Chat Log: August 1st 2009

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[07:47] #knownspace> AlexA: .tim est

[07:47] #knownspace> AlexA: .t EST

[07:47] #knownspace> Outsider: Sat, 01 Aug 2009 06:47:33 EST

[07:48] #knownspace> AlexA: I've forgotten when 1st Sat chat officially starts

[07:49] #knownspace> AlexA: .g ICAO boscombe down

[07:49] #knownspace> Outsider: AlexA:

[07:50] #knownspace> AlexA: .w egdm

[07:50] #knownspace> Outsider: Couldn't get any definitions for egdm.

[07:50] #knownspace> AlexA: .g phenny

[07:50] #knownspace> Outsider: AlexA:

[07:51] #knownspace> AlexA: .weather egdm

[07:52] #knownspace> Outsider: Overcast ☁, 17℃, 1007mb, Mist, Moderate breeze 11kt (↑) - EGDM, 11:50, 1050Z

[07:53] #knownspace> AlexA: ^ a lovely summers day in the UK :/

[07:56] #knownspace> AlexA: tTel SeanS see you later

[07:56] #knownspace> AlexA: tell SeanS see you later

[07:57] #knownspace> AlexA: Brb

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[09:29] #knownspace> SeanS: hi hank

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[09:52] #knownspace> AlexA: Anyone in?

[09:56] #knownspace> hankster: hi there sorry, been watching Superman returns on telly and cleaning out the work emails.

[09:58] #knownspace> hankster: Don't usually make these as they usually occur early morning for Western Australia

[10:00] #knownspace> SeanS: I am always hanging out. About to cook a spot of breakfast.

[10:04] #knownspace> hankster: sounds good. My choices on telly tonight were football, Meteor or Superman Returns :)

[10:07] #knownspace> hankster: given the discussion about Meteor over the week, I decided Superman Returns was the better option,even tho I've seen it b4

[10:17] #knownspace> AlexA: Just eating a late lunch

[10:18] #knownspace> AlexA: The time here is...

[10:18] #knownspace> AlexA: .t bst

[10:18] #knownspace> Outsider: Sat, 01 Aug 2009 15:18:24 BST

[10:19] #knownspace> AlexA: Saw SR at the cinema

[10:20] #knownspace> AlexA: Ok, but nothing memorable

[10:20] #knownspace> hankster: time here in Perth is 1020pm Saturday 1st

[10:22] #knownspace> AlexA: Though the true identity of the kid was a nice touch

[10:25] #knownspace> AlexA: When does chat officially start?

[10:26] #knownspace> AlexA: Well into small hours for you hankster I guess

[10:28] #knownspace> AlexA: I'll pop back later

[10:31] #knownspace> hankster: if ok with you I'll pop back in a few hours. might go and get some sleep before then :)

[10:36] #knownspace> hankster: actually Superman Returns is on topic for a Larry Niven list isn't it? ObNiven, Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex

[10:41] #knownspace> SeanS: yep

[10:42] #knownspace> SeanS: official start time is 3pm eastern time US which is in 4 hours and 18 minutes

[10:42] #knownspace> SeanS: I wont be here... taking the boat to the lake.

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[11:44] #knownspace> hankster: What sort of boat Sean? I'm in a boat club with a number of vessels available.

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[14:22] #knownspace> NickE: evenin'

[14:34] #knownspace> NickE: k. bit dead then

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[15:03] #knownspace> senax: Hello.

[15:03] #knownspace> NickE: hi Frank

[15:04] #knownspace> NickE: brb

[15:05] #knownspace> dmac44: Hi everyone, seems like a quiet day out there

[15:05] #knownspace> senax: indeed

[15:12] #knownspace> NickE: hi dmac

[15:12] #knownspace> NickE: was dead for a while

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[15:14] #knownspace> Dan: Greetings, Programs!

[15:14] #knownspace> senax: Hi Dan

[15:15] #knownspace> Dan: Hiya, senax.

