out of a Worldcon panel "My Favorite Planet" Larry and I did together in 2004.

Aug 02 16:30:03 <FlyingDragon> Cool. Go get on more panels!!!!

Aug 02 16:30:09 <EML> THis year, I'm moderating the same panel (without Larry, this time).

Aug 02 16:30:29 <Lensman> Yah, that's great! Mark Firestone has been after me to do other reviews. Okay, I guess I don't have any excuse now that my club's Film Fest is over.

Aug 02 16:30:31 <FlyingDragon> Darn. Larry too busy?

Aug 02 16:30:57 * Dan (~vila@ has joined #knownspace

Aug 02 16:30:59 <FlyingDragon> Lensman, I always have excuses, so many other things to do.

Aug 02 16:31:04 <FlyingDragon> Dan! Hello!

Aug 02 16:31:04 <Lensman> I would love to have seen *that* panel!

Aug 02 16:31:08 <Dan> Hello, friends.

Aug 02 16:31:08 <NickE> Hi Dan

Aug 02 16:31:12 <EML> Just how things got scheduled.

Aug 02 16:31:31 <Dan> Working night shift this weekend. I just woke up.

Aug 02 16:32:03 <Lensman> Well I hate to admit I'm only about 1/2 way thru indexing Ringworld for my Concordance. :( Tanj I've got to buckle down and finish that or the Concordance will be Incompleat forever!

Aug 02 16:32:22 <Lensman> Welcome Dan!

Aug 02 16:32:55 <Lensman> Ed: Can you tell us more about that panel? How did that lead to FOW?

Aug 02 16:33:01 <EML> The Worldcon folk seem to have given Larry 10 panels, a signing, and a kaffeeklatch. He won't be slacking.

Aug 02 16:33:15 <EML> Sure, Lens.

Aug 02 16:33:46 <EML> The place I wanted to vist was the Fleet of Worlds (the name Hearth not yet known)

Aug 02 16:34:18 <EML> Larry said at the time he didn't have the plot for that setting. So I contacted him with a plot idea ...

Aug 02 16:34:34 <Dan> Whatare the dates for WorldCon? (I'm not going, I just need to get in touch with someone whose schedule is full until afterwards.)

Aug 02 16:35:15 <EML> Hi Dan. The con starts Wednesday 8/6 and ends Sunday 8/10. Earlier than usual this year.

Aug 02 16:35:29 <Dan> Thank you, Ed.

Aug 02 16:35:48 <Dan> BRB, need more coffee...

Aug 02 16:36:44 <Dan> ...back.

Aug 02 16:38:29 <EML> OKay, all, I'm gonna get back to work.

Aug 02 16:39:00 <NickE> Yes, more writy less talky :-)

Aug 02 16:39:00 <Dan> Speaking of Cons, my panel on Internet & Small Press Publishing at LibertyCon went quite well. 8 to 10 people, listening to me blather, and my wife acting to keep us all from getting too far into digressions.

Aug 02 16:39:00 <Lensman> Thanks for dropping in, Ed.

Aug 02 16:39:05 <FlyingDragon> Nice talking to you Ed. Work hard for us!

Aug 02 16:39:12 <NickE> TTFN Ed

Aug 02 16:39:20 <EML> TTFN

Aug 02 16:39:22 <Dan> Later, Ed. Have fun!

Aug 02 16:39:26 * EML has quit (Quit: *g0ne*)

Aug 02 16:40:03 <NickE> You done many panels Dan?

Aug 02 16:40:18 <Dan> This was my first, NickE.

Aug 02 16:40:53 <FlyingDragon> Glad to hear the panel went well, Dan!

Aug 02 16:40:55 <Dan> And if it hadn't been for Bill Warren, I wouldn't have gotten *this* one.

Aug 02 16:41:06 <NickE> How is Bill?

Aug 02 16:41:13 * UncleNasty has quit (Quit: meanwhile, back in the jungle...)

Aug 02 16:41:38 <Dan> I haven't heard any news more recent than his latest post to the Niven List.

Aug 02 16:41:43 <Lensman> I was on a panel about /The War of the Worlds/ 2-3 years ago, when there were 3 movies that came out theoretically based on the book the same year.

