Chat Log: 13th July 2002

Session Start: Sat Jul 13 13:50:32 2002

[13:50] <Redflame> Hi Redflame

[13:50] <Redflame> Hello!

[13:50] <Redflame> Hello, err....

[13:59] <Redflame> Crazy?

[14:05] <Redflame> "sitting around... no one is making a sound...."

[14:11] *** Treehugger has joined #knownspace

[14:11] <Redflame> Hi Treehugger

[14:11] <Redflame> Hi!

[14:11] <Treehugger> Hi people!

[14:11] <Treehugger> Hi people!

[14:11] <Treehugger> oops

[14:11] <Redflame> You and me are the only ones awake.

[14:12] <Treehugger> Well, I'm half awake.......we got any topic plans?

[14:13] <Redflame> We could talk about the most recent gossipy message Larry just posted to the list.

[14:13] <Treehugger> ???????!!

[14:13] <Redflame> You get digest?

[14:14] <Redflame> Not THAT gossipy.... :-)

[14:14] <Treehugger> Nothing by Larry......

[14:15] <Treehugger> No, no digest here.....digestless.

[14:15] <Redflame> It is timed 23 minutes ago.

[14:16] <Treehugger> Oh. Lemme check.......

[14:18] <Treehugger> Last post in my mailbox is Oliver's, on the Avalon colony. Guess it'll show up shortly.

[14:19] <Redflame> Weird. Olivers is timed 5 minutes AFTER Larry's.

[14:19] <Redflame> Wait. Larry made a mistake. He sent that to the Administrators!

[14:19] <Redflame> I'm certain he meant that for the list!

[14:19] <Treehugger> Ah. Just another weird time-warp thingie, then.


[14:19] <Treehugger> Aha!

[14:21] <Treehugger> Maybe, being in Digested mode, he isn't set to send right to the list? Bearing in mind I have no idea how the list actually works, or what Digest mode is...

[14:21] <Redflame> Maybe he is still at his desk. I'll ask him if he wants me to forward it to the list.

[14:21] <Redflame> He usually replies to all to a digest.

[14:21] <Treehugger> Cool. Now I'm all curious!

[14:22] <Treehugger> You'd think a SciFi writer could work a computer...!

[14:22] <Treehugger> :-)~

[14:26] <Redflame> Well... He isn't the only one. I've received Larry's personal mail from at least ONE of his collaborators because she didn't look closely at the question by the mailing program of who she means by "Larry Niven." even on my computer, if I type "Larry Niven" into the "To" field,

my computer asks me if I mean "Carol Phillips at"!

[14:27] <Treehugger> Too damned helpful!

[14:28] <Redflame> :-)

[14:29] <Redflame> I've received some VERY interesting mail over the years! I've also become VERY careful about that "To" field!

[14:29] <Redflame> brb, gotta go finish making some potato salad.

[14:29] <Treehugger> ok

[14:29] *** Redflame is now known as Red_AFK

[14:36] *** SteveS joined #knownspace

[14:36] <Red_AFK> Hi SteveS

[14:36] <SteveS> hi, all!

[14:37] *** Harry has joined #knownspace

[14:37] <Red_AFK> Hi Harry

[14:37] <SteveS> Hi Frank!

[14:38] <Harry> Hi Steve, Hi Red.

[14:38] <Harry> Hi Tree, err.

[14:38] <Treehugger> Ooo, people! Hello all!

[14:39] <Harry> An early start... That's a good sign.

[14:40] <Harry> You know WesterCon was vastly under attended this year.

[14:42] <Treehugger> What's the usual attendance?

[14:43] <SteveS> DeepSouthCon was smaller than I expected, too. Not much bigger than the usual con in town.

[14:43] <SteveS> This was the first DSC I've ever attended, so I don't know.

[14:43] <Harry> between 2500 and 4000 (dependant on where it is) from what I hears. I'd be suprized if this years topped 1500.

[14:44] <Harry> DSC?

[14:44] <SteveS> DeepSouthCon, which was in Huntsville, AL last month.

[14:45] <Treehugger> They change the locale of Westercon each year? How much?

[14:46] *** Red_AFK is now known as Redflame

[14:46] <Treehugger> Welcome back, Red.