[15:15] #knownspace> Dan: What are you up to today, Frank?

[15:16] #knownspace> senax: Homework...programming stuff.

[15:16] #knownspace> senax: How bout you?

[15:19] #knownspace> Dan: Just got back from grocery shopping. Need to be outside trying to finish the trim work on my screened-in porch project. Got all the trim painted and polyurethaned yesterday - in between rain showers. Now I have to do a bit of sawing and attaching the parts to the wall studs. Should take a couple of hours, unless today's rain starts earlier than the Weather Channel says it will.

[15:20] #knownspace> Dan: The hardest part will be getting up on a ladder and attaching the upper sections. The ground isn't very level around the porch, so some bits of 2x4 will have to serve to keep the ladder legs steady.

[15:21] #knownspace> senax: That doesn't sound very stable.

[15:21] #knownspace> Dan: It isn't, but it's one of those A-frame folding ladders, and only about 5 feet tall.

[15:22] #knownspace> Dan: Only one corner of the porch will need the shims, thankfully.

[15:23] #knownspace> NickE: hi Dan

[15:23] #knownspace> Dan: Hiya!

[15:24] #knownspace> NickE: Was saying to Sean the other day that I might be coming over for Dragon Con next year. I gather Atlanta's not that far from you?

[15:24] #knownspace> Dan: Looking forward to finishing the porch and then making new window screens for three windows and the back door.

[15:25] #knownspace> Dan: Atlanta is about 90 miles/180 kilometers from my house.

[15:26] #knownspace> NickE: not that far then

[15:26] #knownspace> Dan: Not far at all, and there are some good, short routes between.

[15:26] #knownspace> NickE: plans entirely dependant on getting the cash togtether, but looking promising

[15:26] #knownspace> NickE: I smell list meetup? :-)

[15:27] #knownspace> Dan: Lyn and I would like to go to Dragon Con in the future, but until the economy picks back up a bit more, we can't afford it yet.

[15:28] #knownspace> NickE: I hear ya. This will be a bit of a once in a lifetime deal for me if I pull it off

[15:28] #knownspace> Dan: We could plan for a meet-up, sure!

[15:29] #knownspace> NickE: I'll keep you posted how it's going then and we can try and get something together nearer the time

[15:29] #knownspace> Dan: Either here, or at a resturant near Dragon Con, or whatever works best.

[15:29] #knownspace> NickE: sounds doable

[15:30] #knownspace> NickE: No sign of Larry earlier I don't think. He's usually around by 8pm my time if he's going to show

[15:30] #knownspace> Dan: There is a Waffle House on highway 316 that's roughly halfway between Atlanta and here, as a worst case plan.

[15:31] #knownspace> NickE: I won't have a car (or be likely to hire one)

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[15:34] #knownspace> NickE: wb

[15:36] #knownspace> NickE: hoping to be able to crash at a friend's for some of the time

[15:38] #knownspace> Dan: Steve Sloan lives near Atlanta, too. Although in Alabama.

[15:40] #knownspace> Dan: Don't we have one of those Frapper Maps of where Niven Listers live, online somewhere?

[15:42] #knownspace> senax: Sorry, got busy for a while. Carol from Houston pointed me to a set of those maps once, but I've forgotten where they were...

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[15:43] #knownspace> senax: Hi George

[15:43] #knownspace> Dan: I'll check my bookmarks... Hiya, George!

[15:43] #knownspace> George-C: Hi folks!

[15:45] #knownspace> Dan: Found a link, but it's taking forever to load so that I can see if it's the right one.

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[15:48] #knownspace> NickE: hi

[15:48] #knownspace> Dan: Hiya, Ben.

[15:49] #knownspace> NickE: (doing other things, so might take a while to reply at times)

[15:49] #knownspace> NickE: hi George

[15:49] #knownspace> BenScott: Greetings, all.