Aug 02 16:42:10 <NickE> Oh god, I actually sat through the Cruise one the other day

Aug 02 16:42:10 <Lensman> I enjoyed it very much. There were only three of us, all very knowledgable about the subject.

Aug 02 16:42:21 <FlyingDragon> And you being a movie buff had seen them all.....

Aug 02 16:42:37 <NickE> shiny

Aug 02 16:42:51 <Lensman> I mean I enjoyed the *panel* very much... not the movies.

Aug 02 16:43:05 <Dan> I'm supposed to get in touch with LibertyCon's Programming Director about doing the panel again next year - once he gets back from WorldCon.

Aug 02 16:43:19 <NickE> Did my first and only panel at Serenity Complete in May

Aug 02 16:43:35 <NickE> Well if the Cruise one was any indication....

Aug 02 16:44:09 <Dan> The kids were actually *taking notes!* I was scared spitless, but loving every minute of it.

Aug 02 16:44:14 <NickE> heh

Aug 02 16:44:21 <NickE> I was very hung over

Aug 02 16:44:34 <NickE> But managed to sound moderately intelligent

Aug 02 16:44:39 <Lensman> Well yes, I've seen all three. In fact, I have a copy of the Pendragon film. At that time I was one of the most frequent post-ers on the WOTW Online forum (RIP), and wanted to review the film. I was one of three who managed to snag a DVD copy before the official release date. One of the worst films ever made, but I treasure it for its lessons in now NOT to make a film.

Aug 02 16:44:49 <NickE> It was actuallt the first panel of teh con

Aug 02 16:45:39 <Dan> Thankfully, the Con Suite had Killian's on tap, so I was able to nurse a mug of beer whenever someone asked a question I needed to consider the answer thereof before speaking.

Aug 02 16:46:11 <Lensman> Actually I think the Speilberg/ Cruise movie was a pretty good film, and the tripods were as terrifying as they should have been. But the story has little to do with Wells' story.

Aug 02 16:46:13 <NickE> heh

Aug 02 16:46:43 <Dan> It didn't hurt that Lyn and I were in SteamPunk costumes while we were giving the panel.

Aug 02 16:46:47 <NickE> The FX were indeed good, but the whole thing was stupid

Aug 02 16:46:55 <Dan> :D

Aug 02 16:46:56 <NickE> lol

Aug 02 16:47:20 <Lensman> The second-best-known was the Asylum version, which was a straight-to-DVD exploitation film. Frankly I thought it was pretty forgettable, altho for it's "genre" it's okay. I'm just not into cheezy horror flicks.

Aug 02 16:47:50 <NickE> Havent seen either of teh other 2

Aug 02 16:48:02 <Lensman> The Pendragon version... well I have to shake my head and wonder how such an amateurish embarrasment ever got distributed.

Aug 02 16:48:17 <Dan> Lens, I wish that someone had done a video version of the Jeff Wayne album of WOTW, myself.

Aug 02 16:48:37 <NickE> The George Pal (which Spielberg "homaged" several times) was better

Aug 02 16:49:32 <NickE> I was always under the impression that a Jeff Wayne film *had* been made at least in part...there were cartoons that went with the sngles

Aug 02 16:49:52 <NickE> singles

Aug 02 16:50:04 <Dan> Actually, come to cogitate on it, someone like the Cosgrove Hall folks could do an anime of the audio recording and I'd buy it!

Aug 02 16:50:16 <NickE> Yep

Aug 02 16:50:32 <Dan> Really? Never heard of that before, Nick. I'll have to google it when I have more time.

Aug 02 16:50:58 <Lensman> Dan: Jeff Wayne did a stage show based on the albumn, and it's FANTASTIC! I've seen the DVD of the live recording of the stage show, and it's wonderful. Highly recommended! Unfortunately I think it's only available as an import, rather pricey. Of course *cough* *cough* one can find it as a *cough* bit torrent *cough* if one is into piracy.

Aug 02 16:51:04 <NickE> Well, I tried an never found anything other than rumour

Aug 02 16:51:42 <NickE> I was very tempted to go see it (living in the UK and all)

Aug 02 16:51:54 <NickE> Never managed to get it together :-(

Aug 02 16:52:09 <Lensman> Well you can find a short clip of animation which Wayne had done as a test, but his plan for a full-length animated film has been put on hold as the stage show is so successful!