[14:46] <Harry> North South and "OTHER". There's an article on the SCRAMJET Teses here:

[14:46] <Redflame> TY. My potatoes are all "saladed" now.

[14:47] <Redflame> It was in El Paso one year, the closest to Houston it has ever gotten.

[14:47] <Harry> Yeah Red.

[14:47] <Treehugger> Maybe they picked the wrong location this year.

[14:48] <Harry> Los Angeles? Wrong Hotel maybe but L.A. Conventions have always been well attended.

[14:48] <Treehugger> Yeah, very strong fan base there.

[14:49] <Harry> The Radison should be spelled RATISON.

[14:49] <SteveS> <g>

[14:49] <Harry> Strong and BIG.

[14:50] <Redflame> My peeve with hotels is that none of the staff seems to ever speak English. And I'm not talking about only in CA or Houston, either, but way north.

[14:51] <Harry> Yupper and un-restricted Hispanic immigration means never getting your order right at a McDonalds.

[14:51] <Treehugger> I'd have to complain about that....loudly. What good is a service staff you can't talk to?

[14:51] <Redflame> You should have to be able to pronounce the items on a menu to work at a restaurant.

[14:51] <Harry> What good is a staff you can'

[14:51] <Redflame> I've been in restaurants before where the help didn't know the word "ice."

[14:52] <SteveS> Ouch!

[14:52] <Harry> t complain to? One that doesn't pass the complaints along... Something that might cost the hotel money.

[14:52] <Treehugger> Gives it a kind of Manuel/Fawlty Towers flavor, though.

[14:53] <Harry> Fawlty Towers is one hotel I'd NEVER check into. Can you imagine a Con held there? (Shudders).

[14:53] <Redflame> I think we should make English the national language. MOST of my ancestors came over here and learned a common language!

[14:53] <Treehugger> Heeheehee!! Make a great story, though!

[14:54] <Harry> Mine too.

[14:54] <SteveS> I wonder what changed since then that keeps immigrants from learning English nowadays?

[14:54] *** Krenon has joined #knownspace

[14:54] <Redflame> Hi Krenon

[14:54] <SteveS> Hi, Krenon!

[14:54] <Redflame> Mexicans don't come here to start a new life. They came here to make some fast money to send home to Mexico.

[14:54] <Krenon> Hi

[14:54] <Treehugger> English isn't supposed to be the main language in KS, is it?

[14:54] <Harry> Check this out please: [link dead] ObNivRef: Larry' time scale was wrong...

[14:54] <Treehugger> Hi Krenon

[14:54] <Harry> Hi Krenon.

[14:54] <Krenon> Hi

[14:55] <Harry> As I recall, they spoke System English. Probably with some other languages words tossed in for spice.

[14:55] <Krenon> It's cold here.

[14:55] *** Vash has joined #knownspace

[14:55] <Redflame> Hi Vash

[14:56] <Redflame> So sorry. Would you rather come here and BAKE?

[14:56] <SteveS> Hi Nesssus!

[14:56] <Harry> Lucky you Krenon.

[14:56] <Vash> Wow a full house

[14:56] <Harry> Hi Vash.

[14:56] <SteveS> Or drown?

[14:56] <Krenon> Perhaps. I'd like a bit of warmth right now

[14:56] <Treehugger> Mid-80's here, finally cooled down.

[14:57] <Harry> About 101 here. Cooler than Phoenix's 112.

[14:57] <Treehugger> Yeesh!

[14:57] <Krenon> OK, there is such a thing as too hot.

[14:57] <Treehugger> It's a "dry heat", right?

[14:57] <Redflame> George, still no answer from Larry regarding that letter.I guess he isn't sitting at his desk waiting for 1 PM to roll around in California. Or maybe he is just getting a bite to eat.....

[14:57] <SteveS> Mid-80s and raining here. It doesn't look like tonight's planetarium thing will have much telescope time...

[14:57] <Vash> Surface of a star maybe

[14:58] <Krenon> In F terms it's about 44 here.

[14:58] <Redflame> Houston is NEVER actually dry, although I don't know how high the temp got today.

[14:58] <Treehugger> Selfish beggar!! :-{

[14:58] <Vash> I didn't think it ever got that

[14:59] <Vash> cold in Australia!