[15:49] #knownspace> George-C: How dare you do other things while -- uh, excuse me, brb

[15:49] #knownspace> George-C: :-)

[15:49] #knownspace> NickE: heh

[15:50] #knownspace> George-C: Hi Ben

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[15:50] #knownspace> NickE: going camping tomorrow so stuff to sort out

[15:50] #knownspace> NickE: <kzin voice> Welcome Louis! </kzin voice>

[15:51] #knownspace> Louis_Wu: Salutations! :)

[15:51] #knownspace> Dan: Not a problem. I'm going to switch to logging-mode when I finish my drink, so I can go outside and get started working on the porch again. I do want to finish it up today. The project has taked me almost a month to complete, dur to the weather, two vacations, and my work schedule.

[15:51] #knownspace> George-C: Camping sounds nice! Hi Louis

[15:51] #knownspace> Dan: Hiya Louis!

[15:51] #knownspace> NickE: Not in this pissing rain it doesnt!

[15:51] #knownspace> NickE: :-)

[15:52] #knownspace> NickE: Which would have been the case if we'd gone today anyway

[15:53] #knownspace> George-C: See, if I plana camping trip, and it rains . . I change my plans. I appreciate rain, but not while I'm trying to do fun stuff.

[15:53] #knownspace> George-C: I have friends who fish in the rain. Sure, you catch more fish, but, bleah.

[15:54] #knownspace> Dan: is the Frappr Map link I found in my list of Niven links, but it's taking forever to load and might be broken.

[15:55] #knownspace> senax: What an ad-infested mess!

[15:55] #knownspace> Dan: Indeed, looks like it's been invaded by some sort of dating website.

[15:56] #knownspace> Dan: OK, switching to an Away Nickname and going out to work on the porch. I'll be back in whenever I take a break.

[15:56] #knownspace> senax: The animated pink glitter panties add a touch of class, and that's more important than seeing the map, right?

[15:58] #knownspace> senax: I need to take off myself...I'll check in later. Bye!

[16:01] #knownspace> George-C: Do we have a topic today?

[16:03] #knownspace> BenScott: My screen says the topic is "Welcome to First Saturday Chat", does that help? ;-)

[16:03] #knownspace> George-C: Not a lot!

[16:08] #knownspace> BenScott: I'm actually taking the time to catch up on mail from the Niven list... I figure this will be a block of Niven time, be it IRC or email. :-)

[16:08] #knownspace> George-C: Yep

[16:09] #knownspace> George-C: Something took Louis -- ARM or Puppeteers?

[16:09] #knownspace> dmac44: ARMed Puppeteers :)

[16:10] #knownspace> George-C: Ooooo, nasty thought.

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[16:10] #knownspace> George-C: Hi Ed!

[16:10] #knownspace> dmac44: Hey Ed

[16:10] #knownspace> EML: 12Hi, guys

[16:11] #knownspace> George-C: What's new, Ed?

[16:11] #knownspace> dmac44: Slow day on the list.

[16:11] #knownspace> BenScott: Puppeteers don't carry weapons, they trick others into doing their dirty work. It would be right up their alley to trick the ARM into doing their dirty work. So I would indeed suspect ARMed Puppeteers before armed Puppeteers.

[16:12] #knownspace> EML: 12the java client is acting wacky. if I fall off, I'll try again in a new session

[16:12] #knownspace> BenScott: Acting wacky is what Java does.

[16:12] #knownspace> George-C: Puppeteers carry tasps. >:-) "Let's be bad guys!"

[16:12] #knownspace> EML: 12Umm, Puppeteers do carry weapson. Nessus had a flashlight laser way back in Ringworld.

[16:13] #knownspace> BenScott: I thought Nessus was an outcast because of behavior like that?

[16:13] #knownspace> EML: 12And, in Fleet, there were armed security guards

[16:14] #knownspace> BenScott: D'oh, there were? Phooey.

[16:14] #knownspace> EML: 12No matter how cautious and cowardly the average Puppeteer is, the fact remains there are a trillion Puppeteers. Some will be quirky or criminal or insane.