Aug 02 16:52:36 <Lensman> Last I heard it was touring the British Commonwealth countries, selling out everywhere.

Aug 02 16:52:36 <NickE> Link?

Aug 02 16:54:19 <Lensman> Oh, I knew you would ask. I don't have it bookmarked. Go to YouTube and search <blue parrot> <jeff wayne>. If that doesn't work, shoot me an e-mail. I'm on a new forum run by one of the old WOTW Online guys, and he's Jeff Wayne's webmaster.

Aug 02 16:54:30 <Lensman> I know people in low places... :)

Aug 02 16:55:23 <Lensman>

Aug 02 16:55:32 <Lensman> That's the DVD of the stage show.

Aug 02 16:57:55 <Lensman> Not seeing the Blue Parrot clip on YouTube. Blue Parrot was the company/ group who did the animation, I think.

Aug 02 16:59:02 <Lensman> Nick, do you have my e-mail address?

Aug 02 16:59:09 <Dan> Wow, not a bad price for the Wayne DVD. I'll have to look for a version that'll play here in the US. Got the UK page bookmarked. Thanks!

Aug 02 16:59:46 <Dan> One hour until I have to leave for work. Woe is me! LOL!

Aug 02 17:00:16 <NickE> hmm yeah, blue parrot comes up with some dodgy looking stuff

Aug 02 17:00:27 <Lensman> Oops, we kinda took over the discussion. Well, one thing I think might be interesting to discuss is, if this EEstor thing turns out to be real, how will this change society? Cars, trucks, ships, everything except airplanes powered by electric motors.

Aug 02 17:02:06 <Lensman> One suggestion I saw was that a railroad car might be a giant EEstor capacitor, which could be charged at the power station and then shipped elsewhere to avoid the losses due to long-distance transmission of electrical power. I question that would be economical, but it was an interesting "thinking outside the box" suggestion.

Aug 02 17:02:25 <Dan> LOL!

Aug 02 17:02:46 <Dan> Gives a who new spin to "electric trains" doesn't it?

Aug 02 17:03:24 <Lensman> Dan, you have a PM.

Aug 02 17:04:23 <Dan> Not that I can see, Lensman. E-mail? If so, it hasn't made the transfer to me yet.

Aug 02 17:04:50 <Lensman> Private message. If you're using IRC, you should see a blinking square at the top...

Aug 02 17:04:53 <Lensman> Oh, you got it.

Aug 02 17:05:53 <NickE> Right, that's that added to my Amazon shopping basket. Ta

Aug 02 17:07:39 <Dan> Yes, the PM finally showed up. My computer has been very slow since I installed the new version of my anti-virus. Seem to be some issues with AVG version 8.

Aug 02 17:08:58 <Lensman> No, actually my fault, I sent it to Nick by mistake first.

Aug 02 17:09:25 <Dan> LOL!

Aug 02 17:11:57 <Lensman> Well *this* is bloody bizarre. I found the following link for the WOTW test animation, and when I clicked on it I was presented with a "Log on to YouTube" screen. Since when do we have to log in?

Aug 02 17:12:01 <Lensman>

Aug 02 17:12:13 <Lensman> Anyway, there's the old link, I hope it still works.

Aug 02 17:13:38 <NickE> nah takes you the login page

Aug 02 17:14:58 <Lensman> Well, I'll have to e-mail Rob, who runs the SciFiShock forum, and see if there's a current link. Altho he said there were actually a few seconds of that he'd never seen before.

Aug 02 17:16:31 <Lensman> Anyway... anybody want to talk about anything else? I could go on all day about WOTW, but it's kinda lonely talking by myself...

Aug 02 17:16:56 <FlyingDragon> You as down on the new Day the earth stood still as Sean is?

Aug 02 17:16:58 <NickE> brb

Aug 02 17:17:19 <NickE> Oh god, they aint remaking thta too?