[14:59] <Redflame> You call that COLD? I call that COOL! Sweater weather!

[14:59] <Krenon> Cold in my part of it. OTOH the ski resorts people are happy.

[14:59] <Harry> Southern Australia has been known to get the occasionalsnowflake.

[15:00] <SteveS> Yup, sounds like nice fall weather.

[15:00] <Vash> who is Err?

[15:00] <Krenon> I put a 2 Kw blower heater on at 5 am in here. It's getting bearable now.

[15:00] <Krenon> I can't identify err as anyone I know.

[15:00] <Redflame> Hey, we, the church rented a snow machine for the kidsthe other day. Really , it is small chunks of ice, but the closest to snow these Houstonians have seen. At least in Houston!

[15:01] <SteveS> I don't know, but I think Err is human...

[15:01] <Vash> using I think there's several list subbers who use them as an ISP

[15:01] <Krenon> :-)

[15:01] <Redflame> I don't know who err is, but I thought I recognized the handle. Steve, :-)

[15:01] * Redflame smiles at Steve

[15:01] <Treehugger> okay, I gotta you actually have seasons in the Midwest, or just hot followed by warm or cool?

[15:02] <Redflame> Texas? We have summer, autumn, spring, and rainy. Rainy is actually rather short, and just heralds summer.

[15:03] <Redflame> But a lot of the trees here are live oaks, meaning that they drop leaves all year, not just in autumn. Many trees do actually loose their leaves, but more due to drought than cold!

[15:04] <Harry> About that early Hominid. The brain size is about that of a chimp's, but the facial structure is quite different. Sounds like a BREEDER to me! Now, if they find one with a beak...

[15:04] <Treehugger> Be real funny to PLANT one out there...!

[15:05] *** Corny has joined #knownspace

[15:05] <Redflame> Hi Corny

[15:05] <Corny> Hi @all!

[15:05] <SteveS> hi corny

[15:05] <Vash> Hello Corny

[15:06] <Harry> Hi Corny.

[15:06] <Corny> Did something important already happen? :)

[15:06] <Vash> Nope ;-) - I only just got here!

[15:06] <Redflame> We actually mentioned something regarding a Niven work! Must be a record for how early we got to talking about the works of Niven!

[15:07] <Krenon> Was it expected?

[15:07] <Treehugger> Does an e-mail count as a work of Niven? :-()

[15:07] <Redflame> I never got the idea that breeders were stupid. Just not scientifically advanced. You don't get advanced if someone is taking care of you.

[15:07] <Corny> By the way: Did somebody hear anything about the Ringworld movie?

[15:08] <Vash> Nothing recent

[15:08] <Corny> too bad

[15:08] <Corny> @Redflame: That's an interesting idea

[15:08] <SteveS> Not stupid -- just a little smarter than chimps.

[15:08] <Treehugger> Apparently it's a Patriarch's secret.

[15:09] <Corny> well they are probably as intelligent as the homo habilis, aren't they :)?!

[15:09] <Treehugger> But built somewhat more like us? The chimps, not the Patriarch.

[15:09] <SteveS> Yup, shaped a lot like us, but smaller.

[15:09] <Redflame> Treehugger, if Larry wrote the email, it is on topic.

[15:09] <Treehugger> Intelligence is relative. I know some people NOW who're dumber than chimps!

[15:10] <SteveS> With a chimpy head.

[15:10] <Harry> Or if you have Long Term memory Red. Chimps don't have very long memories it seems. Only f they uses something on a very regular basis.

[15:10] <Redflame> Chimps can't talk, not with words. But yes, they are smarter than people give them credit for.

[15:10] <Corny> I always asked myself how intelligent Grendels are

[15:10] <Corny> "the old" seemed to be quite intelligent - nearly as intelligent as a human

[15:11] <Redflame> I think they are too intelligent for us to justify trying to wipe them off a planet.

[15:11] <SteveS> I suspect they'd be a lot smarter if they were taught complex language from infancy.

[15:11] <Harry> You mean like Mammoths and the Sabretooth Red?

[15:11] <Redflame> There are people who raise chimps in their homes from birth. They still don't talk.