[16:15] #knownspace> BenScott: Ah, good point. The Law of Truly Large Numbers.

[16:15] #knownspace> BenScott: er, warily.

[16:15] #knownspace> George-C: So, some of the ones we've met were a bit elitist, trying to pretend they don't do "those things".

[16:16] #knownspace> EML: 12Do we have a topic today (or is thug Puppeteers the topic)?

[16:16] #knownspace> BenScott: So far the only topic has been trying to figure out what the topic is. :)

[16:17] #knownspace> EML: 12Ben, the thing is, Puppeteers, like humans (or Pac, or Kzinti, or ...) have personalities and personal experiences. They're not all robots, slave to a single racial trait.

[16:17] #knownspace> George-C: Ed, how's progress on the new book? >he craftily asks<

[16:18] #knownspace> EML: 12George: "new" begs a question. The next one out, Destroyer of Worlds, is on track for November release. The next book in the series, Betrayer of Worlds, is about half-written.

[16:18] #knownspace> George-C: Interesting that in (allegedly) untold generations, the uppeteers still have oddballs. :-)

[16:18] #knownspace> George-C: New = Next, mostly!

[16:19] #knownspace> George-C: Puppeteers, Uppeteers, same thing!

[16:19] #knownspace> BenScott: EML: Nuh-uh, I've learned from countless TV, movies, and pulp stories that all members of an alien race have identical behavior.

[16:19] #knownspace> George-C: And all cities on any one planet are the same!

[16:19] #knownspace> EML: 12and wear the same silver-lame (sp?) jumpsuit

[16:20] #knownspace> BenScott: George: Not only that, the entire planet has the same climate.

[16:21] #knownspace> EML: 12Here's something different -- I'm newly back from a NASA-funded astronomy program for authors.

[16:21] #knownspace> dmac44: How did you like Larime?

[16:21] #knownspace> George-C: Oooh, sweet!

[16:21] #knownspace> BenScott: Oh?

[16:21] #knownspace> EML: 12I didn't see much of Laramie, just the campus.

[16:22] #knownspace> dmac44: The surrounding area is mostly grassland but beautiful

[16:22] #knownspace> George-C: 'Ow'd you get that then? Invite only or open invite?

[16:22] #knownspace> EML: 12The program itself was great, both the astronomy material and the authorial company

[16:22] #knownspace> George-C: I don't doubt it!

[16:22] #knownspace> George-C: Who else was there?

[16:22] #knownspace> EML: 12Doug: do you live around Laramie, or just know the area?

[16:23] #knownspace> dmac44: I used to work in Fort Collins, Co about 60 miles away

[16:24] #knownspace> EML: 12The program is called Launch Pad and has open enrollment. See I wrote a bit about the porogram on my blog (as many other participants did on theirs).

[16:24] #knownspace> George-C: Cool.

[16:24] #knownspace> EML: 12Indeed.

[16:26] #knownspace> EML: 12Mike Brotherton, the astronomer (and SF writer) who runs the program was nice enough not to hassle me about the out-of-date science (like galactic core explosions) in Known Space. Mike understands canon.

[16:26] #knownspace> BenScott: Just red the blog entry now. Neat. So it's Launch Pad is basically a program to turn popular fiction into a marketing program for the sciences. I like it! ;-)

[16:27] #knownspace> EML: 12Hmm. Did I strike everyone speechless, or did Java client knock me offline?

[16:28] #knownspace> BenScott: EML: I'm getting your messages.

[16:28] EML has joined #knownspace

[16:28] #knownspace> BenScott: EML: I was getting your messages.

[16:28] #knownspace> EML: I think I lost you guys.

[16:28] #knownspace> dmac44: What, no galactic core explosions? Next you'll be telling me you can't eject a mass of 1.6 earths from the moon with a machine

[16:29] #knownspace> George-C: Just been perusing the Launch Pad site. Looks like a great