Aug 02 17:17:38 <NickE> One of the best B&W SF films ever

Aug 02 17:18:28 <Lensman> FD actually altho I may poke fun at the idea, I prefer to reserve expressing an opinion until I've seen a film. Usually an attempt to re-make a classic is a travesty, but who knows? The new Batman films have been very well received, altho personally I prefer Tim Burton's version.

Aug 02 17:18:32 <Dan> I need to seriously think about my options for cooling my home office. Either a ceiling fan or a small room fan. A 2nd air conditioner would cost too much and overload the wiring in this room.

Aug 02 17:19:17 <Dan> We've shied away from box fans since the fire last year.

Aug 02 17:20:20 <Dan> I really can't see any reason to remake a classic film, myself. I love the original Day the Earth Stood Still.

Aug 02 17:20:27 <SeanS> same here

Aug 02 17:21:02 <Lensman> Yup. The Laser Rangers did that with "Forbidden Planet". Theme was "The Crown Jewels of '50s SF".

Aug 02 17:21:23 <NickE> Hey Sean

Aug 02 17:21:32 <SeanS> hey

Aug 02 17:21:40 <Lensman> Pretty amazing set on the inside of the saucer. Gorgeous art on the set design!

Aug 02 17:21:51 <NickE> Klaatu burada nikto!

Aug 02 17:22:12 <FlyingDragon> Hello, Sean. hows the river?

Aug 02 17:22:22 <SeanS> a little warm

Aug 02 17:22:43 <SeanS> up a little from recent rain

Aug 02 17:23:12 <Lensman> "Klaatu barada nikto!" is how the Leonard Maltin Guide spells it.

Aug 02 17:24:00 <NickE> whats a vowel between friends

Aug 02 17:24:36 <Lensman> Anyway, that's what I put on the buttons I made for selling when it was shown here at the Englewood Theatre. We had a local military vehicle group come in to provide the "Army" and one of our club members dressed up in a Klaatu spacesuit, and we did a reinactment of when Klaatu comes out of his saucer and get shot.

Aug 02 17:24:51 <NickE> oh cool

Aug 02 17:25:15 <Lensman> The theatre owner is a millionaire, and he owns a life-size mockup of Gort, with a red laser beam emitting from its visor which raises up and down.

Aug 02 17:25:20 <FlyingDragon> The preview looked a little lame on a computer screen, but on the film screen, it looked good. I think they go into the aftermath a little, of the Non-violence thing, and I think that would add to the story.

Aug 02 17:25:54 <NickE> brb again

Aug 02 17:26:02 <Lensman> Re the new film: Obviously it's a commentary on the "war on terror(ism)", from the previews.

Aug 02 17:26:10 <Dan> I'm going to have to go hop in the shower and then leave for work. I'm going to log the rest of the chat to read in the morning when I get back from work. Good evening, everyone! And thanks for the good chat!

Aug 02 17:26:21 * Dan is now known as Dan_Logging

Aug 02 17:26:56 <Lensman> The Gort mockup was *very* kewl. The rest was okay as street theatre, maybe a bit lame to be brutally honest.

Aug 02 17:27:18 <Lensman> It was interesting to see the WWII era vehicles, they even had a "Duck"!

Aug 02 17:28:45 <Lensman> So this new film hasn't come out yet, right? I went to the movies for my B-day, saw "The Dark Knight", "Hellboy 2" & "Wall-E".

Aug 02 17:29:13 <SeanS> earth stood still isnt out till the fall i think

Aug 02 17:29:56 <Lensman> Good stuff all around, altho as I said I prefer Tim Burton's take on the Batman. Heath Ledger (sp?) did a wonderful performance as the Joker, but I really don't see that character as just a psycho who likes to put on clown makeup. Still prefer Jack Nicholson's interpretation.

Aug 02 17:31:23 <FlyingDragon> Lensman, you saw THREE movies for your birthday????

Aug 02 17:31:51 <Lensman> I thought the opening of "Wall-E" was wonderful, pure visual storytelling. I was actually disappointed when they put in dialog.

Aug 02 17:32:20 <Lensman> FD: Yeah, catching up Carol. I hadn't been to the movies in months! Missed "Iron Man". :(

Aug 02 17:34:39 <FlyingDragon> Iron Man was good.

