Chat Log: September 1st 2007

Sep 01 16:11:00 <EML> Hi, all. Is there a first Saturday chat on?

Sep 01 16:19:01 <EML> Hmm ... doesn't seem like anyone else is in.

Sep 01 16:19:06 <Lensman> Yes!

Sep 01 16:19:15 <EML> Hi, Lensman!

Sep 01 16:19:32 <Lensman> I was just thinking I should have mentioned this chat in my latest e-mail to you, as I know you've been here before.

Sep 01 16:19:50 <Lensman> So, what news if any on /Juggler of Worlds/?

Sep 01 16:21:19 <EML> JUGGLER is turned in to our editor. Best guess is still publication around September-October of 2008.

Sep 01 16:21:50 <Lensman> Well there is *supposed* to be a 1st Saturday chat on-- I wonder where everyone is? Not everyone's gone to Nippon 2007, surely?

Sep 01 16:22:06 <Lensman> A year after FOW. Well that makes sense.

Sep 01 16:22:37 <EML> Not that many US pros went to Japan. I can't speak for the fans.

Sep 01 16:22:55 <Lensman> Have you discussed any collaborations with Larry beyond that? Or any possibility of you doing a solo KS story?

Sep 01 16:23:57 <Lensman> I know several fans, personally, who went to Nippon because Kansas City is bidding for the 2009 WorldCon, and I live in K.C. But yah, going is so expensive that relatively few will go, either fans or pros.

Sep 01 16:24:27 <EML> A little talk. Nothing definitive. A lot depends on how well FLEET does.

Sep 01 16:26:20 <EML> KC. Ah, BBQ. When I disappear in a little while, it'll be to start up the grill. Here in Virginia, it's been too hot for weeks to BBQ. I've been in withdrawal.

Sep 01 16:26:23 <Lensman> I think it will do very well. Another list member says he thinks it's Larry's best since /Mote/! I liked it very much, too.

Sep 01 16:27:42 <EML> Thanks to you both. If FLEET is as well received as MOTE, I'll certainly be delighted.

Sep 01 16:27:50 <Lensman> We have a gas grill permanently mounted on the rear deck. Very convenient, I regularly grill chicken quarters that way. Altho "real" BBQers say you must use charcoal for the taste!

Sep 01 16:28:16 <EML> Yup, I'm in the charcoal camp.

Sep 01 16:29:22 <Lensman> Yah, but it takes so much time to prepare a proper bed of coals, and you can't turn the heat up or down as you can with a gas grill. Well, as my bud says "Everything has the defects of its qualities."

Sep 01 16:31:14 <Lensman> Several of us were happy to hear you say Larry declared /A Darker Geometry/ to be out of canon. I'm assuming Larry has accepted Hal Colebatch's "Telepath's Dance", because Larry's "Fly-By-Night" summarizes the story of TD. Has Larry given any other indications to you about what MKW stories are officially included or excluded from canon?

Sep 01 16:31:55 <EML> No he hasn't.

Sep 01 16:33:20 <EML> So, all you (few) others presently logged in .... que passa?

Sep 01 16:33:42 <Lensman> So, if you can give a "yes" or "no" without giving a spoiler, will JOW tell us why the Outsiders follow starseeds?

Sep 01 16:34:24 <Lensman> SeanS and probably SeanLog are the servers, not really here. I dunno about the others.

Sep 01 16:34:47 <EML> I don't want to say more than that JUGGLER reveals much about Outsiders.

Sep 01 16:34:56 <Lensman> -k-

Sep 01 16:35:42 <EML> Between the holiday weekend and the con, perhaps it's not surprising we're here alone.

Sep 01 16:36:15 <Lensman> Well yah, holiday weekend would certainly keep fen otherwise occupied.

Sep 01 16:36:45 <Lensman> The list volume (Larry Niven discussion list) has dropped radically the past 2-3 days, too, probably for the same reason.

Sep 01 16:37:45 * Hippy (~captlychee@ has joined #knownspace

Sep 01 16:37:46 <EML> I think I'm going to drop ... nice chatting with you.

Sep 01 16:38:03 <EML> Oops ... I typed too soon. High, Hippy!

Sep 01 16:38:12 <Hippy> Howdy, everyone

Sep 01 16:38:14 <Lensman> Hi Hippy!

Sep 01 16:38:24 <Hippy> Hi, Dave

Sep 01 16:38:45 <Hippy> How's it going on this fine Sunday morning? Or whatever time it is. . .

Sep 01 16:39:02 <EML> Are you in Japan, Hippy?

Sep 01 16:39:18 <Lensman> EML, have you discussed Known Space tech in detail with Larry? Some of us are curious about how the Thrintun/Slaver hyperdrive works. It seems to work on an entirely different principle from Outsider Hyperdrive.

Sep 01 16:39:18 <Hippy> I wish!

Sep 01 16:39:26 <Hippy> Melbourne, Australia

Sep 01 16:40:05 <Lensman> It's Saturday afternoon here in sunny Kansas, US of A.

Sep 01 16:40:06 <EML> Well, Hippy, consider it in your honor when I leave in a few to put stuff the barbie.

Sep 01 16:40:30 <Hippy> I shall. You're a gentleman

Sep 01 16:40:56 * InvisibleDragon (~Carol@ has joined #knownspace

Sep 01 16:41:04 <Lensman> Hi Carol!

Sep 01 16:41:08 <Hippy> Afternoon, Carol

Sep 01 16:41:11 * InvisibleDragon looks around

Sep 01 16:41:20 <InvisibleDragon> You can see me?

Sep 01 16:41:25 * Hippy is guesing at the time. It's a bit early for calculation here

Sep 01 16:41:37 <Hippy> Indeed we can

Sep 01 16:41:59 <Lensman> Nah, but we can hear your thoughts! :)

Sep 01 16:42:06 <Hippy> You're looking quite svelte, too, if I may say so, for a large, fire-breathing, teleporting reptile

Sep 01 16:42:10 <EML> I don't claim expertise on the Thrintun or Tnuctipun (including whether I spelled them right). That said, I do know that Thrintun