Aug 02 17:34:42 <Lensman> Y'all are NOT holding up your end of the conversation. I'm gonna go throw some chicken on the grill, will be back.

Aug 02 17:43:12 <Lensman> Back

Aug 02 17:44:05 <FlyingDragon> Still here.

Aug 02 17:44:41 <FlyingDragon> THinking about if I should go to a movie. Haven't seen Mamma Mia yet.

Aug 02 17:45:25 <FlyingDragon> Hancock was great.

Aug 02 17:45:59 <FlyingDragon> Oh, the new Mummie movie is out! I'm always ready for Jet Li!!!

Aug 02 17:46:33 <NickE> I liked the first 2 Mummy films

Aug 02 17:46:42 <FlyingDragon> Swing vote is out, must be the first night. Peter would actually go to that one.

Aug 02 17:47:30 <FlyingDragon> I didn't see the first two mummy movies. I bothers me for peopel to trash ancient egypt. But still, if I just look at it as light fantasy, I can tolerate them. This, it is MA with Li in it, so they can get silly!!!!

Aug 02 17:49:00 <FlyingDragon> Wanted to see the FOrbidden Kingdom again, while it was at the dollar theatre. Things come and go too fast!!!!

Aug 02 17:49:27 <Lensman> Wild horses couldn't get me to go see "Mama Mia!" I saw the stage play here in KC with a lady friend who also loves ABBA, and it was WONDERFUl!! But from the two movie clips I've seen, again they've cast a movie musical with no regard to whether or not the actors can sing. >:-(

Aug 02 17:50:07 <Lensman> I considered seeing "Hancock" but it didn't get very good reviews. I guess I shoulda gone for 4 movies for my B-day, huh?

Aug 02 17:50:17 <FlyingDragon> Are the characters actually singing? I thought they were using hte ABBA recordings.

Aug 02 17:54:43 <Lensman> No. I assure you I can tell the difference between Pierce Brosnan *trying* to sing, and ABBA *actually* singing. And Meryl Streep *can* carry a tune in a bucket, but when the music becomes difficult she falters. That's just from the two clips I've seen on late-night talk shows.

Aug 02 17:55:36 <Lensman> Even if the other Carol doesn't think I know what "Classical" music is. :P~~~

Aug 02 17:56:26 <Lensman> Anyway, if you do decide to see it, pls report back. I *have* been known to be wrong... once or twice in my life... :)

Aug 02 17:57:26 <FlyingDragon> Even the resident ABBA fan doesn't want to see Mamma Mia.

Aug 02 17:57:26 <Lensman> Speaking of which, this is a new record for forgetfulness even for *me*. I set the tray of spiced chicken thighs *beside* the grill, instead of actually putting them *on* the grill. ::rolling eyes::

Aug 02 17:57:37 <FlyingDragon> Hopefully, I can go to a matinee.

Aug 02 17:57:45 <FlyingDragon> LOL!

Aug 02 17:57:52 <Lensman> "Resident" meaning the rocket scientist in the family?

Aug 02 17:58:53 <FlyingDragon> Yup

Aug 02 17:59:35 <FlyingDragon> I'm a "Thigh woman" myself. My favorite piece. yum

Aug 02 18:00:50 <Lensman> For any Jane Austen fans lurking, "Emma" with Gwyneth Paltrow (sp?) is on FLIXe. And for those of us who love super-science, "The Core" is on FX.

Aug 02 18:01:20 <FlyingDragon> Don't think I have those channels.

Aug 02 18:01:31 <Lensman> Ah, a woman of rare taste and discernment. And a black belt who can kick my arse, too! Your husband must be a lucky man.

Aug 02 18:01:44 <FlyingDragon> LOL. TY

Aug 02 18:01:56 <FlyingDragon> You read I'm testing for my second degree??

Aug 02 18:02:03 <FlyingDragon> Nervous and scared.

Aug 02 18:02:25 <Lensman> Er, no, sorry if you said that I missed it. ::embarrassed:: Lensman has a problem with short-term memory.

Aug 02 18:02:54 <FlyingDragon> ELM was in the room at the time. You were busy hanging on his words.

Aug 02 18:03:07 <Lensman> So what does that entail?

Aug 02 18:03:14 <FlyingDragon> Yes, School master ma'am came up to me a few days ago and told me I was ready.

Aug 02 18:03:39 <Lensman> Oh, I thought you meant you'd posted it to the List. Yah, I do tend to lose track of multiple threads in a chat room.

Aug 02 18:03:53 <FlyingDragon> All my techniques, all my forms, all the kicks and punches I"ve been shown demonstrated on hard floors with other teachers, in a marathon session.

Aug 02 18:04:43 <FlyingDragon> Just two or three hours, but I've got health problems, and feet problems, and a BAD MEMORY for the HUNDREDS of techniques jumbled in my head.

Aug 02 18:06:27 <Lensman> I'm guessing some of that will be solo demonstration and some with a sparring partner?

Aug 02 18:07:36 <FlyingDragon> Too many people for solo, though maybe one person will be watching only me and one or two others.

Aug 02 18:08:01 <Lensman> I remember you saying you couldn't run very far, which I found surprising for someone who I presume gets a good workout multiple times a week with your... Suk kool? I forget how it's spelt, sorry.

Aug 02 18:08:19 <FlyingDragon> Hopefully, I"ll get to do techniques with someone I know, but unfortunatly, the other woman I know that is testing for the first time is hard to do techniques on, because she is so delicate.

Aug 02 18:08:28 <FlyingDragon> Kuk Sool.

Aug 02 18:08:52 <FlyingDragon> I'm old, over wieght, have feet problems, and heart problems. Trying to loose weight, trying to get in good workouts.

Aug 02 18:09:05 <Lensman> I suppose breaking her arms, legs and nose would be frowned on. :D

Aug 02 18:09:35 <FlyingDragon> besides, when I run, the breasts bounce up and down, adn I end up having to support them rather than focus on running.

Aug 02 18:09:59 <FlyingDragon> It would be. And she is a good friend, so I want to keep her in one piece.

Aug 02 18:10:05 <FlyingDragon> I can just hardly touch her!!!

Aug 02 18:10:44 <Lensman> Well, yes. Putting your friend in the hospital is Not Good.

Aug 02 18:10:53 <FlyingDragon> If I did techniques on her as hard as I do other people, to the point where they feel it but it doesn't hurt, she would be injured and unable to come to class for weeks.

Aug 02 18:11:21 <Lensman> Okay, I'll make a really ignorant suggestion and ask if you've tried looking for a firmer sports bra?

Aug 02 18:12:10 <FlyingDragon> Have a URL for one that is supposed to be good.

Aug 02 18:13:02 <Lensman> My sister does custom clothing, altho without her being able to do a live fitting, I'm not sure that would be helpful.

Aug 02 18:13:25 <FlyingDragon> Jumping kicks tend to hurt my feet more than my breasts, and running is harder on my feet than my breasts, and I still need more stamina and a stronger heart for all of it, but I can't push my heart as hard as I have....

Aug 02 18:14:05 <Lensman> Well, as an overweight couch potato I don't have much good advice.

Aug 02 18:14:44 <FlyingDragon> The thing I like about Kuk Sool, is that it is very social. Do something for your heart.

Aug 02 18:16:06 <FlyingDragon> Find something that you like to do that is fun.

Aug 02 18:16:40 <FlyingDragon> Believe me, I'm not an athelete. Never liked sports. Found something fun, now I earn gold medals at world torunaments!

Aug 02 18:18:05 <Lensman> I was taking Maxy, our 1/2 Jack Russel Terrier, 1/2 Pug, for a walk almost daily for about 45 minutes. But there are no sidewalks in my subdivision, so I was walking over to another neighborhood and doing walks there. Somebody called the cops to come an hassle me, so I stopped. Apparently when walking my small friendly dog I appear to be a house burgler or child molester?

Aug 02 18:18:48 <FlyingDragon> Weird. Were you cleaning up his poop?

Aug 02 18:19:25 <Lensman> Actually I had bought the Emma Peel DVD megaset with the idea that I'd watch an episode while using our treadmill, but the darn machine makes so much noise I can't hear my home theatre properly! So I haven't been using that either.

Aug 02 18:19:28 <FlyingDragon> The cop didn't tell you to stop, did he? Just checked your ID?

Aug 02 18:19:47 <FlyingDragon> Darn. Have you tried headphones?

Aug 02 18:20:18 <Lensman> Okay I know this is only excuses, but *sigh* it's hard to motivate myself to do proper exercise. I could quote from Poul Anderson's "Dominic Flandry" series about that.

Aug 02 18:20:45 <FlyingDragon> This is why I suggest something fun. Kuk Sool is so much fun, that I don't need much motivation to go.

Aug 02 18:20:51 <Lensman> Headphones while trying to run? Well, I suppose I could try it.

Aug 02 18:21:31 <Lensman> YES THE COP HASSLED ME!! He said he lives in the neighborhood where I was walking, suggested I stick to my own neighborhood.

Aug 02 18:21:34 <FlyingDragon> My suggstion is to keep the pace slow enough so your heartbeat stays in the target range.

Aug 02 18:21:56 <FlyingDragon> Cop can't MAKE you walk in a different neighborhood.

Aug 02 18:22:15 <Lensman> Dunno nuthin' 'bout no "target range". I just try to get a good enuff workout that I feel *good* afterward instead of exhausted.

Aug 02 18:22:20 <FlyingDragon> I think part of the reason I developed heart problems is I let my heart beat get too high.

Aug 02 18:22:43 <FlyingDragon> 85% of 220 minus your age, I think.

Aug 02 18:23:26 <Lensman> In my experience, arguing with cops is very counterproductive. And KC KS has a history of corruption, the cops aren't exactly the models of virtue.

Aug 02 18:23:29 <FlyingDragon> WHen I was on a treadmill, I just was working up to walking faster, keeping my heartbeat in range. Can't run for very long.

Aug 02 18:24:11 <FlyingDragon> "Hello, officer! Just trying to stay safe by walking on side walks, sir! Have a great day!"

Aug 02 18:24:16 <Lensman> I never tried *running* on the treadmill. Just walking at different speeds.

Aug 02 18:24:38 <FlyingDragon> OK, you were the one who said "run"!

Aug 02 18:25:05 <Lensman> Did I? Mea culpa.

Aug 02 18:25:30 <FlyingDragon> [17:21] Lensman: Headphones while trying to run?

Aug 02 18:25:35 <Lensman> Time to turn the chicken again. "What a juicy thigh, my dear!" :)

Aug 02 18:25:39 <FlyingDragon> LOL!

Aug 02 18:25:50 <FlyingDragon> I have to re-boot and do soemthing else for awhil. CU

Aug 02 18:26:27 <NickE> Later Carol

Aug 02 18:26:44 <FlyingDragon> l8r

Aug 02 18:26:47 * FlyingDragon (~Carol@64.91.197.XXX) has left #knownspace

Aug 02 18:26:59 <NickE> I'll have to turn in. Am dozing off bigtime now

Aug 02 18:27:56 <Lensman> Good nite all.

Aug 02 18:27:58 <NickE> Nice chatting as always

Aug 02 18:28:13 <NickE> Night folks

Aug 02 18:28:27 * NickE has quit ()

Aug 02 18:33:31 * Hippy (~captlychee@ has joined #knownspace

Aug 02 18:34:03 <Hippy> 'Burning City' quote?

Aug 02 18:34:10 <Hippy> Good afternoon, everyone

Aug 02 18:34:25 <Hippy> Or evening. ..

Aug 02 18:38:18 * Hippy has quit ()

Aug 02 19:19:46 <Lensman> Sorry I missed you, Hippy. Nope, the quote is not from /Burning City/ or anything in that series.

Aug 02 20:29:42 * Growler (~Growler@ has joined #knownspace

Aug 02 20:33:16 <Lensman> Hi Growler!

Aug 02 20:40:30 <Growler> Hi

Aug 02 20:40:34 <Growler> quiet day i see

Aug 02 21:04:30 <Lensman> Yup. Ed Lerner was in for awhile, but other than that it's been a quiet chat day.

Aug 02 21:20:22 <Growler> And here's me with no footy to run away to (tropical storms have soaked NZ top to bottom this week).

Aug 02 21:33:39 * Growler has quit ()

Aug 02 23:30:14 * Lensman has quit (Ping timeout)